Sexually Hypnotize Women Into Doing Anything Using These 3 Easy Elements

Here’s how you quiet and calm the critical factor of a woman so that her mind accepts whatever you give it as real and true.

1. You Need to Have Rapport

In order to quiet the critical factor of a woman you need to have positive rapport with her.

If you lack positive rapport, she will not be suggestible to your commands.

If you lack positive rapport, she’s not going to listen to what you say.

For example, right now I have positive rapport with you, I assume, because if I didn’t you wouldn’t have gotten this far.  If your feelings were negative toward me, you’d have thought to yourself, “Jesse Charger is a jerk!” and everything I tried to tell you would just bounce off the barrier of your critical mind.

Having rapport doesn’t even mean having love or friendship with the woman.  Having rapport just means that there’s a positive energy between two people.  You can have rapport with a total stranger in a matter of seconds if you just go up to them and say Hello and come across as a genuinely friendly human being.

But the deeper the rapport you have with a woman, the more she’ll trust you and the deeper the hypnosis.

2. You Need to Have Trust

To expand your woman’s envelop of sexuality she must trust you.  Having trust means that the woman knows that you’re looking after her best interests at heart and you’re not going to hurt or embarrass her.  With trust she can feel comfortable around you.

Her trust in you is earned by you demonstrating trust in her, total approval, and complete acceptance without critical judgment.

Without having trust she’s not going to let down her guard and accept your commands.

3. You Need to Have Authority

You can only quiet down her critical factor if you’re coming from a place of authority and respect.

If she perceives you as having authority, she’ll take what you say to be real and true, as opposed to someone who has little or no authority to her.  I’m not talking about coercive or domineering authority, but authority that you have as a sexworthy and powerful man.

For example, a lot of people place an incredible amount of authority into the President or Prime Minister of their country.  There’s a whole group of people who will agree with whatever a President says.  It doesn’t matter what the evidence, you don’t question a President.

Even if you don’t like your current President whoever he or she is, he or she’s going to have more sway over your political opinions if he personally sat down with you- as opposed to a random homeless guy who just scrambled out of a dumpster.

We place authority into celebrities.  That’s why television commercials love to get their hands on celebrities to endorse their products.  That’s why George Foreman can sell cooking grills even though the two have almost nothing to do with one another.

When we perceive a person to be an authority figure, we tend to let go and surrender our critical judgment to whatever they have to say.

The Three Ingredients

You need rapport, trust, and authority to get the woman’s critical factor quiet and settle down.

With enough rapport, trust, respect, and authority you can reprogram a woman’s lifetime of beliefs that sex is bad in one single moment when you tell her otherwise.

Also keep in mind that any woman can be hypnotized.  How suggestible a woman is has no relation to how gullible, trusting, submissive, or compliant she is.  People who are hypnotized easily are not dumb or gullible.

In fact, if a woman is easily hypnotized, all it means is that she absorbs information quickly and efficiently and is comfortable in letting go of that critical factor to take in new beliefs and new information.  Easily hypnotized women are often particularly intelligent because they’re efficient absorbers of what’s around them.

Hypnotic Inductions Aren’t Necessary For Trance Sex

During sex, all the requirements for hypnosis are met.

When a woman is having sex with her man, she has positive rapport with her lover, at least on some level.

For a woman to have sex with you, it presupposes she trusts you.  Women generally won’t have sex with a man unless on some level she trusts him.

And that trust is intensified during sex, because she’s giving herself at the deepest level.  During sex, you could get her pregnant and she’s putting her whole genetic lineage on the line with your genes.  That takes an incredible level of trust and surrender for a woman.

When you’re with a woman in bed she has authority and respect for you.  If she’s your lover, she looks up to you.  She takes into account your opinions and they matter to her.  She’ll change her beliefs and her habits just to better match yours and to win your approval.

