So Which Country Has The Hottest Women?

Having traveled all over the world, I can shed some light on this question of which countries have the hottest babes.

I always wondered too, is there a country out there with genetically freakishly hot women??

That question was always in the back of my mind, so whenever I traveled I took notes!

And some guys have such strong opinions about this…

Some guys swear the hottest women are to be found in Brazil, that it’s crawling with beach-body babes everywhere.

Some men claim the hottest babes are in Sweden.

Others talk fondly of Estonia or Latvia; Colombians and Venezuelans also have the reputation for being very hot.

Well, having travelled to all these countries and more, I can reveal to you the secret…

So where are the 8s, 9s, and Perfect 10s…

First, you have to realize that the majority of women in ANY country are mostly “7s”.

At least that’s what I’ve seen.  No matter how hyped up the country was for beautiful women (Brazil and Sweden come to mind), I found that the vast majority of girls actually looked very usual and average… average faces with average bodies and dressed quite average.

It doesn’t matter where you travel to. This, I’ve found from first-hand experience, is the case.

The Rose Colored Glasses Effect

When you first walk-off the airplane to a new country, you’re looking at the new city and new people through “rose-colored glasses”.

You’re excited, you’re pumped up, and you have raised expectations.  Every girl looks exotic and super hot.

Whenever I’ve first landed in a country, I’m going nuts, amazed at the beauty of the local women.

But also when I’ve hit a new country, I’ve stayed in a city there for at least two weeks; sometimes up to 3 months.

And what I’ve found is that the “newbie-rose-colored-glasses” effect wears off after a while.  The initial excitement came from ME, and not the girls per se.  And the beauty of the women is actually comparable to anywhere else you go in the world.

Most of the eligible women are “7s”, more or less.

And 1% of women comprise the “9s” and “10s”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Stockholm, or Budapest, Sao Paulo, or Miami.  It’s pretty much all the same anywhere you go.

Sweden has a few super babes.  Brazil has a few super babes.  The U.S. has some super babes.  Colombia has a few super babes.  Germany has a few super babes.

It doesn’t matter WHAT country you’re in, it’s pretty much the same thing all around: really hot girls are a very *small percent*, regardless of the country’s “reputation” for having hot chicks.

The question is, How much time have you got?

If you want to meet a really hot 9 or 10 in a foreign country, it probably won’t happen if you’ve only got a week or two to visit.

Instead, it’s more effective to EMBED yourself in a particular city of your liking for 3 months or more, learn the language, and really work the scene.

In other words, it doesn’t matter WHERE you are if you’re after “9s and 10s”, so much as the time and focus you can put into working the one city.

Even if say, the women of Riga are empirically hotter than Parisian women on average, you’re still FAR better off in Paris if you can speak some French and you’ve got a few months to get to know the city.

But if you can speak some Latvian and you’re on a tight spending budget, you’re better off in Latvia for hooking up with a hot girl.

Because in either country, the vast majority of the women will be quite normal looking.  It’s up to your GAME to get the 9s and 10s.

Which is exactly why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, so that you can walk into any social party or social situation, regardless of what city or country you’re living in, and pull out the superstar glitter girls *without* having to rely on complicated routines or “verbal tricks”.  Just click on THIS link here to get instant access to the program.

As for which city is best for meeting women, you’re better off vacationing in or traveling to cities that you enjoy for the country’s culture, it’s affordability, logistical ease, and climate or outdoor opportunities.  Learn the language, and then stay for as long as you can and embed yourself deep.

Then it won’t matter which country you’re in… you’re going to meet and bed that super hottie!

161 thoughts on “So Which Country Has The Hottest Women?”

  1. In my opinion Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany (Mostly the North) and Czech republic have the most beautiful women.. there are also many beautiful women in Finland, Iceland, Poland, Austria and The Baltic States but the % is not as high as in the other countries mentioned previously… I guess I just have a thing for blondes lol.

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  3. Good post Jesse, I prefer Brazilian chic girls with big butt, russian babe and the Indian chic with looks of girls from the state of kerela I think. What i hate is girls using too many cosmetics to pull off a bigger 7-8 pointers. I give it that girls definitely need to get to know the cosmetics to apply and the proportions needed to use. But yeah with that knowledge a 5 pointer pretends to be a 8 pointer. Strip the tints off and you realize what you just landed up with. Being fashionable is ok but cosmetic make ups are just unacceptable! Structural appeal means a lot! I am not attracted to obese girls.

    1. try Dhaka, Bangladesh in February. Specially the diplomatic area in Dhaka. I think jesse will have a good idea of the subcontinent. also try the longest beach in the world: coxbazar.

  4. Yes, they are. It greatly depends upon the part of country that you visit. As of me, I first visited Delhi (capital) stayed there, wentover to chandigarh and then went to Jaipur. This was one side of north India.
    On my second tour, I happened to visit south india and that was one horrible mistake. Its nice if you want to see temples and stuff like that but south india is totally different from north india. totally means so totally. While returning from my first tour, i felt like wanking off on the plane itself. Damn, if you want to get some really good looking chicks then go to north india, not SOUTH. Its like 8 out of 10 in south are black while 8 out of 10 in north are brown or somewhat fair.

