Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

You can also lower a girl’s social value in relation to yours with quick lines by negging women.

Here are some examples of negging women:

For a girl with a belly shirt: “Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?”

“Your roots are showing.”

“Your nose is a little red. You’re like an Eskimo. Cool.”

“You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.”

Double AA sexy commercial

Effect of a neg on a hot girl illustrated

“You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…”

To her guy friends, “So what’s special about this one.”

If she’s talking tell her friends, “So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?”

“Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?”

“I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…”

“You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.”

“Hey, you’re a goof.”

By negging women, you’ve indicated to her that you’re not interested in her over anyone else in the group. This is a new thing for her. She’ll feel the bitter sting of being just like everyone else. Her looks no longer give her all the power – because you’re not responding to her looks.

Because you’re demonstrating social value to the group at the same time she’s wondering, “Why isn’t this guy attracted to me? Why isn’t this guy paying attention to me? Who is this guy? How am I going to win this guy’s attention?”

Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants approval. No one wants to be ignored. The same holds true for beautiful women – even more so. Their whole reality is based on having power and having acceptance and adoration through their good looks. Take that away and their whole reality crumbles and they’ll do anything to get it back.

Negging women is ideal for really hot girls – 8s, 9s, and 10s. For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers. All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers. Hers wasn’t that high to begin with.

Negging women is unnecessary and inappropriate to use on girls who are already being friendly or giving you green lights. Don’t throw one out of the blue for no reason at a girl who is already responding well.

But if she’s super hot and you’ve just met her, that’s a different story. Use a neg or two on her.

Now, it’s critical to use negs right. Remember, you’re not out to damage the girl’s self confidence or put her down. You’re not out to mess up her self-esteem. Some guys in particular cross the line and start throwing soft insults and treating women like second-class human beings when they don’t deserve it.

The point is to make yourself stand out as socially valuable male and a challenge, not to make her feel bad. But used correctly, negging women is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Update From The Author

I noticed that my post on negging “Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work” has drawn a lot of negative comments from women.

I understand the blowback.  I understand where some of you girls are coming from.  You see negging as a form of bullying or insults.

And most women are pretty sensitive to the idea of it, based on being bullied in real life.

Most women, particularly in high school, were teased, gossiped about, or bullied in some fashion – and usually from other women.  Pretty girls especially face negativity from their female friends, as pretty girls tend to hang in “pretty social circles” where there’s a lot of superficial cattiness, backstabbing, and competition.

Or even if you’ve never been bullied or teased yourself, you’ve seen the devastating effect it had on your classmates.  So naturally, you feel sympathy.

But anger at ‘negging’ is misplaced.

First, we are talking about a night club environment.  There’s lots of REJECTION involved, inherent to the environment.

And most of the rejection is aimed at the GUYS.

Haven’t either you or one of your friends ever ignore a guy?  Like, not even acknowledge his presence when he tried to talk to you.

It’s often pretty CRUSHING to the guy’s self-esteem that he isn’t given 10 seconds to acknowledge he’s another human being to talk to and say “hello”.  Ignoring a guy completely is much crueler than any neg a guy would dish.  (Like, “Hey girl!  You have some lint in your hair… look at that.”)

Then again, it’s a night club.  If a guy’s ego is so fragile, he shouldn’t go.

So please girls, if a guy told you that you had lint in your hair and that would “cut you down” or would “crush you”, and your ego is THAT fragile, then don’t go to night clubs!!  After all, the guys have to deal with MUCH WORSE from you girls!

In addition, Negs are for those glamour girls that have been spoiled all their lives by Daddy and have little sense of reality (like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for example).  These are the types of girls that enjoy shooting “nice guys” down.  It’s THAT kind of girl that negs are designed to attract.

So if you’re a normal-looking girl with a normal attitude, you probably will NEVER BE NEGGED in your life.  So for crying-out-loud, don’t worry about it.

Further consider that 99.9% of guys are SO damn nervous in clubs and bars that they can’t even approach a girl without wetting their briefs… let alone finding the balls to neg a pretty girl.

So don’t worry, it’s statistically unlikely to ever happen to you, even if you DO look like a runway model.  Most guys will never approach you, or they’ll just try to kiss your ass to get into your pants.  And that’s SO much better than those bad boys, right?

But since those guys are NOT a challenge in the slightest, they’re not attractive to you.  That’s why you blow them off.

That’s what a neg does – creates a challenge to the female.  That’s what attractive guys do.  And ANY guy you’ve ever fallen for, on some level, you had to chase HIM.  Every single guy you ever had a crush on made YOU chase HIM.

I know it’s simple to latch onto a cause, leave a comment, and feel like you’re serving justice in some small way by taking a stand against the 1 in 10,000 guys that have the balls to neg a girl like, “Hey girl!  It’s funny how your nose wiggles when you talk!”  But really, it’s an empty cause!

P.S. If you still disagree with this assessment, please leave a comment, I welcome all opinions!  😆

1,292 thoughts on “Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work”

  1. I’ve been negged and I don’t consider myself super hot, nor have I had a spoiled upbringing. I’ve got a lot of mental health problems actually due to having to deal with a lot of trauma. So why is it that I was negged?? Funny thing is it didn’t bother me all that much, probably because I’m not used to getting tons of male attention anyway. I found it extremely rude to have a guy ask if I was my friend’s mother and make other rude comments related to my age, but he was a nobody and his opinion didn’t matter to me. He tried to kiss me so I know he wasn’t just being nasty because he didn’t like me. But his “negging” didn’t make him attractive to me in the slightest. I just found him to be a low quality man. Some compliments would have gone a lot further I reckon!And even though this particular experience didn’t hugely affect me, if it happened regularly I think it would. So let’s hope that guys who use this pathetic technique are few and far between.

  2. Guys reading this: please do NOT follow this terrible advice.
    Read his response to the comments. This is feeding into a revenge fantasy, it’s retaliation for feeling rejected and hurt by actively setting out to hurt someone while naming it ‘flirting’. This is all SO toxic. Genuine kindness, so not the Nice Guy tactics either, is most appreciated, as are authenticity and confidence. Girls who laugh and bully guys are behaving just as toxic and have their own work to do. So those aren’t the girls you’re really looking for either right? Please just let go of this unhealthy focus on looks only, seriously.

    1. Pretend to be a man (maybe on some online dating site) and see how far “Genuine Kindness” will lead you.
      Spoiler-Alert: Absolutely nowhere. Your kindness will be misinterpreted as being manipulative… IF you get a reply in the first place. Chances are you’re going to be flat out ignored. Most females don’t have the SLIGHTEST idea just how fucked the dating market is for men, because they were never on the receiving end.
      Women today are being bombarded with messages of “genuinely kind” guys. You won’t move the needle.
      Again, I challenge you: Make a fake MALE(!!) Profile and try what you THINK works for women (even average looking ones lol) and see for yourself if you produce ANY semblance of dating success.

    2. LeaveWomenAlone

      It truly is about feeding their revenge fantasy. So do all the comments that support this. Why all the revenge? And to the guys, chill out on trying to get chicks. Maybe just play video games for a while and go out drinking with your boys. Stop blaming everything on girls not wanting you. So what if girls don’t want you? Go rock climbing or something.

  3. The “bad boys” I’ve crushed on didn’t make me chase. They had lives. They’re normal well-rounded adults that people like being around. Theres so much in between praising someone and indirectly insulting them. How about have a normal conversation? And if he/she’s a butt (which comes in every type & calibre) someone that shows social value isn’t going to continuously entertain & neg them in hopes of acceptance. They’d behave the same as with someone they weren’t attracted to.

    pretending to not like someone you like is #1 way to the friendzone or to end up with someone that only entertains you bc of psychological instability which is always short lived. Just work on being likeable and/or stop trying to turn rude/unpleasant women into girlfriends.

  4. I’m happy this article exists. It sucks in ugly fat balding guys with just a slim hope of getting hot women to steal all their money and make them poor on top of it. Thank god for seduction scammers!

  5. Tbh a lot of guys are over using negs and totally using them wrong. I’ve had a few experiences where I’m already crazy about a guy but he keeps trying to cut down my self esteem in a “joking” manner. And all that does is turn me off immensely. Like dude I already like you no need to try n make me hate you. After I’ve already explained how it makes me feel and he’s still doing it I move on. I’ve also had it where it’s cute at first but then it just never stops? Like yeah ur blocked too guy.

    1. This is really load of nonsense. The hard truth is that if you put a woman off for any reason she will ignore you and be annoyed by the negging. The fact of life is that one just has to accept that they may not be able to get the 8-10’s (cringe) they want. Don’t waste your money on this stuff people. Life hasn’t been cruel to me in respect to the topic but the experience and learning from others has been humbling.

  6. just curious, how many of the women denouncing this topic actively shit test when their hypergamy starts playing up?

    1. Karma, it's spelled haha f*** you

      I agree. But I’m going to take it further. A spoiled C*** that has the ego to think she deserves everything and is self-important DESERVES to be negged and then played. The neg is nothing really, it’s when she is played and dumped that takes her down a notch. I suggest guys who successfully bed after a neg don’t call her.

  7. I thought this was a joke. I’m really disappointed that it’s not. This is disgusting. Negging is disgusting. No woman wants to be belittled like that. It’s disrespectful, manipulative, and shows you have a LOT to learn about interacting with human beings.

  8. NEGating a gorgeous girls beauty is a good way to see what other qualities she has. Negs are good for really beautiful woman so they have to show their personality instead of relying on their looks. Sorry but your looks aren’t everything and if you get offended then you are really superficial. Negs aren’t insults. Just like constructive criticism is not an insult.

  9. I’m gonna give you a hint: this kind of crap is why hot girls don’t like you, sweetie. If you have to rely on unnecessarily insulting a woman (which, yes, is what this is, get some manners) to get her to give you even a look, you clearly have nothing of worth to offer a relationship.

  10. Rebecca a Swenson

    where do I even start?

    I was glancing over the DVD section of the library when I was a approached by a slim man around my height, he asked my for my number straight up. Usually or at least back then, I always gave my number if a man who came up to me asked. It seemed really confident and at the time I was impressed with that kind of display because I could never do that myself. This man bookended getting my number by reminding me to “fix your hair, before our date” which he explained by saying it was “messed up”. To which I got super pissed about and waited for him to contact me so I could throw the book at this guy. (Completely not realizing he was negging me) He texts, I rebuke him by calling him an asshole for saying such a shitty comment. He went on to say he was kidding and it was a joke and that if I didn’t get it, I obviously wasn’t datable or whatever. He made me feel bad for even getting upset. He coerced me into agreeing to a date.

    The date started out fine, a little boring, I was trying to be nice but it was obvious we had nothing in common. We were making very stiff small talk the whole time. He also made it a point to make fun of my college major or point out how he didn’t understand it. We leave. He tells me we are going somewhere special, which I’m excited for, apparently he wants to take me to mullholland drive. Which is a stretch of road in LA for anyone living under a rock, I was new to the area and down for that. He took my to Mulholland and we leave the car, its a great view LA, albeit really high up and we are at the edge of this massive cliff. He comes up behind me and starts groping me. I audibly shout ‘NO!’ And try to push him away as he shoves his tongue in my mouth and pushes me closer to the cliffs edge. We struggle for a bit but I give up as it’s obvious he will push me over the edge if I resist. This man throws me into his car and locks the doors. The last I remember clearly was the lights of a truck that saw part of me being pushed, but eventually they drove away. There’s a lot of discourse over comparing rape to theft, but it isn’t theft, it’s a form of identity robbing that changes you fundamentally as a person. It wasn’t my first time having sex but it was my first time being objectified during, and I haven’t trusted people, specifically men, the same since. The sheer embarrassment and shame of it happening has kept me from sharing it with all but my closest friends. I’m a strong woman so this was a strike on a lot of what I stood for, so much that after he dumped me back at home, I washed physically and emotionally and completely repressed the whole experience from my memories. It wasn’t until a year or so after that the panic and anger set in.

    1. That is called date rape and I don’t think it has anything to do with negging. I was only googling the term because it came up in a video, but from what I read it isn’t endorsing the violent and disgusting behavior of the man who raped you. I’m sorry that happened to you and I am glad you have the strength to talk about it, but it also has nothing to do with negging, the guy was just an asshole.

      1. In the beginning of her story, she said he negged her. That’s part of it. Every single thing this guy did was predatory. Men who neg women are doing so to manipulate them. I mean, come on… that’s exactly what this article is about; manipulation. Rapists are assholes, and so are men who neg women. And sometimes, GASP, they’re one in the same! Where do you get off telling a woman what she’s experienced, anyway?

  11. Ladies, I don’t think there’s anything here that should get our knickers in a twist. We all need to try different social strategies to figure out what works best for us. Yelling at the coyotes to have some respect doesn’t work… better to protect the hens.

    They have places online where they openly state their opinions, goals and methodology! That’s a good thing! It teaches the misogynists among them to openly identify themselves with certain traits and it teaches us exactly what traits to look for. It’s a win win. At the end of the night, most men who operate this way will go home alone… but they’ll FEEL empowered because they offended some pretty women or “knocked us down a peg.” We’ll go home alone too but generally we weren’t at the club to get laid anyway… plus it adds another story to the mix over coffee later (as in “…oh… and remember that other guy who told Veronica…”).

    We don’t have to play it off. It’s okay to admit we’re offended when a guy says something offensive. It’s okay if he views our offense as some kind of feather in his cap. It would be lovely if this wasn’t a real part of the world we live in, but it is. And as long as it is, for goodness sake let them wave their flags high and proud! Feeling a little offended from time to time is a small price to pay to be able to tell the men from the boys.

  12. Girls need to understand, we men don’t like to neg you. You think if I had choice to compliment you or neg you, I’d choose to neg you? Definitely not. Compliments are much better and easier to come up and get a better response HOWEVER, women are used to compliments and an attractive women would get 3/4 at least on a night let alone a week. So if I’m a high value man for instance who has his shit together and very picky who doesn’t goes to every girl to hit on her. When i’m a picky man, I make less approaches only to the women that look like they fit me (my type) So when I find a women that looks like she’s my type and worth the approach. I walk up to her and try to make it succeed by being efficent. I am sure if A girl is my type and we spend at least 10 mins. She will defintely like me ( because I chose my type) so we can click. But the main question changes from Is she going to like me to can i get her attention so that we talk and she’ll eventually like me. So to het her attention I shall start with a negg Just to start a civersation flowing and then go on an treat her as human and hive her compliments and eventually tell her I started with a negg for this same reasons. Neg is just to get attention to flow a converstaion and then you’ll automatically like me and usually the neg is constructive and kinda true but has a joke vibe and if she doesn’t gets it, I will always apologize and when she isn’t interested at all to give me attention, I’ll be honest with her saying that I negged her for the above reasons and that she could take it as a compliment and that I didn’t mean it.
    Then move on.

    Whether you like it or not, if done appropriately a neg is very effective.

    1. Hell no. Never seek validation or give validation you’re fefinitely not a high value male nor an alpha if you’re over here sucking up to bitches

    2. Dude…no. No woman wants to be insulted. Attractive or not. We prefer someone to be actually interested in us as human beings not just a body; a pretty face, or someone to manipulate.

  13. So basically this is an article for lil bitch boys who know they have no chance at women and believe that if they can hurt them and lower their self esteem then they can get their dick wet and dip out and the woman will just be fine with the insults and being used. We aren’t in fucking high school anymore. There’s no such thing as ‘the popular girls’ out in functioning society, and if you can’t act like a functional human being and just form a connection with a person, even if it’s just pick up culture, then it’s no wonder you have to resort to this childish manner of trying to pick up a woman. This reeks of some playground shit. This isn’t like in kindergarten where you put a piece of gum in some girl’s hair and say she has cooties and then suddenly you’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Also, your mentality is that ‘MEN GET REJECTED ALL THE TIME SO IT MAKES THE GIRL WANT THE GUY MORE IF SHE GETS REJECTED’. There is 8 mother-fucking-billion people on this earth, you literally have a 100% of finding at least one if you could just learn how to not think with your fragile ego.
    While yeah, I’m a chick who likes other chicks and dicks, I currently have three partners (Polyamory), and guess what, I didn’t have to rip down my two girls just to get them to be with me, and my man didn’t have to tear me down to make me get with him. Say something more than just ‘uuuuhhhh yur like rlly pretty’. It’s not that hard. In fact, if you neg, you’re just making it harder on yourself. As a matter of fact, compliment her ‘worst feature’. A lot of people have brown eyes and such a lot of people with brown eyes don’t like their eyes, so I always make sure to compliment them. If they have a tan ask if they happen to work out or enjoy outdoor activities. Try to take at least SOME interest in a woman.
    And if you do this shit I will fuck your wife/girlfriend/crush.

  14. I think everyone has a big misconception on what negging does to a women on a high horse. It knocks her off her high horse and makes her chase the guy for his validation. If you wanna call it manipulation then so be it. Women manipulate men all the time with what they wear the makeup shaming them for not behaving a certain way gas lighting the men giving ultimatums after the man loves them. They start acting different after having his baby or getting married and the list goes on. Women will strong along men and keep them in the friend zone just so she can chase they guy who she actually wants then when she can’t lock him down one of those guys will be put in the batters cage to pick up the pieces and she will lock him down and he feels like the luckiest man. She will usually pick the most attractive guy in the friendzone who refused o be in the friend zone so he did his own thing and wasn’t there for her the whole time.

  15. You’re in a club. You see a gorgeous girl and your heart pounds. You think to yourself, wow I have to say hi or I’ll never forgive myself. You have no intentions either way – you just want to see what happens next. Maybe she’ll be flirty or shocker engage in conversation, maybe there will be some sexual tension..who knows.. you’ll play it by ear.