And with rapport, trust, authority, a woman feels relaxed enough to let go, to surrender into an altered state.  It’s not the altered state of feeling deeply relaxed like in traditional hypnosis, but the altered state of feeling sexual Bliss.

So you don’t ever need to do a formal hypnotic induction on a woman to get her back to that age of five years old where her critical factor vanishes and everything can become real and true for her again.  A formal hypnotic induction like “You are getting very sleepy” or “You are getting very relaxed” is completely unnecessary.

Simply get her into a sexually charged state.  That’s an easy one, just have sex with her, so that she’s in the altered state of hypnosis, and her critical factor will go quiet.

And it’s in this state of hypnosis, a highly suggestible, highly charged sexual state, a state naturally occurring when she’s having regular sex, that you will train your woman and install new programming.

A formal hypnotic induction is not necessary to allow a woman to experience new roles and new identities, or to have an instant orgasm on command.  Just having rapport, trust, and authority so that she enjoys the sex with you enough to go into the altered state of lovemaking is all that’s necessary.

Of course, if she despises you and just has sex to get it finished with, or she sees you as wimp to walk all over, her critical factor will not quiet down even during sex.

So it’s important to only start a hypnosis training program with a woman in a relationship that’s already healthy enough where there’s a climate of mutual trust and respect, or in a new relationship with a woman whom you’ve just recently met and who sees you as fresh and new and exciting with that starry-eyed young love in her eyes.

Is Hypnotizing Women For Sex Possible?

Hypnosis is when the woman’s critical factor is put asleep and new thoughts and behaviors and programming can enter in without the critical factor blocking it.

Hypnotized subjects are like very young kids.  They’re playful and imaginative and can fully embrace all kinds of suggestions they’d normally be very embarrassed at.

Whatever you experience under hypnosis is perceived as direct sensory input just as if you were actually doing it, just as if you were actually having the experience.

And when a woman is in a state of hypnotic trance, unlike merely pretending or playacting a sexual fantasy, her feelings and experiences of happiness, excitement, lust, and pleasure feel real and genuine.  Through hypnosis, you can create new realities for a woman that engage her emotions on every level.

Her skin’s sense of touch will be heightened.

You can trigger erotic sensations like the taste of chocolate, the touch of feathers, or the smell of rose petals.

She’ll be able to let go of sexual hang-ups that might normally inhibit her.

She’ll take part in highly imaginative, pleasurable sex that she would normally never allow herself to do.

In a state of hypnosis, she’ll tune out worries and doubts that would normally keep her “bad girl behavior” in check.

In a state of hypnosis that little voice that normally says, “This isn’t me,” or “What if I look like a slut” is turned off.

She can think anything you want her to think.  And if you guide her to it vividly and intensely enough, she can BE anything you want her to be.  A woman can imagine any role or reality she desires.  If she imagines it vividly enough while the filter of her critical factor is turned off, she can become and believe that role or reality.  Anything can be made real and true to her.

We’re not talking about acting or role playing.  You can actually make fantasies and roles vivid and shockingly real in her mind.

Want her not just to imagine, but truly believe, that she’s a virgin again?

Want her not to just act, but become your own personal stripper?

Want her not to just put up with going down on you, but actually have an orgasm herself every time she gives you a blowjob?

Look at it this way.  Much of what we think of as our identities as to whom we are or what we’re allowed to do or be is really an illusion inside our own heads.

No one’s stopping you from being a whole other person.  One time I dressed up in a crazy rock star get up, leather pants, exaggerated South Beach glasses, necklaces, leather boots, spikes on my wrists, dyed spiked hair, and a crazy shirt that listed the Seven Sins and I walked into a Kinko’s copier store.  Two girls came up to me asking what band I was in.

Likewise, a woman acts as prudish or as sexual to the extent that she believes her identity is.  What she calls reality is only what she has made up about herself.

