Starting A New Relationship Advice – 7 Surprising Rules For Great Relationships!

#1. Don’t Always Seek Her Permission

Don’t always ask for her permission or seek her approval. Don’t always try to get her clearance every time you want to do something.

If you want to get out of the house and spend some time with your friends, do it.

If you want to change your style of clothes, do it.

If you want to take her to the beach instead of the movies, do it.

If you decide that you need a change of job career, do it.

You may want to inform her and get her opinion, but be decisive and take a stand for what you feel is best for you. You should consider her opinions in your decisions, but you don’t need her permission.

Starting A New Relationship Rule #2.

Don’t Try to Buy Her Approval

Don’t try to buy a woman’s approval.

Don’t give a woman free reign to your MasterCard or feel that you have to buy her expensive dinners or nice clothes to win her approval and love.

You should be receiving her approval and love as a matter of fact, without having to buy it.

You may be able to buy her attention. But you can never buy her love.

The worst thing you can possibly do is spend money on her when she doesn’t deserve it, like if she puts you down and then you buy her flowers to win her approval. All you’re doing is rewarding her bad behavior and reinforcing it.

If she senses that you’re so insecure about yourself that you must constantly win her over by spending money on her, she will sense that you are weak and foolish.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act chivalrous and act like a gentleman. You can still take her to dinner, go shopping with her, and take her on a honeymoon trip. But don’t get carried away.

If you’re buying her something because YOU felt like rewarding her for her GOOD behavior and if you feel she would love you regardless of whether you spent the money on her, then it’s okay.

But don’t shower her with gifts and presents for no reason, or max out your credit cards just to meet her whims.

Starting A New Relationship Rule #3.

Have Her Do Little Favors for You

Have her do little favors for you. Like clean your clothes, make food for you, bring you the mail, go the store and buy you something, or give you a back massage.

Put her to entertain you. Make her strip for you and do sexual favors for you.

Particularly if she has no job and is living with you, she cleans the house, makes you food, gives you the things you ask for, goes grocery shopping and amuses you at night like a Geisha girl.

By having her do little favors for you, she will like you more and more because you behave like a king. Allowing a woman to meet your needs as a man actually is addictive to women.

Of course, it’s natural to like doing things for a woman. But doing things for your woman must come when she does things for you in return. For you to provide for her, she must work to earn this privilege or she will come to disrespect you

Starting A New Relationship Rule #4.

Never Ask or Beg for Sex

As a man, never ask for sex. Asking for sex is like begging, and you lose the respect of a woman.

Never settle for mercy sex. In mercy sex, the attitude of the woman is, “I’ll do you a BIG favor. I really don’t want sex or you. But if you insist, I’ll accommodate you. You can use my body – but you better appreciate it!”

She lets you climb on top of her to get you off her back. The goal for her isn’t doing you, it’s getting done with it so that she doesn’t have to do it tomorrow. She knows you’ll settle for lousy sex.

And with time, she gets angry when you accept it, thinking you just want her for her body and not for an emotional and sexual connection. Eventually she comes to despise you for being such a Wuss.

Mercy fucking withholds the sweetness and hotness of real sex of young lovers.

Never paw at her. Let her paw at you.

Never ask for sex. Let her ask for sex or just take her like a man.

Sex is not something the woman is giving you. You should view sex as a gift that you’re giving her.

Sex is HER reward. It’s the most powerful reward, and while women like dates and flowers, none of these pack the emotional punch that sex does. Sex from a dominant male is what a woman really wants.

If she does lots of nice things for you, like gives you kisses or cooks for you, make sure she is REWARDED with a thorough, proper fucking in return.

As a man, never ask for forgiveness for your sexual desire as a male. It is part of your nature to have sex on a daily basis. Never ask for forgiveness for your own nature. Walk through the world proud of yourself. Great sex or no sex.

Starting A New Relationship Rule #5.

Learn to Stay “No” And Stand Up For Yourself

First, you must stand up for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to say “No” to a woman.

If she wants the keys to your apartment and you’re not ready to give them to her yet, don’t be afraid to say “No”.

If she wants you to drive across the city to pickup up a special food for her and you were planning on visiting your friends, don’t be afraid to say “No”.

If she wants to do something expensive Saturday night and you want to do something simple, don’t be afraid to say “No”.

If she wants to buy a new pair of designer shoes and you know you can’t afford it, don’t be afraid to say “No”.

The word “No” is one of the most important words you can learn to get the respect of your woman.

You must stand up for what you believe should be done and what you’re willing to do and not do.

Set the rules and boundaries and stick by them. Set the terms of the relationship, enforce them, and don’t back down. Never do something that you know is the wrong thing to do or change your mind just to please a woman. Don’t be a pushover to her whims.