    You go up to her and say hi, and she just puts up her hand up to your face, or rolls her eyes, or turns her back, or something disproportionately rude – simply coz she’s in a club getting attention.

    You’ve not grabbed her arse, not been rude, not been aggressive, you’re dressed well, not drunk (only had one drink to warm up).. there’s literally no reason she couldn’t just act like a normal human with a simple smile and say ‘no thanks’. But something really weird happens to women in clubs – it brings out their worst, which makes me wonder why they even bother.

    To be honest most girls in clubs act like divas – and negging, is a) nothing compared to how poorly women act towards men and b) a very good way to un-diva them and bring them down to earth so they start to act like they would as if you met them in a queue at the shops, at a bus stand, or at work.

    Negging doesn’t have to be rude, and it’s not about ruining a girl’s confidence (the way so many girls set out to do to men).. it’s just a way of snapping them out of it, and bringing them back to reality.. putting everyone on the same playing field of being the same simple equal humans.

    Seriously, a little bit of lipstick and a hot dress, and women suddenly act like royalty who see everyone else as beneath them. It’s an ugly transformation.

    1. Wow. No. That’s not how any of this works.

      Just because you find someone attractive, does not mean they owe you their time. And we are cautious talking to strange men because of people who think the way you do about women. Also, if we’re out with a group of friends…we aren’t there looking to hook up. We’re there to hang out with our friends, and your interruption is rude.

    2. A woman is NOT required to smile at you, talk to you, accept your advances, etc. Women can do whatever the hell they want. NO woman is required to talk to you or be nice to you or act like a human to you just because you went up to her and attempted to start a conversation. Women don’t owe you shit! Nobody owes you shit!

  16. “So if you’re a normal-looking girl with a normal attitude, you probably will NEVER BE NEGGED in your life. So for crying-out-loud, don’t worry about it.”

    Nice neg. ?

    1. LOL.. no-win situation.(so now you want to be negged to show you are a hottie?? talk about reverse psychology)

  17. Only the lowest form of trash would treat another human being this way. Jesse, I hope you look over your shoulder every day. Someone will eventually pay you back for this.

    1. Most girls treat guys a thousand times worse – so you’re just shooting down 9/10 girls in clubs when you talk about who the trash is.

      1. Oh yeah, ‘shooting’ down men. Kinda like how a certain man with this mentality shot down several women. What was his name? I think his first name was Elliot.

  18. Just because a women is beautiful doesn’t mean she’s not got insecurities. A lot of gorgeous women i know are even more insecure than average looking ones… Who knows if she’s hot because she’s got an eating disorder or something .. You are stereotyping women based on a quick observation of her appearance. Trying to lower anyone’s social value is a form of emotional abuse. Playing less interested is one thing but borderline insults to try to cut her down is just bad advice.

    1. a neg is not being disrespectful. you know you negged correctly if she laughs!!!! if she doesn’t laugh, the neg didn’t hit correctly and the man must calibrate

  19. im cackling. just leave women alone. go find someone in daily life to hunt down like a creep, and let women enjoy their night out in peace. we ignore you for a damn reason dumbass, and we dont go to a night club to get shit on by people who get ‘so much worse’ from women. get a grip. i ignore men at a night club because ive been sexually assaulted, and so have MANY other women. but yeah. let me know when you get ‘so much worse’ by being rejected. boo fucking hoo cunt

    1. Sounds like you’re too damaged to be hanging out near men in a social situation. I think you, like many women, want to punish other normal guys for the damage suffered at the hands of some arsehole. By taking that approach you are just validating that all women are bitches coz all men are bastards. Just give up on being human and intimacy, and stay home with your friends. Getting dressed up and going to clubs to reject men to improve your self esteem is really messed up.

      1. not accurate reply to what she said. she goes to a club to have fun. she doesn’t go to a club to reject guys. why do some guys think it’s all about them? and what obligates someone to talk to another? guy to girl, OR girl to guy – works both ways. guys aren’t obligated to talk to girls they aren’t interested in. and if you, as a female, choose to ignore a strange man you’re fair game for ‘negging’? And if you want to have fun and not talk to guys you should stay home?? hahaha!! enjoy that red pill with your bitter tears all alone in your booth at ‘da club.’ lmao!!

  20. Bullshit Detector

    Negging is a way to bring a woman, that may think she is all that, from acting “bitchy” down to fucking earth, to reality where she can communicate without stacking someone above or under her “nothing to offer but looks” ass. Negging should be playful and funny, but is more powerful when it is slightly true. Nooooo, negging wont get you laid, it will just allow you to communicate directly, to a woman who is too in to her own bullshit, like her looks is actually a valuable thing that will last.

    1. Agreed – and women play this game to men (and each other) all the time. Women invented negging. They are the masters of backhand complements – that’s how they played all through high school in their bitchy cliques.

      1. you sound like you are still holding on to a lot of rejection from HS. I hope you heal and find a way to achieve your relationship goals in a healthy and respectful manner. all my best to you.

    2. You are delusional;you seem to be unable to communicate effectively in order to strike up a conversation with a normal woman. Very sad. Perhaps you should get some professional help from a therapist. Insults do not make a person more “lovable”.

    3. Why do you want to go after those kinds of “bitchy” women in the first place? Seems like you just have bad taste.

  21. Maybe we aren’t at a night club to hook up. ? Negging is and always will be for losers. If you have to negg to be with a chick, she isn’t worth your breath.

  22. Let’s put aside gender for a moment. Because regardless of whom is saying what to whom that type of comment is manipulation. And manipulation is a form of deceit. A way to get what you want in a dishonest way. Its wrong no matter male or female and is spoken by a person who is weak in character. No one wants to think they are weak or poor in character but few attempt to improve themselves. Instead they just try to even the playing field by manipulation.

      1. Oh, okay, so no more diets, fancy clothes, working out, or any fucking EFFORT to look nice. Get fucked.

      2. It’s VERY wrong because it takes an already existing problem and makes it worse, rather than solves it. “They were mean to me so I’m gonna be mean to them, MEH!” is a very childish attitude to have.

  23. There’s no space for women to disagree with you. If they disagree with you they are “too sensitive, don’t understand.” If they agree with you, they likely don’t recognize how fucked up this is.

    You say in your response, men have it so much worse at night clubs. They do not. When women reject men it’s because 1) we aren’t interested 2) they are scaring us. Being scared of men in a club is a reality men don’t face *as much* as women do. We literally have nail polish designed to spot roofies.

    When you direct men on how to manipulate instead of how to deal with rejection you are just fucking up the culture even more. Rejection is hard, truly. And I will agree that men probably face it more than women based on unfair expectations society has put on them to make the first move. That being said: the world won’t end if you don’t get laid.

    1. Men have it worse then females in any situation because it isn’t just rejection. All women have expectations that are very high for men and these women can’t even meet there own expectations. yet there are so many expectations for men after they don’t get rejected! I can go on and on but i will leave it there. It isn’t society that put these expectations on men it is women. Stop directing the blame else where for your plausible deniability asses.

      1. This is the biggest piece of flanking shit ever. No self-respecting female would respond positively to negging EVER. Respect goes both ways. I respect men more who respect me.

        This is fucking ridiculous that the only thing some of these guys are complaining about is fear of rejection and their fragile egos. Um, yeah, women have to fear rape and sexual assault, are more likely to be murdered by their male partner than anyone else. Louis CK’s standup about men being the most serious threat to the existence of women…ironically, turns out he was a creeper predator himself.

        Get a fucking clue man child. Holy fuck. Women are PEOPLE. Treat them as such.

      2. If you really think getting rejected is the worst thing in the world, then you need to accept that you have a fragile as fuck ego and you need to raise your confidence because you have fallen down the rabbit hole of self loathing and dug even deeper into taking it out on other people. If you can’t take a ‘no’, then I hope every single woman guards her drink and her person around you.

  24. If you really want a treat click on that link about tapping into a girls DNA. I’m a happily married man who sometimes isn’t always sure how he does things right so I like to look into or read up on things girls may like to keep the marriage alive in the event I run out of the natural abilities to do so. This got me interested in the idea that girls are naturally triggered by something I already do. His “Secret” in the link is a insanely long sales pitch where he’s basically trying to convince lonely men to buy a product he finds 100 ways to sell you on hoping you’ll be desperate enough to listen to the whole pitch for. When you do it’s clear, to himself, that no one would listen that long unless they were desperate. I can’t say if it works or not. I didn’t buy it. But for a little under $50 he claims he can teach those people to be desired by women without any proof beyond repetitive claims to be successful which is actually a sales technique that was invented by snake oil salesmen over 100 years ago. So let’s hope his product is more honest then his pitch.

  25. Last weekend I had two guys coming onto me (which was nice because I’m not a model and I’m over 40) and I found one of them really funny and thought we were connecting when he started going on about what ‘number’ we would rate at. I refused to rate him, I said I thought it was a really de-humanising thing to do, but I had already shown a lot of interest in him (had already given him my number). He then said “You are so hot, you’d be a nine and a half, except for that top, it looks like a couch”

    It was a new top and I was really hurt by being assessed as if I were a piece of meat – and then the OTHER guy also came onto me and then said my top looked like his Nanna’s couch. I looked him in the eye and replied
    “you do realise it makes it sound like you want to fuck your nanna?”. Ha ha ha, he wasn’t laughing. I did respond to the funny guy the next day and gave him a chance after telling him it really hurt my feelings that he assessed me and was mean about my top. He rang, but when I tried to say a few more things he got angry “I’ve said sorry, there’s nothing else I can do, that’s it, I’ve apologized”. What a pity, if he had been genuine he could have asked me out for a coffee and I would have said yes. Instead, his own bullshit got in the way!

  26. My god, this is just embarrassing. This is a website for incels, right? No wonder they can’t get laid if they’re following “advice” like this.

  27. I was negged a lot on a date recently. It really hurt. It did make me like the guy more which is really messed up. I felt like I forgot who I was by the end of the date. It did take all my power away and I learned how much I stand on my looks alone and how fragile I am. I am going to run next time a guy negs.

    This article is interesting because I didn’t know those subtle insults were negging. I thought that was flirting. When it’s one comment it’s not that bad, but wow definetly don’t over do the negging. It can really hurt a woman deeply.

    1. A very insightful response compared to some others here. Thank you.
      Some ‘negging’ probably existed ever since courtship did and is just a different way to flirt.

      what is most interesting to me is that the experience, while it hurt, made you realize your own fragility and reliance on superficial looks to give yourself value. In the end, I wonder if the experience will help you develop into a better person. Not that this is why negging happens or should be used, but a very interesting result.

      1. Slow down there mister -3 anon. Not even with your harshest negging and with the biggest bank account could you break even .5

  28. Ladies, once upon a time, I told a guy who negged me exactly what I thought of him, and I felt awful. I’m a former carshow girl, this happened at a show:

    Guy: That’s a hot dress you’re wearing
    but a few inches too short.
    Me: And that’s a hot forhead you got there, but your hairline is a few inches too short too.
    Guy: ouch

    (I felt awful after seeing the look on his face)

    Me: I’m joking. Hi, I’m Isadora.
    Guy: I’m Chris. My childhood nickname was Neanderthal. And Pig Pen.
    Me: (Can’t stop laughing)
    Guy: Ouch.
    Me: (still laughing)

    8 years later, we have 5 years of marriage, 1 son, 1 mortgage, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 2 cars. Love my sweetheart to death!

  29. This is so disappointing. If any regular man comes to me with a neg I just assume he really must have a small penis and cums in 5 seconds. The only men that can remotely get away with a neg are men with six packs sexy as a Calvin Klein model. Or if he is a billionaire then we will over look it.

    If you are neither a billionaire or a Calvin Klein model then instead of trying to use negging work on your confidence. go to therapy, go to the gym, read books on personal development get a job. A woman never turns a confident man who is comfortable being himself down. That will get you more women than trying to be an asshole when you clearly are not.

  30. I’m dying laughing. “You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.” LOL. That actually works on anyone? That sounds so creepy and unnatural, can’t think of anything that would turn me off more.

  31. I’m a former professional model and used to being chased, however I am not cruel to the vast majority of men who I don’t find interesting. The man I fell for and agreed to marry approached me and I’ve never had to chase him a single day in the years we’ve been together. I am crazy about him partly because he doesn’t play dishonest games and we enjoy making each other feel good by helping each other grow and achieve, not knocking each other down. He is consistent and reliable and I admire his integrity. I want to be with him because I know he loves me for who I am – I want to stay with him because I know my looks won’t last forever, in fact I’m aging quite a bit now yet he treats me just as well and is just as excited as when I was young and stunning. I’m so grateful that he’s not so shallow that my looks affect how he treats me or how much he loves and wants me. The more I age the more he sees the person I am underneath and he treats me just as well on my worst days now as the day he walked up to me and offered me a drink. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world <3 <3 <3

  32. I think to ‘neg’ is the natural response to someone else inappropriately acting superior or arrogant at one’s own expense. I have very limited experience, but in my so far 4 days gaming I’ve used it mostly on female blockers who were being rude (long story, I’m the only person of my ethnicity where I live so I find this creates a lot of challenges other guys don’t have to deal with).

    Often, self-qualification is what I’d use on a girl I actually like. ‘I sense you’re not comfortable with foreign men’. Which often gets them to qualify that that isn’t true.

    Frankly, I view negging as a natural, good self-defence mechanism – but so far I’ve always used it as a shield, never as a sword. However, if I do find the kind of girl I want to settle down with gaming and I think negging will work, I’ll go for it in an instant without a scruple. It’s obvious to me that noc long-term healthy relationship is based on putting down one’s spouse, but if it’s necessary on first meeting or until greater intimacy has been achieved to make the relationship start before it dies, I’m totally cool with that.

    Also, all this obsession about the ‘mean men’ saying something ‘hurtful’ just shows the extremeness of feminism’s stranglehold on Western society, I mean, telling a guy to ‘fuck off’ is just good and proper because that bad man shouldn’t have been talking to you anyway, but taking someone being unreasonably rude to you without justification down a notch is just the worst thing ever.

    I have a personal DISTASTE for men using it to get sex from women who already have a lot of insecurity and basically slut-like behaviours, because it’s exploitative, in my view – well, the world is full of legal but mean, bad and exploitative relationships as far as I can tell.

  33. Nope, doesn’t work. I didn’t know it had a name but yes, guys try this shit. It would only work on women with no self esteem to begin with and the thing about very good looking women is that we’re used to getting hit on, we’ve seen it all and this just gets you stamped as a arsehole to avoid at all costs.

    1. no not true at all. Women have told me this thing all the time and they say it won’t work on me. I ask them to tell me about the men who hit on them and the ones who have hit on them who they talk to. They say how he is a ass hole and he put them down when they first met. Yet why did they like him more? It worked on women who are always being put on a pedestal and knocks them off there high horse. Makes them chase his validation after that and he never gives it to them and that makes him a ass hole.

  34. It works,I did that many times with success.Success doesnt always mean go to bed with her,just breaking her ego its a win.
    Woman is the most selfish thing in the world.

  35. You’re a fucking moron! This shit does work. I had this one idiot try to “neg” me. He told me I was a “hot girl in an average girl’s body”. I looked at him like he was nuts! Then I got my taller, way hotter MMA fighter boyfriend to scare them shit out of him for trying to insult me! It had no effect on me because the guy was a disgusting looking troll that I’d sooner shit on than date! Even if a hot guys sunk so low, I’d give him the brush off because there are 100 other hot men with nicer personalities that I could date. Point is, negging isn’t going to help ugly, losers get dates with hot women like me. My husband, is a freaking model looking Ken doll, all he has to do is exist to get women! Ugly dudes need to stay in their lane and date women on their level.

    1. Bullshit Detector

      First off, you sound like you have nothing else to offer, lastly you have an MMA fighter boyfriend and youre married to a cuckold husband that looks like a Ken doll? Dont even reply I’ll never need to go back here and read it, all you need to know is that we can all see your bullshit (let alone the type of shit you are), there is a wrong way to neg and I’m sure it works for some guys because its clearly a subject some people said they’ve had success with. You sound like a fucking child too, just like what this article said, fantasizing about having a boyfriend and a husband.

    2. You had a boy friend which is why it didn’t work on you because you were loyal to him because of what he made you feel.

  36. ANYTHING that anyone (male or female) does to lower a persons self esteem, no matter how much of a cruel bitch or thoughtless bastard they are, is wrong. It is a form of manipulation to get ppl to do what YOU want for YOUR gain with no thought or care of how if it negatively affects the other person. Negging is one of those things.

    1. Absolutely. It’s careless and self-serving. And – trying to justify it…I just shake my head. If you have to “neg” a woman, then I suggest you work on your own self confidence. You want her number or a date with her? Use wit and charm. No matter what situation you try and frame this behavior in……..well…let me put it this way. You know how chicken poop has that white spot on the top? You know what it is? It’s poop too.

  37. Lulu De-Belle

    #metoo movement hello! I’m so embarrassed for you because you clearly don’t understand women and need to be an asshole to get attention. More often than not, when a guy is a creeper and can’t take no for an answer, a girl will try to avoid contact, especially if her intuition sets off alarm bells. Yeahhh lots of us have had to deal with unwanted attention and physical abuse and it’s a womans prerogative not to talk to a guy, we don’t have to speak to you just because you want to speak to us!!! When the guy can’t follow BASIC socials queues and perisists despite clear non verbal communication (like not responding) and you feel rejected this is when you feel all bruised egoed and have to be an asswipe to the girl to get a retaliation – it’s not a response to rebut an insult by the way! This is essentially harassment & verbal abuse – so beware fellas, we are totally wised up to shitty games! It’s very simple, be a nice dude and hopefully you’ll attract a nice girl who will speak to you. And if the 10s out there in the world are out of your league, stay in your lane and speak to a 2…

    1. This is total shit but I’ve been studying this for a laugh. I’m pretty sure this website subscribes to Mystery or what you might know as “The Game.” It objectifies woman as some singular entity that can be easily broken down into womanly wants and desires. My favour part of this is how they say a girl who is 6s and 7s on the hotness scale doesn’t have much social value to begin with. It’s like they are in high school and think looks is everything.