But in truth, a woman’s reality is infinitely plastic and she can be whatever or whoever she wants to be.  And when you learn to tap into that deeper level of the woman’s mind, watch out.

Because once that faucet starts to drip, it quickly turns into a gush and then the whole damn breaks.  And once that happens, your woman won’t be able to wait to explore and try new fantasies and roles with you.

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  1. When I was a 19-year-old woman, I met my boyfriend. Six years later, we are still together. When I was 19, I was a shy virgin. But he smiled, was friendly, was smart, and was witty. He made me feel calm, comfortable, safe, and trusting. Our first date was a casual dinner and movie. Afterward, we went to his dorm room. His roommate was out of town for the weekend, so we had the room to ourselves, and he offered a backrub. I lay down on his bed, and I felt warm and relaxed as he ran his hand along the back side of my shirt. After 15 minutes, his hand slipped up inside the back of my shirt, rubbing my back’s skin directly. It was unexpected, but pleasant, and I felt excited and trusting, so I welcomed it. Another 5 minutes later, his fingers unhooked my bra, and I realized that I actually wanted this to happen. Without saying a word, I rolled over onto my back, unbuttoned my shirt, tossed my shirt and bra to the floor, and unzipped my blue jeans. He took my cue as trust in his authority. He pulled my blue jeans off, then my panties, and he quickly removed his clothes. “Let’s not risk pregnancy,” he whispered. “Are you willing to have anal sex tonight?” I replied, “Yes.” He used his saliva to wet his hand and to lube his cock. Then, he drooled saliva directly onto my anus. I was so horny and I spread my legs. He placed his cock against my anus, and he said, “I am concerned that anal might hurt you.” So I replied, “I don’t care about my pain tonight. I only care about your pleasure. I want you to feel free to fuck my asshole as hard and as deep and as long as you want — and to fill my ass with as much cum as you want. Please don’t hold back. If I scream, slap my face. If I moan, fuck my ass harder.” And so he did. For the next four hours, he not only took my anal virginity, he fucked my asshole non-stop, cumming 12 times deep inside of my ass and yet always staying hard. His shaft was thick and stretched my sphincter muscles painfully wide, but I embraced the pain and begged him to fuck my ass harder and deeper. He was pumping my ass 100 times per minute, and after the four hours I figured he had given me a total of 24,000 anal thrusts at a rate of 6,000 anal thrusts per hour. It was amazing and he would cum about once every 20 minutes. By the end, my anus was gaping open about 2 inches wide and some excess cum was oozing out and forming a white pool of sticky liquid on the bed sheet between my thighs. His erect 11-inch cock was coated with a mixture of white liquid and brown solid matter. I instinctively took his cock into my mouth and sucked on his shaft. I kept licking and sucking on every square millimeter of the surface of his cock — and I swallowed all of that mixture as I sucked his shaft clean. It was our first night together — and since then, we have had more than 2,000 such nights over the past six years. It never gets old and I look forward each day to the excitement that the evening will bring.

  2. Hi I’m sexually attracted to my mom and I really want to have sex with her. I always fantasize about having sex with her and I wanna find a way how to do it. If you can help please reply

    1. Hi Marc. I was in the same boat. My mother is sexy as hell. As a kid I always stole her panties and snuck in to watch her have sex and shower. I started having sex with her when I was 26. She caught me with her panties and punished me by sitting on my face. I just got lucky.

      1. Some women like you are just dry and frigid. Others want sex mouring ,noon and night .

    1. Hi Marc. I was in the same boat. My mother is sexy as hell. As a kid I always stole her panties and snuck in to watch her have sex and shower. I started having sex with her when I was 26. She caught me with her panties and punished me by sitting on my face. I just got lucky.

    1. This is disturbing, if you want to go to jail on rape convictions, listen to this creep. Look up the lwater who got 12 years on a plea deal, otherwise he would have done 25.

    2. Because this guy is a creepy rapist. He probably would have had a promising career back in the 60”s, fucking with people’s minds for the CIA.