    1. For India, it greatly depends upon the part of country that you visit. As of me, I first visited Delhi (capital) stayed there, wentover to chandigarh and then went to Jaipur. This was one side of north India.
      On my second tour, I happened to visit south india and that was one horrible mistake. Its nice if you want to see temples and stuff like that but south india is totally different from north india. totally means so totally. While returning from my first tour, i felt like wanking off on the plane itself.

      1. Firstly why discriminate by color. Its so racist! Secondly I found south Indians to be much more educated and rational than the north Indians with unpredictable mood swings as I saw from my educational tour. There are so many colleges in south! Almost all south indians were able to speak english even the people in small shops understood what I said in south but it was not so in the north – had very bad experience conveying what i wanted to say and the girls had too many mood swings and aren’t as ‘wanky looking’ as bob is describing =/.Northerners were kinda threatening too. I got too many uncomfortable glances in the north as there weren’t many places where white skinned people can make their stay. In south there were so many white people working with many institution some for spiritual reasons too so I wasn’t getting that kind of glares and my stay was enjoyable so much hospitality with assertive sense.

        As far as color goes I have seen a mix of fair and brown skinned women in both places. Whats the point of bragging about white skinned obsession bob has come to have when I have seen both women and find this information incoherent in content as well. I did meet some dark skinned women in mumbai, delhi and chennai. They look like a ginger colored Latina or Brazilian! And I find their features interesting too. I found women in India and brazil almost so similar. Visited 2 southern most states and I find what bob said to be so untrue even if he is taking a dig at the colors I would say he got it wrong! Comparing Delhi both the south states were great! And I saw so many white skinned Indian chics i really doubted if it was the same India I was touring! Girls in the western part of south were sooo damn hot and amazing!

  5. An interesting debate! I’ve been to a few places and the country I saw with the best variety of good looking girls was Canada. Everything was there for all preferences from tall blonde bombshells to cute Asian types.

  6. Hi all! THis is great topic. I’ve visited 37 countries so far and noticed that there are beauties everywhere but some countries the percentage of hotties is higher than in other. One interesting country to consider (won’t be number one but could be in the top-5) is Finland. Most agree that Sweden and Russia has super hot ladies. Well, Finland is actually a compination of those two countries as most Finns have roots from Sweden and from Russia. Finnish women are also known to be the most promiscuous in the world as here the girl’s who have one-night stands aren’t considered to be sluts/whores.

    Countries that are usually on the list are: USA, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Slovakia, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada and Germany. Of course depends what you like. I love big booty and tits but don’t like fat girls. Three countries that really stand out to me are (not in any order): India, Brazil and USA.

    The countries that should be higher on the list as there are a lot of beauties are Lebanon and Greece. France, England and Italy have a lot of true beauties too but also a lot of not-so-attractive women. The hottest girl I’ve met was a Mexican girl but in general Mexican women didn’t impress me.

  7. Obviously there is a large element of personal taste in this issue. If you like dark skin girls, with curly hair and curvaceous figures you are going to prefer the Latin hotties to Northern Europeans. If you like blonde girls with a lot of make-up and a plastic/porno kind of look your going to prefer Anglo-American girls.
    Question? What group of girls have long, well muscled and toned legs, a slim waste, and plenty of tits and ass……
    Answer….Black girls…..mixed race girls…..They have the hottest bodies however you look at it…..An average black girl will have a body of a ‘hot’……and the hottest black and mixed race girls have bodies that are simply in a league of their own……

  8. In my view this is pretty much a useless endeavour. Why? Because the Gaussian bell curve rules everywhere in the world. The rest is in the eye of the beholder.

  9. i have read all your comments but let me tell you i have traveled this world especially Europe,far east,Africa and south America but dam mm Ugandan girls a dam hot they a naturally beautiful no make up

  10. Chicks in Philippines is the most sexiest all over the world,,the hight is in the middle not too high and not too small,,,color is perfect not white and not black,,,balance morena tanned. they are smart,,,,lovable sweet,,,and best good in sex,,,,,,,..

  11. my whatsapp id for beautifull girls is +918288821210 .
    i thought every girl , women is beautifull 😉 😉 😉

  12. I prefer women with nice features like DDs, hourglass figure or close to that and a big butt rather than skin color. It’d be cool to know where to find these features which my country lacks. I also don’t think Mexico is the right place to find hot girls with awesome physique.

  13. All women are hot and beautiful but the most important point of all is how one looks after herself in behaviour, moral, character, cleanliness, and presentation. Women are all human beings but any woman from any country whether beautiful, or hot to a degree of 100% or even to 1000% but lack all that I pointed out above believe me you will be wasting all your time and money plus other inputs looking for that hotness.

    1. Through millions of years of evolutionary selection, men are programmed to find certain traits attractive. You might not like that fact, but that’s the way it is. How you wish things were doesn’t change reality.

