Medellin, Colombia – How Hot Are The Women Really?

I spent three months living in the city of Medellin in Colombia, South America, and here’s how the city stacks up for meeting girls and doing pickup.

What The Day Game In Medellin Is Like

Since most people don’t have cars, they walk or take the train or buses.  So there are TONS of people out on the streets making Medellin excellent for doing day game.  Even better, there’s a clean, fast, and efficient train that runs all the way through the city from one end to the other making it easy (and cheap) to get anywhere in the city.

The train itself has loads of attractive young ladies.

The downtown of Medellin is a good place to meet women.  And the upscale neighborhoods like Pobablo have the more middle class women.  There’s plenty of “second tier” neighborhoods crawling with women too.

Medellin has four or five shopping Malls which are just like anything you’d find in the United States too, full of women.

As long as you stick with the 7 or 8 better neighborhoods, you’ll be perfectly safe.

And because Medellin has year round beautiful Spring-like weather, any day of the year is great for going out.

For weather, logistics, and sheer number of women out on the streets, Medellin gets an A for day game.


What The Nightlife Is Like

I wasn’t so impressed with the nightlife.  First of all, it costs money for taxis, alcohol, and cover which keeps many of the women away.  I actually found the hottest women out on the streets and not in the clubs.

Club Mango’s, in Medellin.

And upscale places like Mango’s can easily run you $100 USD for a table.  Ouch!

If you want nightlife in Colombia, the city of Cartagena is better than Medellin.


What The Medellin Women Are Like

Thin and facially attractive is the ideal.  You will see some real stunners.  Medellin women generally work hard to look attractive.


Middle class Medellin women at one of the upscale malls.

I saw a few 9s and 10s.  But most of the women I would rate 7 or 8.

You’ll find a few golden tanned blondes, but not many.  Most of the women are either cinnamon tan or white with dark hair.

As an American or European there, you’re a rarity.  And a hot commodity.  The women will take quick notice of you and it’s a big plus.  If you dye your hair blonde and put in blue colored contact you’ll be even more heavily noticed.

What I Liked About Medellin

Medellin is SAFE.

Even though you might think of Colombia as being dangerous, Medellin is very safe.  I never felt in danger, not even remotely.  Much of the city is very modern, clean, and green.  Since Pablo Escobar was killed 15 years ago, the drug trade has moved out of Medellin and into the jungle thousands of miles away.

Parque Lleras in Poblado, the upscale  neighborhood in Medellin.

You can get a furnished one bedroom apartment in the nicest neighborhood Poblado, with Internet and a month-to-month lease for about $900 USD monthly. Or you can stay at a dorm hostel in a nice area for $10 to $15 dollars a night.

Taxis are like $2 and plentiful, so no need to have your own car.  Food is cheap…. $5 for a good meal at a restaurant.  They have McDonald’s and Subway and all that too.

Beautiful, year round weather.  Medellin is called “The City of Eternal Spring”, because it has its own micro-climate being in the mountains.  Every day you have pretty nice weather, great for being outdoors.  No cold winters and no humid summers.

Nice mountains surrounding the city.  Really pretty.  Take a girl into a Finca (basically a big, romantic cabin) in the mountains and go crazy.

More Tips

Learn Spanish.  If you’re Spanish sucks, you’ll have trouble meeting women, even if the girls are attracted to you.  Take the 90 lesson Pimpsleur course before you go and you’ll be set.  Don’t slack off on this point – it will make all the difference.

Learn game here in the U.S. or Europe before you go.  It will be a big help over there, and with even 30% game, the balls to approach, and Spanish under your belt it will be a breeze.  If you can’t approach though, the girls will NOT approach you and you’ll be treading water nowhere.  So get the balls to approach!!

If you’re still not confident approaching women, I created Girlfriend Express just for you. The program will install confidence directly into your sub-conscious belief system so that you can meet LOTS of girls.  And especially in Colombia, it’s like wielding a machine gun!

After all, having the confidence to approach is EVERYTHING when it comes to meeting tanned cinnamon Latin ladies, whether you’re in Miami or anywhere else.

In conclusion,  do I recommend Medellin as a swank place for meeting cute girls?


By the way, if you need help specially meeting and attracting hot-bodied Latin women, sign up for one-on-one coaching with me, through Instant Messaging!

I’ve lived in Miami, Colombia, and Brazil for years and have a lot of experience with Latin women, besides the 15 years I’ve spent coaching.  I’ll help you avoid the worst pitfalls and traps, and also help you grab a hot, curvy, sweet Latina girlfriend or harem of girls.  My methods make it both FUN and easy.

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  1. Foreign Love Web

    I am glad to learn about women in Medellin, Colombia.

    I still want to go there for tourism and seeing hot women even though I plan to marry an Ukrainian woman in the future.