      However, there are still girls who fall for this. It’s sad but these guys practice enough times to say just the right words to convince one of them to have a one-night stand. They’re also meeting people at places where people go to hook up. The smart ones wouldn’t spend their time in clubs/bars hooking up, they’d get bored of getting picked up so many times. So the chances these guys have is much higher than normal.

      With all this said, “be a nice dude and hopefully you’ll attract a nice girl to speak to you.” How has that worked out for you? Honestly speaking. Because I’ve never seen a passive man attract a woman before. It’s because I rarely see women initiate. If men have to initiate, then they’re competing against alpha males. If women were always rejecting douchebags and accepting nice guys, this post would be about how to pretend you’re a nice guy to get laid. Please, prove me wrong. I wish being genuine and nice alone gets you friends and partners.

      1. Lol you’re ugly

        You’re just ugly. Stop going after hot girls and date the ones on you yotr level. Problem solved

      2. You, I like. ? I am a very pretty woman, and I would TOTALLY talk to you. Why? Because you come across as intelligent, nice and polite. Guys, women are NOT that hard to get. Be polite, wear clean clothes, smell nice but don’t drown in cologne, RELAX AND BE YOURSELF. Also, make sure your fingernails are clean and cut short for sexual purposes. Also, read a book once in a while. Men who read are SEXY!!!

      3. Nice insights, consider this: having self respect and confidence as well as being a nice guy is the hottest thing ever. I am freaked out by ‘alpha males’ and if a quieter man can have an intelligent conversation, I’m hooked. Nice doesn’t mean passive. Nice can have it’s own interesting edge … how you hold yourself, the humour you use, the things you’re doing in life, that’s the hot part.

    2. “Just be a nice dude and hopefully you’ll attract a nice girl to speak you.
      Whoowee. Bad advice. I hear it from women that they HATE “nice guys” TM

  38. Read this article and thought fuck it what the hell tried it out in the local club and got slapped round the face 3 hours later she was letting me fuck her up the ass. I mean I honest to god thought at that moment this seems counter intuitive but I got nothing to lose and that short sharp sting made me think. Ah yeah that’s terrible advice. Well turns out it wasn’t. Best sex i’ve had in months.

  39. Yeah. Even as a twentysomething, I was able to see through the bullshit. BTW, “Awesome” and “Negging” don’t belong in the same sentence.
    Years ago, I was at a bar with some co-worker friends when a few guys came over and introduced themselves. One of them chatted me up, proceeded to suggest I needed to work out more often (I worked out 3 times a week and was a size 8), then unfavorably compared me to one of my co-workers whose boyishly lean hips were encoded in her DNA. He pushed his phone number on me, and said we should get together so that I can buy him Lunch.
    Hope he wasn’t too surprised when he didn’t hear from me.

  40. This advice is terrible! Hot girls know about negging so they will (at best) roll their eyes and laugh at you. I personally would respond to one of these with a carefully selected genuine personal insult about the physical appearance of the guy to make him scurry away. There is nothing sexy about having to put a woman down to impress her, it’s sad.

  41. Found this site because a guy negged me pretty harsh yesterday. He have the tendency to show up wherever I am and we have talked a lot, I was actually interested in him. So he dropped a comment saying “Oh great. We get to have another amazing conversation” in an extremely sarcastic tone. Did i follow him home? Did i follow him like a puppy all night? Nope. I answered “Well, we don’t have to” and walked away. I have several miss called and messages on my phone this morning. I’m not going to talk to him again.

    1. That’s just pathetic. You can’t take a lil sarcasm, and use that as a reason to ignore a guy you’ve known for awhile. Fragile little feelings get hurt? Ignore the guy. I guess he’s lucky you showed your true colors early


  43. The question is, why would you want a girl who could be manipulated by a “neg”? Why would yo want a girl who’s self esteem is so low that she’ll do anything for validation?

  44. After reading this, I just realized I was negged by one of my coworkers.
    So on a good day I’m a 6, and there was this guy at work who would awkwardly wave and try to say hello without being able to make out the words.
    Anyhow, I felt bad for him and went to go talk to him. He asked for my name and I told him, and he shook my hand with both hands! It was like a hand sandwich! Any how he asked me my age and I told him then he said, “that’s not too bad, I’m only four years older.”
    Here’s where the negging begins, I told him I like video games and he responds with “I’d love to talk about video games but I have a girlfriend.” Just out of nowhere he thinks I’m hitting on him! Then I told him I was into art and I did commisions, he replies with, “if you keep bothering me about buying one of your pictures I might if they’re any good.” Anyhow I told him I had to go and he asked me what my name was again, while going in for another double handshake.

  45. No offense dude, but this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!! Being mean even in the mildest since is NEVER a good way to attract someone you like. Seriously if I had like 10 sweet guys who complemented me and then 1 jerk constantly throwing shade, who would I chose? Not only that but your method seems ridiculously shallow.. Believe it or not us pretty girls actually ENJOY getting praised I mean who doesn’t?? Also you mentioned “guys having it much worse at night bars”
    1.) Really doesn’t excuse being rude. Just because YOU’VE had negative experiences doesn’t give you the to give someone else one.
    2 ) “worse” is a relative statement

  46. Guy ” Your boots don’t match your outfit. They Should be tan.”

    Girl ” Can’t tell if you’re autistic or just an asshole.”

    Guy ” I’m negging you.”

    Girl ” Oh so both then.”

    1. This is why women shouldn’t do comedy because that’s as witty as a sermon let a man show you how it’s done

      Guy “your boots don’t match your outfit they should be tan”

      Girl “nice catch, (wink) I didn’t think anyone would notice my terrible fashion sense”

      Guy” i’m just randomly going to declare i’m negging you so your punchline will fit”

      Girl” you mean like those pants you tried squeezing into tonight”

      F for quality But B for effort. Not bad for a girl. This isn’t a neg. Your just shit plain and simple

      1. From your comments I gather you’re a fan of negging, but you might have more success by simply trying to not be a male chauvinist asshole. Although, you sound like a narcissist so not sure how much success you’ll have with trying to be a decent person.

  47. Hello,
    I am sorry but I still doesn’t understand from this article how to neg, when to neg, how to reply to the girl’s reply for my neg, how to realize when she it’s a neg back and when not. How to realize when it’s time to get back to rappor.
    Thank you if you will answer this

  48. Hey ever question why a guy who (from a superficial standpoint if we’re adhering to this rating system that we’re sadly reduced to) would not stand a chance with a “8,9, 10” gal feels he *deserves* to be with her? That cutting her down to size is justifiable because she’s been told she’s hot all her life, and he’s been rejected by her type? ** Better, I ask you this, Men on The Lower Rungs: have you ever entertained the idea that you could actually make a solid connection (i.e., one not based on constant ego manipulation) with a girl who’s within the same range as you? Or are you like EWWW, no way do I deserve a 3 or 4 when I’m a 3!! Now, who’s the one with the inflated ego? These dudes whine about not being given a chance with a VS model, yet they’d treat a lady who looked even a touch less attractive than them with utter dismissal and disdain. Hypocrites.

  49. America(ns) can be so amusing – always want the truth, and honesty, but when you get it, you don’t know what to do with it. Just keep on trying to sugar coat everything. What truth/honesty am I referring to? Social dynamics.
    I read through a handful of responses and I did not notice anyone stating the obvious – that there’s a reason it’s called ‘the game’! Dating game, mating game, the game of life, all still apply. No one is exempt and no one can claim 100% adherance to what some may call ‘fair play’. Men have their roles and women have theirs in the ‘game’. It’s in our design, it’s in our biology, it’s simply what we’e wired to do.
    Emotions, feelings, and the ability to think, certainly put us on a different level than animals, but when it comes down to instincts – what else is different? The male will do what he must (negging, ignoring, peacocking, being different than all the others) to essentially win over a female, and the female will do what she must (play hard to get, pretend shes not interested, reject to test his ‘work ethic’) to ensure that she has a worthy mate. Seems pretty simple.
    But, there are women who maybe feel ‘slighted’ or ‘duped’ and that there may have been a guy (or guys) that got the better of them and some of these women almost feel like they were cheated into sleeping with them. When, after all is said and done – they found, and felt, enough attraction to do so and were ‘playing’ their part.
    Of course, more often than not, these interactions ARE happening at, and from, nightclubs where a very common theme is to consume alcohol. Alcohol being very effective at lowering inhibitions, both parties (most likely) being adults, and (hopefully) a consensual interaction – why does any form of blame even get brought into this.
    Seriously, do people really not know what the purpose of the nightclub is. Why people go out, dressed to the 9’s from head to toe (as opposed to say, a sweatsuit), dab on the smell good. Oh, wait, you’re taken and are just going for drinks with the girls…riiiiiight! Never mind all the attention that you are hoping to have coming your way while you’re enjoying your ‘girls night out’.
    It’s just a game people…

    1. Nope. The PUA community and this Red Pill horrible crap, is toxic masculinity at its finest. It is dehumanizing to men and women and is for people who aren’t mature adults and have not evolved past their lesser selves. At the end of the day, this is about men manipulating women to gain the upper hand in what you describe is the so “game”. The only problem is, men already have it. They have told women for centuries how to look, how to dress, how to feel, how to react them, to shut up and respect them, to serve them, to be their prize, you could go on forever… In a world where women are still traded like cattle in some countries and told they can’t drive or must cover every inch of their bodies in others, you, as a man, need to fuck off when it comes to delegating even the “biological” roles of women. In addition, your nothingburger of a paragraph does not address that these PUA tactics are powerful forms of psychological manipulation. There is a prominent article on the internet by a woman who used negging on men and guess what? It worked almost every time. This isn’t some practical tool you can use to gain some type of biological advantage. It’s actually an extremely crass, disrespectful, and disorienting form of mild psychological abuse and it simply should never be done. End of story.

  50. Let me throw a spanner in the works, I’ve been negged by a girl once before. I’ve been told I’m pretty attractive and I’m a (somewhat) cocky guy. She told me I should stop being so aloof and that I’d be much more attractive if I didn’t act like such a dick. I honestly can say from the bottom of my heart that I instantly respected her far more and her balls made me view her in a different light. I also did stop acting aloof.

    It might be different when a guy says it to a girl, but the purpose is NOT to be cruel, it is NOT meant to take a dig at her self esteem and it is NOT used in front of others. It is used on girls who brush you off in a rude or brusque manner, irregardless of her looks and irregardless of your motives. I’ve spoken to plenty of girls just to have a fucking conversation hahaha. It’s purely used to ground them in reality and to make them realise they should treat you with respect, as beforehand you should have been treating her with respect like every girl and guy deserves (at least I always treat everyone from the off with respect)

    I can admit most of the examples here are shit but you girls really need to have a look at your self esteem, if a guy jokingly says you’re a goof or your nose is red with a smile and you proceed to be offended then please see someone.

  51. Yeah, we know you guys pull this bullshit and when you do it, we assume that you don’t know anything about women/dismiss you as a MRA asshole and move on.

  52. If you’re here to get dating tips from a guy who’s, a (generous) two, then I hope you appreciate irony, because that’s all you’re going to get from this article.

    Instead of trying to tear down someone else’s self confidence, go work on your own with a therapist – you’ll become instantly more attractive to people in general as you’ll appear comfortable in your own skin.

  53. Many girls commenting here and never listen to their advice on how to flirt with them. They think they know what attracts them (by example they think they’re attracted to a handsome guy couse he is “nice” and “kind”).

    Negging worked for me (unintentionally) couse I knew I had no chance and I just wanted to tease her without caring of the consequences, but in a friendly manner (former colleague of mine). She was very spoiled and used to having all the boys do her liking. Ironically she wanted to spend time with me, who didn’t do her liking instead. I’m not handsome at all by the way.

  54. actual girl here – Not offended but this is pretty bad advice.
    If you ever manage to get a woman’s attention, use it to influence her with positive impression.
    Unless you think it would be more helpful to be laughed at, because you will be made fun of all night for commenting on mascara.

  55. You sound an absolute loser. No, amend that – you are a loser. Negging a woman takes balls? I’m amazed you can even find yours, Jessie.

  56. Feminist Killjoy

    Just FYI – this is horrible advice, from someone who is likely a social retard, but thinks he’s very popular. Women. Don’t. Like. This. Seriously. It’s stupid and childish and doesn’t work. Get a woman by actually being an interesting person, and treating her with respect.

  57. Alexander norton

    Woah. There’s a lot here. It makes me happy I’m no longer desperate in night clubs.

    There’s a few things that are deeply offensive –

    1) the rating system, saying that a girl is an 8, 9 or even a 6 is so degrading. Your basically saying the only thing they have going for them is their looks. I heard about this when I was a kid, but adults still do this? Wow. It’s really damaging.

    2) connections with women are down to genuine interest. If you just want to get in someone’s pants then your intentions just highlight why you need to do something as pathetic as negging. By knocking down someone should self esteem even if they are “a 10” it’s damaging.

    3) your Defence for negging was embarrassing. Just because a man is too shy to approach “a 10” doesn’t give them a right to knock them down to what they feel they are. The rating system with humans is disgusting. Genuine connnection comes from genuine interest, the best intimacy would come from genuine acts. If you neg someone to get what you want – you live a very sad existence and without realizing it, your just as bad as mysogonists and other harmful things for women to face each day.

    It really shows that men really have on idea about what women actually want. It’s worrying. It’s kinda scary to think that women are being faced with these things daily. Cat calling, harrassment, negging, man, your aiding this too. If you were a decent human you should remove this article, because it’s a how to guide to manipulate women for your gain, so you can disappoint her with your lack of “game in that department”.

    Do what you want, but this isn’t a deeply offensive article, made even worse by your response. Grow up please, women deserve better.

    1. 1. It’s called “assortative mating” – look at every species on the planet…(called “narcissistic object choice” in shrinkology)
      2. “Genuine” and “interest” are oxymorons.
      3. “knock them down” by saying they have a red nose? “disgusting”?? “Genuinely” hyperbolic! etc etc
      4. Yep, Freud said the same thing…after a lifetime of analysing women, he could not work out what women wanted! What chance do mere mortal men have?

      1. You seem to know a lot about mental illness and narcissism chiefly, hmmm could this be projection and gaslighting?

      2. Yeah, Freud who said everyone wants to give their parents is the smartest guy to trust. How about listening to what women want instead of talking over them like you are doing right now.

      3. Wait, how is “genuine” and “interest” an oxymoron? Can someone get him a dictionary over here?

      4. Wait, how is “genuine” and “interest” an oxymoron? Can someone get this boy a dictionary?

        Also, men already know what women want. But instead of actually BEING that person, they choose to just play mind games and pretend in order to get what they want out of the interaction. Women want confidence (not cockiness), honesty, loyalty, adventure, humour, good looks (well duh), and someone who’s edgy enough to be interesting – but not an actual asshole. Guys will pretend they have all this, but in reality, they’ll just be assholes on a fundamental level.

      5. Men this, men that, reverse sexist. And all the Dukes out there, they use negging too and they’really shit at it.

    2. Im not advocating negging at all but all of tj5e accusations you make of men, women are equally guilty of. Women mark mem according to looks, women manipulate men, women often dont actually know what they want, women cat-call at other women.
      Neither gender is at all perfect

    1. These guys are socially clueless. They don’t realize they have everything backwards. He’s saying it shows confidence to NOT hit on an atttactive girl. He thinks girls are attractive to guys who are submissive and intimidated, calling it “being a challenge.”
      He’s thinks only a loser would want HIM. That’s why he thinks wanting someone is being a loser

      1. The market garden was designed to produce produce. Will and Guy’s Jokes – Logic of English Language The city tip was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. In the boat, a row erupted amongst the oarsmen about how to row. The nurse wound the crepe bandage around the wound.

        Seriously – can anyone understand this reply??

    2. Couldn’t not have said it better. Because it’s a hot female, it’s totally okay to act a dick….what?

    3. Wow – “emotionally abusive” because someone DARE say you have a red nose??

      Or might you be one very angry (and more than likely, abusive) woman?!

      And if so – why?

      1. So where did “daring” to sound like a goat get you? Aww you feel abused because women reject you? Hahahahaha!! GOOD!!

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  59. Youneedtherapy

    Small penis. That’s what it is. Oh, no, my bad, you must have fell out of your crib and ut must have really really hurt your ego. Good luck trying to fix it.

  60. Incredible.
    While this probably isn’t the only thing, I do admit, I am fascinated by that phenomenon- the fact that men who are worth it, are chased after by women.
    It’s incredible. And yes, always, those guys are the ones with the kind of confidence to not give any fucksabout anything, not about women, about rules, etc.
    Indeed, I must admit, I find it to be intriguing.
    What I mean is this:
    Ladies, and I know you guys are definitely going to agree with me on this, but women love to please men they like. They love it.
    But how does that happen? Exactly.
    It’s easy to understand, but then at the same time, it’s so hard to explain, or to really think about.
    The analysis boils down to just one word: Confidence.
    Okay, well, that and ability.
    Confidence, and ability. Oh and you have to be a good person. So uh… Uh…
    Confidence, ability, and you’re a good person.
    @.@ Okay wait that just sounds…

    1. Much confidence. Very ability. Much skill. Penis. Vagina. Bigly man. Confidence. Burn the witch. Sex. Protein boner shake. Derp. That is really how I feel reading this article and some of these comments as a woman. Is that what it’s like when dudes hang out?