  14. To me it’s India, Iran and also there are some very beautiful black girls in African countries too. If a girl has nice features and very dark skin it’s really beautiful and exotic 😉

  15. O.K I been reading most of these opinion while i have an opinion of my own..I saw Brazil Sweden and India as the top contender.
    Am I suprised hell no but I would placed Russia and Iran amongst the Top 5 of the world most attractive women.. to add another 5 would be Argentina Lebanon Columbia Ukaranian Venezuelian

    1. Randy

      I am agree with you, Indian girls are having nice features, Beautiful face, pretty and cute with lot of covers and very hot in bed. You can got to any of the big cities in India you will find beautiful women every where. I stayed in New Delhi during spring and I seen beautiful girls every where, In Metro / Subway, Malls even all the women staff of my Hotel (Park Plaza on Parliament street) even middle Aged woman are looks beautiful and sexy and well mannered.

      Indian Men are Lucky They got the faithful women Too. In my opinion Indian woman are the most faithful and family oriented. Men are their Faithful and family orientation. They value to Families and relations

  16. Nice post Jesse..I personally think brazilians are the hottest though have never been there. To me, being hot is 30% bodily features, 30% looks and rest 40% goes to attitude! What say? 😆

    1. Then you are on the wrong website if you plan on getting a guy if you are a guy, Chad Marcou. The intent of this website is for MEN to get WOMEN and not for MEN to get MEN, so unless the other Jesse says otherwise, perhaps it would be best if you sought out a website that had catered more to your needs?

    1. I disagree about Mexican girls, most of the one’s I’ve seen so far are ugly or shapeless with flat chests.

  17. Of course were probably gonna say a country that were not natives of because we absolutely love exotic. You just get tired of the same so you wanna try something new. I might have to say its either Brazil or Costa Rica. Costa Rican women are the nicest in the world and also the happiest so its pretty easy to get on their good side, also very good looking since its in a warm area. Brazilians obviously because of the mixed ethnicities and bangin bodies

  18. wassup jesse i’ve been reading all your articles they really helpful u should write a book bruh nd if ya looking for some good ass girl take a trip to haiti that’s where im from homie or Jamaica

  19. Beaitiful women for everyone is what they are attracted towards..for example what i find extremely attractive might not bear truth to so many others..However for me a woman that is tanned is my kind she gotta have the golden tan preferbly a natural ones not the ones that fade away in the winter ha ha…so for the win ill settle for Hispanic and Indian..these chicks got it all man not all of them but the majority of them can be overwhelmed..

  20. Ok if you like hot tall naturally blond amazing beautiful women, you have to visit the Netherlands city Amsterdam! OMG they are gorgeous and friendly and easy to talk. They like biking and stay fit. Is true, attractive girls are everwhere.But thise women are warm and nice.Netherland is also land of immigrants. they have also a lots of amazing beautiful mix women.Netherland is in the top 10 of beautiful women. Visit Amsterdam, and you want to stay forever!

  21. This is kind of an interesting question and something to ponder. In my view Australia once had the hottest women on the planet and it used to be mentioned a lot by visiting celebrities. I would even speculate that the Gold Coast was once not unlike Eastern Europe for quality. Like most Western countries you really have to look to see a stunner. While the number of hbs is probably smaller in recent years, a new type of stunner is emerging, sporty women who are bigger and shapely. The gym or sporty look is becoming more common as more women are into fitness. Countries with the most gyms are likely to have this type of women.

  22. how can you say that most women are 7’s? that makes no sense and a lot of people seem to think this way. the best way to measure womens hotness is via standard distribution. this way the ‘average’ woman is between 4 and 6. the vast majority of girls are in this category and the further you get away from the middle the less and less instances of it there are. theres no such thing as a 10, because no woman can be totally perfect without having some miniature flaw somewhere. at the same time there no such thing as a 0, because no woman can be 100% undesirable in every aspect of her physicality. to say that most women are 7’s is stupid because its not the average, so you cant say its an average woman if they’re above average hotness. otherwise the scale would have to be changed

  23. I disagree with the guys who say Colombian women are ugly. I’m a member of several Latin-American dating websites that have Colombian women as member. None of them are obese, most are in good shape, and the older ones are more attractive than older American women. I have corresponded with over 100 women and they have a sweetness and pleasantness that is sorely lacking from American women I meet. They mostly don’t have the arrogance and conceit that many Western women have.

  24. I would totally disagree that most of the available women in the US are 7s. I think most in the category of available would be around a 5 or MAYBE a 6. I think the simple facts about people in the USA are very clear. Something like 24% are now considered to be obese. I do not see how any obese person could be considered to be of above average looks (and yes, 7 is above average).

    Having also traveled the world quite extensively, I would agree that you can find really incredible looking women almost everywhere (with the possible exception of Mexico). And I get the fact that each guy will have there own personal favorites. As for me, I was absolutely amazed at many of the women in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and even Poland. There are also some really hot looking German ladies as well, although there is also a high proportion of overweight women here (I think that this is pretty much true throughout the Western world). There are also pockets throughout South America. For example, I would suggest that anyone interested try Colombia. Each city seems to have their own characteristic look: those on the coast have more darker skinned and even black women, inland in places like Medellin and Bogota you will see more fair skinned women.

    I guess the bottom line is to each his own. Just stay away from the overweight American women!

  25. Colombian girls are ugly as f#ck. I’m not counting supermodels or rare exceptions. Look at sites with pics of them- 98% amazing butts, then you see the face and they are DOG UGLY. It’s like they’re were selected evolutionarily for butts and no one cared about the face. WOOF!

