Orlando, Florida – City Review for Getting Girls

I’ve spent some weekends in Orlando, Florida and if you’re thinking of coming here to pickup girls, here’s a review of the city in terms of meeting women.

Day Game in Orlando

Orlando is not a walking city; you pretty much have to drive everywhere to be anywhere. So to do day game and meet women, you’ll have to drive to the bookstores or drive to the malls.

Fortunately, Orlando has some big malls and some nice bookstores, so that’s a plus. But if you like to feel like you’re in a real city like Tokyo or London, Orlando isn’t the place to be.

Night game in Orlando

“Pleasure Island” at Walk Disney World, unfortunately, has closed down for the moment and is being renovated.

Universal has “City Walk”, which has a bunch of bars and clubs in an outdoor mall-like atmosphere. But I’ve found it’s typically dead even on Friday’s and Saturday’s. So it’s a real hit or miss thing there.

The best place to go is the Orlando downtown area. There you’ll find lots of local young women. The plus is that they’re pretty friendly and open. On the negative, my take is that the women in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area are generally hotter, with far more 9s and 8s than in Orlando.

Overall judgment

Pick up opportunities, both day time and night time, are decently average. But if you want to meet super hotties (like the 10’s), your pickings will be slim.

4 thoughts on “Orlando, Florida – City Review for Getting Girls”

  1. marsneedswoman

    i’m in daytona, nothing here at all…where do the hot looking woman go to? when i was young growing up in central florida it just seemed there use to be so many more hot woman…today its a needle in a hay stack..do i need to travel to orlando? im 40 but prefer younger woman like 25-40…or a hottie 18 and up….lol

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