    2. You’re extremely confused lol. You’re saying it shows confidence to NOT hit on attractive women. Were you born yesterday? How does anybody not know that it takes guts to show interest in a hot girl. Jesus. Losers like you are just projecting how you’d feel about anyone who’d chase YOU. You assume they must be a loser because you’re not worth it. If you felt worth it you’d see it as dominant

  61. And in today’s round of Wikipedia hop-skip-and-jump, I stumble on the term ‘negging’, and have it kindly explained to me by some sociopathic shill, desperately projecting his own twisted fucked-up inadequacies as some means of peddling some cheap, dime-store schtick to equally morally bankrupt fucks half a click away. And all in the name of what, mate? Sex? Fuck, that’s original.

    I like talking to, engaging with – and fucking – women as much as the next man, but reading this shit? Makes me want to go all Snake Pliskin and turn off the internet.

    Jesse ‘Charger’? (dear god, the savage, desperate, pathetic irony of that surname); please crawl back into the gutter in which you were hatched.

  62. This guy! As a man I just want apologise for this entire article, not only was it ill conceived and entirely inappropriate it was also completely absurd in its premise and later ‘justification’. I cannot fathom how you the author thought that this quite obviously sociopathic approach to dare I say courting was a good idea. Do you by some miracle not have a Mother? Because I find it very hard to believe that someone raised in part by a woman would resort and then promote such behaviour. And before you or anyone would suggest I am no white knight feminist I am simply against this type of attitude we see all to much of in this day and age.

  63. So… I’m not going to be like all these other people who are responding with anger and emotional outburst (though I will acknowledge their arguments are valid). Let me try a different approach, and I accept that you still may not even bother to read my comment because I don’t agree with your philosophy. But I assure you, I read your entire article, and I gave it a fair consideration, including that I agree with some of your reasoning, if not the “technique” itself.

    First of all, I truly understand where you are coming from. There are absolutely a lot of shy, nice guys out there who get shot down all the time by “beautiful” women. It sucks. I understand that out of desperation, just for the hope of feeling valued enough to be considered a sexual interest by another person, some guys would want to use this “technique”.

    I do agree with what all of these other female commenters are saying, in that subtle tearing down like this can be very destructive, to some women more than others. And I also agree that there are spoiled, shallow women out there who look like supermodels and treat nice guys like dirt on their shoe.

    Here’s my argument: if a guy is really as shallow as those types of women, they probably deserve each other. I can see where, in theory, “negging” would be something where two people at a club who might both be shallow and mutually destructive to each other can come together and have a good time for one night. But here’s the danger: you can’t tell which women these are just by looking at them. There are lots of supermodel types out there who are kind and compassionate, and they get hit on by jerks all the time, by means of this “technique” and many others. It’s exhausting, distressing, and disheartening to be constantly confronted with the reality that all many people care about is appearance.

    On the other side of it, “negging” isn’t really going to be good for a guy either. Maybe it could help an actually shallow guy get an actually shallow girl, but what other application is there? Is it going to actually boost a nice guy’s confidence? I would imagine that it would just become a destructive crutch, that may even turn a nice guy into a shallow one. And for the great shortage of those out there, I for one don’t want to see that happen to anyone.

    Furthermore, even in a club setting, do you really want to encourage guys to get with a horrible self-centered woman just because she fits the societal image of beauty? Wouldn’t it be better to find someone who is definitely interested in the same thing you are and willing to be kind in the process? Why not just teach guys to be confident and pursue a “6” who may also be looking for a one-night stand? As you said, this is for a club setting, and I guarantee there are women there who actually want the same things out of it as the guys your article is speaking to. Maybe a guy won’t score every time, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial and more meaningful if approached that way? There are lots of great women out there who don’t look just like supermodels but that doesn’t mean they can’t have corresponding goals and interests when going to a night club.

    If you didn’t read this whole TL;DR, then here’s the short version. “Negging” is not beneficial to men or the women they are doing it to, and nice guys who want a one night stand can do so much more effectively by looking for a girl with similar interests who may not be the most “supermodel” looking one in the room. It’s also risky to just walk up to someone and try it, because you don’t know their background or personality and how it will affect them (or you) to try it.

    Hopefully you can see what I’m trying to say here, and maybe even find something to agree with.

    1. Hmmm, I don’t know if this guerilla vantage point is going to help our friend in the bush much. You’re going to have to be more straightforward and just tell him he sucks.

  64. Alyson Smith

    Negging shouldn’t be a thing. Ever.

    The first fella to try that on me will be promptly told to fuck right off.

  65. Here are some suggested titles for your update: This is what Mansplaining sounds like (for all you “girls” who needed to have it broken down for you). Or: Why women are really actually wrong about how we react to things men write about the way we are. Or: Chill out: there’s nothing wrong with teaching each other how to score, manipulate and objectify the bitchy, hot ones, since they’re the ones whose pants we want to get into the most… and they don’t react to being the on the receiving end of all that unsolicited sexual attention in ways that cater to men’s confidence needs so they have it coming to them.

  66. lol the follow up comments are a hilarious and pathetic attempt to get women to understand why you’re telling men to act like assholes. I’ve been to nightclubs, and no it’s not only men getting rejected. It’s mostly women being rejected. I’m in a room full of people and out of all the girls, there are only two girls getting hit on. I used to be one of those girls, fresh out of high school and working as a model. I was “spoiled by daddy” too. I did not LIKE treating guys like crap. I would have liked it if guys would go after women they might actually attract. But EVERY MAN in that place was going after me or my friend. They treated every other woman like she was invisible. The only reason I LIKED ripping them up was because they were SUPERFICIAL PRICKS who read blogs like yours and thought … even if I’m not that attractive, even if I never work out and I eat like a pig all the time, I DESERVE to be sleeping with a girl like you.

    What you’re really saying is that guys SHOULD only want sex from us, and that their entire purpose in life should be hitting the clubs and finding skanks to take home. Blogs like this are the reason why there are so many “super nice” hookers and strippers in the clubs around here, while most of my female friends are at home crying because some guy trying to get the upper hand in the relationship treated them like shit.

    And “how to get the devoted girlfriend you want” as if we will cheat if you don’t act like an asshole? I have slept with five guys in my entire life. The only one I cheated on must have taken a page from your playbook. I cheated on him because he made fun of me all the time and he seemed to think it was hilarious. The minute ONE other guy was the slightest bit nice to me I jumped on him. He became my husband and we were married for six years.

    If some ugly guy is in a club trying to pick up way prettier girls than he should ever attract, just so that he can dump them after getting sex out of them, he deserves to be laughed at by me and my friends. We’re making a smart choice and not catching herpes. Sorry you think girls should make stupid choices and sleep with the wrong guy.

    1. This the first post that has truly nauseated me…in the words of Nietzsche – and they seem to have been written with you in mind:

      “Women are considered deep – why? Because one can never discover any bottom to them. Women are not even shallow.”

      You are a horrible person.

  67. Siggy, let me know if you swing by France. Beers on me.
    You made your point and the ones who were supposed to gain from it, will eventually. Power dynamics, as simple as that.
    Don’t listen to all these soft babies who want to go on and on accusing you of being a misogynist and inciting mental violence against the whole of womankind (wtf are they smoking, really). The ones who wanted to find faults and didn’t even pay attention to the proper wording that you’ve(?) typed going all OTT and overboard with some exaggerated nonsense, honestly let them live in their little cushioned bubble. They are perhaps not even aware of how out of touch they are with the ground reality and the actual false positives.

    I liked this article. After seeing the utterly stupid and imbecile arguments some of them have put forward and accused you, I think I like the article even more now.

    The ones who came here to pick up some clues, will.


    1. Yo bro – you truly are strong with the force! Please use your powers for good not evil, ha, ha
      Many will remain unenlightened…so it has always been.
      And if you swing past Australia – I will pay you the same honour!


      1. Is that a thing? To put the first letter of your first name? Because I feel like a douchey guy sent me a text once and did that. Who signs a text or an internet comment??? Oh wait…

      1. Congratulations on being able to count to ‘two’. Not sure what your point is though.
        But I can sense the disturbance in the force as you realise (above) that there is a a world of thought larger than your parochial fishbowl and pet peeves. Keep thinking and stop just ‘reacting’. And look up “ad hominem”,

    2. Hey maybe a bunch of women are saying I am wrong but fuck them women don’t know what they want. Only I know what they want! Women cannot think for themselves! Everyone else is wrong about themselves and I’m right!


  68. If you had come on to me like this I wouldn’t have been offended – I’d assumed someone had dropped you on your head as a baby or something. Or at least had some kind of personality deficiency. Your misogyny is showing and it’s the exact opposite of appealing.

  69. Rejection is something and insulting is another you piece of shit. Oh no, I’m not insulting you, just rejecting your idea.

  70. Since when are women obliged to talk to men approaching them? Take it from an average woman: turn down a man, cause you just don’t want to talk and 99% of the time he gets salty. Sorry, but if your ego is crushed that easily, the go back to momma. If I don’t want to talk to you for whatever reason, then no negging in the world will help you, insults even less. Take it in your stride, walk away and try to talk to someone else. It is that simple. And it will make you look less of a desperate tool.

    1. Just another keyboard warrior hiding behind an anonymous profile so they can talk rubbish about things that have nothing to do with this article. Please take a seat

      (oh & read between the lines next time)

    2. You’re so right. They’ll start yelling and screaming at you just because you don’t immediately drop your pants for them.

      1. Here is the truth about why they turn ‘salty’ – you don’t know how to talk to them nicely…truly communicate….and that’s because you don’t have to. And unbeknownst to you – you will be getting a rush every time you can hurt someone….with a smug “in your dreams”….try something like “look I can see you’re a nice guy, but honestly at this point I just don’t need…I don’t mean to hurt you but….good luck in your search and I admire your courage in…..”

  71. Ooooohhh my gooood I’m trying to be the better person with people like you but I just can’t!!!! Are you actually calling crazy and not-suitable for respect the women who insult you for the crap you have in your fucking head? You little piece of shit? Guess what bitch, if you were a stable and attractive person you wouldn’t need “negging” in the first place to get laid. I can’t even understand the way you’re thinking! How the hell can you think the stupid things you say are OK? People like you and anyone “negging” should have their fucking dicks cut off. Bitch.

  72. Dude just fyi, your little “update” made you look a million times more A DICK. And you were already a pretty big one.
    P.S. you must be a really sad person.

    1. Yes and all PUA advice, the Red Pill community and Return of Kings should follow suit. It’s pretty much ‘How to be a psycho manipulative dingus 101’ or could also collectively be called: ‘Intro to ted bundy’s thought processes’.

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  74. Negging is clearly using the sociopathic manipulation technique of devaluation.

    Any males that would need to use this technique are little insecure beta boys and should focus on finding their balls and learning to be Alpha Males.

    Alpha Males close the deal because they are confident and women are drawn to them and don’t need to be mind fucked to want to be with them.

  75. crazypineapplehead

    Well, ladies: if nothing else, we have all been informed of this technique and we can respond how we choose when presented with it. We can’t control anyone else but ourselves. Thanks, Jesse! Education is power!

  76. As a “hot girl” who was literally called a 10 out loud by some PUA (POS) creep mastermind… What you’re all doing is cruel, inappropriate, and down right wrong. You are using powerful emotional and psychological tools to systematically attack a woman’s self worth, autonomy, individuality, free will, as well as her mind and body.

    Negging is a deplorable practice and is precisely the kind of chipping away psychological abuse that can lead to devastating outcomes for women with tumultuous pasts or difficult lives. These triggers are powerful and downright dangerous and irresponsible to use on people. You never know who is a survivor of horrific abuse and for whom these “techniques” could have serious psychological repercussions.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You don’t deserve these women. I can’t believe you can’t see how transparent all of this crap really is. It’s about YOU not about her. YOU feel inferior to these women so you must trick them into responding to you by undermining their sense of self worth and their independence? Cool. What study alphas you are. You must be so desirable if you have to devote all this time to learning how to expertly mess with people’s minds in order to get them to like you or sleep with you. Must feel great. Pat yourselves on the back. It’s so manly to violate a woman emotionally and psychologically if you can’t violate her physically right from get go.

    I think men who use some of these seduction techniques and buy into this red pill/pua garbage are just looking for an outlet for their cluster b tendencies or full blown personality disorders.

    What you’re doing is psychologically, emotionally, and indirectly, sexually, abusing vulnerable people and this stuff could have serious consequences in their lives.

    I’m telling every woman I know about PUA techniques and websites like this one. Think we don’t lurk the red pill Reddit? Of course we do. We’re on to this. Please keep it up so we can learn all the tricks. It makes it so much easier to spot you leeches the more we know what to look for.

    We women know about your misogynistic hate groups, your stupid tricks. Just a bunch of whiny basement dwelling man boys with no game when it comes to women with a strong bs detector.

    1. Seek help. Seriously, you need help. If this is a reflection of your inner world and dialogue, you are a disturbed person. You’d think the suggestion was dragging women to Room 101 from “1984” (read the book – Orwell)…honestly, your rage needs to be dealt with or you’ll continue being you…

      1. Kimo da Hapa Haole

        Nothing she said was wrong. Negging, when it’s done in a relationship and not by some random asshole with a bald patch you meet in a bar and never see again, can seriously undermine a woman’s self worth and make her accepting of more damaging types of abuse. It might seem like one small comment won’t do that much harm, but when it goes on for months at the hands of someone you trust and love, any woman will start to have lowered self-worth. At best, negging is like a little 6-year-old boy going up to a pretty girl on the playground and saying, “Eww, is that a bug in your hair?” to be mean to her. Except the guy doing it is 20+ years older and thinks he’s in 50 Shades of Gray.
        I know giving you a reasonable explanation is pointless because you obviously aren’t the type of person who knows how to debate. Instead you go onto random women’s comments and make digs at their mental health because they said something you didn’t like. Obviously you’re smart enough to make references to books everyone read in 11th grade English, but not smart enough to actually compose a counterargument on why you think she’s wrong. But I guess that’s none of my business. And yes, don’t worry, I’ll make a stop at my local psychiatrist’s office on the way out.

      2. Where in the article does it say that negging is to be done “in a relationship” and “for months”? And (I ask for what seems the hundredth time) how can saying that you have am Eskimo-like red nose equate to “systematically attack a woman’s self worth, autonomy, individuality, free will, as well as her mind and body”???
        Seriously?? – you can’t see a problem when there is such a hysterical and histrionic response (here and below) to telling someone their t-shirt looks like it has shrunk…you really thing that is a proportionate response to this mild albeit tacky article? Really?? If you can’t see a problem, maybe you can get a two-for-one deal from the therapist you both agree upon…. 😉

      3. Also what is the difference between attempting to “lower a woman’s social value” in relation to you and attempting to target and lower a woman’s self esteem? The fact you are using words like “hysterical” and “histrionic” to describe my response just speaks to my point even more.

      4. Let me illustrate the difference to you between teasing and taking a dig at a girl’s self esteem:
        Teasing-“Hey your stomach is showing a little, not that anyone’s complaining. I know I’m not. ;)”
        Negging-“What’s wrong with your shirt? Did it shrink in the dryer? Do you know how to do laundry?”

        There is a clear difference. In the tease, you are being playful and letting her know you find her attractive and you’re only joking. In the neg, you are deliberately obscuring whether you’re joking or not and you are insinuating on purpose that you do not find her attractive. Rejection hurts. Whether you are a man or a woman, feeling rejected sucks. You are projecting this rejection onto her before she can reject you. But she doesn’t know that yet. So with a neg, you are singling her out of a group, potentially embarassing her in front of the group by taking a vague dig at her looks, destabilizing her place in the group and the way she feels about herself in the moment, and you are insulting her (rejecting her) before she can reject you. With a tease, it’s clear you’re teasing, the goal is not to embarrass her or “lower” her in any way. And it’s also clear you do find her attractive and are just being playful. Negs are not complimentary in tone. Do you see the difference? One is an insult coming from a total stranger, with the full intention to make her question herself in relation to you and within the group dynamic one is a playful way of saying I think you’re cute but I’m nervous. There’s a difference. And yes, I will say again, these PUA tactics are abusive, sociopathic, and potentially very damaging to the right girl. Even once. Now, imagine this tactic combined with other tactics of psychological manipulation over the course of months, also imagine the girl is a vulnerable spot in her life. Can you not see how damaging this could truly be???? Really???? The fact you are here gaslighting everyone just shows you’re complicit. I will say it again-men who follow the advice on Red Pill, Return of Kings, and sites like this one, are students of psychological manipulation and carefully coerced consent, that is rape. That is violating another person emotionally, psychologically, and physically and selecting them as your prey. All because you have zero self esteem and must project your bs onto women in order to live with yourself.

      5. Why are you girls here in the first place?This is supposed to be a men’s only site.Its like you girls sneaking into a boys’ locker room and eavesdropping on them.

      6. So we can protect ourselves from you creeps and not get manipulated into doing things we don’t really want to do with guys we might not actually like. I’m learning all I can personally about the Red Pill, PUA community, etc. because I want to educate my daughters and friends about this level of hatred and I want them to be able to be aware that there are millions of men in the world who think this way. Sadly, women must protect themselves at all times. We live in a brutal world where men are so threatened by feminine power and strength that they must take it away in anyway they can. See: this website, all others like it, men who hate women everywhere… it’s unfortunate we live in a world where there is no respect for the people who give us life and nurture us into adulthood.

      7. Take it or leave it,this PUA stuff works and NICE guys will always finish last.
        The heart will always want what it wants no matter what the brain says.

      8. “creeps”…”hatred”…”brutal”…???

        For saying you have a red nose?!

        You need help – seriously.

      9. This dude’s a gaslighter. Surely you have better approaches than put downs? I’ve had some great approaches by wonderful guys that didn’t feel the need to make these weird little comments. I guess where there’s a distinct lack of charm and personality, combined with an aversity to rejection…and women in general, this is the kind of stuff that follows.