  26. Hey Jesse. What a great debate this is. I’m a well travelled guy and for my money the country with the highest percentage of pretty chicks is the DR. Columbia is nice but as a brother I prefer tan skin and serious curves. I often refer to the Dominican Republic as “the poor man’s brazil.” A friend of mine also recommends Armenia and all those former Russian countries. Kim K. look alikes I guess. Thanks

  27. I think beuty is in the mind of the person who looks.If u close look you can atleast some beuty factor in every humanbeing.

  28. I think that every culture has beauty! But I think Canada has a lot of naturel beautiful women coming from all kinds of cultures. It seems the American men love us;)

  29. I love how everyone from Australia talks so much about Miranda Kerr as if you go there you’re going to find a girl just like that.. just like the US, not all girls there look like that. SO @ Australian braggers over here, you do have some amazing beautiful woman just like every other country has there share of celebrities. I absolutely adore Miranda Kerr, she is a 10 to me far better looking than a lot of American celebrities. But to say that Australians are better than Americans, you are far off on that one. I do love the Australian style as well. There are a lot of great things about Australian culture but don’t be so “American” and stop bragging about your country 😉

  30. i have had alot of pretty women but i dont thank there is none finer than the one on this page posed on palm tree were is she from her but is a 10,

  31. I can tell you peru has some of the ugliest women in the world!! But to me beauty is one thing and attitude is another…The most beautiful women I’ve ever seen were in florinopolis brazil (Im talking sitting on a bus stop bench and looking at how beautiful the average girl walking by is), but they were all pretty standoffish, so I wish they were ugly!! Colombian girls are my personal favorite..many are open to threesomes, and kinky sex(if you get her hot, she will fuck you in the nearest bathroom). And in the small towns around Cali it is the best, Bogota is the worst-you would not believe the downright dirty and perverted porn girls from cali send me. Venezuelans are more open still..but kind of strange and not nearly as pretty(they win more miss universes because they are more willing to do plastic surgery than anyone else I think). I havent been to eastern europe although ive had a few experiences with them, extremely beautiful and sexual, but less of the sensual latin charm that I like so much.

  32. I think east indian and spanish are the most beautifull women in the world.East indians are a mix of european white and dark-skinnned indians.They are indo-europeans.The east indian girls are both beautifull light skinned white and beautifull dark-skinned brown and black(indian black not african black.).Same thing with beautifull spanish girls they are beautifull light-skinned and beautifull dark-skinned.I also love beautifull american white girls and beautifull american black girls.Beautifull chinese girls are cute too.

  33. OK I am a Brazilain guy and it’s intresting to see so many places on the net everyone put Brazil women in the number 1 spot.
    it’s cause our women are desendants of many races mainly German Italian Spanish Indian you mix these races up you get the best of the world.. however on a personal I think the hottest women I ever saw is 2011 top female model on FHM her name is Shashi Naidoo.. check her out guys shes from South Africa but of Indian Descent.. man shes one hotty.

  34. I love visiting India on business you get to really appreciate what beauty really is and what it’s meant…
    i just came across thi thread and for of you who dont know i invite you to visit Indian in the big cities here there are tons of very attractive women at my hotel reception even to the maid whom is a few years my senior but still have that sexiness… on tv dayumm not even mentioning the bollywood industry..As an American i think they get my vote. hands down i know what i saw…

  35. Oh this is a fake name btw so you cant look me up anyway. I don’t dig on old fat creeps… I have enough hot creeps in my phone! freaky enough. Plus my boyfriend would hate that lol.

  36. One thing i think you are missing in this post is how tightly grouped the population is to the average (the ‘standard deviation’ of hotness, say). I’ve traveled my fair share through the anglo world (still workin on the rest), and one thing i thought that was completely bizzarre about Lausanne, Switzerland is that, whereas they may not have had the most ’10’s of anywhere, the population was closely clustered around the 8-9 range. I would have made a move on 95% of people in my age range without hesitation.

    Now, i took a trip across Lake Geneva to the French side of it and this was completely opposite. In the course of the whole day i didn’t see anyone above a 6. What Tue said earlier about the historic economic status, lifestyle, etc. i believe would play a big role. This is largely a walking city – with use of public transportation. Switzerland has been known to be prosperous and stable.

  37. Hey guys! I like this post a lot… Because I want to travel to experience great women.

    I am latin, I have good success with women from where I am. I am from Central America. Women here arent that hot. I’ve travelled to L.A. Had great success there in one weeked. Women were beautiful but not so horny.

    I went to Australia, but women there are pretty fucking cold, even though they are very hot, so Australia is defo a no no to go, just if you guys are interested in going there.

    I had a German girlfriend, she was gorgeous and overall a great girl. So I decided to go and visit her. She lived in a small town. She was one of the hottest in her town. BUT, there were plenty of gorgeous girls there, but the thing is that I was praised there because I was latin, so I felt like a fucking rockstar there because women there were pretty fucking horny. I mean I get this reaction wherever I am, but women there were beautiful so that I could easily got laid there if it wasnt for my girlfriend. I was offered a threesome within 10 minutes of going into a club.

    So my question to the travellers is the following: Where do you find hot women that are the most upright and straight foreward when it comes to sex? I am talking strictly Europe because being latin there is an extra special for them there, so you got to use everything that is in your side.