    3. Actually many people struggle with orgasm, having sex is easy, but reaching orgasm is quite difficult. So hypnosis enables that to be achieved. Now all parties should be consenting adults and aware of the intent prior to hypnosis, ethically speaking. I haven’t found any one who has no memory of an event either, so they may do it, but later they will recall it and then you have real issues.

  3. So this may actually work on my Aunt Peggy. We often get carried away in speaking pretty “dirty” to one another but we both laugh it off as being nothing more than a joke. It’s not a joke however because I end up getting turned on by the thoughts of having incredible sex with her. She brags about her past sexual partners always come back to see her wanting to have sex with her but more specifically they really enjoy how great she is at giving blowjobs. I love being blown to completion! She never gets angry, uncomfortable, or creeped out by her cleavage hypnotizing me to the point I stare right into her chest without even realizing I’m doing it and she will laugh and send a message to me from Earth to come back home. She has seen me become very aroused in our flirting and talking about sexual things with her. I can definitely feel the sexual tension between us and I have told her rather candidly I am not only open to having sex with her but I think about having sex with her often. My ex girlfriend used to role play with me while having sex. She one time all of sudden took on the likeness of my aunt. She didn’t look something like my aunt but exactly like my aunt. That gf at the time then asked me where did all that come from all of a sudden, “You’ve never fucked me like that before. It was fantastic but at the same time made her very jealous.

    From what I gathered in reading the article was we men need to get the women into bed to hypnotize them. So my question now is how do I get her to not only talk about blowing me or having sex with me to actually feeling comfortable going through with it?

    1. Hi Kevan: Hypno sex not only works but is fantastic. If you are still looking for answers I will be glad to assist. Reply and I will get back to you. My lady enjoys 10 minute orgasms.

  4. So in any kind of hypnosis you can make them do what you want will they know what there doing will they remember it?

  5. hello Jesse I have been under a spell because I was in a relationship with a man who is all you mentioned He did all the right things & had me travel across the ocean to be with him. I wanted him so intensely & fell in love with this wonderful caring beautiful man who met all my expectations who was surely my soul mate. I wanted his DNA to be a part of me for always & yes I wanted to please him sexually totally Once I found out he was married & had been hypnotising women online for a hobby I did lose trust. His wife lived near by while he had his house where he shared women with other men I then felt he had used hypnosis on me for reasons that weren’t to bring us closer for a loving relationship He even spoke of me being his wife one day .. His sick wife is always an excuse as to now not to keep in touch with me I am heart broken after 3 trips to Florida to see him & be with him He was too busy saying it was his wife’s health that needed his time but that he loved me. Yes I did feel good about his taking me apart & making me feel sexy & fulfilled through hypnosis but it has left me with such sadness as I see I was just a pawn in his game after giving all of myself loving him unconditionally And I still do amidst million of tears. I cry daily missing him but I realise he is addicted to this game he plays & there is no future for us because he has decided what he wants & isn’t me.. I feel the hypnosis was all lies to gain my trust & love. And for what -why just control or to destroy me by breaking my heart.?? I have made copies of the 14 months he was hypnotising me but fear if I play them I will truly go to pieces. I feel cheated really Jesse. Used & in a way abused. My love treated shabbily all so he could hypnotise me. Honing his skill!———- flying low to the ground! I wonder how you will accept my response!

  6. Dude kinda says the same shit in 25 different ways, that just deacribes my normal sex life, if your good in bed. Never really says how to do anything, or provides usefull information at all.

  7. Hi, I want my wife hypnotised to participate in group sex, she won’t approve otherwise and don’t want her remembering doing so. Help please !

    1. She doesn’t want to engage in group sex. Any attempt to get her to do somethign she really doesn’t want to do will result in a loss of trust.

  8. I would like to have my wife hypnotized..

    I don’t want to learn how to do it… some of the responses suggest has taken many years to master..

