How To Mind Control Cute Girls Into Girl-on-Girl Sex In Your Bed

Having two or three pretty, happy girls in your bed taking their turns on you is what Circles are all about.

Yes, it’s subversive, yes it’s raw, but someone needs to come out and say it – “GO FOR IT!” Fuck what everyone else thinks. You’re a man, and having two hot girlfriends at once is a great thing if you’re the one leading the reality.

Of course creating a cult of happy, likeable, fun girlfriends doesn’t happen automatically.

Your opponent is the onslaught of negative social conditioning about girls being with each other and being with one man. It’s simply not what’s taught in the Disney fantasy.

And most guys don’t feel like they deserve a circle, so they don’t even attempt it. It doesn’t even cross their minds as something to be done. (All the better, less competition for you).

But once you embrace the reality of Circles and you get the girls passed their social conditioning, women actually LOVE sharing a man. In fact, a man who is so dominant that he brings two women into his bed makes women happy and excited.

Why Girls Come to Prefer Circles
Over Normal Relationships

Reason #1: Women are naturally “bi”. In their teens, they naturally hold hands, they kiss, and they experiment. Being on another soft girl feels perfectly natural to a woman. Yes, at the end of the day, women want a hard masculine man, but women naturally enjoy each other. And women are SOCIAL creatures. The more girlfriends they can share LOVE with, the happier and more sexually fulfilled they are.

Reason #2: A dominant guy fucking two girls is exciting and animalistic to women. The very fact that he is fucking her AND another girl simply pre-selects him for being a powerful alpha male, which is what women want and find attractive. It’s like being social proofed – when you’re fucking two girls at once, they both assume you’re highly valuable.

Reason #3: Jealousy. You’d think jealously would be a bad thing, but it’s not. Two girls in bed together with their man creates competitive and slight jealously. This is actually a GOOD thing – a little jealousy makes a woman wet and hot. The trick is to manage jealousy to a low level so that she’s wet, without allowing it to spiral out of control (more on that later).

Reason #4: With more than one girl, the sex is better for the girls. With only one penis, it’s hard to do all the work yourself. With two girls you can command the girls to pleasure each other and they’re more likely to reach orgasm and have satisfying sex, even on those occasions you’re pooped out.

Reason #5: Momentum. Once the girls do a threesome the first time with you, it’s no longer taboo, it becomes part of their identities. Now they’ll embrace other girls very easily and without resistance and building your Circle to bring in more girls gets even easier.

Reason #6: More LOVE. Girls love to love. It’s pure feeling. And girls enjoy loving other girls. You just have to show them how to give starlight love and receive love to their new sisters – and once they build those relationships, they’ll never want to go back to a traditional relationship again.

Teaching Your Girls To Kiss
and Love Each Other

The training begins with each girl separately. The first step in mind control is to make the girl extremely receptive, responsive, and reactive to your lead.

You need to fuck her passionately like a bedroom bull so that she submits to your will.

And you need to build her identity as bi-sexual and fantasizing forward to her experiences with other girls.

Some of this is beyond the scope of this article, but it’s all covered below.

Once both girls are highly responsive and reactive to your commands and their bi-sexual identities firmly established, you want to bring them in on the plan. You tell each girl separately that there’s this other girl that you want to seduce with her.

You then invite both of the girls to come over the same evening to watch a movie, cook, or do whatever it is you enjoy doing that can involve both of the girls.

At this point both girls have the idea to seduce each other, so they’ll work with you. The key here is to dominantly lead them and take control to their first girl-on-girl kiss.

Remember that girls enjoy kissing girls, so it’s a natural process and there’s a big chance the girls have already kissed other girls before.

From Friends To Girlfriends

First, you reinforce your dominance by taking the girls by their hands and leading them around the rooms. You give them minor commands and orders to get them reacting and following you.

You can begin by kissing girl A to get her in mood and then turn to girl B and begin kissing her. And then you bring the girls together and let them kiss each other, reinforced with a verbal command.

Have them kiss. Don’t make it about you yet. Allow the girls to enjoy their kiss together.

Next, bring the two girls over to your bed and proceed to fuck them dominantly and passionately, taking equal turns on the girls to prevent jealous feelings from springing up between them. Continue to give them sexy commands in the bed to keep them reacting to you and following. Tell the girls to keep kissing each other as you fuck them.

Girl-on-Girl Kissing And Cum Swapping

After the first threesome, for the second session, it’s time for the girls to share your cock in their mouths.

Make them fight for it a little. Have your girls get on their knees and place their face to your crotch and have them tell you how much they want to put it in their mouths and what they’ll do to pleasure you. Tell the girls to kiss. Really tease it out.

When they finally get your pants down, tell them how you want them to suck it and have them kiss and lick the head of your cock while they kiss each other down – with a lot of tongue and a lot of wetness and big smiles.

Once you cum, tell the girls to start swapping your man juice between their mouths. And remember, make no apologies for your sexual desires as a man!

Once your two girls grow familiar with each other, you can have them start calling each other sisters and best friends, and then get them in on seducing a third girl.

7 thoughts on “How To Mind Control Cute Girls Into Girl-on-Girl Sex In Your Bed”

  1. dear sir, as a woman i do agree cause i knew my man wanted other women and i did not want to lose him so i did anything he wanted and he was so happy with all of us

  2. Hey Jesse, I need some advice. You have totally changed my life with your techniques. I have been married for years to a hot, but conservative woman and thanks to you my sex life is incredible, better than porn. I finally tried going in for the girl on girl action. I adapted your technique and I had her sucking and licking my lips and told her they were pussy lips. My tongue was the clit. And she went to town! I did this over a few days. I kept telling how good she was at making the pussy cum. I told her that she was so good since she was really bi like all women are. I had her repeat it back. Eventually over a few days, after my command, she was telling me back how much she wanted to do it with another girl. Without asking for names, I even told her to start thinking of a girl she would want to invite. She seemed to respond with a positive reaction. Later that week, we’re driving to go out to eat. She has me pull over to the side of the road and tells me that she’s not comfortable with the woman on woman thing and doesn’t want me to bring it up again. I asked why she didn’t bring it up while we were having sex and she said that I looked like I was too into it and she didn’t want to disappoint me. She says she just not into it. She then asked me how would I like to be asked to suck a man’s cock. After I threw up a little, I said it was different that women are naturally bi and I would never be OK even taking about it during sex! She didn’t buy it in her “rational” state. Do I start from scratch in a few weeks and build it much more slowly or do I just let it go and perhaps convince her she now owes me one?

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