How To Make Your ‘Sex With A Total Stranger’ Fantasy Come True

It’s a common female fantasy for women to have sex with someone they’ve just met.

Women love being seduced.  They love the way it feels.

Sex with someone new brings excitement and the thrill of the unknown.  The fantasy is not always sex with a stranger per se, but the fantasy of being seduced, swept away by a sexy, mysterious man.

In the fantasy, a mysterious, sexy stranger sweeps her off her feet.  The sexy, dominant stranger isn’t afraid to break all the rules.

He could be the plumber who walks in on the desperate housewife.

He could be the sexy stranger she meets at the gym.

He could be the mysterious businessman sitting next to her on a flight.

But whoever he is, his raw appeal pulls her in like a magnet.  And even though on one level she knows that perhaps he’s a bad boy, she can’t but help love the feeling of being seduced.  She can’t help but love the feeling of being swept away.

Not only do women want to be seduced, but they fantasize about being seduced.  Women like the idea of being swept away in the moment.  It’s exciting to them.  It gets their heart rate racing.  It gets their palms sweaty.  It puts butterflies in their stomachs.

Every woman since childhood has fantasized about her superhero or pirate or cowboy.

The damsel in distress is trapped in the tower of the evil emperor’s castle.  Her only hope for survival is the prince, her mysterious knight in shining armor who will climb up the tower to rescue his princess and carry her off into the sunset.  He jumps over the moat, climbs the tower, lifts her up over his shoulder, and props her onto his horse.  He slays the dragon and the happy couple is whisked away into the glimmering night sky.

But in the modern day, her mysterious prince is not so much a knight as a bad boy, a man who lives by his own rules, a man who is raw and sexy, a man who goes for what he wants.

These are men who take risks and have adventures, and along the way will encourage her to be her bad herself.  That’s the appeal of a bad boy fantasy stranger whom she quickly sleeps with.  A woman can be as bad as she wants and not feel guilty because the sexy stranger is acting even badder.

Unlike the other Blissnosis scenarios, don’t start this one in the bedroom.

When I’m at the gym with a girlfriend for instance, I’ll just walk over, smile and ask her what her name is.  I’ll pretend like I don’t know her and I’m just meeting her for the first time.  From there I’ll proceed to seduce her to take her back to the apartment for sex.

Now it doesn’t matter how good at seduction you are, your woman will go back and sleep with you because in reality she already knows you and will play along.

What you don’t want to be is a wet noodle of a nice guy.

For example, a nice guy doesn’t take risks.  So he never goes for what he wants or does anything to excite her.

A nice guy sees anything more than small talk as disrespectful so he never says anything interesting.

A nice guy is too worried about her approval so he never does anything daring.

A nice guy kisses her ass instead of being upfront about his desires.

A nice guy doesn’t lead, he lets her lead, he lets her set the frame, so he comes across as weak.

The nice guy is like taking Amtrak whereas the seductive stranger is like taking a ride on a roller-coaster.

In contrast to the nice guy, the seductive stranger is a risk-taker and troublemaker.  He enjoys stirring things up just to see what will happen.  He talks about sex openly, and is aggressively direct.  He’s a bad boy and is provocative and daring.  He doesn’t delay his gratification.  If there’s a good time to be had, he’ll have it.  He’s unpredictable and fun and playful.  He likes to push the limits.

Because the seductive stranger is not constrained by typical social rules, he likes to have more wild fun than typical nice guys.  He lives his life to the fullest and women find this energy and his self-confidence mysteriously magnetic.

And in bed, the seductive stranger wants to get dirty.  He likes sex a lot and he wants it real and primal, like an animal.

We’ve all got that seductive stranger inside of us.  And when we unleash that little fella, even in a scenario, life can be a lot more fun.

Say you’re at the gym together with your girl.  Walk up to her and say, “Hi, my name is Joe.  What’s your name.”

“I just saw you over there and you are sexy as fuck.  You’re an absolute angel.”

Take her hand and lightly massage her fingers as you ask her what she does.  Ask questions that you would when meeting a new person to signal to her that you’re playing a role so that she can play along too.