  2. Hi is the any places to recommend as i live in the uk should i stick with european countries or travel to south america like colombia to find attractive girls


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  5. Dude where are ur prices goming from.. the gringo list ( chump stamp) .. an the video devalue of the dollar . Dude its like 3cop to 1usd… and thats more once you have boots on the ground here.. plys there are smoken chicks all over. The bars can be pricey but you gota pay to play everywhere! I reccomend dudes develope some Ground Game (which 90% of Gringos lack) cash is king.. but Ground game always wins! Always…

    1. Dude..better be a company that oays in USD ir euros…youll frickn starve! Eern on Cop..Period… !

  6. David
    I have not been to Colombia, but have traveled several times to Brazil, especially Rio. I met my fiancee who is Brazilian, in Florida while she was here testing for a medical school. Met her two years ago. We became engaged in March of this year. It is hard being in such a long distance relationship. My woman does not ask for money, or special gifts. She is hard working, loving and supporting. She is younger than I, but she was raised to honor and respect her man. I have taken her small gifts, similar to dresses or perfume. She has never asked for money. I don’t know about Colombian women. I have heard that Colombian women are gorgeous and love American men (no I don’t want one) I already have my special latina. I just read so many negative posts on here about the ladies. My best friend, who has previously dated a Colombian woman and went to Colombia, said he was treated like a king, spent a month in Colombia with the woman he was dating. He mentioned many times that Colombian women were basically eyeballing him every where he went. I w

  7. Senor Muy Suerte (Mr. Very Lucky)

    Medellin is heaven for an man with money and a lust for young, slim beautiful women. It is our reward for working hard all out lives, a heavenly destination. My girlfriend is 23 years old and a ten plus. I am a gringo ten, a six with four million dollars. So what if she needs money? Get over the fact that the women need money. Would a woman in the US marry a poor loser? Medellin and its pleasures are my reward.

  8. wow the whining comments from men about women who are superficial and only want money. hell all women want money.who wants a broke plus zero equals zero. women got what men want and they know it. the name of the game is to get all they can monetarily and materialistically before during and if a man wants more of that hot juicy pussy. even after. all men pay in some way shape or form one way or the other. my brothers and uncles were pimps in the 1980s in Hollywood and I learned a lot from them and women who worked for them. no matter a street crack whore or a high class top of the line escort they all serve the same function for mens needs. if you are the type of guy who relish only being in the company of a beautiful gorgeous woman from any of these south American countries then you will have to spend some money…especially if you intend on getting sexual needs fulfilled. at the end of the day all women want money or things bought with money. makeup douches lotion haircare products toilet tissue breast implants soap deodorant ….all the things that are necessary for these women to attract us to them cost money. even if you are the kind of man who is looking for an old fashioned wife or a mother figure to take care of you…and you go to the jungles or countryside to find such a woman she still needs money for her maintenance.and you will still be out of money because you got to feed her clothe her and keep a roof over her head. so stop whining about cost. as I remember what a los angeles prostitute told me in Hollywood when I was only 11 years old…. I said damn baby you look good and she told me what looks good cost. keep this in mind fellas.

    1. I have not been to Colombia, but have traveled several times to Brazil, especially Rio. I met my fiancee who is Brazilian, in Florida while she was here testing for a medical school. Met her two years ago. We became engaged in March of this year. It is hard being in such a long distance relationship. My woman does not ask for money, or special gifts. She is hard working, loving and supporting. She is younger than I, but she was raised to honor and respect her man. I have taken her small gifts, similar to dresses or perfume. She has never asked for money. I don’t know about Colombian women. I have heard that Colombian women are gorgeous and love American men (no I don’t want one) I already have my special latina. I just read so many negative posts on here about the ladies. My best friend, who has previously dated a Colombian woman and went to Colombia, said he was treated like a king, spent a month in Colombia with the woman he was dating. He mentioned many times that Colombian women were basically eyeballing him every where he went. I wish everyone good luck. David

  9. I just got back from Medellin a lot of fun. Yes, day game very important to meet women, but night game is easy to meet hot young women. A lot of the hot young women like to dance to reggaetone and hip-hop and they dance well. Most gringos cannot dance to that style of music. The problem is they think they can but cannot and women there are attracted to coolness and style. You have to have swag in the nightclubs either you have it or you do not. I am black 38 in the music industry now and use to play football, but the last part does not matter. For you gringos that are really serious of meeting women at night at the clubs take some dance lessons ,but do not try to dance with a girl to hip hop if you cannot dance as again to pull women you have to be cool. The Colombian women dance a lot better than white girls in the states. So you better step up your game if you want to meet women at night at the hot reggaetone clubs. Women everywhere like a man who is cool not arrogant and has some style. Now some people will say you just need money not true. You meet a different type of women because you can only go to the club and flash and when you do dance people laugh at you because you cannot. Always pay attention to the night club game And you will meet a lot of women there. No racism for me there hot women want the cool guy with style you can have blue eys, but if you cannot dance you get exposed. Take dance lessons my friend.

  10. Hey guys or jess, I am thinking about going to columbia for a week (yes, I know its not long enough but I have to come back to work) and am attracted to naturally Tan to Brown skin women (Not African American skin tone). I am curious to know if Medellin has a good number of Tan skin women or should I go to a different part of the country or even world for that matter? I am not white but Tan skin myself and Not latin: please answer this:
    1) where in columbia or world should I go to have high concentration of Tan to brown skin women?
    2) should I go on one of those dating websites and set dates before I go to Medellin or anywhere else (since I’ll be there for only 7 days) or should I go just as ?
    P.S. I am not talking about Prostitutes
    Thanks in Advance

    1. Martin, the name of the country is Colombia not Columbia, this is important since Colombians don’t appreciate the name of their country misspelled. In Medellin you can find very cute girls of all colors but most of them are light tan or light skinned. Cali in southwest Colombia has a higher concentration of tan to brown skinned girls.

  11. For me, I have a 3 year visa because I have a girlfriend vouch for me and say we are domestic partners. But, I am 43. In my life, never found a better place to find women. I would say 80 percent just for money but you can find love. Much better odds then with the states. Medellin is no problem. I have been here since February and before here off and on for a year. I live in Laureles. It is so much better than Poblado. Reason is good apartments and cheaper. No hills to naviagate.

