Multiple Girlfriends In Your Harem Requires a Lead Woman

Having one primary woman who takes precedence over the others is the magical key that opens up the unlimited possibilities of the harem lifestyle.  Having one primary woman, the lead woman, is like a springboard… or a base for having multiple women around… with none of the headaches that usually occur when more than one woman has access to a man they want.

How does taking on this principle work out for you?

You bring the woman you choose into your world, getting her into you… then you slowly begin, little by little, adding the pleasure of seducing other women together into your lives.  That’s right.  Together, you go out and actively seduce as a couple.

Of course, it’s not always going to be that easy.  There is some training and convincing that you need to run her through before she totally warms up to the idea and accepts seducing women as her reality.

Understand, when you give a woman favorable status, or higher status than the other women in your life, you create an intense feeling of competition between the other girls. The girls in your harem will be affected by a huge source of competition.

This competition is a large part biological in origin, as women are genetically programmed to have a man all to herself and begin a family.

So you need to have this competition effect in check by openly letting all the women know who is your main woman… the one you won’t leave, in order for your harem to be control.

The wonderful thing about having a primary is that each of the women now knows that there is that one special leader, so to speak, that will not be replaced easily. This way, the women are constantly on their toes, since they all will all want to be number one.

You can’t stamp out their feelings of jealousy and competitiveness altogether.

You must first realize that as a man, your innate sexual nature causes you to want to bed as many women as possible.  But your heart, the HEART OF A MAN, causes him to yearn for love at the deepest levels of his being.  If you explain this naturally to your ladies, showing them this is merely a conflict that exists naturally in a real man, they will understand you more.


A woman wants a man who loves her… but at the same time is turned on by a man who is a challenge.  A REAL challenge.  A woman wants a man who shows love for her, and simultaneously shows a rogue male side by constantly attracting, seducing, and bringing more women into his harem.

By loving the woman, yet holding a harem… and controlling it, women coming into your life will just come to accept your lifestyle as the standard operating procedure.  Having the primary woman around allows you to control the women’s jealousy and possessiveness.  Everyone knows their place.

Some guys reading this might shy away from overtly choosing a primary woman.  They think it to be counterintuitive to the building of a harem.  After all, it’s a HAREM!  Why should one girl be in charge of the others?  What if you have more than one favorite?

Having a primary lady keeps the jealousy and the catfights to a minimum.  Having a lead girl doesn’t mean she gets to run the show.  YOU run the show, but she’s like your first in command… your first mate.

She will be the one to go out with you at first to pick other women up.  She is the one who will explain your lifestyle to the girls that come into your circle.  She will be there when other girls show up… and the girls know that she will also be there if or when they leave the harem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your primary woman is irreplaceable.  She must behave herself and hold your best interests in mind.  If not, she must be rotated out.  It might sound harsh, but if you want to maintain your sanity it must be done.  If she’s happy and satisfied, she’ll enjoy her role and become very active in getting girls to you.

In my case, I hardly even go out anymore.  It’s gotten to the point that my primary woman goes out with a couple of the other girls or BY HERSELF and actively brings new women to me.  Why should I do all the work?  This isn’t possible without the lead woman.  She is the key.

Try it and see for yourself.  The conspiracy doesn’t work without her…  The faster you find a leader amongst the women you can really trust, the faster your harem will explode!

Handling Multiple Girlfriends

When it comes to managing multiple women, your inner thoughts should be clear of any negativity.

Even a little negativity will bring you down, making you depressed, and you won’t know why unless you examine yourself on the inside.

Negativity can take many forms, from the nagging feeling that you have no value to women to feeling mildly uncomfortable about what you’re wearing.

Most of this debilitating negativity comes from being too inwardly focused and not concentrated enough on the women in front of you and what’s actually going on.

The next time you’re with your women, take a moment to check yourself. Pay particularly close attention to your thoughts.

What exactly are you thinking about? Are your inner thoughts focused, or scattered in every direction?

Are you trying to consciously control the events around you? Or are you on full autopilot?

Are you engaged in any depressive thought patterns? Are you engaged in self-defeat? Self sabotage? Talking to yourself in a negative tone?

In ALL stages of seduction and handling women, you engage in specific thought patterns.

This is your “inner game.”

In improving your inner game, the positive thought patterns are the ones you need to pay attention to, keep around and develop. These are the ones that make you feel good and make your women feel good.

Positive thought patterns make you successful. They get you laid. They get you respect.

When you get laid, get respect, and can easily handle two… three…four… girlfriends at a time, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

For example,

“I deserve many women in my life, catering to my every need.”


“I am destined to always be successful with women.”


“This feels awesome. I love women. Look how good they treat me.”


“It feels great to be in control. These are my women.”

You see the positive pattern and the results it gets you and you keep these beliefs for the future because they get you results.

You’ll be more able to identify these positive thought patterns the more you go out and work on building your own harem.

On the other hand, looping negative thought patterns in your mind will only deliveryou failure.

If you entertain unhelpful, mediocre thoughts, they’ll keep growing. Even if you were to momentarily forget about them or go to sleep, these negative thoughts remain in the background of your mind… looping around and around… like a negative tape recording playing over and over.

For example,

“I don’t deserve to have so many women.”


“Being with more than one woman is wrong.”


“What if I can’t handle the attention.”


“What if things go out of control.”

So the end result is that you end up with two sets of conflicting thoughts in your mind. One negative tape and one positive tape. This confusion keeps you from experiencing the kind of success with women you deserve.

When you are by nature successful with women, by definition you do not engage your mind in any negativity. And even if you were to, you’d identify the damaging thought pattern, interrupt it, and self correct immediately.

If YOU were a ladies man, how would you think? What would you NOT think about? How would you walk around, carry yourself?

Even without saying a word, if your inner thoughts are positive, you fill find women INSTICTIVELY attracted to you, no matter what you look like.

You need to begin NOW to take on worthwhile attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns and loops. As you implement these into your life you will notice in yourself an immediate transformation into a person who is successful with women.

Harem building does not work when your thought patterns are negative. Asking yourself if you’re doing it right, getting depressed because something you tried didn’t work, all steer you away from where you want to be: free of all negative words, thoughts, and behaviors.

How do you do this?

How do you free yourself from the grip of past thoughts, habits, and behaviors?


The more you practice replacing negative beliefs with positive beliefs, the faster your mind will begin to automatically do the replacing for you. It’s just like when you approach women. You don’t just approach one. You approach thousands! Once you have approached so many, most of your skills become autopilot.

The same principle applies to thought. The more you practice having good thoughts, the faster you improve.

As you implement this inner strategy to your life, you’ll come to find building your harem easy.

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