      10. Well you started off using a reasonable tone, pointing out the (supposed) difference between teasing and negging (which, let me say again, I would not use personally, and, as I’ve said below, I think is tacky) but then you slip – as so many do here – into talk about it equating (in your opinion, inevitably) to ‘rape’ and ‘violation’!…it is this ANGER of yours that I am interested in…for example, you elide seamlessly from a what is talked about in the article above, namely, a one-off neg to a ‘hottie’, into psychological torment ‘over the course of months’ which will be oh-so-damaging. Then, I turn from someone seeking to find balance in the discourse, into a ‘gaslighter’ (I’m 59 years old so I don’t know what that means)…and someone with ‘zero self-esteem’ (I don’t think that is the case!) while ‘projecting’ all over the place. Firstly, regarding ‘projection’, let me quote Inigo Montoya from ‘Princess Bride’ (watch it – lighten up) who says; “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means” (actually I am sure you don’t know what it means)….secondly, your anger IS projection onto the wrong target from a dark place within YOU. Seek it out, root it out, and you will be free. Until then, you will continue to drink the poison of anger, hoping your enemy dies. Thirdly, your anger is partly in response to the threat that negging poses to the power base that women possess in their ‘erotic capital’…in other words, anything that makes the (socially and erotically) powerful hottie feel less ‘hot’ (ie, powerful) is seen as a complete threat to her identity, which in some ways, and for some of them, it is. That species of anger is called (wait for it) narcissistic rage…that’s why (I hate to tell you) telling someone their t-shirt looks like it has shrunk, angers you so much. It is symptomatic of narcissistic personality disorder. Sorry. Everyone thinks subjectively they are the paragon of normal…it’s very rarely the case.

      11. You sir, are delusional. I am the above poster. And no, it is not narcissistic rage. Maybe you’ve never had the misfortune to meet an actual narcissist if you think my paltry internet comment is narcissistic rage. My point was clear and it’s the same point everyone is making that you don’t seem to get-there are actually people out there who have mental illness, people with abusive upbringings, people with fragile self worth and self esteem. Pushing their buttons to get in their pants is never appropriate. How do you know what you’re doing? You don’t. You don’t know anything about these women except that you find them attractive. Real men approach women and talk to them directly. That is what we find sexy. And yes I would unequivocally say this website is misogynistic, these tactics are predatory and violating in nature, and you have low self esteem if you must manipulate and lower a woman’s just to get her to agree to go out with you. Surely you see the innumerable logical fallacies in your ‘argument’? Let me guess, you voted for Trump?

      12. See,you just made my point.Why would the good voters overlook all the nice gentlemen and ladies out there to elect Trump as president?He even won the women vote by the way.Sometimes being a jerk works!

      13. Gross. You mean he won white women, dumbass. Not all women are white. And he won because misogyny is alive and well and women have internalized a lot of it.

      14. They voted for him to be in office, not in their panties you mouth breather hahaha. I would say you need logic 101, but you need to go through remedial logic first.

      15. Guys like you with petite, delicate, bird-like body frames have to get women somehow, right? I think it’s cute that you’re so tiny! …wanna fuck?

        I’ll bet if a female negged you, or other PUAers who utilize this technique, in this fashion you wouldn’t be able to ‘perform.’

        But, but..all I said was some harmless little comment regarding a body size! How is that offensive?!

      16. Regardless if you agree with the article or not, it specifically says in the article that it should be avoided in relationships…

      17. Sickie,
        Guys like you with petite, delicate, bird-like body frames have to get women somehow, right? I think it’s so cute how tiny you are! …wanna fuck?

        I’ll bet you and the ‘clientele’ at which this article is aimed wouldn’t be able to ‘perform’ after a neg like that..

        But, it’s just a comment saying you have a small frame! I don’t understand why there should be an issue with it?! Haha

  77. To be fair, I kind of see where you are going with this, but this doesn’t work like you say it does. Most of the time, if you act like an asshole, girls are simply gonna assume that you are just an asshole. Being an asshole is not attractive, no matter your gender. To get the ones you are talking about, you need looks yourself, or some other thing that attracts them. I know you think this reverse-psychology bs sounds cool and all, but its not a bulletproof way of doing this as there is no merit to it. Sure, you might get lucky one or two times this way, but that’s because it takes a very specific type of girl to respond to your negging the way you want her to; and not even hot ones are all alike; you WILL fail many many more times than you will succeed. And if you end up trying so much anyway, you just end up in that category of “guys that send 4000 e-mails a day trying to get an occasional yes among the ocean of no:es” .. i.e desparate.

  78. Saying ‘You probably won’t get negged’ is negging. You’re trying to set up girls to feel proud to be negged, because if they’re negged it means they’re valuable. It’s pretty transparent. And negging is transparent. We’re not stupid. Not even us hot girls. We see a guy negging and know that he doesn’t have enough character to attract women. He has to resort to tricks. It’s actually pathetic, in the true sense of the word. As is this piece.

  79. Playful teasing can be a normal part of flirting, and part of the mutual “chase”. But this is completely different. This is not playful teasing. It is intentionally making a vulnerable woman feel bad so you can hope to win her back. It is psychological manipulation and anyone who tricks or manipulates a vulnerable woman into bed is a sociopathic soulless immoral damaging fucking asshole IMHO.
    Ultimate cowardice. How can you even enjoy the sex when you know she is not actually attracted to you? Surely genuine, open lust is the biggest turn on? If a girl is fucking me becoz she wants to… wow. But tricked??
    Anyway I hope she gets pregnant so you can enjoy explaining to your son/daughter how you tricked their mom into sex, sick fucking losers!

  80. If you respect women, and particularly want to be with a beautiful woman, have honest intentions, it shows in the quality of the content in your speech, and your verbal/body language – including your inflection, intonation, and volume. How you speak is a powerful, persuasive linguistic skill that goes a lot further than making implications about her appearance (ex. assuming she is wearing contact lenses, questioning the quality or color of her hair, etc.). No one likes being “teased” by a stranger. You need to step your game up, improve the quality of your conversation and add genuine attitude that carries throughout your language. If you want to pick-up a beautiful woman try opening up with “did you see that [insert interesting topic]?” (ex. Did you see the moon is the closest to Earth it has been in 70 years tonight? Or, hey did you see the new DNA App Store from MIT? – something you are genuinely interested in that people around you can sense too. Beautiful women like sophisticated, intriguing men. Coming off right away about her appearance is a turn-off. You can “bring a woman down to your level” by opening in neutral territory about interesting topics, like new technology, breakthroughs in medicine, materials research, etc. and refine your knowledge on those topics to keep the conversation going. You don’t need to validate yourself from a woman’s reaction, learn to accept rejection and build from it. I’m sure if you put the effort in the quality of your speech you’ll have a better chance.
    Any man who jumps onto a woman’s appearance is a bore.
    – Advice from another hot woman, who is also an engineer 😉

    1. Firstly, women who claim they are “hot” rarely are.
      Secondly, this is more often the case when they are engineers, ha, ha ?
      Thirdly, the point of the article is that negging – despicable act that it seems to be to most women posters here – can be used by a dude precisely when talking about the MIT DNA store (huh?) to a “hottie” DOES NOT WORK. That’s all. Pretty simple really. One (questionable) tool in the armamentarium. The rest of what you write is therefore irrelevant, and an excuse to lecture us all, and also to make you feel better for rejecting some poor joe that is actually probably a nice guy….based on, almost certainly, “appearance”

      1. Average or ugly guys being hung up on getting a woman just for her looks is just hilarious. Last thing you need is attitude but if you want to get somewhere you should kiss up to her. If a woman wants a “challenge” she’ll just go with the average hot guy/bad boy i guess you never thought of that in your genius plan. And what’s up with these ratings? No normal person rates someones looks by nrs what a huge d-bag sign. Worst of all you’re not even willing to listen to well meant advice and then complain no one wants you. Pls keep doing this shit I can only laugh at the notion of you and other pathetic ugly and unlikable(!) “incels” getting rejected even worse coming up to women and trying to ‘put her down to your level’ by insults. All you’ll get is a wtf look and a “gtfo my face you troll” while she’s laughing at you and continues talking to the hot guys or the ones that at least have a good personality and enough sense to show some respect. Cheers

      2. “Ugly”…”troll”…”d-bag”…wow, what a wonderful human being you are. Great catch! Definitely deserving of “kissing up” and “respect”..(which BTW is what you fear losing – which is the point of the article…but obviously you missed this subtlety)

      3. Wrong. It’s her just not giving a fuck. The value of @kissing up” and “respect” coming from someone like you is only worth urinating on so we never care to earn it in the first place.

    2. “Firstly, women who claim they are “hot” rarely are.” NEG

      “Secondly, this is more often the case when they are engineers, ha, ha” EVEN MORE PATHETIC NEG

      “and also to make you feel better for rejecting some poor joe that is actually probably a nice guy….based on, almost certainly, “appearance”

      Oh soggy (Not a typo haha) you are so incredibly and pathetically transparent. Sorry, not sorry you believe you are some rejected homely looking nice guy with a SOGGY limp penis ?

  81. I’m not sure who the target audience is here for this blog.. angsty teenage boys competing for women’s numbers? Hermits with difficulty speaking or respecting women? What makes you think women can’t see the ulterior motive behind negging when they’re out in a social setting? Expect negative feedback from repulsive negging tactics like in this kid’s blog. Honestly, who do you expect to pick-up by making comments like “it looks like your shirt shrunk in the dryer” or “your roots are showing”? Do you honestly believe a “10” is going to pay more attention to an average Joe bc you commented on her appearance? The fact you believe this tactic should be universally applied toward picking up women is a crass joke, you’re making a sport of sexualizing women. Do you believe women exist for your objectification? For your comments about her appearance?

  82. When guys neg, it’s an instant red flag that they’re not worth mine or any girl’s time. It’s a pathetic “look at me look at me” move and insulting. The fact that guys actually believe it would work is just beyond me. Honestly forget pick up con men (and the nightclub scene that this apparently works in) and just pick up a hobby that will likely have female members. It’s much easier and way less manipulative to just be a goddamn genuine human being with a girl and find a connection that way. Trust me, negging does NOT work.

    1. Personally I would never treat a woman that way. And any woman who falls for that crap is not someone I want to be with. That sh*t is fine when you are 19 and looking for a one night pick up, but when adults do it…it’s just pathetic to be honest. If you need to undermine a woman’s confidence to get her to sleep with you then it says a lot more about you than it does about her. fwiw I’ve never ‘negged’ and would be disgusted by any of my friends who did.

  83. OMG! How condescending can one human being be? You might as well have said: “don’t worry if a guy hasn’t negged you: it’s because you’re just not that hot, that he should even bothered!!!!Should a beautiful woman feel honoured somehow that a man has negged her ??? Jesse it doesn’t sound like you like women very much. I am sorry I am not crying a river because women don’t give some men the time of day. But that implies that all men acknowledge ALL women even the ones they don’t feel attracted to. Now that’s not true, and you know it. So men can blank women but men take offense if a women blanks them, because she just doesn’t find him attractive? Hmmmm… double standards, no?

    Negging is nothing else than unextraordinary men getting high on debasing a woman, especially if she’s beautiful, because they think their lack of self respect and sefl esteem gets paraded as “wit” or putting a “beautiful woman in her place”. So here’s what you’re actually saying as a man when you neg a woman: “how dare you ignore me. I am a man who deserves to have his ego/tool stroked and you are denying me”. This is not about reframing social value this is about men who are too unimaginative and self obsessed to connect warmly to a woman. Personally the best approach is a big smile, and a warm and generous approach. Honesty and openness in a person really works for me, but that’s not something you get from the “talent that hangs around in a night club,which is why that is the last place I would ever be seen at.Men who come with lines are usually bores in the sack. But then I am not a super model or a 10 (how offensive is that? But hey, you probably don’t know that, but women rate men’s ability in bed and the size and use of his equipment: we’re just not crass enough to make it public!) and thank God for that!!!Who wants to be a walking,breathing blow up doll for men who feels the need to “conquer”.

    In fact after seeing the men one of my best friend’s kept attracting (she is a verified 10 and has been told all the time she should be a supermodel) I feel quite happy that my exes and my current partner is authentic, loving and sweet. But then I don’t seem to need to attract men that use me as a yard stick to try to over compensate for their own shortcomings. Respect.
    Is a beautiful word.
    Something this article seemed to have side lined.And no Jesse no amount of “logic”(I do however like the way you seem to try to twist abhorrent behaviour and make it sound reasonable and logical.That takes talent) is going to make negging anything other than what it actually is: a desperate attempt from certain men who have nothing else to offer but the ugliness in their souls!

  84. Negging is psychological warfare, which to me, is close in form to gaslighting, because when you call a guy out on negging, he then accuses you of being “crazy” because he meant it as a “compliment”. Anything designed to mess with someone’s head is abuse. What is the end goal? To trick a woman into sleeping with you? So this “mind-fuck” is actually “mind-rape”? I am not a super model, but I have been the victim of negging for over 6 years and am finally able to define what this person has been doing to me. It is mental manipulation which has seriously compromised my self-esteem. It is not some harmless bar trick, and it happens more frequently than this piece of garbage article leads on.

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  86. I just searched up “negging”. Call me ignorant, but I had no idea it had a term. I personally have never used this. I’ve seen other guys do it though and thought it a little odd and obvious. I’ve also had it done to me, from females, but I knew they were just playing around. Didn’t realize it’s a means to an end. Maybe I’m oblivious. Anyway, Not sure if these would really work on a least not most of the time anyway. I’ll sometimes throw some shade in a banter-esque style but only after talking to her for a minute. Make a somewhat insulting joke and get that jaw dropped scoff reaction but you have to ‘feel’ the girl out first. Usually, hopefully, they’ll have a comeback. I love being humorous, witty and sarcastic but I always make sure they know it’s a joke, and that they can take it. I know we’re not all the same. Just my opinion and what’s worked for me anyway.

  87. So,you’re saying it’s ok for men to neg women because after all,they have to deal with worst from women?
    How is it different from simply put her down?

  88. Jesse don’t listen to any of these whiny cry babies who have you completely misunderstood because they can’t handle the truth.

    No one here is talking about destroying self-esteem & making insults, it’s meant to be playful & challenging banter & it’s based on the push & pull principle.
    Tension is an important & normal part of seduction.

    This dating game is not a fairy tale where being a nice guy will & putting on her on a pedestal will get her attracted to you. At the end of the day you’re trying to win her over & that doesn’t come easily films like Hitch would’ve taught u that.

    Alot of females give guys sh*t tests (female equivalent to negging) not to try and destroy a man’s ego but to filter & see if he’s man enough to handle her.

    You guys are arguing against something that has been tried & tested.

    1. Alex,when those “techniques” are hugely used by assholes who play mind games to take control over women and the relationship,people have all the reasons to be “cry babies” as you put it.

      1. Hi Maud, i can understand what you’re saying, the issue here is that most people are dismissing this technique in it’s in entirety (without really understanding what it is)
        & not its misuse

  89. Anyone who would do even half of what this pathetic loser is suggesting must be a complete sociopath, if they would turn to this because they were alone, maybe they deserved to be alone in the first place.

  90. Her: Hey you look like that cartoon character.. Herald Berman, remember him?
    Her: Your eyes are a little red. You’re like an Albino. Cool. lol
    Her: Your boxers are showing.
    Her: Did your baseball cap shrink in the laundry?
    Her: You know, you look just like my little brother. Weird.
    Her: I like your hair. Hey… are those frosted tips??? (before he can answer) Oh my god, no way, they are…”
    *speaking to his DNA*

    1. Honestly, why do you want to prove my article – each of these lines would create nothing but intrigue in me. Honestly.

      1. if THAT is intriguing to you, you are a sad, boring creature lol. i feel secondhand embarrassment for you.

      2. The fact that I would find a woman intriguing for saying “your boxers are showing” (and trust me, ANY guy is going to be intrigued by such a line, especially from a “hottie”) says less about me, and more about the passive, blandness of most commentary/conversation from girls at clubs…oh, for a witty woman! So HOT! Especially, if she does not use “lol”. Girls – want the bright guys? Work on your banter! Why do we have to do all the work??

  91. I know a woman who was negged long-term by her boyfriend… he did all the things described. She always believed he was just joking… the little jabs at her self-confidence were the norm. Her friends tried to tell her he did not seem to be joking… that he meant all that he said on some level. But he kept the tone light so as not to aggravate her too much… it was more a control/ status thing. The two of them had had a child together; she brought her child to another town and saw the situation more clearly while she was away from him. Glad they’re not together anymore. She won custody.

  92. Predatory behavior towards women is sickening.And this is predatory: setting your sights on a woman and doing whatever it takes to get what YOU want. Ick. If you think this mentality isn’t a stepping stone to more aggressive behavior, you are fooling yourself. Example A from real life experience: I guy pulls this crap on me in a bar. I let him know that he is impolite, I didn’t ask his opinion, and ask him to go away… I guess it was the final blow to his ego, because next thing I know I’m being yelled at, threatened, and called all sorts of ugly names. All because I rejected his unsolicited criticism? People, men and women, who behave this way need therapy.

    1. Seriously? Someone needs therapy for saying someone else has a red nose? Wow. There are some weird people out there so angry they create these straw monsters in the hope they will burn. Where in the article does it say it is OK to scream and threaten?? The argument posed by this post is like saying we should ban gelati ocean swimming for all because it contains sharks. Get a grip please. Or, in fact, therapy.