    1. Hi james I agree with you i came to live here in Medellin after living in brasil for 10 years I live in laureless as well . I came over 20 days ago and would love to make some friends to go out or have a drink togeather . Ma phone is 320 9818923 so please call me thomas

      1. Hi Thomas, i would love to retire n live in columbia, it would be cool if i had a friend to show me around n where the cool spots are plus let me know where to go for all kinds of different sites and pleasures. I just was married to a girl i brought from Europe and after she had me set her up with a dream job that i couln’t get, buy her a great house and fill it with all of my parents 50 years of living hear n earnings along with mine, i now have a very small income n i guess that i could maybe live a nice life there since my X will be living like a queen, she owned 1 blouse n 1 pair of pants when i met her extremely poor ass n now that she has gooten everything from me i am either going to live out of my car or go somewhere i can afford to eat n have some fun n try to forget the 2 kids we have that she has ruined there life too. I hope u will b a good friend nshow me the ropes, Val. Sorry i am not great with computers n i am not sure what url means

  12. I’m one of those old guys you sometimes write the insulting comments about. One of the things about old is experience but the very most important is money. I am rich so no matter where I go the problem is choosing! No matter which country you spend time in a $3000 suit, a limo and an armed bodyguard seem to impress all those women looking for money. A suite at a good hotel also helps a great deal and all the women I’ve met in Medellin, Cali, and Bogota are exactly the same but they generally have friends especially when they think they have a sucker by the balls. Actually, I give more money to the hotel concierge than I ever give to any woman and the bodyguard tosses them out on command. Unlike the American Secret Service morons none ever come back with the cops because those near the hotel are on the same list as the concierge. By and large Colombia is full to overflowing with the poor and most women not upper class are or have been whores at one time or another. The best party I ever threw in Medellin involved eight University students, none of whom spoke English but they had other significant talents and learned some new talents over 2 days. My Spanish is weak but it doesn’t matter because the money is strong. The third world is full of hoes and not the ones used for gardening.

    1. That’s fucked up man. You have certainly found something to do with your money, concierges, and maybe even politics. But nothing with your mind. These are ‘people’ you’re dealing with.

      I pity you.

  13. I have been living out of Medellin for 5 years and I miss it like crazy. Medellin is like the best place in the entire world. The food the WOMEN and the culture is just some of the amazing things you can find there. I cant wait to go back

  14. im planing to go to medellin in dec and begging of jan, this year. 2014

    me and 3 other friends are just doing a trip together to go out and relax and party and meet some gorgeous girls and have some fun.

    we can all handle our selves physically and are capable of realizing most scams.

    i want to know is that , is medellin the place for us to go and party?

    i wanna meet georgous girls on my trip and have some fun.

  15. I spent a little time in Medellin and had a lot of fun. But I do have blonde hair and green eyes, so maybe that helped me.

  16. I cannot believe the hype about the women here. Mostly they are fat and dumpy. I would put top girls at around 1%. I can only assume the bulk of the people leaving comments here are old boring Americans who cannot get a women in their own country and also have not traveled anywhere else. Ukraine is 500% better for top women. Thailand and Philippines is much better too. Dont get me wrong I find the people very friendly and getting thru the airport was wonderfully simple. However girl heaven it is not.

    1. Thailand is the best and safest place and the women treat you like kings and not all only want money they want good man from another country to take care of them

  17. Explain why I am dating a Colombian women for couple of months now she said its in Colombian Culture that she needs space but she still with me. In Boston it means playing the field and she has a side person explain

  18. My coshein is dating a colombian womem and jow she said she needs space abd according to her its nit bad its Colombian culture that she is still with him but sge needs space
    What does this mean?

  19. I have been going to Colombia since 1990 and Medellin since 1992 when Pablito Escobar was there. I even went to Envigado to see if would run into him. Must be the Marine still in me. The women were blown away to see me. There were no gringos then. The mayor even threw a 200 single girl party in the park for us (friend from Texas). That was the time of my life! Since I live now in Medellin retired, I’m just another old gringo. They have change physically and materialistic since then.They are fatter from our fast foods we brought (pizza, dogs, burgers etc) They walk less, tons of plastic surgery, vanity that would make Hollywood blush, and a lust for guys with money and goals to take them traveling. Not the same home loving Paisas I once knew. Watch your backs because they can scam you with those sweet eyes and drug you, rob you and break your heart. The really cute ones usually have Colombian boyfriend who uses them to scam you.

  20. I’m a 31 year Colombian male married to a very hot Russian girl, I took her to visit Medellin for the first time in 2012. She got me so much ass it was ridiculous. Girls in Medellin and all over the fucking world love good looking confident guys if you’re not, dig deep into your pockets and smash all the dirty sluts you can find.

  21. Agree, I’m 22 and when I live in Medellin I have no problem with woman here, but then again I got the looks, blue eyes built good fashion fresh haircut (a must) and I get woman here eyeball me like nuts especially in smaller city’s but yeah if your young good looking, and can pick up in your own country well ill put it this way, if u do allot of day game go to university’s make friend with locals meet lots of girls.. your gonna have a busy schedule within 2 months, my advice is that woman here wont go home with you in front of their friends, you need to get their number invite them out the club the next week or somewhere private or as my local friend says ”as double date” and she will likely come alone or with a naughty friend who wont judge her actions for the night.