    Thanks guys,

    Take care 😉

  38. At my office this hot looking and very sofisticated indian girl work there the day she got hired i know all the guys will be competeing for her attention…
    dayumm she is so fine like there is absolutely nothing to compalint about she have it all going…..
    my best friend just engage to one who is also stunning maybe it’s me but the ones in Texas is fineeeeeeee..
    love to date one now o yes unfortunately the one we all so obsessed about happened to be married,, dayumm what a shame. life is unfair some dudes are lucky especially indian men i envy them… lol

    1. Yes, they are. It greatly depends upon the part of country that you visit. As of me, I first visited Delhi (capital) stayed there, wentover to chandigarh and then went to Jaipur. This was one side of north India.
      On my second tour, I happened to visit south india and that was one horrible mistake. Its nice if you want to see temples and stuff like that but south india is totally different from north india. totally means so totally. While returning from my first tour, i felt like wanking off on the plane itself.

  39. Indiana Jones

    I’ve traveled all over the US, Canada, Central & South America, and in my opinion the hottest women are in Colombia. It’s not even close really. In places like Medellin and Bogota I think I saw 10 hot girls for every ugly girl. That’s a pretty damn good ratio.

    The US has lots of hot women but we also have lots and lots of ugly and/or fat ones.

    In colombia no one is fat and even the chicks without pretty faces still have killer bodies. Same goes for most of south america really, but I still feel like I saw the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in Colombia. Even in old historic locations in the mountains I saw girls who were just drop-dead gorgeous.

    1. I’ve been all over colombia too, but the hottest women aren’t from there… to other readers, I wrote up an entire post on colombia so if you’re interested do a search for it and get the full scoop! :mrgreen:

  40. Also Important NO Means NO. not try harder.

    I was surprised how many girls say that and don’t mean it;
    Just avoid it here it why.

    If they mean it all you are going to do is embarrass yourself and tick them off.
    Don’t think you missed out.
    If they don’t meant it, and you instantly back off, it will turn the tables.
    Trust Me, they’ll go home with you anyway.

  41. I am a straight female meaning i have no interest in your product, but as a female I want to tell ya guys.
    How you look is not the same as being attractive. I can think of far too many instances when guys are butt ugly but have girls fawning all over them and TRUST ME it was not the beer goggle effect.
    One of them knew he was ugly but was still just AWESOME, so nobody cared.
    These guys have something in their persona that trumps their bad looks
    . A big part is confidence, with out being an asshole, knowing who you are inside and out, and getting over yourself.
    If Jesse’s stuff shows you how to put that to practice, or goes along those lines, then it works.
    Here’s something to make you think.
    A friend of mine (player, decent looks but far from gorgeous) “You can have a 2inch dick, but if you’re willing to whip it out, guaranteed you’re going to get laid.

    1. Truth, Girly, truth. I only believe in one race and that is the HUMAN race, period. I consider ALL beautiful women around the world as fair game to myself.

  42. I was moving right along with you Jesse until you commented about small town girls. I come from a small Midwest US town of 12000 people. I have traveled around the US extensively and I have been to Montreal and Trois Rivieres in Canada. The small town I live in is 35 minutes outside of a major metropolitian city. I also lived in Houston, Texas for 3 years. Houston is very culturally diverse. Now that you have my background, my point is that my small town has had times were the mix of hot women was high and then other times when it was just average. To say that it was ever bad would be way off base. At 50 years old and married I am out of the night club scene but just going to restaurants and I local stores I can still tell there are many fine ladies in our town. Compared with all the other areas of the US I would say small town USA is not bad.

  43. dont be fooled my friends they are beautiful women in every all comes down to what race you are most attracted towards..
    many people that lived in a soceity with the same type goes for variety in looks, so they look overseas.
    the hottest woman for me is my wife who in my eyes is the most attractive in the world thats why we are happily married for 15 years…

    1. Difference between women in the US and the women in overseas. The major of women in the US are overweight and fat. These overweight fat women wanna be your boss. You go to other countries around most of there slim wit good bodies and cool personalities. You see more perfect seven in other countries that u see in the US.

  44. if you visit India you will see what beauty and attractiveness really is… thses women so dayumm sexy and hot…
    more American like me need to see that country more often Ha Ha

      1. what you think, if girls expose to much that means beauty or sexy or hot…….Indian girls are more pretty, sexy and hot with cover… wont find an Indian girl with two pieces even on Beach…that does not mean they are ugly or not beautiful…………Indian girls are most beautiful women and knew how to behave with the GUESTS.

        Jesse don’t described here that exposing is beauty.

  45. Its too bad these white women are under so much pressure to please thei men..
    that they have to remove their clothes to get attention..
    An attractive woman is one that is smartly dresses..

  46. SO WHY most of you GUYS here end at the feet of a US women??? scared of them, serving them and they are running around with your best friend!

  47. Well, I do have to agree with the “rose-colored glasses” effect. I recently made a trip to Colombia (first out of country experience) b/c I had been talking to a really hot one online.

    I only made a stay for 2 days, but holy hell. Im definitely going back for longer. I still have the visions of the tan women, beautiful no matter if they were large or not. This effect is due to the new environment. But I told myself I could very easily get married or have many relationships down there. I see no problems at meeting and attracting women in this country. I dont know if it s me or what, but I have a thing for foreign women and I know for a fact I would rather marry one than an American by far, its not even close.