    Please contact me to make arrangements.

  9. Totally awesome techniques! You can get any chick to do anything you want, once under! Even if she is totally against it usually 😈

  10. You’re SO Darn Right!

    I found out, learned painfully, what you said about women in the last ten paragraphs of that post (even though some of those ‘paragraphs’ were just single lines). I found it out before during and after my first and only wife (I was her number four, and she went on to at least number 5, true story!).

    Anyway what blew me away was that she could actually ‘change physical ‘Reality” just by however she ‘felt’ about it. I can’t say how utterly shocked I was making that discovery. I learned three things about women.
    1. They are not ‘logical’ or ‘rational’ creatures. 2. They Need Constant Reassurance of your love. 3. They ‘change reality’ to fit their feelings’. But number 3 also comes under ‘logic’. Which they don’t have… well that’s not exactly true, but they seem to be only ‘rational’ or ‘logical’ if their emotions are in a state of peace or equilibrium, true for all of us but extremely true for them, just like ‘we are all equal’ but some are just ‘more equal’ than others!

    I have not interest in picking up women one way or another, they are just a ‘hobby’ of mine…

    Along those lines you might be interested in a book that you may or may not know about called ‘The Inevitability of Patriarchy’ and it’s sequel ‘Why Men Rule’ by Stephen Goldberg who was at the City College of New York, he may be ‘Emeritus’ now.

    Glad that I stumbled across your web site and the information!

  11. I don’t about sex, i just learned from my friends. There are both good and bad things in sex. we want to appeal it in a right way to correct the destination of our thoughts. There are more rapid actions and accidents are happened in the world during sex and dating with others. Our dream and present life are not the same, so keep every step in your life with good attention. Thanking You! for my contribution in you webpage.

    1. I don’t know about sex, i just learned from my friends. There are both good and bad things in sex. we want to appeal it in a right way to correct the destination of our thoughts. There are more rapid actions and accidents are happened in the world during sex and dating with others. Our dream and present life are not the same, so keep every step in your life with good attention, a lot of incidents will happen in our life which leads to great caution. Thanking You! for my contribution in you webpage.

      1. There is nothing at all that makes sex bad. That is your conditioning which has created that as a belief for you. Sex is good. It’s supposed to make both sexual partners feel really good. All our sexual hang ups are merely illusions that we then project upon sex and other human beings.

  12. Yes ! a women will fall into a sexual trace & ready for seduction , if you are in the sexual trance with her . She want’s you to go for it (got it ) she wants you to help her get there . Just being there and talking sexual metaphors (nothing dirty) makes her think about what it could be like if she fucked you.
    She may turn away and pretend that she doesn’t notice that your there But that’s because she want’s to test you to see if you’ve got the balls to attempt to seduce her. Don’t stalk her she’ll think your jack the raper. Be a little forward but don’t be pushy don’t stand to close and a little to one side. Reach out to shake her hand when she takes your hand turn your hand palm up so that her hand is on top of yours , squeeze her hand gently so she’ll feel your strength but not enough to over power her grasp. Look directly into her eyes but don’t stare. it’s ok to say something stupid , like Remember me we met in my dreams.

    1. I want my wife to get hypnotized to give me a blowjob all the time. To love to suck only my cock and loves my cum. I want her to believe that she always did this but just loves it now.

    2. Hey Jesse, thanks for the subject, a very interesting one, actually. But then again, I think the article doesn’t meet the expectations set by the headlines. You talk about the prerequisites to hypnotize sb sexually. But then you don’t tell the reader how exactly this will be achieved. The same goes for the question if one could seduce sb to having sex. The question has not being answered by the content following the headline. It is rather a description of the desired situation and It is lacking crucial information or further resources for the reader. Your other articles are good but this one is not coherent, sorry. Hence, I would suggest you rewrite it. Thanks for accepting this critique!

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