    Finding love? loads of sweetheart loving woman here, I find the woman here very positive feminine and happy also very funny and most like football which is a big + to me

    Gold diggers?
    If your gringo your going to meet them but their super obvious every digger I met here asks what my job is how much I make then make it obvious their interested in me lol But remember this, and this is why some gringos get rolled, there is a bitch/rich culture here in which gold diggers expect the man to know what shes all aout but he’s rich and will just take her aboard for the joy ride, but some gringos don’t see this and get hurty wurty and have a cry bout Medellin woman

    Biggest tip, Tell woman your here permanently! man o man.. their gonna have different views on you lol! I have to admit being my age here rocks, the young paisas my age that i date are all gaga over me lol

  22. alexander claussen

    great infos thanks ! pls be so kind and submit my mail adress to some girls they are interested in european handsome sporty man .

    i will go in beginning 2014 to medelin and need some good contacts . Thanks a lot in advance -alexander

    1. Where do I look to find the answer to my question about finding out more info on learning the Pimpsleur 90 method to learn Spanish? Cost? How difficult is it to learn on a 1 to 10 scale? (10 being hardest?) Is there a cost? Or do you send it or download it or what? You are very helpful! PG, Tampa

      1. the pimsleur approach is similar to the rosetta stone. cd’s you talk along with along with some written texts. Ive been using the pimsleur for about a year, am half way through, and had ample Spanish to communicate in Cartagena this pass month. The total package are paments of $65 a month that total out around $750. The cost of a couple college credits. I find it fun, a great way to learn and totally worth it

  23. I know several US-born Colombian girls in Florida and have even dated one; my buddy was married to one. The light-skinned Colombians are good looking, they take great care of themselves and they have nice personalities, but at the end of the day, they’re after your money, so that’s why they are “attracted” to gringos.
    If you filed for bankruptcy, your Colombian “lover” would bail out on you the very next day!!!

  24. Deluded/Deceived

    I met then married a very beautiful Medellin paisa in 2010. Spent huge money on her and her 15 year old son. Moved them legally
    To USA . 8 months later she starts compiling fake evidence to bust me for Domestic Violence. It worked and I was arrested with a misdemeanor which is still very serious. It involves 3 years probation and 1 year of battering classes once each week. But the joke was on her. My private investigator proved with 7 female witnesses that she disclosed to them her pla. It was thrown out of court. Her motivation was : in USA if you are a victum of sposal abuse YOU CAN NOT BE DEPORTED. Thankfully I was able to preserve most of my assets from her immoral ass.
    NOW I am returning to Medellin to pursue another woman but with more common sense and caution. You guys on here bashing Medellin paises are talking shit. There are good and bad EVERYWHERE. Use your instincts AND commom sense and you will be rewarded with a good experience. Just because I was blinded by beauty and deception doesnt mean I will fail in my goal to meet a beautiful KIND HEARTED woman with good morals in Medellin. Good Luck to each of you in your quest.

    1. You had a bad experience with a paisa (native from Medellín) but you didnt learn out of this. There are many good girls in Colombia but i think no in Medellín, you should look for a good woman in Bogota or any other city. In Bogota we are honest, inteligent (many have professional studies ) and friendly as well. I just think you were in the wrong place (city)

  25. Thanks Bill best line ever. I will cross Peru of my list. Medellin here I come.

    “as far as Peruvian women go, they have faces like the kind you see on a totem pole.”

    1. I am currently fihninsig up my BA in Child Development and Family Studies and thus far I have only work with children from 2 weeks to adolescent while helping support their families. The Physician that I would want to work under is an Obstetrics (OB) because they are in direct contact with pregnant women and their children during pregnancy. I would choose this particular specialty for a variety of reason such as having the opportunity to see individuals become parent for the first time, seeing how much love is surrounded in the process, being there to help the mothers while there in a vulnerable state. One of my main reasons is because I think that the whole birthing process is fascinating and to be able to be a part of family’s lives while going through this process, I imagine to be extremely rewarding.A of physician specialty that I would least want to work with would be a psychiatrist. Although I believe that psychiatrist do some spectacular work and help a lot of people through difficult situations I personally believe that this job would be to emotionally draining and overwhelming for me. This makes me question whether or not I would be able to handle it. When I set out to do a job my goal is to do the best that I can and I don’t feel that I could successfully do this job to the best of my ability.

  26. First of all, thanks Jesse for this honest modern opinion of Medellin. All these people saying it’s so dangerous and girls are average get the hell out. Every city in every country has muggings, murders, drugs, fights, kidnappings, hot girls, average girls and ugly girls. For the “dangers” don’t be a fucking idiot and you can survive in any city around the world.
    As for the girls, OMG. Most places you travel to across the globe out of 10 girls, 1 is super hot, 2 average hot, 2 just cute and 5 not so hot. In Medellin when you go out, 4 are super hot, 2 average hot, 2 just cute, and 2 not so hot.
    We’re not talking about vacationing in Medellin to find a wife, we are talking about traveling the world hooking up with insanely hot chicks. Medellin is an amazing place to find extremely hot chicks who are easy to talk to and easy to have a great time with.
    I am straight up white; I’m talking 6ft, skinny, blond hair, blue eyes. I don’t even speak spanish fluently and I can get whatever chicks in Medellin. I just go around the University or clubs asking girls “habla ingles, habla ingles”. It’s not about getting one chick and going home with her that night, It’s about talking to 5-10 chicks during the night, The ones you get along with really well at the club or whatever give them your cell number and insist they call you so you have there number, then get them to put their name in under the contact. Ask them to take a motorcycle ride through the mountains the next day or go to dinner, whatever your style is. In a couple days you will find yourself with a ton of girls at your disposal.
    I normally rent a two or three bedroom condo for $600-$800 usd per month. That way you always have a room for you and the girl of the night, you also have an extra room for your friends or the girls friends. Every place in Medellin pretty much has gated underground parking if you have a motorcycle/car, or if your girls have a vehicle they drive over. The places I stay always have guards as well and they are in the nice neighborhoods.
    If you are already comfortable around females you will thrive in this city and get whatever chicks you want. The weather is warm every day so they don’t cover up with a lot of clothes, you can see exactly what you are going after. For me the most fun time to be there is during October because they celebrate Halloween like crazy. Everyone parties all the time and half naked chicks are running around looking for a good time the whole month.

