Relaxed Guys Get The Girl

There is nothing more exciting to a woman than a man in control.  In control of himself.  In control of the frame.  In control of her.

How does one gain this control?

A few men out there have mastered this, and the majority of men have not…

At least not around a beautiful woman.

The answer is relaxing into the situation.

The more relaxed you are in social situations, the more attractive you will be to women.  The more relaxed you are in social situations, the easier you will find it to carry conversations with women.  The more relaxed you are in social situations, the more people will begin to look up to you.

You nonverbally demonstrate a huge amount of information that is nonverbally demonstrated to women when you are laid back and relaxed.

This relaxation is responsible for affecting and influencing all of your body language.

Through your body language, you demonstrate relaxation.  You demonstrate comfortableness.  You demonstrate confidence.

So make relaxation a habit.

Relaxation gives off a feeling to others of calmness.  You show no anxiety in your movements as a result.

When you show no anxiety, women notice.  Total relaxation creates a vacuum in a woman’s mind, thanks to the countless amounts of desperate, needy guys coming onto them all day long.

The vacuum is a space you leave open by not acting like normal, every day men that try to seduce her.  She expects something to occur, and it doesn’t, so she fills the vacuum by responding to you. You are different.

The vacuum that leaves a woman’s mind blank, because she is expecting you to fall into the social pattern of every other loser that came before you.

The vacuum thus is easily created… there is something “missing” that she can’t put a finger on.

It is this vacuum that you create by having the state of relaxation and not acting like other men that enhances your ability to attract a woman for more than just a one night stand.


And it’s not enough to be just relaxed.  You must be the MOST relaxed.

If you were to look at all the men in the particular venue you find yourself, you must make sure that you are the most relaxed of ALL of them.

You’ll find that almost everything you do within an ultra relaxed state will go over much smoother.  Your words, thoughts, and actions will flow unrestrained, uninhibited.

This feeling of uninhibited flow makes relaxation the most important default state you want to have.

There are other states, but this is paramount to all of them.

Begin now to incorporate relaxation into every part of your life.

When I’m picking up women with my ladies, I’ve noticed that in the beginning it didn’t go as well as planned when I wasn’t relaxed enough.

My women and I are always a team, but I must monitor my relaxation levels.

The more relaxed I’ve become, the easier it has been for MY women to pick up girls for me.

How so?

Women pick up on your energy.  If you are jittery, nervous, or overly excited, they will feel it.  And once they feel it, they will mirror you.

Basically, your state rubs off on them.  If you feel out of control and unfocused, they feel out of control and unfocused – which can lead you to lose your cool and go get women on your own, without your ladies’ help.


Imagine if you had three women with you.  Why would YOU have to pick up anyone?

It doesn’t look good.

If anyone should be doing the recruiting and the picking up, it should be your ladies.

However, if you are totally relaxed, it also rubs off on your ladies, and they automatically become more comfortable.

Your ladies are more comfortable because they’re being led around by a man who is relaxed and in control.

It is this comfort that allows them to go and get other women for me.

My ladies feel good about bringing a new girl into our entourage.  And since I’m relaxed, they started to feel like everything was going well, according to MY plan.

It’s just natural.

So as you practice the art of relaxation, realize that sometimes you may temporarily lose your state because of lack of practice.  No worries.  Just get back to your default state of relaxation.  You can practice being relaxed using many methods.

You can use visualization.

You can use meditation.

You can even use hypnosis.

The best way, in my experience though, is to just go out there, in the company of beautiful women.

Or if you’re alone, exposing yourself to beautiful women, and socialize.

Socialize and practice being relaxed in the social situation.  Check your body language once in a while.  Make sure your shoulders and neck are not tense.  Make sure your speech patterns and speed match your internal relaxed state.

Within a few months, women around you will wonder why they feel so relaxed and comfortable around you.

It makes it so much easier to seduce and build your harem.

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  1. this is why practicing talking to women is so important, if you dont come off natural and relaxed they will realize it in 2 seconds and cross you off

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