      1. I have been paying a dermatologist to treat broken blood vessels around my nose caused by aggressively squeezing blackheads when I was a teenager. If some guy pointed out the very thing that I am insecure about, I would A) think he was rude B) feel embarrassed and discontinue the conversation. I would not feel bad about myself, I would think poorly of the person who has pointed out my physical flaws instead of initiating a conversation aimed at getting to know me.

  93. Like I can see in weird situation that this might be successful, but do you really want to date someone only into you because you prey on their insecurities could and making them feel like the reacher instead of the settler? Any time I’ve gone out with girls they play nice with the either the faux “nice guys” and neggers to avoid a conflict but do everything they can to get out of that situation, eg fake numbers. Why? Because women learn quick that predatory men are not suitable. But ones who are generally interested and friendly are seen as more suitable. It’s just science.

    1. I’m a woman and not sure if I agree. Just because a man seems interested and friendly it doesn’t make them more attractive – a little mystery and uncertainty is more interesting and fun.

  94. I’ve only just seen this and haven’t read the hundreds of comments but don’t understand why a person wants another person to feel shitter than we all do about ourselves anyway

  95. Lovernotafighter

    love your woman, respect your woman, treat her like a queen genuinely and with no motives, and she will treat you like a king. IV been married for 20 years to my queen and would never dream of treating her with such disrespect.

  96. I feel sorry for the poor sap who wrote this article. You must lead a very sad lonely life. I once had troubles getting good women until I grew some balls and learned how to pick out quality women who I could respect and love. I would never speak down to a woman to gain power because I am secure with myself and desire the same in a woman.

  97. “Negging” only works if you have an attractive quality (look or style) to begin with. You have to say the “neg” with confidence and a smile while looking her up and down with a swagger. Like the post says only say 1 at the start or near the start to grab her attention. And also come up with better negs that actually relate to the girl in which slightly teases her. Only the first one about the laundry will get her interested in a conversion – important as that is all what negs do!

    FYI I have been told by women and men that I was a “nice guy”. Did it get me anywhere? Of course not, I was ignored. All of the women that said it, already had boyfriends (some of them best friends) so I wasn’t going there.

    So the moral of the story is nice guys finish last but you don’t need to be an asshole

    1. ThisDoesn\'tWork

      No, no, no… Being a nice guy is actually kind of the BEST fucking strategy. If you’re looking for someone intelligent, then don’t “neg” her. She’ll run faster than a motherfucking train.

    2. a lot of self proclaimed nice guys don’t realize that they aren’t as nice as they think they are. Guys that are genuinely nice are already in relationships because they know how to treat women, just because a guy has a hard time picking up women does not automatically put you in the “nice guy” category, it’s generally the opposite. Self proclaimed “nice guys” are the bitter ones that can’t pick up a women and then hate on them for it. A genuinely nice guy is secure and loving and would have no trouble getting a woman, and would never lower himself to treat her badly to gain control. To all the self proclaimed “nice guys” out there, take a good look at yourself, and make necessary improvements and the ladies will follow. Don’t follow this lame advice by this little insecure man or you will forever be a self proclaimed “nice guy” (no self esteem, loser mantality, using abuse and manipulation to trap someone else with low self esteem).

      1. Oh dear – “nice guys” are “bad guys” and (really) “nice guys” are “nice guys” when in fact (the real) bad boys (not mentioned, you’ll notice) are often the real winners…but here is the horrible super-controlling element to all this – the statement that: “…make necessary improvements and the ladies will follow…” This is a despicable attitude….can you imagine saying that to a woman; “change yourself, learn to treat me nice or else”….and so THIS post finally gets to the heart of the reason behind all the vitriol spewed by women here.,.,,and it is this attitude; WE HAVE ALL THE POWER GUYS SO KISS OUR ASSES OR ELSE GO HOME AND TALK/PLAY WITH TO THE HAND….and it is this which negging seeks to address…a shift in the power relations NOT based on (often enough) on having to pretend to be nice (as we all do)… and so the vitriol spewed below is REALLY about the possible loss of POWER and CONTROL by women – something that threatens their CORE SENSE OF POWER AND ENTITLEMENT….so, you no longer feel like a super-attractive, irresistible Princess? …. wow – let the horror/tanties/swearing/vitriol/abuse begin!….illusion of central poistion eroded? Then all you are “assholes” etc etc etc etc….as we see evidenced all too clearly in the posts here….think about it…deeply….although Princesses, it’s not easy looking into the mirror…REALLY looking….behind what you see on the surface…which is NOT the real you.

      2. Bad boys are only fun for a short season. No woman wants to marry one. Hence Iwhy your 50 year old uncle who still does drugs and wears his leather jacket has never been married. Let me fill you in on something deeper. When women look for a true mate they want to see a man who can be the husband that they need him to be and the father to their children that they need. Mental abuse, which is what this is, might trick someone for a while but I promise you when you pull out a ring or ask for a child, she will start looking for a way out because anyone can make any relationship work for as long as they want but when you push too far she will cut the tie.

  98. LMAO Ladies and gentlemen, step right up… 5 cents for admission to the freak show, not for the faint of heart… My friends, I present to you a sad sack of a man who has thus far been a failure with every social aspect of his existence, therefore attempting to create a new persona for himself online in order to impress other sad sacks as an “expert” …Watch how he responds to my clicker for a treat! Down boy…don’t get too close, fellas, however, his disease may be catching…We utilize cattle prods for your safety, but fear not. This underdeveloped critter doesn’t feel pain. In fact, it tickles him…See? He likes it…hurry hurry hurry! Step right up!

    1. lol, is that the best you’ve got? just crawl back into that little box where you came from cos the real person who isnt adding any value to the discussion is you

  99. This is actually interesting. I came up with my own theory that this might work, a little while ago, before I heard of “negging”. What prompted the idea was how many, many times being really nice just fosters disdain.

  100. Use that ? on me and you’ll be walking away from me with a red cheek, asshole. Only an idiot would put up with emotional and verbal abuse.

    1. …and only a pathologically angry person (the ones that guys only identify when it is too late) that threaten physical violence if some suggests that they have a “red nose”. Seriously, you are the embodiment of what this article is about: those women that use the power imbalance in relationships, and that can occur between men and women (a power imbalance that this article seeks to mildly redress), as a weapon, that if eroded, become psychotic. Get some help for your rage.

      1. AHHHH Here we have another specimen… One who utilizes moral outrage when faced with conflict, yet has the strange ability of a lack of self awareness on his part of said conflict…Another sad sack seeking advice from the sad sack “writer”, frustrated at his lack of prowess with all social situations indefinitely…Ladies and gents, we call this specimen a “hypocritical splooge tank”….5 cents, ladies and gents! Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up!

  101. Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths use this kind of manipulative, covert and insidious technique. It’s called ‘gaslighting’ and it’s emotionally abusive.

  102. All of these are sad. Reading these posts is a bit like laughing at a dog that bites his own tail. Then gets mad at his tail for giving him pain and feeling powerless because of it. Then calling it a bitch.

  103. Girls deal with MUCH worse than guys at night clubs and everywhere else. They deal with the REAL and ACTUAL possibility that any man they talk to (or don’t talk to) may assault them in some way or possibly murder them. For REALZ. This is part of what being a woman means. Why add more crap to that just because you want to get laid guy?

    Feeling rejected because you tried to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you does NOT compare.

    If you have to play head games to get someone interested in you, it’s NOT worth it.

    And women have been terrible to one another. Because they’ve learned to internalize mysogenistic behavior. Just because women participate in mysogenistic behaviorr does NOT mean it’s ok. NOT ok no matter the gender of the perpetrator.

    “Negs are for glamour girls”?! You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Just because a woman is beautiful and dressed well does NOT mean she falls into that category AND even those who do fall into that category still deserve to be treated with respect. Gosh, if a person gives off a snobbish aura, why would you even WANT them to be interested in you in the first place?… Because you view women as trophies to be earned perhaps?

    I assure you, no woman ENJOYS “shooting nice guys down”. Women have a cascade of hoops to jump through to try to shoot men down without angering them so much that they may retaliate violently. For real.

    And if you are ACTUALLY a nice guy, hearing a “no” from a woman is a thing you can actually respect because you view them as people who have a right to set boundaries for themselves.

    What’s wrong with hearing a “no”? No is good information. It’s not rejection its redirection… to find someone else who may be interested.

    If no women are interested, I suggest your efforts are better spent becoming a better person and having a more inspiring life instead of learning head games. Becoming a better person and living a life that inspires you will naturally attract people of all genders who are in alignment with who you are. I suggest learning about who you are and what you’d actually want in a partner besides how hot she is on a scale of 1-10. You’ll never make yourself or someone else truly happy playing games.

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  105. Disgusted with you.

    Your commentary explain your sick behaviour even better thank you for clarifying. Ever heard of the golden rule. If the girl ignores you in a bar MOVE ON. After all you are not looking for love you. You just want to get your jollies. Some you think you have the right to such intimacies, even with a stranger, whenever you desire. By teaching such behaviour, you are lowering men one ‘negging session’ at a time.

  106. I had a “BF” who negged me regularly. Guess what? While he was spending hours driving and hundreds of dollars every week to see me, I was dating (and ^%$#ing) other men when he wasn’t around. And I did it specifically because of his negative comments. I had never cheated on someone before. Not ever. Would not have even considered it. But with the negging guy, once his negative comments became too much, I not only did it, but relished it. I let that go on for a couple years … and it eventually became an “I’ll get you back” situation on my part. Once he reached total financial devastation and was near emotional collapse, I told him I met someone who thought I was wonderful (which was true). Then I watched him cry.

    Had he not been negative, I would have simply loved and adored him for as long as he wanted me to.

    Negging is a tactic that, despite being old as time, just does not work.

      1. What’s deep about picking a speck out of a girls hair while complimenting it, i.e negging? Peeling away at a girls appearance, classy. Genuine reflection of your own character.

    1. Yooper - (look it up)

      Its a tactic, and you say you’re above it. But yet it drove you to go sleep around and cheat, both according to you, you’ve never done before.

      So either the tactic had a profound effect on you, or you’re lying about not doing those things before.

      And what will happen when your mr wonderful finds his way to your comments.

      1. What power base? lol. You mean women aren’t more than make-up here for my objectification??? Gee and here I thought women were people.

      2. Oh dear…yes they are people. Why do people argue from the lowest common denominator. As PEOPLE they are suffused with what Nietzsche called the ‘Will to Power’…there are power dynamics in all you see — whether a cup of tea, or 2 black holes colliding. This article addresses the enormous power women have in their physiognomy – how can this ever be doubted?! Why is this so shocking? As such, the counterbalancing force is in the male ‘animus’ – which seeks its union in the female anima – how to do this, is the age old question. This tension has existed since we were thrown out of the garden of Eden and this article – meant partly in fun I suspect – addresses a means of levelling power imbalances and sexual tension in fairly innocent manner. But what I find interesting is how it has become a projective device for all the horror and anger that lies coiled like a viper in the hearts of so many….this is what I find interesting that the thing that so many come here to complain about is found WITHIN THEMSELVES.

    2. Nah you actually don’t have a clue what negging is. There’s a big difference between a neg and an insult. Please read up again what negging is so you can properly understand it

  107. So I have to admit, when I first read this article I got kind of pissed.

    Then I paused.

    This is an interesting idea. Disgustingly manipulative, yes, but fascinating. Even if it’s used in the proper social setting there are a lot of dependant variables in the equation, especially if it’s dependent on the individual who is negged’s values.

    (Guys can be negged too stfu with the fake ass manly pride. I almost hate you for targeting women to be the neggie.)

  108. I’m a bit late to the party but several things stick out about Siggy. The first of which is; Don’t hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard. If you’re going to insult people have the decency to do it under your real name.
    Also this:
    ‘If you actually knew who I was, and what I did, you’d probably swallow your own tongue’- This is classic braggadocio akin to the classic “Do you know I am?” And speaking for myself, I don’t care who you are or what you do.

    1. These comments are awash with insecurity and overweening inferiority complexes – it oozes from every pore. That’s why I love it so much and scoot over here after a day in court…(this time defending an intellectually disabled man fined for not being able to use his travel card on a shaky bus…his “ttthhhhaaaannnnkkk yyyyouu” after my team and I got him off broke my heart….yes, I have one). Now, where were we? You seek to put a face to a name? Look up “facial recognition nucleus” and its role in human society. That will explain your anxiety. As for revealing my identity? I have twice been threatened and in one time the guy was charged. Do you have any idea how nutty it is out there??….in the meantime, knowing me is not the problem – the problem my friend – and you don’t know it yet, is in Greek – γνῶθι σεαυτὸν – look that up too. Study it most earnestly…

      1. Hahahaha!! What a joke you are! Your day in court isn’t even realistic. You sound like a 7 year old pretending LMFAO!!

  109. Dating advice at actually works:
    Go up to a woman in an appropriate setting.
    Introduce yourself.
    Talk to her like a person.
    After you have been talking for a few minutes if she isn’t trying to runaway…
    Ask her if she’d like to go out sometime.
    Don’t take it personally if she says no.
    It’s not rocket science.
    You’re welcome.

    1. Don’t…take…it…personally? How could that ever be? I say; don’t take it personally if someone says “hey you have a red nose…”

      1. Her: Hey you look like that cartoon character.. Herald Berman, remember him?
        Her: Your eyes are a little red. You’re like an Albino. Cool. lol
        Her: Your boxers are showing.
        Her: Did your baseball cap shrink in the laundry?
        Her: You know, you look just like my little brother. Weird.
        Her: I like your hair. Hey… are those frosted tips??? (before he can answer) Oh my god, no way, they are…”
        *speaking to his DNA*

      2. Yes all the intelligent attorneys I know tell women they have red noses so they will want him LMFAO.

        Soggy you actually take it personally that Nicole’s strategy never works for you. Ahahahaha!!! Hahahahahahahahha!!!!

  110. That’s the nastiest game that I have ever seen. A guy just did it with me and what happened next was the total opposite. I didn’t feel any challenge to seduce him or anything, it just turned me off cuz I’m not attract to abusive guys or stupid strategies from guys. You might get a girl using this bullshit, I’m not gonna either judge the kind of girl that you’ll attract but for sure she will be one with no confidence or only full of herself. A woman who wants a man with good attitude will never go in this stupid game. And for the author here, go fucking man up, dude.

  111. Oppinions welcome

    I don’t think I’m very pretty, in fact, I’m extremely average in appearance (or flat-out unattractive, I’m not sure how others perceive me), and all my friends are relatively plain and geeky, but i somehow landed myself a boyfriend. Now my dad thinks said boyfriend is “negging” me. My boyfriend took off my ear cuff, said “this is weird”, and gave it back to me and i didn’t think much of it. Is this him trying to “neg” me?

  112. Oppinions welcom

    I’m not pretty or anything, I’m extremely average in appearance -if not flat out unattractive-, and my friends and i are more the geeky girls, and yet my dad thinks my boyfriend was trying to do something like this the other night. Said boyfriend took my ear cuff off my ear, said “this is weird”, and handed it back. I didn’t think much of it, but my family seems to think he was trying to “neg” me? Anyone agree? Disagree?

  113. PatheticBitches

    Thsi is probably the most ignorant and backwards article that should go on the book of “ways to never have a healthy relationship in your life”
    really disgusting and childish. Maybe that’s why you need to resort to these sort of ridiculous tactics bro. Hey…here’s an idea. BE A FUCKING DECENT HUMAN BEING.

  114. all these so called “nice guys” get upset when women ignore and avoid them at clubs, but when we tell them WHY we are cautious of men we don’t know, especially in club situations where date rape and other types of assault are common, they get all mad and throw a tantrum, like “but I’m not like THAT, I’m a nice guy! All these b*tches are so shallow and will only talk to hot guys, they won’t give us average guys a chance! :'(”

    Honestly, cry me a fucking river. In a club, and in everyday dating life, a straight man’s biggest concern is being rejected by women and having their feelings hurt while a woman’s biggest concern is TRYING TO NOT BE MURDERED OR ASSAULTED. Literally take a look at the news, do a google search for “woman killed by date” or “woman assaulted at club” and you will find hundreds of stories of women being assaulted and/or killed for rejecting a man’s advances or because she was drunk (also, before you say some bullshit about how ‘she should have been more careful blah blah blah’ who doesn’t fucking drink at a club?!).

    Bottom line is, stop making up damaging and bullshit ways to manipulate women into liking you. If you feel like you need to neg someone for them to be interested in you, the problem isn’t with her, it’s you. Be a rational and RESPECTFUL person when talking to women (if they seem distant or wary, leave them alone! Persistence isn’t cute, it’s threatening and creepy) and understand that you are not entitled to a woman’s attention – she does not exist to fuck you or date you, she is a regular human being.

    1. Wow. Such vitriol. If the girl is “is a regular human being” and is told she has a red nose”, she is likely to smile dispassionately, say thank you and move on….she will not think “OH MY GOD HE IS A MASS-MURDERED”…so I conclude that (a) some of you need serious therapy, but won’t seek it until your divorce and (b) the type of person you reveal yourself to be is precisely the reason the article was written…did you stop to think that perhaps your response to an innocent neg tells that man a lot about you?

      1. Disgusted with you.

        An innocent neg or a calculated tactic? Yes she might be forgiving, or even slow to catch on to it (which I assume is the hope of the nagger) but there is nothing innocent about it; and of course we all know that.

