Seductive Touching On A Girl – How It’s Done

Here’s an example of using seductive touching in a club.

One night I was at a club and I spotted two girls leaning up against the bar.  One was hot, the other less so.  I went up to them with my body turned away and only my head turned toward them as I opened; it was only my third approach that night and I had no social proof going for me yet.

I asked in a booming voice for their opinion about relationships with the question directed equally at BOTH girls.

They both responded with interest, so I turned toward them and moved in closer. They were relatively friendly initially, but not enthusiastically so or anything – about average.

What followed next was about 15 minutes of social value building.  I teased them, told a story, and did a lot of screening tests on them, engaging the hot girl and her less hot friend about equally both.

During the social value building I interspersed seductive touching with the hot girl, hugging her when she passed my tests, giving her high-fives, and squeezing her hands. I also told her at one point, “Hey I like your jeans. You know these vertical lines make you look taller,” and I ran my finger up and down her inner thighs.

The hot one was leaning back up against the bar and I had to face her. This is not an ideal position to be in because it looks like you’re the one who has approached and you have to lean in slightly to seductively touch her.  So I took her by the hands and without asking, turned her from the bar and switched places with her. Now I was the one leaning against the bar and she was the one leaning into me. I took each of the hot girl’s hands in mine and massaged them… no resistance.

At this point I dropped all the teasing, stories, and tests. I started a rapid seductive touching escalation on the hot one, since she hadn’t given me resistance so far and had tried to pass all of my testing and screening.

I started outright complimenting how nice and unique her skin is… how no one else in the whole club had that particular color of skin – acceptance. I told her, “You know… I think I’m beginning to really like you!” Again, this is acceptance, since I already knew she liked me, I could now tell her that I liked her.

Next, I started directing her body language more aggressively. I simply pulled her arms around my waist so that she hugged me. When she fell out of form I simply pulled her arms back around my waist to have her hug me again. I was leading her body language so that SHE touched ME.

Notice I didn’t ask her to hug me, I just grabbed her arms and pulled them around my waist – I knew that she would go along with it because I tested her with seductive touching escalation this whole time.

One problem however is that she didn’t hold much steady eye contact with me so I pointed that out to her. I told her, “You have trouble making eye contact don’t you?” She said, “No I don’t, I’m not afraid.” So we started making heavy eye contact and I escalated even more by touching her face without my hand.

Now I turned the hot girl around so she was facing away from me and hugged her waist like she was my girlfriend. I started whispering in her ear about where she likes to be touched – the “hot spots pattern” I like to use.

At this point she was going crazy and was all over me. I turn her back around and we started making out. I pulled away first, telling her I didn’t want her to just think I was some club guy she made out with in the club.

This is something a girl might typically say to a guy, and by saying this to her she couldn’t use this line- and it sets the frame that she was gaming ME and not the other way around.

During the seductive touching escalation however, I made sure to periodically keep engaging her less attractive friend with opinions and rapid-fire routines so that she wouldn’t get bored and try to drag her hot friend away.

And it worked, her friend liked me so much that she started working out the logistics of how the hot one and I could leave together to go back to my place. It wouldn’t have happened however if I hadn’t taken the time to befriend BOTH of them and keep the less attractive one engaged and occupied, building my social value with her, while I did screening and acceptance and touch escalation on the hot one.

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  1. I’ve got a lady friend that has been coming to my home for years. We are very good friends but not sexually, we massage each other nude, but never have I even put a finger inside. The question is; How do I find some naughty areas on her body to get her more aroused??

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