Not only must you learn to say “No”, but you must act congruently with your decisions. Because if you say “No” while moments later caving into her demands, it makes it look like you’re just whining and complaining. You must stand by your decisions.

That’s what taking a stand means.

That doesn’t mean you need to win every time. But you do need to take a stand.

At first she may pout and try to fight you, but once she sees that you’re a strong MAN who sticks by his decisions, she’ll come to respect those decisions. She’ll begin to think to herself, “He is not doing everything I tell him to. He takes what he wants from life. I’m with a real man.”

And sure, you should always listen to a woman and take into account her opinions and suggestions. But in the end, make your own best decisions and stand up for them. Remain true to yourself and to your best judgment.

Starting A New Relationship Rule #6.

Be Dominant, Not Domineering

As a Bedroom Bull, you need to be decisive and make decisions in the bedroom. You need to become comfortable with being in charge and in command.

If you want her to wear sexy lingerie and high heels and dance for you before you fuck her, tell her, “Put on your heels and something sexy.”

If she asks you which pair of shoes looks better, tell her. Have an opinion. Don’t just say to her, “I don’t know… whatever you like better.”

Women often want to just relax knowing that you have taken care of everything. Being decisive means taking the lead and surprising your woman.

On the other hand, if you’re unable to be decisive and take charge, your woman will feel your weakness and take charge for you. She’ll start telling YOU what to do, nag you, and try to micromanage you.

Taking charge and being decisive however doesn’t mean taking domineering control over a woman. Taking charge doesn’t mean micromanaging her activities, telling her what to wear all the time, or telling her who she’s allowed to see. It doesn’t mean playing dictator.

You want to be dominant, but not domineering. You want to be strong, and yet sweet.

Nor do you need to create a woman who is subservient. In fact, your woman should not hesitate to offer you her advice based on her experience and feelings.

So what do I mean exactly by “taking control”?

Taking control does NOT mean being macho.

Taking control does NOT mean belting or popping a woman one when she gets out of line.

Taking control does NOT mean emotionally abusing a woman.

Taking control does NOT mean putting a woman down.

Taking control does NOT mean losing your temper, screaming, or yelling.

Taking control does NOT mean being “a Jerk”.

Never become brutal or violent physically or verbally with a woman to get your way. Creating a Fascist Germany atmosphere with domineering behavior will be interpreted by a woman as a form of weakness, and she’ll come to despise you for it. She’ll lose all respect for you, and rightfully so, because it’s cruel behavior.

A domineering man is unsure of himself. A domineering man is insecure. A domineering man is not the romantic hero women dream of but a thug who resorts to violence for control because he lacks control from the power of his natural charisma.

So while you rightfully want to avoid the, “I’m a desperate super-nice guy, I-have-to-kiss-her-ass-so-that-hopefully-she’ll-have-sex-with-me” behavior, this doesn’t mean you want to make the mistake of being domineering either.

A dominant man doesn’t allow himself to be walked all over by women but neither does he himself walk all over women either.

Always demonstrate that you are gentle, sensitive, loving, and caring.

Many men make the mistake of believing that being nice means being a pushover. It’s not. You still want to be nice and loving to a woman, just not in a placating way, but from the position of taking command and being a man of action.

So you have to take control in the bedroom without losing control over yourself. You want to be in control without resorting to any sort of domineering behavior.

Being in control and being decisive simply means that you are a man of action, that you have direction, and that you’re comfortable taking control when the moment arises.

Starting A New Relationship Rule #7.

Take Charge in a Relationship

You, as a man, must be able to direct any social situation and bend it to your needs.

If you don’t direct the situation, especially with women, they will.

If someone else takes the lead, you’ll find yourself alone and in a reactive position in life, where you’re not the creator or instigator of a particular chain of events, but rather a passive observer with no power.

In other words, you have no control and no women.

The best way to do this is to own the frame. Think of it as defining the reality… for her and for yourself. You bring women into this reality.

It is your frame.

You design it.

The best frame is that you are the designer of your own reality, and she automatically becomes a guest in it.

Think of a talk show host.

All eyes are on him.

If you always hold on to the frame, you will own, define, and control the direction of the interaction.

This means you make the plans. Having a plan means you always look like you know what you’re doing.

Women love this. They refer to it as “taking charge.”

Take charge. If something goes wrong, you take it as if you expected the challenge to occur – it’s part of the plan.

And the challenge is sometimes also your woman.

Whatever she says or does is exactly what you expected her to do, and this lets her know that you are the one to be chased here, not her.

See the power of controlling the frame to suit your needs? Then both of you stay attracted. You both get what you want.

She gets a leader. You get a complacent female utterly turned on by you.

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