    I will most likely get a tourist pass and stay here for longer, learn the lingo, and yes meet many more beautiful women. What a life.

    1. Yes, and Colombian guys who visit the U.S. for a weekend go absolutely ga-ga for the girls here. They see nothing but light skinned, tall, wealthy, blondes & brunettes – or at least they’re seeing what they want to see!

  48. i am from india,and here are many hot girls (along with ugly girls too). but that is of no use to me as i am own countris girls ar not attracted to me. in my wildest dream i cant think of picking up a european/american/brazilian beauty.

  49. if u r goodlooking,then there is chance of utilizing the prsence of goodlooking women in any country,if u r ugly and fat/skinny then it is like being in a shopping mall with no money.

  50. Well, in my point of view there are other factors to take into account. Scandinavian and Eastern girls look really good while they are young, but when they get older than 25 they look older than southern Europeans women.

    In Spain the girls are really good looking in the south while in the north and east look to be more difficult to find a good looking girl. In Italy the norht in my point of view has more percentage of good looking girls than the south.

    I think it has something to do with the culture of “taking care of thenselves” rather than the race. In fact, during my last visit to Sweden, the 2 most beautiful girls that I met told me that they have not sweedish origin although they were born there.

    Greetings from Poland

  51. Interesting Read Playa! –

    I’m going to have to say Mexican Latina’s from Mexico are some of the hottest! women out there . They seem to be more humble than the one’s that were born in the U.S for a lot of reasons one of them would have to be the fact that money is not as easily earned as it is in the U.S -that plus all the help the Government gives in the U.S such as , section 8 ,un employment etc..

    Good Post though!

  52. Regarding what Randy asked about, Jesse, the story on your link is not really an example of a 50-year-old guy making out with 20 year-olds on his own. He did it because you set everything up for him and got the girl hot and wanting. It was more like a ‘trick’.

    That’s not really like a 50-year old guy going up to a young girl ALONE and making out with her, or taking her to bed, which is what I believe Randy was asking about.

    But the question is interesting – can a 50-year old balding guy really go up to any hot young woman ALONE, and get to make out with her, or have sex with young women, on a fairly regular basis, using “Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control” and no help from other people? And how many 50 year olds have done it?

  53. Good article, just found your site.

    You said, “really hot girls are a very *small percent*, regardless of the country’s “reputation” for having hot chicks.” I think some countries will have more hotter girls than other countries because of factors like attitudes towards health and fitness. Although the USA and Sweden both have hot chicks, most would probably say Sweden has more. For that reason and the fact that I’ve travelled to both countries and sampled both countries’ women, I’ve never, and will never, brag about girls from my own country (USA)

    1. Thanks Atlas. I’ve been to Sweden too, and I love the women there. But hotter than the U.S.? Hmm, it depends on WHERE you’re talking about in the U.S. If you’re from small town USA, it certainly sucks. But a big city in the U.S. has equally attractive women… in my opinion 🙂

  54. Nigeria comes readily to mind when it comes to base for 9s and 10s. The country has an amazingly great number of mind-blowing chickitos (a term for the very attractive, warm, happy, hospitable, energetic babes) diverse as the culture and rich in fun. Places as Calabar, Maiduguri, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Uyo, Yola are so fully loaded.

    1. yes i believe i went to work in calabar and came to lagos before i continue to calabar and i saw too many beautiful women, it was really unbelievable, with population of 170million is about the population of france,britain and italy put together, you should visit not all negative things you hear about nigeria is true, make sure you have a lot of dollars, very expensive place

  55. Gentelmen I would agree there are beaitufl woman all over the world, but if you really wanna experience ALL woman of the world then you come to CANADA, “TORONTO” !!! This is heaven for me! The whole world under one city! Punto y aparte.


  56. Jesse, This IS a fun topic! I spent months in The Philippines. If you’re looking for a gal who will treat you well and stay with you, even if you’re 20-years her senior, go to The Philippines and get to know the place. It takes all kinds to make a world. Some of them are fabulous, some are not. But nearly all of them are very good women, faithful in relationships and grateful for help to them and their families. This culture celebrates its sexuality in the face of the Catholic Church — and creates big warm loving families. They also are very accepting of their gay and trans-sexual .5%. When you’re nose to nose with a pretty girl who is slim and phys-fit, age 33, and looks like age 17, and is willing to make love 3 to 7 times per day, you won’t be complaining that she isn’t wearing make-up to give some features to her plane vanilla (blonde hair WHITE skin) face. And unless you’re really obsessed with TITTTTTSSSS!s!S you won’t give a damn if they’re not huge.

  57. Jesse,

    I agree with your conclusions-that there are beautiful women throughout this world, with possible exception of Romania (I, too, have traveled this world a lot).

    What I question is how your program of “Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control” would work for a 51 year old bald and ugly man like me. You are a nice-looking young American guy who has automatic game and cachet when he goes to a poor country like Estonia. It is assumed you are wealthy and you will be in demand.

    I have found that game does help in some of the lands you mention, and language skills will ALWAYS help–but, realistically, how is an ugly old fart like me going to use your program to pull these gorgeous hot 10’s that you speak of in faraway lands?