    1. I always did fine with women but noticed the quality
      of them dating me jumped a bit when I moved
      To the Balkans and Türkey. I found Balkan and
      Turkish women more attractive in all ways anyways so perhaps
      That skews my perception.

      I’m pretty average in looks,
      5’11, white, dark hair. I am buff though
      At 230 lbs and low body fat. This seemed to be a much
      bigger deal to Balkan and Turkish women, they all liked it,
      Aa opposed to American women who seem to prefer their men
      prettier and thin. In Bulgaria or Romania or Tirkey, being muscular seemed to really help. Different ideas and preferences on gender. It made me never want to live in the USA again actually.

      I wonder if I’d experience
      The same in Colombia as I did in Europe.
      28, not an oldie yet.

  27. Well, I’ve traveled all over south america, but the only country I actually lived in for any length of time was Brazil. Brazil is a haven for women, some hot, some average, some ugly…the point is that Brasileiras are there to game, generally speaking. It helps if you speak Portuguese. I am really hoping to get to Colombia more sooner than later. I spent 4 weeks in Cali a couple years back and I got some action but it wasn’t as easy as Brazil I must say. I am an average American guy, not too tall, not super buff, white guy with blue eyes about 5’8″. But the average Caleña was quite attractive I must say, some were super stunning. I’m looking forward to spending some time on the Carribean coast, Bogota, Medellin. My impression was that the Colombian women don’t let it all hang out as much as the Brazilians. The Colombian women seemed to be a little more conservative.

  28. I know I have crazy skills with the ladies. Its a must that I work on my spanish if i’m to have any success crushing hot chicks in Medellin. I’m a black guy. If the Medellin women aren’t showing love to the brothers then made I shouldn’t go. What do you think? I have been to Barranquilla twice didn’t have a problem there.

    1. Honestly, racism is no worst than in the US. I am black and have been to Medellin 4 times. Learning spanish is a must and cash is KING. I dated two chicks that I met on Colombian cupid. There were light-skinned and even allowed me to stay a few days in their house. They like the ‘serpiente negro.’ 😉

  29. went with Medellin gorgeous 51 year old (looked 30) in the US…… soon as the money stopped she was gone………..most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen nude………

  30. Why go all the way to Colombia when the hottest chicks of all cultures are in south Florida? All they’re COLOMBIAN chicks with better plastic surgery are there. I’ve been to Medellin 7 times and Cartagena twice in addition to ten other countries. It’s overated and 80 percent of those so called hot chicks are hookers. Don’t be surprised if after a night of fun they ask for their money.

  31. This guy who said that women in NYC are hotter than the ones in Medellin needs an eye exam…Medellin has the most and hotter beautiful women in Colombia, yes is the plastic surgery capital of Colombia but who cares? the only drawback is that Medellin women loves to be pampered and love expensive gifts….if you can afford that you will be in heaven.

  32. I´ve been living in Peru for about 4 years now doing export business. I´ll just tell you like I tell my friends back home, Peru isn´t the place to come too if you´re looking for hot chicks period. I have lived in the jungle, sierra and Lima and have been pretty much everywhere in Peru with the exception of the upper northwest side like Piura and Tumbes. Sure you can find a few nice girls even in the worst hellholes on Earth but The fact of the matter is most Peruvian women are just too indigenous looking, so if you like girls that look like Pocahontas (and not the cartoon ¨cute¨ version either) than you will like Peru. But it´s not just that they are physically unattractive they are also like lifeless Zombies. These girls can´t fuck either, it´s like fucking a dead corpse with these Peruvian girls and I´ve been with girls from the jungle also where they are supposed to be more ¨caliente¨ but that my friends is all BS. The women here are also lazy and don´t take care of their bodies. Some of the chicks you see have the meat in the right places but they don´t do any exercise to tone that shit up. Sure they´re easy to get but shit the only ones that have some talent in bed are the ones that have been with gringos before. If you do find a cute one, not only is she going to know she´s hot but millions of other guys are already trying to get her also. Another thing about Peruvian women is they don´t seem to have any real preferences in men, it´s all about resources that they need at the moment. It could be money, food, clothes or whatever but they will go with the man that has which ever resources they need at the time to give. It doesn´t matter if you are a young goodlooking guy or an old man in a wheelchair they will go for the resources and not physical attraction or anything natural like that. Me, I don´t even waste my time with Peruvian chicks anymore I always go over to Colombia or Brazil for women, it´s WAY better.

      1. Hello Chaps
        Well I toured around Southern South America cOMMENCED BA. cycled 1month to LAS GRUTAS then Bus Nov 2012 to Deb 2013.
        In General Argentina women Vey average – Some stunning ones n the Cities Especially in tourist offices and Working behind the bar etc. – but in general average. 6-8 / ten
        I was in Peru Cusco and Lima – There ar some hot ladies there.