Relentlessly pursue her.  Show her the Hands of Fire ritual to get her hot.  Take her hand and lead her to a quiet spot with the excuse that you want to show her something.  Then start making out with her.

Once she’s hot and excited, give her an excuse to come back to your place.  Tell her, “Hey I’ve got this really incredible stamp collection back at my place.  You have just got to see it.  It’s awesome.”

Take her to your place, pour her some wine.  Give her a tour like she’s never been there before.

Make out with her some more.  Start touching the insides of her thighs, a highly erogenous zone.  Stroke your hand over her chest.  Don’t grab her breasts, just pass your hands over them and keep going.

She’ll become increasingly turned on the more you touch her.  Lean her back on the bed and keep making out.  Proceed by slipping your hand under her shirt and bra and cupping her breasts.  Slip your hand down her pants to massage the area around her vagina.

Once you penetrate her, talk sexy to her.  Tell her, “Do you always fuck guys this fast?  You’re such a slut.  I just met you two hours ago and I’m fucking you already.”

In another variation, bring your girlfriend for a night at a nice, romantic restaurant.  Then start acting like you’re on your first date together and ask her about herself.  Tell her that you’re going to order every aphrodisiac on the menu.  Start touching her thighs underneath the table.  Proceed with the seduction appropriately.

13 thoughts on “How To Make Your ‘Sex With A Total Stranger’ Fantasy Come True”

  1. The nice guy lives in a big liar the nice guy will be nothing so where is the audacious where is the rakes where is the lecherous where is the braves ?

  2. I just love this one. I’m into sexual role play with my guy lately and I will definitely try this scenario with him shortly. Sex can be so much fun when you use a little imagination as well as some of your acting skills. Life is too short for mediocre sex!

  3. Jesse, im not even gonna front. I GOT LAID LAST NIGHT. I started studying game after i came across this website 2 months ago.

    i went from no sex in 6 months, to sex with a girl i met at a casual get-together, 4hrs earlier.

    1. Thank You.

    2. This goes hand-in-hand with TinyBudha teachings on Materialism. Less is More. (i stumbled upon this website during a very tormenting time, while soul searching.) So INSTEAD of taking a trip to India, i chose to throw myself into GAME.
    It worked. Fuck yes it did.

    ADVICE to all my SS fans and students out here, Im in Africa and the stuff i found here works. Just find what you need and focus on that. Trying to read everything on here (tempting!! lol) will just complicate stuff. Again, Less is More.

    Lastly, Believe in yourself. Nonchalance, Alpha Ways, and Mindfullness (leading) got me laid within 4hrs of meeting a random.

    Im 20. Whats your excuse?

  4. I’ve been married to the same beautiful gorgeous wife for 23+ years and when we met I was a badboy reformed , now age and health has caught up go me and I started acting out from depression in angry out busts , my wife has me to be nicer and more considerate of her feeling which now I am with the help of Zoloft. Now iam the nice i want to be your friend and understand your feelings and loosing my sex drive to medication what iam scared of was prior to medication and no matter how I acted towards her the more indifferent I was to her feelings , we always had great sex and it seem to be better the more aggressive I was about sex, now what? Do I go off meds and be a bad boy have great sex, and treat her like crap or do I become her friend who trusts her like a queen and lose my libido and sex drive altogether?

  5. I have often had this fantasy, but as a woman, I want to be the aggressive stranger. I want to walk up to a man, and talk nice for a while. Start licking my lips, and trying my tits, and then ask him where we can go to be alone. Tell him that I’m horny, and I think he’ll do for a nice fuck. Then, of course, I want him to take over and ravage me. Nowhere nice and cozy, don’t take me back to his place, but somewhere close and convenient. I’ve never done anything like this, and I think my husband would flip point if I role played it. Suggestions? Or should this just — sigh — remain a fantasy.?

    1. My lady…if you should know, girls have 90% chance of getting men than we do. So try out anything you want. To be specific, sexy revealing clothes around waist, thigh or/and tits, and huge tits make men horny the moment they see it.

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