  58. Derek, This is a great topic for debate.

    I think that where the hot babes are have a lot to do with what kind of girls you like. For example, a lot of those fart-white gringos like dark women with big butts (hence they think Brazilian girls are the hottest). Other guys prefer asians (o they think Shouth east asian girls are the hottest (I think they´re disgusting).

    I personally only like blue-eyed white skinned blond/brunettes/redheads therefore I think Scandinavians are the hottest.

    Call me racist if you will, but that’s just my taste, probably because I live in Brazil where most girls are olive to dark-skinned.

    But I can understand why a Northern european would think Brazilian girls are the hottest (because they lack olive-skinned girls in that part of the world.)

    With that being said I think most us agree that Asians and black girls are the least attractive.

    1. @Ricardo
      NO, most of us do not agree and yes, I will call you a racist. My ex-girlfriend lived in Brazil for years and told me about the blatant racism some people (like you) have no problem spewing out in some parts of Brazilian society. I’m shocked to see it first-hand in your post. In this country (US), we no longer tolerate that without push-back!!!

      And for your information, there are attractive girls in every race, your personal taste notwithstanding.

    2. @Mitch,

      You’re railing against Ricardo for his “blatant racism” and yet you contradict yourself at the end of your reply that it’s a mater of his personal taste notwithstanding. I’m Asian and I ONLY like and date white blonde girls here in LA and proud of it, precisely because I can’t stand and don’t to date girls who look like me. And hundreds of millions, if not billions of guys from Asia, Africa, and elsewhere probably lust for only white blonde girls because we want something different that we didn’t have at home. That’s not a racism. That’s a PREFERENCE. What your ex-gf experienced in Brazil was discrimination or racism in daily life that probably had nothing to do with dating. Completely different topic. For me, I do think Asian and black girls are the least attractive. But that’s for ME. Nobody is saying there’s not attractive girls in every race.

  59. google travelersdigest and beautiful women


    I agree w Stockholm. HROT! But Copenhagen girls are more sweet & sexy (accesible)

    1. I agree. Tel Aviv Israel has the most beautiful women in the world.
      This is coming from a world traveler.
      I have visited to Brazil, Canada, Europe and I lived in Israel.
      I am married to an American women 🙂 and she is the HOTTEST of them all to me. But when talking of collectively and percentage of hot beautiful women.
      Israel is number 1.

  60. Hey Jesse

    Yes I do think Your wrong. Although most of the time You are right in what you write. But this time no. Simple facts:

    A survey was published a few years ago which capital had the most beautiful girls. Rio was number one (confirming your last post), Caracas number two and Copenhagen in Denmark number three. USA wasn’t on the list untill 8 with L.A. Another fact. US girls have 50 % bigger hips than European girls. Of course if you like your girls very juicy thats fantastic. I prefer mine like the pictures You usually show like the ones above. I have also travelled to most of the world and to about 40 states in the US. And of course there’s beautiful girls everywhere.

    But style (clothing), economical status, amount of plastic surgery, life style (fast food or not) and exercise do have its say on how hot women are. Brazil is known for tons plastic surgery. Copenhagen is known for everybody biking. Even potentially hot women. SO tons of biking = hot butts. England and Scotland has notoriously hidious women for example IN AVERAGE – and I have seen it with my own eyes. Of course there’s really hot women anywhere

    BUT there’s major differences: east europe, Serbia, Kroatia, Hungary,Russian etc is where you get your tall, skinny model-like with small tits (very very hot), Brazil is where you get your mostly slim (due to rice and beans menu and poverty), tanned and juicy butts (due to the african influence – more so in the north with Salvador), Scandinavia is where you get your hot blond bomb shells (due to genetics – we are almost all blond here – thats where Im from) with big breasts and blue eyes.

    The US is where You get your mix (not bad either. You can travel the world without moving) – usually with bigger breasts due to plastic and genetics mixed through time maybe and on average a bit more fat (if you like that) – and thats a scientific fact (50 % bigger hips…) and finally Asia is usually where you get your skinny girls that are actually reallly hot too but usually do not have so big breasts.

    Places to avoid if you want a huge amount of 9’s and 10’s is England/Scotland (again on average – there’s beautiful girls of course), the midwest in the US (thanks to fast food and cars=no exercise), southern Europe – you can get very lucky but its just tourists from the north (so in the summertime that is a big YES) – most native girls down there are very catholic so good luck chasing a chastity belt. Germany is so so. Sweet girls yes but hot hmmm….

    Now the most fun (and hot) girls (the ones that are not extemely religious or conservative) you’ll find in Copenhagen, LA, Rome, Rio, Bahia, Oslo (Norwegian girls are fantastic – just becareful not to impregnate any unless you want to be a daddy in Norway – they have a vicious system that will suck you dry for money – so I’ve heard) – an American posted an article in a magazine sometime ago praizing norweigian girls – and I must say yes they are like a warm cozy fire in a night of heavy snow…

    1. Um LOL at the “US has 50 percent larger hips” comment. Dude, did you check the HIP-TO-WAIST ratio, or just the hips size?
      That’s because everyone in the USA IS FAT. the hips and belly are larger, where as in europe the waists are small and the hips are slighty smaller cause they aren’t fat as shit.

