Montreal, Canada – Women Are Hot Or Not?

Montreal is a great city for meeting women, simply for the fact that it’s a walking city.  You find women on the train Metro.  You find women walking around the downtown and in the parks.  And you find women in the Underground City of Montreal, the largest underground complex in the world.  It’s almost like a second city beneath the city and used by 500,000 people every day.

The city is relatively clean and pretty too, with some nice parks.  It’s nice for walking around and hopping in and out of street cafés – a little more similar to a European city than a typical city in the U.S. which are all highways, strip malls and cars.

The bar and club scene in Montreal is pretty big and girls like to go out and in summer the streets can swarm with people going out.  Best of all, the city is relatively safe at night too.

Women I found were pretty friendly and sexually liberal.

Generally the women in Montreal are reasonable attractive.  You are looking mostly at brunettes, but very few blondes.  Women tend to be thin in frame.  You can find pics of girls either at or

You’ll also run into women who only speak French, but the majority speak at least some English.

The downside of the city is that it gets COLD.  I was there in March and was freezing my ass off.  I had multiple sweaters, a super duty coat, and I still felt like a popsicle.  Another time I visited in early May and it was still too cold to my liking.  No freezing, but not warm either.  So you have only a 3 to 4 month window of nice weather there.

Go spend a weekend there and see if you like it.  I bet you’ll enjoy yourself.

14 thoughts on “Montreal, Canada – Women Are Hot Or Not?”

  1. Keep a woman locked up indoors with little sunlight and beers she’s lucky if she turns out reasonably attractive. More so pale and homely.

  2. Trust me, if you walk into a montreal student bar you will see hot girls and plenty of them aren’t ‘canadian’ they are worldwide students and immigrants of every race and background. There really isn’t a typical ‘canadian girl’ since the whole country is largely immigrants from everywhere on earth. There’s maybe a handful of Canadians that have roots in the country stretching back longer than 100yrs, a very small handful, the rest are first or second generation immigrants from europe, asia, and the middle east. Lot’s of Americans too.

    For instance if you walk around N. Vancouver Canada, you will see plenty of Persian girls that are 10s. If you walk around Richmond BC you will see plenty of Chinese and Viet girls that are 10s. If you go to a toronto or mtl nightclub there will be Syrian descendent girls there, black girls who immigrated from Somalia and Haiti, lot’s of italian descent girls, a ton of europeans and visting girls from the US who come up to Canada to drink in the bars because you only have to be 18yrs old here. A lot of girls I ran into in Montreal that only spoke english were American sororiety looking girls that were game to party. Vancouver also has party buses that come up here from university of washington/seattle full of American girls for the weekend.

    Canada doesn’t have one homogenous race I have never walked down the street anywhere here except tiny towns and seen all one kinds of people. Walk down robson st in Vancouver and you’ll see what I mean, hordes of great looking Punjabi girls, Australians, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Saudis, Brazillians, Mexicans and Americans you will probably here 10 different languages in 30mins of sitting on a sidewalk cafe and listening to the passer bys.

    There’s a bar I used to go to in Montreal before I moved that’s basically all made up of Australian student travellers, and they are all surfer looking rock hard body blonde Aussie girls looking for a good time with locals. Same goes for Vancouver there’s a few hostels on Granville St that have a built in bar chocked full of the hottest Australian and NZ girls you have ever seen, most of the semi pro athletes in some way or another here for a soccer tournament or pro surfers that come here to snowboard and work at the ski mountains.

    1. Dear anonymous, your post is accurate but not on the homogeneous Canadians… Just for your information I can trace back my ancestors whit my 4 direct families 14 generations back in the 17 century. And I’m not alone, where few millions. 1/5 Canadians comes from visible minorities. It’s 10% in Quebec and goes up to 20% in Montreal. I live in Montreal like 80% of the non visible majority…It’s easy to differentiate typical french Canadian woman and typical English Canadian women. After hockey our other national sport is genealogy…But don’t worry we work hard on mixing our genes! In 25 years ratios would be way different. Of course in a bar downtown the ratio must be doped with all the tourists and foreigner students. As you know Montreal is a party city during the summer, this why I’m still here after 25 years over 40 and I really love Montreal’s women.

  3. @GT

    On the Canadian scale, no question that Montreal women are the best/ that Montreal has the highest concentration of attractive women. It’s just that on the worldwide scale, they are reasonably attractive. And Canadian women in general, well…

  4. Reasonably attractive? Where have you lived when you can find the women in Montreal just reasonably attractive. I’ve traveled to every nook and cranny of Canada and can tell you that the only places that come even remotely close to the level of attractiveness are Kelowna, BC and St Johns, Newfoundland.

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