        I met 6 from the Internet 3 of them were Nice indeed one was a hottie – age 38 I mean it was Lust Lust and Lust.

        You maybe a little correct about the material side of thngs. But I di find a few nice genuine girls. I Went the distance with 3 – Yes Average in Bed, -Not Lazy – Just average.

        I also met a Peruvian womane in Argentina She is Genuine Good in bed (45) and could trust here with anything.- you could put £1000 on the tabel it would be there the next day,
        Hence Bringing here over end of the year.

        I have not been to Colombia yet .
        mAYBE LATER ON THIS YEAR Any advice would be helpful on where to go .

      2. To Graham:

        If you like light skinned girls go to Medellin or if you like darker ones go to Cali, that is the general consensus anyway. You will need to make a friend there to help introduce you women because it’s pretty hard meeting girls unless you are extremely outgoing. However once you have meet some and if they are attracted to you banging them is usualy pretty easy.

  33. Medellin is one of the best to go out I ever seen.
    You can go to Parque Lleras or some malls plenty of bars and dance clubs at El Poblado area. El Poblado looks to be safer.
    If you want to get laid you will have to forget about being shy. They don’t come to you to say hi. You will have to take all steps and talk a lot to get one.
    BTW, I am blond and I felt like I was the only one there.
    Maybe it can work like a bonus.

  34. As the guy above said, when I first went to Medellin Colombia in 2005 it was around 8 at night and the taxi took me to my hotel (hotel mediterraneo) the first two girls (also customers) I saw when I walked into the hotel were two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. So I thought to myself , well Colombia is indeed the greatest place as I had heard. However the more time I spent and went back to Colombia I realized that in general the average women there are not that great. In fact the truth is, overall for the quantity of hot looking women you´re better off just crossing over the border to Mexico and go down to Senaloa around the Mazatlan area. Again when you do see a hot woman in Colombia they will be the best in the world but % wise Mexico is better. However the personality and attitude of Colombian women I find to be sweeter and not the hot tempered cut your balls off if you look at another women attitude of Mexican girls. I now live in Peru for business reasons and as far as Peruvian women go, they have faces like the kind you see on a totem pole. Needless to say don´t waste your time in Peru. 🙂

    1. Hey! Peru looks great!

      Even if the girls don’t look good as Medellin at least if you are in a dance club they don’t stop coming to talk and dance with you.
      If you go to a girl in Peru she will at least smile to you and talk.

      Peru is great when you are felling down and useless. The girls know how to make you feel better.

      I have been there 3 times and the Calle de las Pizzas, Larcomar mall and Barranco were great places to go at night.

  35. Jay is absolutely right about the gringos….tons of retired ones who sleep with countless “prepagos”.

    If you think you’re going to go there and be treated as something special or exotic, you are going to be very disappointed. Gringos may have been exotic 25 years ago in Medellin, but now they definitely are not.

    1. You DO get *some* attention, particularly if you’re blonde with blue eyes, or are tall. But your average guy… if you suck in your home country with girls, you’ll also suck in Colombia.

  36. When you first get to Medellin it seems like it has the hottest women you’ve ever seen. But the more time you spend there the more you realize it’s really a city full of 7’s…and because so many women are attractive but not amazing, you’re blown away at first.

    It’s probably on par with Buenos Aires, Rio, Amsterdam, Miami, etc.

    The women are also smaller in mde, 5’2 – 5’3 average height. Also, plastic surgery is WILDLY popular, which is a big reason there are a lot of pretty faces.

  37. I have been to 40 countries and I found Medellin to be one of the more overrated cities I’ve ever been to. The writer is correct in that Spanish is crucial to meeting girls and daytime is the best time to meet women. He was also correct in that the number of light-skinned paisas is very limited and probably a little misleading. For instance, I had people calling me a rubio when I have dark brown hair and blue eyes.
    The middle/upper class women that live in or frequent Gringolandia (Poblado/Parque Lleras) are not likely interested in a gringo unless the gringo is connected to her social network and regularly spends time in the city. There are a lot of gringos, particularly retired ones, that live and visit Poblado. Many of them are usually creeping on the chicks so if you think you are going to be something unique there, you are in for a surprise. You need to get outside the protection of the fake parts of the city and to do that you need to be at least conversationally capable in Spanish.
    Overall, I found paisas to be more possessive, superficial, affectionate, and loyal in comparison to American girls.

  38. I am heading to Medellin with a couple of friends of mine for the weekend ending the 29th right before Halloween. My girlfriend who is Columbian might go with us but were not sure she can make it yet. I’m sure if she goes to be a very good tour guide , But if she doesn’t go does anybody have any suggestions of good places to go for Halloween parties??

  39. Is more what tipe of women you like. I”m from south-america, a countrey Suriname nearest Brazil. I travelled in south-america! Most impress by women from Argentinian, Chilean and Brazilian women. But Argentinian women is the best.To day i lived in the Netherlands in the city Amsterdam.If you like blond tall natural beauty, Holland is the place to be! I repeat Holland! They are amazing beatiful. and friendly and easy to talk. If you know you stuff like Jesse, you get laid easy.No joke! Visit Amsterdam you wanna stay forever. Nice countrey to life.