      2. Your argument is weak, continuously using the “red nose” line.

        Let’s try the flip side and maybe you can jab some introspection.
        “Her: Hey you look like that cartoon character.. Herald Berman, remember him?
        Her: Your eyes are a little red. You’re like an Albino. Cool. lol
        Her: Your boxers are showing.
        Her: Did your baseball cap shrink in the laundry?
        Her: You know, you look just like my little brother. Weird.
        Her: I like your hair. Hey… are those frosted tips??? (before he can answer) Oh my god, no way, they are…”
        *speaking to his DNA*

    2. @Olivia, your argument sounds more like an excuse for why a guy shouldn’t approach a woman in a bar. I know couples who got married after meeting at a nightclub in case you want to judge people. First of all this article doesn’t talk about dealing with a woman’s resistance in these ‘unsafe’ environments, it talks more of being playfully challenging if a woman (usually high status) doesn’t regard you as her equal

  115. Women have enough experience to recognize negging as a red flag for guys that just get off on trying to break women down, humiliate, and abuse them. It’s a deal breaker. You get blacklisted. There are plenty of other guys that they can trust and will want to be with them and be respectful with one another. You don’t understand women at all. A woman will never be thoroughly dirty with you unless she knows for sure that she can trust you. You won’t get anywhere with women if your approach right off the bat is to demonstrate that you don’t deserve to be trusted.

    1. Wow – home many times do I have to ask – how is that telling a girl she has a “red nose” being an attempt to “break women down, humiliate, and abuse them”…wow, some of you kids are seriously disturbed. The use of a relatively innocent written piece as a projective device for such anger and horror that lies at YOUR core is a worry.

      1. No women is going to give you a chance at a club if you approach them with these lame lines. That’s all I am saying. Deal with it.

      2. Hahah, alot of us have used negs, not insults, or trying to break her down emotionally and mentally as you cry babies seem to imply, NEGGING! & it’s worked really well. So the joke’s on you lalala

      3. Disgusted with you.

        SIGGY: Female sensitivity has nothing to do with maturity. It is why women have the honour of becoming the world’s mothers – an honour when there are better men than this who love and care for them. Negging is clearly calculated manipulation of other humans, no matter how light and fluffy you want to see it.

      4. Wow, you manage to conflate sensitivity/maturity/motherhood/manipulation. Not easy to do. What can I say but; wtf?

  116. You get what you give. Give compliments and you gain the interest of the pretty girl and a fun and uninhibited sexual experience. Girls don’t want “the chase”. They want to be desired. Give insults and she will avoid you, will insult you back, or I suppose a shame-filled, sad sexual experience with the lights off, and crying afterwards. Compliments communicate confidence. Insults communicate a weird, socially awkward guy that lacks confidence.

    1. Honestly, did you read the article? So many here have read what they WANT TO READ into the article and then post a comments based other delusional view of what is being suggested here. If you feel it is horrifyingly insulting for someone to say “you have a red nose” then the problem is not with the speaker – I’ve said it below and I’ll say it again…what you horribly incensed web are really railing against is the possibility that you will not receive complete and unalloyed praise and adoration…and as such, it is a form of narcissistic rage.

      1. I haven’t said any of that. My comment was very reasonable about how you will never have fun sex.

      2. I didn’t say any of that. My post was actually very reasonable about how you will never have fun sex. I can’t possibly imagine why you are so unsuccessful with women. You seem simply delightful. You could try a humorous approach. Next time you see an attractive women while you are out disco dancing, do a little turn while shaking your tush and say, “I’m too sexy for this shirt”.

      3. Wow – you are seriously delusional or deliberately trying to bait me – or crazy…or (more likely) all of the above. For the record, and I have no idea why I am writing this other than to show you how loopy communication is in the ether, I am 58 years old with 2 grown-up kids. As I have said perviously, and it sounds mega-wanky to have to say it, I am in law, psychology and academia. My law is largely pro-bono working in international relocation cases – Hague Convention mainly – women getting screwed over by malicious, litigious, vexatious arsehole ex’s.. My psychology interest is body dysmorphia. I have lectured for 25 years. And all those skills pale into insignificance with my capacity to have fun sex, ha, ha…do you really think you have some god-given gift whereby opening your legs makes you the “funnest” person in the whole wide world?? Especially if it is done, lets say…in a forrest (gosh!). I strongly suspect the opposite is the case. Your discourse, which I prefer not to have to parse, suggests you sit in a dark room trawling the internet to express the anger that lies coiled at your core like a viper…as for being baited further by you, so that you can snigger in your hand and say “ha, ha, roooouuuullly got ya with thadawone!!”…you’ll have to do better. Much better. You’re starting to bore me. Which, actually, I can say in a moment of honest self-disclosure…is my problem in relationships…boredom….you have no idea how, in the main, most women, are SO MIND-BENDINGLY BORING! Look at your comments, for example…not a smidgen of art or élan to be found…same ol’ same ol’…pedestrian twaddle. Sorry.

      4. Deliberately trying to bait you. My very first comment to you was a cut and paste of your words. And you flew off the handle. No normal person would write all of this about their life in this context.

      5. Previously you said you are psychiatrist. Now you say you are a psychologist. Those are two completely different fields. No psychiatrist or psychologist would confuse their own degree and title.

      6. Lol. I baited you so bad, so many times. You keep getty into a bigger and bigger tizzy. I don’t think you even realize I am talking to you on two different comment threads. And taking things you say from each one to include in my responses. And some of my replies are your words and you are insulting your own words. And you are taking the bait so hard. But, you can’t actually insult me because you know nothing about me, who I am, how old I am, what I do, what gender I am, how many or how old my kids are. You are just railing against an imaginary person. And it only reflects on you.

      7. And I was just randomly looking this word up. But, when I saw your 5000 repetitive projection of rage comments, and your delusions of grandeur… I couldn’t resist. And I thought you would recognize it. But, you didn’t. I have never baited anyone on the internet. You make it that easy. Also, this comment of mine that we are both replying to takes a line directly from another article about seduction written by a man.

      8. There are a number of reasons why negging will never be a part of my life. The main one being that I am an adult. Negging is what middle school boys do. And they stop when they grow up enough to realize how it doesn’t get them anywhere. I hope someday you grow up and are able to actually form genuine human connections.

      9. You do know those are lyrics from a song from the 90’s right? You are having a very big emotional reaction to a song by Right Said Fred.

      10. Also, I know this is going to sound mega wanky, and I don’t know why I am even telling you this other than to show you how loopy communication is in the ether, but I am in my 60’s. I am Christie Brinkley. Also, I am an astrophysicist. I am Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I am both Christie Brinkley and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. But, on the side I am a Prime Minister (not going to tell you which country), but it’s mostly pro bono work. I bet you are swallowing your tongue now that you know who I am.

      11. You are the only one expressing anger. All of your comments reveal a deeply disturbed and sick mind. And it’s incredibly easy to set you off. You can induce anyone to do it. You must lead a life in which it’s very difficult to make human connections. You blame it on everyone else. Seeing the same imaginary person in everyone that you encounter. Never looking at your own failings. You lie to yourself saying that you don’t care about the aspects of human experience that elude you. But, the anger you feel reminds you that it actually bothers you very deeply. So you live an angry, lonely existence trawling the comment threads of articles written for and by pathetic people. You tell yourself that you are a genius changing the world in these comment threads, and you can’t ever sustain a healthy relationship because women bore you (even if you are actually talking to a man, a father trying to protect his sons and daughters). You project your own dark room existence onto others. Your comments reveal a lot about you. I feel very sorry for you.

      12. Disgusted with you.

        SIGGY: You are talking down to ‘lalalal.’ In fact you are bullying her. Your arrogance boggles the mind. None of our success (or our age) makes us kind, decent people.

      13. Awe did the big man child get his little bitty feelings hurt. It’s okay when you grow up to be a big boy you will learn how to act like a human being. Seems lalala has touched on a nerve. You don’t have to front with your story of your imaginary career. Based on your comments I picture a sad lonely man in his moms isolated basement with no job, no friends, and of course no gf.

      14. Disgusted with you.

        SIGGY: You really need to get to know what a woman is. She is not a man. She is not a child. “Delusional view…?” You speak of kids, but just where to YOU stand in this scheme of things? As a well intentioned, well mannered grown up? Women and men see things differently; but the best people learn to cultivate GOOD qualities. If you don’t like women as they are, why not leave them alone and look at what good things YOU can add to the world? You are not a God. You are a flawed individual insulting other flawed people. Look at yourself.

      15. I am human, all too human. And why do you make this about me? And “look to yourself” is precisely correct or as Aristotle put it so succinctly “γνῶθι σεαυτὸν” – there can be no higher pursuit. Except perhaps for; if you meet the Buddha on the road you must kill him. But we digress onto esoteric lines indeed – let’s get back to the issue of why PRECISELY telling a girl that she has a red nose is a heinous crime deserving of the most severe admonition?

      16. Youneedhelpsiggy

        Just ignore all of the other abusive negging points and keep bringing up the red nose scenario. Come on dude if you were a psychologist like you claim you would understand that this is emotional abuse to gain control but you aren’t a psychologist, you are just a bitter man that deters women and then hates them for it. Get a clue, really read the article very slowly so that you have a chance to actually understand the reality of it, then read your comments and then seek out a real psychologist that can help you sort out your abusive tendencies and extremely low self esteem. Cheers and good mental health to you.

      17. Your “red nose” argument is just a way to minimize the vile “advice” that you are giving to men who clearly want some help in their dating lives. This “advice” and encouragement to neg women is a disservice to the sorry saps who take your writing seriously. If my nose is red for whatever reason, I do not need a man to point that out. My eyes work just fine, thank you. What business is it of any person to approach me and dissect my appearance? Clearly you are a manipulator and are trying to recruit others. Perhaps you had a lot of female rejection in your life and are incredibly bitter so you advocate mistreatment of women. There is no difference between an insult and a neg, only that someone uses a “neg” to get a girl either in bed or under his complete psychological control. It is predatory, deceitful, and disgusting, just like any person who would stoop to such a low as implementing it on another person.

    2. Disgusted with you.

      I disagree that ‘simple desire’ is what all women want. Just the same, one sentence in your comment should go up in lights because it is amazing. ””Compliments communicate confidence.”” Unless it’s flattery – a means to an end, an honest compliment shows a generous spirit.

  117. What you have written is a screed to help men find more surefire ways to abuse and dehumanize women.

    Anger at negging is not misplaced.

    Make no mistake: what you are doing and encouraging other men to do is abusive. Laugh, be glib, talk yourself up, let other men congratulate you or thank you.

    It does’t matter.

    We see you for what you are. And I’d be willing to bet substantial money that unless you’e a complete sociopath, sometimes, late at night, all alone in your own head, with those ever-expanding feelings ugliness and worthlessness, so do you.

  118. You could use this tactic, or, OR! You could be awesome instead and choose not to play the game, and love yourself. If you just focus on being the best person you can and have a great deal of patience, you’d be surprised what opportunities will present themselves.
    And I would caution you against assuming all “8s, 9s and 10s” (because appraisals are essential when referring to females) have enormous egos and need to be worshipped in order to survive. Some beautiful women are actually humble, friendly, and sensitive to negative comments. We all have our own emotional wounds, men and women alike, so maybe don’t be careless with people’s feelings and be the bigger person, and don’t assume you know someone’s life story based on the fact that they’re attractive.

  119. The one actual tip you need to get women to like you: WOMEN AREN’T EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS. DON’T TREAT THEM LIKE THAT.

  120. well, fuck you and your fucking stupid pickup shit.
    You neg a woman and LISTEN TO ME she will think you’re just another piece of garbage.
    Nobody wants a fucking ugly ass that critiques physical appeareance. Makes you look desperate, misogynist and shallow as fuck

    “MEN HAVE IT WORSE” TALK ABOUT PAIN OLYMPICS. FUCK YOU, Cry me a river!! NOBODY gets to tell anybody they have it worse just by pulling the assumption out of their ass.

    Anyway whats the urge on getting laid everytime? WTF are you all sheep? animals?? GTFO

    1. Wow – such fury, hatred and ugliness. For suggesting that you tell a girl she has a red nose!

      Unfortunately for men, the unspeakable horror that lies at the heart of this person is not discovered until they are WAY into the relationship. Then the man is in a world of hurt dealing with a mentally ill person who (usually) won’t let go.

      Think about it – if you see such fury over NOTHING, imagine if you have slept with this monster and they don’t like the idea of not being loved FOREVER!

      1. I think you need read the article again but think of it in roll reversal. Is that an appropriate way to treat you, would you enjoy and promote a woman to treat you this way. How would you feel if your manhood was critiqued. It’s not just telling a girl she has a red nose, read the article that you wrote again. You are sorely confused And senile. And you are the one projecting your hate and anger. I’ll stop now, I’m trying to have more compassion for the mentally ill. I hope you get well soon. I really do. I pity you. So so sad.

      2. OK, so now you’re a psychiatrist. Well done – a noble profession indeed. How would I react if a woman said to me “hey, I hear you have a small dick…”? I would be (honestly) intrigued and come back with something smart (I hope!)…but here’s the thing – you’re “thought experiment” would never really occur in real life – the type of women that are described in this article don’t need to draw attention to themselves…that’s the whole point of negging….to get their attention – albeit in a rather (to me) crass way….I am not promoting the practise, I am questioning the extreme reactions that the article has provoked – and these reactions, and your comment, simply reinforce the validity of the premise from which it springs.

  121. Hey man, how long is your video about “speaking to her DNA?” Do you actually tell how to do it or it just examples of success stories?

  122. Over 800 comments, good god! I didn’t know it was possible for the author himself to kick the hornets next the same way a troll does… just for the reactions. “If you still disagree with this assessment, please leave a comment, I welcome all opinions!” says the blogger who just told anyone angered by ‘negging’ that their feeling of anger is misplaced. And then made a blanket statement that anyone who has issues with ‘negging’ has taken on an “empty cause.”

    Way to contradict yourself, dude.

    And then there’s the circular and highly emotional argument that ALL girls found in nightclubs who are ’10s’ have irreparably damaged hundreds (maybe thousands) of male egos by being spoiled and thus these women deserve to be negged by virtue of the fact that by looking hot and being in a night club they have irreparably damaged hundreds (maybe thousands) of male egos by being spoiled.

    Good luck with that attitude, man.

  123. “How do I get this girl to like me? l know! I’ll insult her, then she’ll clinging too me in no time.”
    There are few that ever get to the level of full retard. This guy has gone so far past it that it’s starting to redshift.

      1. Not really – he didn’t say “neg her until she is a mindless appendage”…it is all about getting ATTENTION when otherwise you would be overlooked or ignored. That’s all.

  124. You just sound like your parents didn’t love you very much and weren’t interested in bringing you up right.

  125. Boo hoo, the incel is mad because he couldn’t get any pussy.Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your poor wittle feewings like all those other feeeemales.There, I just gave you your 10 seconds of acknowledgement.Hope the next girl you neg gives you a good kick in the nuts…I mean after all, it IS a better alternative to ‘being rejected’, the WORST possible fate a man can suffer *muffled sobbing*

    1. Wow, there are some sick women posting here – such hatred and anger…it actually shows why this story is necessary – the contempt these women feel for men is the cause of the problem that this article addresses…wow, just wow…boy are there some ugly people out there – that delight in rejecting men.

      1. It’s not contempt against men, just against the kind of sick men that encourage things like negging.Also, nobody ACTUALLY delights in rejecting other people.People don’t do it for teh lulz, they reject you because for one reason or another they just dislike you.I don’t know who’s rejected you so badly that you honestly have such a negative mindset, but it ain’t getting you anywhere.And FYI most women respond poorly to negging and other such techniques.You should get off the internet, stop reading these bullshit articles and work on improving your lifestyle.Then you’ll feel much better about yourself and the world around you ?

      2. Lulz, I’m a 58 year old lawyer/psychologist with 2 kids! Stop projecting! The interesting thing to me is that you say “they just dislike you”…thats quite telling actually. What you mean to say is (I hope) is “they just don’t like you”…there is a difference…a big difference, lulzl. Read again my comment that you commented on…slowly. But thanks for the advice…I’ll give some serious thought!

      3. What is quite telling is your use if internet lingo at your age, your claim you are a lawyer AND psychologist (not likely), a mention of kids but no spouse, & your defence of a borderline mysoginist using questionable logic…. frankly this all adds up to a very angry, rejected old man who is lonely and looking for an online diversion, or a troll…. or a little of both.
        I read the article with interest as it shows a keen understanding, albeit reprehensible, approach to ego manipulation. It really is not worth defending for the average person as this type of “world view” is unrepentant & unchangeable via direct criticism. The less attention this gets the better.

  126. Negging is stupid, plain and simple, i’ll not explain you why cayse many have, already.
    But dude…DUDE if you say i look like your little sister then you hit on me i wont be like “oh no i have to prove to him i dont look like his female siblings!!!” and be more like “this guy has some fuckin incestual issues”
    And if you guve me unasked fashion advice, you’re an asshole. And qorst if you talk about me in front of me without aknowledging me i wont aknowledge your existence like, ever.

    1. Wow – such hatred and anger…over suggesting playful banter??

      Talk about “issues”.

      Read the article again – slowly – then tell us who is the “asshole”.

      And how many men have you hurt?

      1. Siggy is the moron who wrote this article. This ass clown has to hide behind another persons, that is how pathetic he is.

      2. “Moron”…”ass clown” (what is that, precisely?)…”pathetic”…wow, How can I possibly counter such a sharp, incisive rejoinder? Got me!
        And yep, I’ve been revealed – I am spartacus and I shot JR….(and wrote this piece) – dear Jesse – please send the royalties you are illegally collecting and send them to “

      3. Wow! Also such hateful anger that parents have toward cult leaders that suggest children move away from their homes to be kept as prisoners, but it’s ok because they make these children feel loved an accepted.

        Talk about issues. How dare parents stop cult leaders from making these children feel happy.

        I wonder how many cult leaders have been hurt by these tyrannical parents wah wah LMAO!

  127. It’s gotten to the point where I can predict if a guy is going to pull this type of shift before he even opens his mouth. You douchebags are that obvious. You’re so socially inept that you can’t just have a normal human interaction. It has to follow a formula, and there’s nothing more obvious and annoying. And how is a neg like “your roots are showing” supposed to work? That’s just called being a dick because of your own insecurity.

