How To Sound Interesting To A Girl With “I Like” Conversation Riffing

So you’re asking, “What do I say to a girl to hold an ongoing conversation and keep her attention and interest?  How do I sound interesting??”

Because, you don’t want to be relying on a bunch of canned routines.  Canned routines just tend to make you analytical, put you inside your head, planning out what to say next or how to direct the conversation next.

Canned routines, they make you feel incongruent like you’re not being real, you’re not being authentic, you start to feel fake, and you use routines for the wrong reason – to try to make the girl like you, to get approval from the girl… when in reality, you want the girl reacting to YOU and getting YOUR approval.

And even worse with canned routines, when they do work, that just continually reinforces in your mind that women like you for your canned lines, as opposed to “liking you for just YOU” – which can become an enormous mind-fuck, because you become too scared to just have a normal conversation, trusting in your own actions, and just being yourself.

So here is an effective exercise you can do at home, to never run out of things to say, and this exercise is easy and effective.  And I’m a big fan of simple, easy exercises because you don’t want to be getting into your head and all intellectual about game.  In game you want to keep things as simple as fucking possible.

So in this exercise, to spew endless amounts of what to say, you just start off every conversational thread with, the two simple words “I Like…”

The “I like” Exercise

You start off by saying “I like”.  Like, “I like walking my dog” and then talk about why you like walking your dog for 20 seconds.

Then you just jump to another topic of “I like”.  “I like reading celebrity gossip magazines” and then you talk about that for 20 seconds.

Then you jump to another topic of “I like”.  “I like to pee standing up”.  And you talk about that for 20 seconds.

So you’re going to talk for 5 minutes straight, non-stop about everything you like starting with the words “I like”.  “I like doing this, because of X Y and Z”, and “I like that because of A B and C”.

So over 5 minutes you’re going to hit like 10 to 20 topics about different things you like, whether they be serious or silly or funny, or dumb, whatever… but on each topic you want to ramble on for 20 to 30 seconds, just rambling and vomiting out the words without stopping to think about them.

So as an example of how it might go, and for everybody it’s going to be totally different, but in this example it could sound something like this,

“I like OATMEAL.  Yes I like cooking oatmeal, because it’s such a simple fun food and very nutritious and filling.  Just a basic food that makes you feel wholesome.  I put in the raisins, I put in the applesauce, I mix in some ground flaxseed, some bananas.  That’s the cool thing about oatmeal, you can mix in anything you want, just like you can put almost anything on top of a pizza.”

“And I like CHOCOLATE.  I don’t need like a big snack of junk food, I don’t need ice-cream, I don’t need cake…. just give me a cup of Chamomile tea and a few pieces of 70% or 80% cacao chocolate, and I will be happy as a clam.  I start with a few sips of the tea, and then I rest the chocolate on my tongue and just let it melt.  Great way to have desert, not a lot of calories and you feel satisfied, and I know girls are always looking to control their calories – well, that’s the way to do it, with chocolate.”

“And you know, I like that movie the Motorcycle Diaries.  Just imagine going on a road trip with a friend and road tripping it through South America… or better yet, Europe.  Get a backpack, go real simply, stay in hostels, see Paris, the Eiffel Tower, eat some cheese in a small café, sit outside and watch all the people go by.  Stop at all the art museums and the old churches and go to the parks and just explore.  Yeah, that movie just brings out my sense of adventure BIG TIME…”

“And I like talking to girls… you guys are so much fun, like little angels.  That’s what I like about you that you like everything that I like… but now I have to tell you what I DON’T LIKE.  I don’t like that movie Titanic, it’s overrated and way too long.  I mean, if you’ve got two and half hours to kill, why not watch a romance like Braveheart.  That guy is so romantically in love with his woman that he doesn’t hesitate to kick some major ass with his bare hands.  I mean, remember when his babe is at the stake and just gets her neck cut by the Englishman, and in the next scene you see Braveheart come in on his horse pretending he’s all defeated like he’s giving himself up, and just as the guard comes to take him off his horse he pulls out his fucking swords and starts just giving them a major whoop-ass.  Now that is real romance.”