  40. Don Diego Travieso

    “The day game ” is the one i,ve always played since i started visiting Colombia in 2007; 4 times Bogota and Medellin for the first time in october 2011.With my very “chocoano” look i never had a problem (discrimination or lack of interes from girls) so far.
    I,m a very good observer when i,m somewhere and what i,ve noticed is that the first seconds when i enter a place it,s like a bit of a shock…Before i didn,t understood this reaction but now i know why and i have to admit i enjoy the reaction .Especially during my second visit to Bogata,the “Irish Pub” at zona T and last year at Hooters Medellin.One of the “hooters girls” showed a lot of interest in me but i gave her the “hard to get attitude” and she really was surprised but i promised her to return to Medellin in 2012. The day before i left she wrote me some nice notes in her “own english” on my receipt. Lovely !
    The day game is the whole game . That,s the time to easily get youre self a female companion for the night.At night girls are in a group with guys around them and you better back of. In 2003 i knocked down a swedish guy in a swedish disco cause one girl left the group and started to chill with me and one of her friends didn,t apreciate it that she left the group to talk and drink with me (a black guy).He started shouting and yelling so i had to cool him down the “Mike Tyson” way.Ok,forget it ! Use to check the internet/phone houses,quiet bars/coffeeshops and supermarkets like EXITO,CARULLA and especially the wine and liquor section.Always ask their advice about wines and during the “explanation” i pop some personal questions……. My spanish is not from a high level but i ALWAYS start the conversation.I,m not a shy person when it,s about girls,neither in EUROPE where i live nor in Colombia where it,s a very easy “task” to get a girl. 😉 😀 😆
    THIS BLACK,CHOCOANO looking guy knows how to play the game !!!!
    Ok, excuse me for my english

  41. I have been to costa rica and Peru a number of times, you are correct about being better then american women,but watch out they have some losers as well .some w ill not deal with you when leave ,the trick to meet a good number the losers will drop out and you may meet some one good,buena suerte!!!

  42. Colombian women and Latin American women in general are so far superior to women from the US. They are more attractive, loyal and know how to treat men. US women are skanky, overweight, and gold digging whores. I don’t know why any US man would ever want to marry a local woman, horrendous whores.

    1. I would disagree on loyaty. Medellin women are like medellin men, they have many partners all the time.

    2. 100% accurate comment.I only date latin ladies..Once you experience there is no going back to these worthless american whores

  43. Colombia is a beautiful places –
    I am from medellin Colombia : so when people say oh the women are beautiful
    Thank you that’s a compliment 🙂
    I think the reason why we are beautiful is because we are family oriented :love people, nice friendly , outgoing , very sensual, loving , respectful. Beauty comes from within and I think many women think as long as they look good thats enough: another thing is I think there is beautiful women all over the world : it depends what type of women you are attracted to : same as for women :
    it all comes down to what type of women u want and if Colombian are ur type: and if not then visit another city maybe something will come

  44. And if you strike out in Lleras or hitting the clubs you can always go the route of paying to play.  The really hot girls there are like anywhere else in the world.  It is either going to take a little work or a little money.  Lots of guys if they strike out just end up going the route of using a site so they don’t leave without getting some play.  Or you can do that on day 1, everyone knows if you are getting some action its easier to continue getting some.

  45. I am from New York and have been living in colombia for almost 6 years (1 to 6 months every year) , from Barranquilla to Bogota and most cities inbetween. I work , study at Upb and travel in colombia. Over all, I find colomiba intresting , fun , full of life . A bit dangerous but never had a problem . As far as dating and meeting hot laides , it is faster with a higher rate of succuss. One thing beside speaking the language you have to like the latin culture as some of you know is somewhat differnt than the culture in eeuu.


  46. Fredrick I lived in Medellin for 3 months as well and never knew of anyone to have been mugged, mugging happen everywhere it’s just about luck. I only recommend Colombia to everyone i meet, I’ve travelled much of the world and it’s not only the beautiful women but also the friendliness and hospitable nature of it’s people that make it my number1 country of the 37 I’ve been to.

  47. Frederick,
    You must be a dick. A dick will never enjoy himself anywhere. I would pick Medellin over New York any day.

    1. The women in Medellin are incredible , I have been all over the world and nothing compares to Medellin . Take it or leave it , but its true.

  48. Medellin women must be the most overrated in the world. By my opinion, any major American, European, and Asian city has vastly superior female prospects. Furthermore, ‘safe’ is a relative term. The women here are known for drugging their partners and stealing everything he has out of their apartments. Let’s put it in a more grounded perspective, I have lived here for 3 months and know of 3 people that have been mugged in medellin. Lived in New York for years and never knew anyone to be mugged. Don’t believe the lies, Medellin is no better, and in many cases much worse, than other major world cities. Oh, and my spanish is plenty capable so don’t let that be my demerit.

      1. Very sad what I hear here about women in general and about Medellín too. People have good and bad experiences in any city; someone in my family just got robbed in LONDON!! I think some men here get bitter just because couldn’t get easily laid or married within a week with a dream girl! There are plenty of hookers that is true but the amount of decent women EDUCATED and nice is great too. If you hang out with the ghetto you will be among ghetto duh!
        Medellín is as safe/dangerous as any big city in the world; I currently live in Chicago and there are places I wouldn’t dare to go to!

    1. Many guys go to strip clubs and pickup hookers. Then when they get robbed, they do not tell the whole story.

      Women in Medellin are generally after gringos for money. You can use thatbto your advantage. Or you can get drunk, pick up a hooker, and have a not so good night.

      In two years I had 4 GF. 3 of them stole small amounts of money from me ( 20 – 200) mil. One sold my DVD and Listerene on the street. I gave them money all the time.

      One, was 18 when I met her, and after 1 year of more off then on dating, I finally ended the relationship. She was a total Barbie. She did nothing but Facebook all day and night long. Pretty to look at and great at sex, but other wise worthless.

