Night Time Game Or Day Game For Getting Laid – Which Is Better?

So, is it easier to meet women at night, in bars and clubs, or is it easier meeting women during the daytime like bookstores or campuses or on the subway?

Now, there’s a lot of good reasons to do daytime. First, in the day, you eliminate a lot of distractions that you get and clubs. The girl on the street is not going to get dragged away by her girlfriends, she’s not putting up a front, and she’s not getting attention from other men.

In the day, there’s no loud music or other voices that you have to talk over. You don’t have to interrupt existing conversations to get in the conversation yourself.

In the day, girls don’t expect to get picked up or meet a guy, so you can literally make a huge impression on a girl.

But, day game does not come without its own logistical problems. There are some real disadvantages to meeting women during the day.

When you meet a girl during the day, she’s either taken or she’s not. And she’s either interested in you, or she’s not, regardless if she’s taken.

So you can be smiling, be in a positive state, standing up like a champ, with her breaking her rapport voice, dressed well, not caring what the girls think when you talk to them, and still get a lot of big “No’s” from women. You’ll meet plenty of women who won’t want to talk at all, even if you’re doing everything right.

And women, during the day, they tend to have agendas. They’re often on their way somewhere and many of them don’t feel that they have the time to just drop everything and talk for 30 minutes. Their shopping, going on a meeting, or going out to lunch. They have something to do. They’re on a schedule and they left the house for a reason.

So even when the girl is interested in you, you’ve only got a few minutes to make some sparks fly before she has to go on her way. And that’s the hardest thing about day game — convincing the woman within a few minutes that you are more important than whatever else it is she’s doing.

Another problem with day game is that it can be fucking time-consuming. Most women in the general population are old, don’t take care of themselves, and aren’t particularly attractive. So it can take time to just find cute girls to go up to and say hello. Maybe he can take you an hour or more just to do a few sets.

Of course that depends on where you live, if you live in New York City or Florianopolis, where there are pedestrians everywhere, day game makes more sense. But if you live in Florida with its all-encompassing car culture, where nobody walks anywhere, your day game options are far more limited — and therefore a far more time-consuming proposition.

So what I wanted to here is outline some of the reasons why meeting women in bars and clubs can be so advantageous, and why you shouldn’t just reflexively Passover bars and clubs.

So while day game can work for meeting high-quality girls, it’s also a slow slog for building up or foundations and skills of the game.

In a club the girls are all up to meeting new guys, you can approach and talk to anyone and have their attention, you can push the interactions farther, you can physically touch the girls much more, and there’s lots of women packed into a small space so you don’t have to go looking for the. You get more shit tests thrown at you, being your opportunity to pass them, to remain unreactive to them and generate that hard attraction.

So if you have 6 months of successful night game experience under your belt, your day game learning curve will be fantastic. You’ll develop better day game in two or three months then men who work exclusively at day game will develop in a year. Simply because in night game you can develop so rapidly and get so much experience in a short amount of time.

How To Meet Girls In Night Clubs

So it’s take a look at what the club is. Look at club is basically an amusement park for grown adults. It’s a place where women can go to smile, to laugh, to talk, and to be socially free, and to just have fun. And that’s the same reason that everyone else goes to bars and clubs, and that’s to have fun.

Just look at club. The owner spend thousands of dollars on lights and furniture set up to take their mood. The owner spend thousands of dollars to hire professional DJ to play music.

The bartenders serve alcoholic drinks to help people free their inhibitions and also to make the women in the club to be perceived as more beautiful.

The club in the bar are places to escape worries, to escape work, and to be free. A place where nothing else matters except to have fun.

and the girls, the girls spent hours and hours dressing up, putting on makeup, buying shoes and a dress, dressing up like dolls, so they can look sexy and attractive to the men. They dress up hot because they secretly hope to meet a dominant man who’ll bend them over and fuck them.  So at clubs and bars women are expecting to be approached.

The women are in a fun party state and their open to receiving physical contact, far more physical contact than they would be during the day.

So bars and clubs are the place to have that party mindset, and get physical with the girls fast. And girls who would normally otherwise be more reserved, are open to letting out their fun naughty side of the club.

So whereas during the day you either get a “yes” pr a “no” from women, in a bar or club its all up for grabs where are the women are down to meeting anyone.

And in the club, women aren’t going anywhere. In the club women don’t have an agenda or schedule. They’ll just stand there for hours talking to you.

In the club and practically physically molest the women. Touch their bodies, make out with them, pull them to the dance floor, and they’ll be totally cool with that. Whereas during the day, you can really creep a girl out if you get physically aggressive with her immediately.

And clubs a lot of women are partying, they’re looking to have fun, and possibly go home with a guy if enough hard attractions generated.

What’s best about clubs and bars is that you have lots and lots of single, available women packed into a small, confined space. You don’t need to go looking for them, you don’t need to go walking for miles, they’re all right there within immediate grabbing distance. You can say hello to one girl, then hello to another girl, and then hello to another girl, one after another. It’s perfectly feasible to open 20 attractive women in an hour.

And in clubs, girls know guys are going to be approaching them, so their shields tend to be stronger. The music is louder so you’ve got to shouts and wrestle your way into sets.

But that is actually the biggest advantage of nighttime game — that you have to deal with harder shit tests.

Because it’s those hard core shit tests and passing them that’s what generates that hard attraction in women.

It’s when you go up to a woman and talk to her, and talk her up, and stand there, and persist, even when she doesn’t seem that interested, but you hang in there anyway, that’s when flip girls around and generate hard attraction.

It’s when you talk to a woman and you look right into her eyes, and you don’t flinch for anyone or anything, even if her girlfriends are trying to cock block you, that you generate that hard attraction, which is something difficult to replicate in a day game situation.

So for that reason, clubs and bars are great place to learn to build attraction and learn to get girls chasing after you.

7 thoughts on “Night Time Game Or Day Game For Getting Laid – Which Is Better?”

  1. Jessie,

    your way of tackling girls is very interesting. But, I feel like american girls do not like asian race. I am 26 yrs old good looking, well dressed, nice and decent indian guy.Everybody, might say its not the race thing but somewhere deeper I notice that. I should say I don’t have anxiety to talk with women but I wonder how to open up in clubs where 99% of the girls come with groups(guy friends).Most of the women that I have talked to said I am nice and sweet but no luck with long term relation ships or at least an hour relationships.

    So, how to approach these american women and how to say “its okay, i am totally cool and come sit on my lap 😉 “…. So having no luck with women makes me more desperate of having sex and my approach is going in wrong direction.Also, please tell me how can I keep that conversation going for that rest of night without freaking them.

    FYI — To my misfortune, I do not have western guy friends to be my wing man.

    Just guide me dude.Hope I can meet that 8’s and 9’s and 10’s.

  2. Hey Jesse out all the dating articles you’ve written that one where you give us your tip on how to eat cheap at Soup Plantation is your best by far 🙂

    Keep it up man. Btw you live in Florida? I’m in Miami why don’t we hang out?

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