Pimping Out Your Bedroom – Tantra Bed, Mirrors, Music, Tantra Chair

Want better sex?  Pimp out your bedroom!  The right lighting, having a tantra bed, love mirrors make all the difference…

Room Lighting

Good lighting can be just as effective as any mood-altering drug.  With the right lighting, even the dumpiest room can be a place that encourages lovemaking.

Women don’t like bright lights.  Instead, you want to have low, indirect, and diffuse illumination that creates a provocative effect.  Pink light bulbs are easy on the eyes and flattering on the skin.  Red, orange, and yellow lights all resemble firelight.  Using an “up” light from the floor with colored bulbs can create a dramatic effect as well.

Women get turned on in the presence of flickering firelight as well.  Everyone looks more sexy and heroic in the glow of firelight.

This doesn’t mean you need to install a fireplace in your room.  Just have some candles ready to be lit.

The King’s Tantra Bed

The best size bed for making love and doing tantra is a queen size or king size.  If your hallway is too narrow to fit a queen size or king size through, purchase a “split” instead, which is a two piece box spring foundation that is later assembled in the bedroom.

If you have the room and the money, consider investing in a four-poster bed.  Darker colors such as cherry wood, suggest more masculinity.  Make sure to have plenty of fluffy pillows and a thick bedspread to create the maximum seductive effect.

Love Mirrors

Many women like to look at themselves in the mirror while making love.  A mirror can show you many angles that you would never otherwise see and give you the feeling that you’re starring in your very own adult film.  People are visual creatures and the more we see, the sexier the experience.

The easiest, cheapest way to get a high quality sex mirror into your bedroom is to purchase a cheval mirror.  Cheval mirrors are not only relatively inexpensive, but you can move them around your bedroom to watch your lovemaking in the mirror.

Seductive Music

The right music can subliminally put a woman into the mood for sex.  It’s been shown that slow, “heartbeat” music makes our heart rate slow, muscles relax, posture become looser, and skin to conduct more heat.

Music also helps us experience trance states of altered consciousness and let go of the normal, everyday distracting thoughts in our heads.

Candles and Running Water

The combination of flickering candlelight with rippling water can create a uniquely spiritual, relaxing mood.  Putting candles next to rippling water creates all sorts of interesting light reflections.  You can usually find elegant but inexpensive fountains for as little as $20.00.


Fragrance has a more powerful effect on a woman than men realize.  Women have a keener sense of smell than men do, and we often fail to account for this.

Scientific studies show that women get most turned on by baby powder, lavender, and pumpkin scent.  Musky smells conjure up feelings of sex and seduction.  Spice smells conjure up the mysterious and exotic.

Purchase some incense.  Have a variety of aromas, and light the incense up before the Blissnosis lovemaking sessions.

The Tantra Chair

I’m always on the lookout for unique playthings for an apartment to set a mood and to turn an ordinary bedroom into a temple to hot lovemaking.

What really caught my eye was the Tantra Chair from https://www.tantrachair.com

They’re pretty cheap on Amazon

I ordered a dark mahogany wood finish with a bright red Chinese dragon fabric.

A few weeks later it arrived and it looked even better in real life than in the photographs on their website.

It’s a solid piece of furniture, well built and heavy.  The materials are top-notch quality.  But most of all, it looks glamorous.  It’s definitely the Mercedes of lovemaking furniture.

If you want to pimp your pad, the Tantra Chair truly is a crown jewel.  It sets you apart because it establishes you as a sexually adventurous and thrilling man.

The only downside is that the chair will set you back some dinero.  You have to consider though that the chairs are custom made and built with quality.

You can buy foam pads as an alternative, but they’re downright ugly and lack the elegance and the intrigue of the Tantra Chair.

I only recommend it if you have a large space and lots of disposable income.  It adds a nice touch.  Otherwise, don’t sweat it – focus on everything else you can do with your bedroom for much cheaper.

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    1. just got one from Amazon. it was under “yoga” chair and looks the same but only $245!!! It is real leather and all 🙂 can’t wait to use it later!!

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