  49. You should perhaps rephrase your assertions friend in case of misleading people and showing apathy towards most of the city’s residents. The TOURIST AREA of Medellin is safe, this is a tiny part of the Medellin area.

    ‘Medellin’ certainly isn’t safe – as even numerous ‘tourists’ have recently found out (some fatally).

    1. By your logic no one should visit New York City either, as there are plenty of unsafe streets there. And yet, these are streets that no one would ever bother visiting.

      Obviously, if you walk into a dark alley in a dirt poor barrio you could find yourself in trouble. But why would you ever do such a thing? Stick to the upscale, modern areas and you’re very safe.

    2. Medellin is safe if you use common sense . Its very much like any other large city ( I was raised in Chicago ) . The tourist areas are not tiny . They are quite large with many things to keep you entertained . Please don’t listen to this person.

    3. Dodge is correct on the safety issue

      Medellin as a whole should NOT be considered a safe city. It is a city that can DEFINETLY GIVE YOU A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

      Jesse Charger and others who state matter of factly Medellin is safe should back off and tread lightly here.

      Over the past 10 -15 years since becoming interested and visiting medellin I know of MANY gringos who have been mugged, drugged, express kidnapped, robbed, had their belongings stolen, had their places of residences broken into while they were there, and a number have been shot. This can happen in daylight in any area of the city. DO NOT THINK THE LOCALS WILL COME TO YOUR ASSISSTANCE. Also, tread extremely lightly or not at all regarding getting involved in local squabbles or trying to be a hero or good samaritan.

    4. Stay in the nice areas and you’ll be fine; I knew of one guy who was walking around the downtown area at night by himself, on deserted streets, looking for girls, and got mugged. It’s all about using common sense.

      1. Nice areas? If you live in Medellin sooner or later you will have someone interested in you. Yes Jesse you are very experienced in what you are saying, but i grew up during the time when iron curtain collapsed, and i was on that side at the time and i know what is that. You do not and never will be able to understand this. Medellin is dangerous city, it does not mean i am afraid, be careful there at all times, and you have to be physically very fit( as i am ), in case. I can assure you if you will kill the guy who was trying to rob you without any witnesses( in general those rats work in the dark) nobody ever will find out in Medellin, same applies to you. Drug lords etc, it is wrong place to be.You just keep on shagging quietly and that is it, if something happens you will run back where you came from as fast as you can.

      2. Lived in Medellin for two years. Saw to things, a police officer beat the crap out of a homeless person for stealing gasvfrom a moto, and numerous car accidents. None the less, I never felt safe because many people who lived all thier lives in Medellin had seen people getting killed over a cell phone for example.

        I lived in poblado, and walked almost every day along avenida poblado. Thing is, you need to be wary all the time. I felt safer in Santiago Chile and Florinopolis. Still it was safe enough for me to stay and live there for two years. Btw, Cartegena is full of crime and people who will never let you enjoy anything as they constantly beg you for money, or to buy things you do not want. Bogota was great in most ways for me, just a bit bug and cold and rainy a lot.

  50. colombian women are absolutely gorgeous. i have been traveling there for some time now for business and there is no other place like it as far as the sheer quality of the woman. they are also very passionate and caring

      1. Tht is true but it isn’t always the case some times Colombian women are trying to scam you and sometimes they are just bieng nice :mrgreen: 😉 🙂

      2. So fcuking true, i fell blindly in love with one paisa, total was together 3 years. We were even engaged, that how serious i was about her. so in 3 years time i blew up on her and my visits to Colombia from europe around 100000 dollars, so when i got in financial mess she dopped me in the matter of days. So it is all shit about religion, family oriented, it is all about MONEY. C.M.M.Sepulveda her name.If anyone is involved with her watch out.

      3. Firstly I lived in Bogota for 3 months.I like Colombia but certain things are overrated. I also went to Cartagena, what a dump! You get harassed and or scammed constantly because you are white.I had a Colombian dj friend here in Canada and before he went he said,”There are a lot of ugly women in Colombia.” I rarely saw hot women and when I did they were obviously drug dealers GF. It is a fun place and relatively cheap but you can get into trouble if you don’t watch where you go.MY GF I moved into was a never ending bill,they spend most of their time dreaming up reasons(scams?) for money.They think if they smile and are nice to us we will melt into putty in their hands. Just don’t get fooled,it is now because of the internet a game all over.Dont live with her and if she bugs for money, dump her and get another.It is affine line between GF and prostitute in Latin countries. I have lived in Costa Rica for over a year and half as well.Lying is part of their culture and the generally perceive gringos as suckers or cash cows. So be smart and don’t fall for the being nice routine until you are dam sure. A good test is leave town and hire a P.I before you go head over heals. She will be with her real bf the first night. Protect self,be shrewd and date many women. When they screw up ,dump them. Women nowadays are players all over but if you know that you can win by never committing. Remember women need marriage but men don’t unless you like blowing money. I have come to realize there is another one around the corner so why rush into anything? You will have to harden your heart a bit but after you get burned a couple of times you learn and I am now a master of dumping women when I see red flags. White males are targets all over the world as we are most peoples main source of income,so keep your money and let em chase strong and get repsect. There is a new one turning 21 every day,desperate for cash.

  51. Colombia does have some really beautiful women all over the country! If you’re ever in Colombia again, you should check out Bogota too… It’s a colder weather, but the women here are also very beautiful LOL. I’m obviously supporting this country ’cause I’m colombian 🙂

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