And you go on, “I like this, I like that…” for five minutes straight without stopping to think ‘what to say next’.  You just keep talking about each “I like” topic for 10 to 30 seconds, just jumping from one to the next.

Now what this kind of free form, spontaneous, free association speaking does, by starting each conversational thread off with the two words “I LIKE…”, is it gives you an endless flow to riff off of, unlike trying to memorize and recall canned routines which put you inside your head.

You see, guys are usually trying to come up with the “right” thing to say to sound interesting to the girl, to get the girl to like them.  They’re trying to think of the right think to say to impress the girl.

But that’s not what generates HARD attraction in women.  Girls only feel that hard attraction for guys who just state their own opinions irregardless of what the girl thinks.  They get hard attraction for guys who just talk on their own likes and opinions powerfully and dominantly, and don’t give a fuck what the girls think.  Attractive guys are just positive, smiling, talkative, and just state their own opinions about what they LIKE, and let the girls follow along and catch up to THEM.

You want to make the girl start reacting to you and YOUR world, not mold yourself into hers by trying to think and kiss up with the “right thing to say”.  Having the “right thing to say” is supplicating, it’s kissing ass, it’s dorky and girls subetly sense you’re being incongruent with your true inner self and that you’re changing yourself to kiss her ass and make her like you… yes maybe you’ll get a girl to giggle and laugh with canned stuff to impress her, but that’s not what makes women wet between the legs for you.

They want an alpha guy that pulls her into HIS world.  And you state your world by saying, “I like this!”  And “I like that!” without apologies, without trying to impress her.

So these two words “I like…” makes you sound alpha and dominant and interesting to the woman.

What this exercise also does, is it allows you to stay in set.  When you first meet a girl at a bar or club, you need to open with a loud, punchy, breaking or neutral rapport voice, and then just be an ass and interrupt and lead by doing 90% of the talking.  You want to be positive and socially talkative so that you are doing 90% of the speaking to lead the conversation and show dominance.

And you just talk and talk and talk even if she’s not seemingly interested in you, but once you just keep talking, completely unreactive to her response, you pass the test.  And she will, after a few minutes, begin to open up to you as long as you don’t fold and walk away with your tail between your legs.  It’s a weird thing, but if you hang in there and just keep talking, unreactive to her response, girls will open up to you and it works like gold.

So you want to be doing 90% of the talking at first, jumping from topic to topic quickly to get the women reacting and wondering where you’re going next, and to do that you can just use that formula, “I like this, I like that, I like doing this, I like doing that” can keep you talking non-stop for a good 5 or 10 minutes when you practice this.

The “I like” formula is also a great FALL BACK if you run out of things to say in the middle of a conversation when things just go quiet.  It’s a great fall back to when you need to restart the conversation.

You know when you’re talking to a girl and it just goes quiet for some reason, and you’re not sure how to jumpstart the conversation again.  Well, just say those two words, “I LIKE!” again and go on for 30 seconds about something you like and BOOM you’ve got the social interaction restarted again.  SAVED from the brink.  That simple.

And look, the brilliance of this is you’re not trying to impress her.  And it’s all stuff authentic and real to you.  She’s going to enjoy it, because you will enjoy talking about things that you intrinsically like.  You don’t need to game her, you don’t to put up this fake personality about fake topics that you don’t care about, because you are already a sex-worthy guy.  So just relax, and be normal, and talk about things normal to you that you like.

And everything you say is cool, because you’re a cool guy.  And when a guy expresses his opinions powerfully and forcefully, girls react, instead of you reacting to the girls with what you think they want to hear.  And when girls react to YOU, they become attracted.

And instead of you anticipating a good reaction to your canned story, you’ll begin to anticipate a great reaction from the girls to YOU.  And that’s a far healthier mentality to be in.

So remember, in this exercise go for 5 minutes straight about what you like, changing topics every 10 to 30 seconds.  Go for 5 minutes without stopping to think of what to say next.

PRACTICE it.  Practice will build your confidence and your competence.  You need to stand up and practice out loud.  And when you get talking, when you start moving your mouth, emotion follows physical motion – you’re going to start to feel better, start to feel more social, start to feel more energy.

So practice the “I like” exercise, because it’s not enough to just have an intellectual understanding, you want the muscles of your mouth to have muscle memory, the confidence of having done it and practiced it so that you know on a core level it’s something that you do rather easily.