      I am an aussie 6th generation (of Scandanavian heritage) and I have a .7 measurement which is tiny waist, big hips (I weight 49 kilos/102 pounds).
      I have the hour glass shape and I would technically I have smaller hips than some overweight mother of 5 in the USA. But my stomach is also tiny, my waist is 24 inches. lol. so THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE.

      So yeah fat women do have larger hips, but also big bellies, stretch marks and two chins. Do not ever compare american fatties to thin, healthy women please.
      You want hot chicks? come to AUSTRALIA. just look at me and my friends on facebook, ha. But not really cause I get creeped out enough by stalkers as it is… but seriously, everyone I know who travels says Perth has the worlds hottest girls. Just look some up on facebook f you want. perth has the hottest I promise you that! wow. Gemma Ward, Chrystal Copeland, Nicole Trufino., Miranda Kerr, Abby-Lee Kershaw… etc etc…

      1. StingoftheScorpio

        Hi, I couldnt find you :shock 🙁 …are you 6 years of age by any chance 🙄 ?

  61. Yeas Eastern Europe has very sexy women like Slovenia even, BUT the greatest amount of beautiful and sexy women all in one country is definately in South East Asia like Thailand, Philippines and less known places like Indonesia (Java). It is TOTALLY mind blowing and eye popping in those places.
    It will change you forever once you have expereinced them!!

    1. Talking about countries and hotties, my home country Nigeria is not off-listed. Though there might not be the hottest, but there are some realy hotties. Check out if you wish.

    2. Chimosky, my brother, “Nde ke mere?!” …Lol! I have to second you on ur comment about women in the land of my birth, Naija (Nigeria). The women there are gourgeous and naturally beautiful. And even more so sexy, if you are a sucker for real African women with big boobs and thick butts…all natural, I must repeat…all natural.

  62. Well, I’ve lived in different countries, like Spain and Sweden, for quite some time. Spain has an incredibly low number of beautiful women, while Sweden has an above average number of beautiful women. The averages really vary a lot.

  63. I have lived AND travelled all over the world as well and Ukraine has the highest percent of hot women in any place that I have ever been. Especially Odessa in the summer. There is a place called Arcadia there. It is right on the beach on the Black Sea. There are at least a dozen open air Night Clubs there. In the summer time it is full of thousands of phenominal women. I lived there for 5 years and the number of gorgeous women there never ceased to amaze me.

    1. Thanks. Most guys I know have strong opinions about this and what I’m saying amounts to a sort of blasphemy. Here’s a video of the hotter chicks in Arcadia in Odessa, featuring the famous Itaka nightclub.

    2. Thanks! Brings back memories. I’ve seen more hot women in an afternoon in Odessa than in the last 4 years back here in the USA. I miss Odessa!

    1. Telaviv Israel hands down has the hottest and most exotic looking women in the world! In just the 3 weeks I spent there I saw more jaw dropingly beautiful women then I’ve ever seen anywhere else in my entire life. There’s an incredible diversity of types but they’re all extremely exotic. It’s because there’s such a mixture of ethnicities that culminates in Israeli women and particularly in that city. It’s quite amazing. They put American women to shame!

    2. I think it’s pretty ridiculous to say Israeli women put American women to shame because what is an ‘American women’? The U.S. is such a massive & diverse country with Israeli, Dominican, Swedes, Latin’s, Blacks, Persians and so on…there is no face to the ‘American woman’. This a land full of immigrants.

      1. a land full of immigrants who got fat eating junk.
        their skin looks like shit because of all the genetically modified food
        and their attitude? brainwashed retard bitches ..
        big turnoff.. you must be a complete retard to even open the subject.. an israeli women are very average – typical huge nose .. not very much gene mixing because of their religious fanatism

    3. It’s fact that Sweden has the most beautiful women, the best and the most per capita. They are everywhere, and not average like this site claims. Brazil is popular so statistically it takes second place. But eastern Slavic beauty is better than anything in south America. India deserves to be in the top ten, especially northern Indian.

    4. Sweden definitely has the most beautiful women in the world, they are everywhere, and the average theory this article states does not apply to any Scandinavian country. The next most popular is brazil, even though eastern Slavic looks better. India deserves to be in the top ten. China too. The fact that Germany is on any list and has some of the best models is the exception because German women are so ugly on average, plain at best, Italy and France too. beautiful women are from every country, these first mentioned are well above average countries! Which means that not every woman from there is above average beauty, but there are more beauties above average there than found in other countries.

    5. Hello handsome,

      Nice post. There are hotties everywhere and there are more 8 & 9’s around except we are usually covered up because we get a lot of attention and most of the time we have tasks and errands to run and can’t stop for stalking/come on/conversation so we tone down our looks.

      Also I can’t wear my string bikini and stripper heels all the time, I leave that for the bedroom or the club …ya know?

      Anyway I love your work Mr Charger. You are making men with game for us sex craved ladies. On behalf of all my fellow nymphos we thank you for making pussies into men. Now bring them to Australia.

      1. Glad you like her style. Too bad you have no way of knowing if that was actually written by a random woman, or one of the people running this site to pump it. Most women don’t use PUA lingo, if thats a clue for ya.

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