    1. “douchebags”…”inept:…”dick”…thanks for the insight into how you think and feel – and why playful banter is taken by you as a full-on assault upon….what?…maybe the glorified status of yourself in you head?

      Wow, such ugliness.


    Only a goddamn loser would treat a human being like this and anyone who follows this advice should seriously reevaluate why they feel the need to go to a “seduction science” website. So lame.

  129. Negging is proven to work and I have used these tactics many times with great results. Heck I even used it on my current girlfriend of 2 years and we’re still going very strong. The below comments are all from SJW sexist women who refuse to see the other side of the coin. Keep up the great work OP.

    1. Jesus I’d hate to meet the type of woman who responds positively to this crap. I’ve had guys do this to me and it’s VERY off putting. Embarrassing your date is not a good idea, guys.

    2. Emotional abuse does not breed long lasting healthy relationships. I’m sure that if you really do have a girl (which I truly doubt) she is getting her real love on with someone else you are just the side douche, oh I mean dish!

  130. “But since those guys are NOT a challenge in the slightest, they’re not attractive to you. That’s why you blow them off. That’s what a neg does – creates a challenge to the female.”

    You don’t need a high school diploma to know that the above quote is based on wishful thinking and nothing scientific.

    How on earth would anyone know what is/isn’t attractive to someone? A neg does not “create a challenge” for the person being negged regardless of their sex because no one can know what is/isn’t/would/wouldn’t be a challenge to another person until they get to know them (and even then they’d still be guessing). Besides, if someone has that kind of power they’d be making a ton of money working for the NSA, not writing this kind of stuff. Sheesh, if humans were so predictable and manipulatable we’d have peace in the Middle East by now.

  131. You know what I used to say to guys that would do this crap to me? “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English.” In perfect English, of course.

    As a woman I must tell you this approach might work with some, but I can guarantee you that you’ll be getting the neediest, most insecure woman in the group. I guess if your goal is just to get laid that doesn’t really matter, but then you risk being hounded by an insecure, needy pain in the butt for who knows how long.

    Here’s an old fashioned idea: Try introducing yourself, smiling and being sincere – that always worked on me.

  132. I’m sorry dudes are literally bullying you but good GOD A GIRL MIGHT HAVE SAID NO TO HIM ONCE THE HORROR.

  133. lamest and most transparent lines ever. if any guy ever said any of these things to me, it would be an instant turnoff. barf. try developing a personality and a sense of humor. THAT is attractive and (if you want) seductive. or, if you don’t care if you screw a woman with no depth of insight herself, someone who would actually fall for this idiotic ploy, why not just get a rubber doll? you won’t have to buy her any drinks or waste any time on foreplay. i mean what the hell. why bother.

    mean girls may be popular, but not with the targets of their meanness.

    of course, i’m over 18. maybe this works for the little ones, but if you want to get laid the rest of your life, an authentic self-respect and respect for others will take you much further. and that isn’t something you can get from a book or a blog or a cheat-sheet. you actually have to work for it. develop your mind and your sense of self.

    some guy approaches me with this BS, i know immediately he’s got both no self-confidence or respect for me, and therefore i just walk away.

    you really want to come across to women as a mean girl in a man’s body? think that’s sexy? NOT. it doesn’t make you smarter, or more in control. it just makes you a teenaged mean girl with a penis. how terribly masculine.

    1. wow – such anger. Why? It’s a harmless ploy. Read the article again – it doesn’t say to water board the girl! Or call her horrible names. Or kidnap her puppy.

      If it doesn’t work for him – he can move on – or learn that this doesn’t work.

      What are you really railing against?

      It is, I think, the very thing that the article is addressing – the power imbalance that can occur by virtue of birth or circumstance.

      You take it as a full-scale attack on humanity – why?

      Why feel so threatened? You seem a smart person – work it out…you might learn something too.

      1. Not really. In fact, these are all pretty limp-dicked compared to what most intelligent, popular females hurl at each other on the reg anyway.

        I guess that’s my problem with this though. It’s all so far-fetched and obvious. I mean, I can’t even really imagine some medium guy walking up to me or one of my hot friends and actually saying “your roots are showing” or “your shoes don’t match your purse.” Like, lol, who the fuck asked you, pencil dick?

        So, yeah, the author’s probably right. It’s essentially harmless. I mean, the idea of a 7 or lower guy working up the nerve to try this? Pretty long shot. And the idea of it actually working? Adorable.

        But hey, more power to you if you do. Definitely, give it a shot. My guess is if you were desperate enough to do this, you’re used to girls laughing at you anyway. What have you got to lose?


      2. You keep defending the guy that insults women in an effort to fool them into sleeping with him. Let me just say that again; He insults women in an effort to fool them into sleeping with him.

        His policy is that a girl with high self esteem is a blight on all men at a night club. As such, her self esteem must be attacked so that she can debase herself by sleeping with someone who has no respect for her. You said in an earlier comment that you have a wife. I feel sorry for her. Does she know you think that pretty women need to be taken down a peg just for being born pretty?

      3. Oh dear. Firstly, everybody “fools them into sleeping with them” in one way or other! This is just one way to do it – and secondly, I am not here to defend the guy, I’m here to create balance amongst all the vitriol being spewed by (presumably) women who seem to feel emotionally crushed and violated and furious because some guy says men should tell hot women that their nose is red…WTF?!…but I can see, fourthly, you don’t get it, and you haven’t answered my question which was; why so much anger?? I doubt you are at a stage in life where even the question makes sense, and as such, nothing I can say will make you see what is really at play. Not that I am some sort of ORACLE! Just that when you get to my stage in life, you’ve seen and done enough (as many have) to know when people’s agendas and MOs are revealed, they attack with a mighty righteousness which in the end simply proves the point being made. Think about it petal, in that dark deep place where the truth lies.

  134. I thought reading this would be a waste of time but now I’m happy I did so that if any guy says dumb shit like this to me in the club I know it’s not a reflection of me, but instead of his low self-esteem and glaring insecurities if putting me down makes him feel better. It’s hard to believe, but sometimes girls can go to a club or bar with my girl friends and just want to dance with my FRIENDS and not get hit on by guys at all. There are nights when I turn down any guy, no matter how ‘hot’ he is. I’ve had a guy offer to buy me a drink once and I politely said “no thank you” and had him call me a jerk for it… I would rather politely say no and go back to hanging out with my friends, let you save some cash, instead of saying yes and being fake, taking your money, and then spend the rest of the night trying to figure out how to get rid of you.

    If you’re hitting on a “Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian type” who you clearly have internalized resentment for, then why do you even WANT that kind of girl in your life? Why waste time going after someone you don’t even like? Why not go after a girl who you actually genuinely dig who is not so ‘shallow’ or ‘taken care of by daddy’? There’s no logic to this article at all I feel sorry for any guy who thinks this is the way to find any type of happiness.

    1. Right? It’s like “wow, he thinks I’m out of his league and can cut me down enough to touch his shriveled dick.”

      Great plan, Lol

    2. Slow clap for Anonymous. At some point in the thread someone said attractive women who couldn’t take a “playful” insult shouldn’t go out to clubs (!) which kind of falls under the “If she didn’t want XYZ to happen, she shouldn’t’ve worn that outfit.” I forget about the whole PUA thing (rarely go out anymore, in a 10+ year relationship, so when I have night-time catchup with friends, it’s to have fun with THEM, not prowling), then random goons come up slinging Playful Rudeness that “artists” recommended? It’s like, “Oh, right. This must be a retro-thing, because these lines are so widespread/pre-planned; they must be making a comeback.” The other night some guy told me he liked my red hair, but added, “…for a dye job.” One of my girlfriends started leaping in with “Her hair’s REAL!” I told her no worries…. the gentleman in question was trying to neg, not to bother, and she was like, “Oh, right. Negging. I remember *that*!” Needless to say, he got flustered, then headed over to another “Two-Set.” So embarrassing. For him. But, Siggy ? –who obviously wrote the advice, otherwise he wouldn’t be so defensive– best of luck to you. Whatever happened to Mystery and Style, anyway? I’m sure they’re leading happy and fulfilling lives. 😉

      1. Why does everyone think I wrote this article?? WTF? And what difference does it make anyway if I did? I personally would never “neg”…I’ve said I think it is tacky and not ‘becoming’…what I am interested in is the horror and rage created by the mere suggestion of telling someone they have an eskimo-like red nose! It is the threat to the inherent power structure in “assortative mating”, and which this article addresses, that interests me…and Vivacia, you just don’t get! You’ll never get it. Please go back to taking more selfies showing your obviously irresistible red hair and pretending you don’t like the attention of “random goons”….why are they “goons” BTW?? Why the deprecation?? What does it say about you? And as for coherence of argument or logic – honestly, who can understand what you are trying to say sweetheart?….maybe next time draft it out first. Show it to some kid.

      2. Social inept guy – “You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…”

        Girl – “I appreciate your input since it seems you’re so in tune with fashion. All your friends must be gay guys. Amirite?”

        LMFAO!!!! Hahaha yeah me ??????

  135. Correct me if I’m wrong. I summarized this as, “Try to knock her down a peg and she just might sleep with you.”

      1. So, knock her down a peg and that will make her want to sleep with a guy who isn’t as hot as her. Right LMFAO

  136. I…I don’t understand…why must you be an asshole to attract women? And why would you even want to attract the type of woman who would only respond to this strategy?

    I really don’t get how this works…if someone said these things to me I’d probably just laugh it off nervously but secretly feel like they’re an asshole and avoid them.

    It’s not like I know anything about “picking up girls”…but I think people should just be nice, and instead of trying to get a “hot” girl who wouldn’t respond to politeness, try to approach a decent girl who would be nice back. ^^

    I hope there are guys out there who feel the same as me.

      1. Right, but my question is what do you do when it’s time to show the hot girl your disappointing penis?

      2. I say this: you miss the point of the article (and probably, life).

        So, in order to “castrate” the “sad” readers you pretend that social confidence in some way correlates with penis size – and therefore it is risible. It must be “pretend” because the only other option is that you actually believe there is a one-to-one (inverse) correlation between social anxiety and anatomical dimensions – in which case, wow.

        And you make the (supposed) bedroom scene some sort of magic act where the penis is, at some point, presented to the girl for inspection. In other words, in your imagining of things, its all about the penis and size. This is extraordinarily shallow. And studies show (and men know) the penis size has very little to do with intimacy – true intimacy.

        If the girl is in fact a “size queen” then that (to me) indicates a problem, either in psychology or physiognomy (anatomical compatibility) and that problem might not be ably to be avoided after showing the “hot girl your disappointing penis”…

      3. Dude, they are just negging you. Why so hostile? You act like it’s the biggest injustice known to human kind. Why can’t you take it? It’s just playful banter. You obviously have failed at life.

      4. Oh I get it – ironic humour, ha, ha, ha, ha…not

        And I failed at life because…because…you didn’t understand what I posted?

        If you actually knew who I was, and what I did, you’d probably swallow your own tongue.

      5. I was only saying your own exact words back to you. Those aren’t my words and thoughts. Those are yours. I honestly thought you would be smart enough to recognize that. I am sure you are a stellar psychiatrist. That’s sarcasm. I am not impressed.

      6. Haven’t been to a club in my life. Last time I went “clubbing” it was calling “disco-ing’ ha, ha…and BTW, stick to the issue (if you can) – how is that telling a girl she has a “red nose” a heinous crime deserving of the opprobrium being metered out here?

      7. Then why are you here. Reading every single comment. Replying the exact response to every single comment. Defending this lame article. Getting your panties in a bunch. Get over it.

      8. I don’t read every comments! Just the ones that have replied to mine – life is too short! Am I defending the article? No. This is aimed at people very different to me. Trust me, ha, ha….I am just trying to spread some balance and wisdom, but I can rapidly see I am having a battle of wits with someone that is unarmed!

      9. I have been happily married for 20 years. But, you are here obsessed with this article. You obviously aren’t successful with women.

      10. It’s not a heinous crime. It just doesn’t do anything to stimulate a woman’s interest in you.

    1. I’ve had guys use some of these on me. I immediately thought “what an asshole”. This would only work on women with the LOWEST self esteem possible. Attractive women, who get guys all over them, are not gonna settle for a guy that insults them.
      This is straight outta r/Truecels. Guys that insult women because they can’t get laid.

    2. Well I am often told that I am a nice guy. But I feel that in today’s age woman get hit on so much by guys that they put their guard up to the point where it is unnecessary. I am out in public and say hello to a girl I get rude looks and I get accused of hitting on girls by my friends because I talk to a girl like they are human and not because they are male or female. I like meeting people and learning about who they are but nowadays I am scared shitless to talk to woman because I am afraid they might take it as I am hitting on them. I can understand the frustration because I get hit on by woman that I have no mental or physical attraction to (usually very needy) what I can say is that it is very important that men and woman both do not hold everyone accountable for what few people have done to us. That is just sexist no matter what sex you are and there are millions of people on this earth and not everyone is the same. Still do not be quick to reject someone the second they come up to you because not everyone that comes up to you is a player they might just be trying to tell you that you dropped something or your shoes untied. Me personally I have no game I do not think life should be a game. I think pick up lines are stupid I would not want to date a girl dumb enough to fall for them and I want a confident girl not one that would allow themselves to be knock d down a few notches. I came across this sight because I wanted to figure out why belonging to 4 dating sites and actually reading profiles and not just llooking at the pictures and sending hundreds of messages out the o woman that had a lot of things in common with me why the only girls that ever write to me are spammers wanting me to go to their w back site.

  137. The idea of putting someone down to “lower them” socially is so manipulative it’s kinda despicable. If you feel it’s ok to belittle someone in order to get in their pants, makes me wonder what’s your next step after you accomplished that. Maybe you continue to “neg” the poor person throughout the whole relationship and also manipulate them in other ways as well? As a girl who is attracted by stereotypical manly man, I have to say that you’re lowering yourself by showing me that you feel the need for these kind of manipulative little games. I do think that praying on girls insecurities reveals about you that you don’t feel confident enough about your game, like is that something you always need to do in order to get laid? I don’t know if I’m a 6 or an 8 or whatever but girl friends I go out with are definitely 9-10 and I do know that what all of us desire is to be approached by a CONFIDENT guy, someone above the petty little games, who respects himself and therefore respects girls he’s attracted to. Who acts genuine and with integrity, clearly stating his intentions and boundaries, finding out what we want because he respects us as human beings with their own agendas and personalities, and seeing if we’re compatible that way.
    Not everyone will instantly want to fu*k you if you act that way, but at least you’ll know you’re doing the best you can, bettering yourself socially, and not hurting anyone by being a manipulative insecure pus*y.

    1. No…You miss the irony just like he does.
      He thinks being the prize is the dominant role. Literally calling calling it being a prize for someone and still missing the irony.

      They talk about social “value”, like they’re supposed to want to be objects like items on a store shelf. Because no one ever told them that dominant/alpha is about position. And that the pursued is the lower position, as the “prize” to the pursuer.

      Showing interest is confidence. That is the misogynistic/douchebag alpha thing to do. The risk of being threatening, creepy etc. Why do you seem to miss the irony like he does? Even while attacking him.

      1. Haha well I don’t really think that’s the irony because I would disagree with your point of view that being pursued is the “lower” position. If anything, I would say you’re the dominant one if you are the pursued one, being in a position where you can make decisions. Being perceived as “the prize” can be sexist and objectifying (so I see what you’re getting at), but it doesn’t have to be that way – you can perceive someone as a prize and worth pursuing because you acknowledge and appreciate their personality too, wouldn’t you agree?
        Btw I don’t think that hitting on someone should be about “pursuing” at all, but about having a straightforward chat and expressing mutual interest, if there is any.

      2. The pursuer is the one in the position to make decisions. The decision to pursue. Simply having the right not to be forced does not mean making decisions

        And being a prize literally means being an object. It’s semantics. Dominant in this context means the pursuer. The position of consequence. The “main” force. Whatever you value someone for, advancing on them is what dominant means. Don’t overthink it! You can pursue if you want

  138. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the outrageous comments made, presumably by guys who are not getting laid, and want to feel like they are heroes of a gender that doesn’t need their defense, or women who don’t get hit on as often as their compatriots.

    From the article/blog post:
    “I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…”

    Comments section:
    WHOA, WHOA!! Don’t put a girl down like that you MISOGYNIST pig (the fuck??) You must have a really small penis! Calling the men ankle biters, losers, and worse. Anyone know where I can find some irony?

    I came wanting to know what negging means.
    I left reminded of the pond-scum that litters the interwebs.

    1. “I came wanting to know what negging means.
      I left reminded of the pond-scum that litters the interwebs.”

      I must be a time traveler.

  139. I was really shy when I hit college. Around when I turned 21 mystery and his method came into my life. I used negging to great effect to build a lot of self confidence but also some animosity that it worked so well. Eventually I stopped negging much when it dawned on me, I was pretty decent looking just really shy, the negging just helped get me used to talking to women.

    I highly recommend negging as a way to arm shy guys to get over their fears. It’s also important to remember that the 1 in 7 rule works. Play the odds, the fish will bite eventually.

  140. and the misogynist stuff is old. Men have lost so much self confidence because of female manipulation. It’s time Men stop listening to this crap and take back what we had before.

  141. All yall women need to chill out. One form of dishonesty isn’t better than another and there are many women who are just dishonest. It’s the same games just played in a different way. Stop getting all mad because this particular one is offensive.

      1. Playful banter is not being an “asshole ” (you seem to like this word)

        Calling people an “asshole” is being an asshole.

  142. Please just be nice. If the lady is not polite to you in return, she’s not a good person. Walk away feeling good about yourself.