And most importantly guys, keep it upbeat and positive with a little passion, and TRUST in your own actions.  TRUST that whatever comes out of your mouth is cool and is game because it comes from you.  You can’t make mistakes because it’s coming from you and everything you say IS the game.

Man down.  Dumb down.  It’s okay to be lame.  It’s okay to go completely dumb.  Lower your standards of what you have to say.  Trust that you can have the lamest conversation in the world and you can get away with it.  That’s how cool guys talk, they lower their standards WAY down, and they just talk on and on about their opinions.

So the bottom line is, just do it, relax, chill out, and have that vomit mouth.  Let it flow and don’t try to correct it or get it right.  Just let go, let go of results, and let it flow with all its imperfections – that’s what makes it REAL.  And chillllllll.  That’s what girls like, when you TRUST in yourself enough to let go, and talk to them, and just fucking relax, and talk to them chilllll with a little positivity and passion for your own interests.

So do the “I like this, I like that” exercise for 5 minutes and do it a few times a week.  Do it before you go out.  And do it right in your sets with girls particularly in bars and clubs when you need to dominate and lead the conversation and sound interesting.  And use “I like” when you get to an uncomfortable silence as a fallback when you need to jumpstart the conversation again.

Those two words, “I like” is a universal tool to use and you want to start practicing right away.  So get to it.

8 thoughts on “How To Sound Interesting To A Girl With “I Like” Conversation Riffing”

  1. Jesse I like your stuff… But I like to get stuff of different coaches including yourself and combine a lot of things … Like 3 or 4 coaches … It’s funny how some say the complete opposite to others… Invert well known guy has said let the girl do at least 60 per cent of the talking where you say do 90 per cent of the talking it does not give them much time to invest … Plus staying a little mysterious about yourself as well.. Not revealing everything about yourself … What are your thoughts jesse

  2. Nice article. Essentially I believe its the mans role in social interaction to optimistically, cheerfully and (whilst smiling) demonstrate higher value to the female.

    Verbal vomiting gains on the premise of maximising exposure and opportunities for the male to be ‘seen’ by the female.

    However… This is a beginner/intermediate tactic great for confidence building. Surely the REAL skill is by employing questions starting with ‘W’ words that engage the girl and get HER to talk to try impress ME. She will feel engaged and gives time to enjoy the process.

    Number close with this has been interesting, how do we continue this? and wait for her digits to appear.

  3. Good stuff man, I have this page bookmarked anytime I’m going hunting or just need a reminder to keep things light and not get bogged down by results. Reading this, reminds to have fun and enjoy myself and I can proudly say THIS ARTICLE HAS MADE ME A BETTER MAN!!

  4. One point to add is that what you say has to respect others. Not use the ladies you are talking to but others as well. Don’t be pulled into a negative conversation. For example you say I like baseball and do you 20 seconds then she says I think baseball is dumb. Don’t let here pull you into an arguement. Start another topic and leave baseball. If she heads for the negative reaction a second time watch closely. You may have a woman who wants to complain. If she does it more than twice it is time to fine someone else unless of course if you want to listen to her complain. Keep the conversations respectful.

    1. That’s a great comment

      Us girls like doing shite tests, we say something negative to see how you respond to us…most women do it unconsciously.

      By staying on your own opinion or moving on to the next subject, you basically say unless you have something to say that makes us both feel good, don’t say anything…it works on me. It’s very alpha male behaviour. If on the other hand she asks a question even if it’s negative, be able to articulate your opinion. Nothing is sexier than an expressive articulate intelligent man. Hubba Hubba!!!

      However, don’t always play this dumb down /my opinion game….ravish our emotions too by playing the alpha cool calm and collected guy. Be unpredictable…one DAY you are sharing your open opinion and the next you’re cool calm and a bad boy. Take my emotions on a roller coaster and I’m hooked. I want to experience lots of emotions with you just as you want to experience lots of fun adventure with me. We are about words and emotions, you are about logic and fun!

      I know this is horrible that you have to play these mind effing games but these are the games we like not the ones that hurt us. This tells us you’re fun and not lazy.

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