How to Supercharge Your Motivation For Meeting Girls!

Why is it that sometimes you “know” you should go out to be social and meet girls, but often you just don’t FEEL like it?

So you end up staying home and wasting time – again!

Well, here’s exactly HOW to blast open your motivation, once and for all.

When you come home from school or work, or when you’ve been playing games or watching television, you’ve been sitting in one place and you feel physically “average”.

From that starting point of feeling “average”, it’s hard to feel motivated to do anything BIG, like go out.

The Gym Analogy

Let’s say you want to put on more muscle mass, so you go to your local gym to workout.

You walk inside the gym and look around at all the resistance machines.

One major problem though… you don’t really FEEL like working out.

Instead, you feel like your feet are heavy rocks, you’ve got zero energy, and getting muscular is hopeless!

You don’t like that “average” blah state you have, but you don’t really feel like changing it either.

So you just leave the gym feeling even worse, doing nothing.

However, if you were to just FORCE yourself to MOVE with INTENSITY in the gym for only a few minutes, like run fast and hard on the treadmill for 60 seconds and do twenty muscle-pumping push ups, you’re suddenly going to feel PUMPED and HIGH.

Blood will course through your muscles, your testosterone will surge like a wave, and you’ll get that energetic “Starburst” feeling of, “YES!!!  By the power of Grayskull… I am… the MAN!!”

Then you’ll feel like BLASTING those weights… NOT walking away!

And you’ll enjoy your pumped up “Starburst” feeling.

In fact, you WON’T want to go back to your old state of “average” blah.

Now that you’re in this gym-pumped, high of a state, you’ll want to remain THERE because it feels soo much better.

Your State Has Inertia!

So here’s what you have to understand about your feelings and your state:

Wherever your state is in that moment, that’s where you tend to want to stay.

You see, your state has INERTIA.  In other words, your state has a tendency to resist changing – even your BAD states!

It’s much like Newton’s law of inertia and motion.

So if you’re feeling lethargic and crappy, you’ll have a tendency to want to STAY in that bad place.

That’s why when you’re at the gym and you feel like sluggish crap, you just want to leave before you even start.

Or more likely, you don’t even get off the couch to go to the gym in the first place.  You just think about it wishfully, but then stay at rest.

And that’s why on a Friday night when you’re feeling “average” and slow, you tend to just stay on the couch, even though you know that you SHOULD go out to meet all those gorgeous women out there.

And conversely, once you’re in a physically pumped up, “Starburst”, happy state, you’ll want to stay THERE as well.

You’ll want to ride the great feelings of blood coursing through your veins as long as you can.

Again, your state has Inertia.  When you’re at rest, you’ll have a tendency to stay at rest.  But once you get moving, pumped up and happy, you’ll want to STAY moving and you’ll want to STAY pumped up and happy.

Getting Into That “Starburst State”

So here’s how can you use state inertia to your unfair advantage to develop motivation to go out and meet women.

You’ve got to start moving.  You’ve got to force yourself to move, even if initially at first you don’t feel like moving.

Because remember the other rule of state:

Your emotions, your state, follows your physical motion.



So if you just sit there being inactive for too long, your state will eventually follow and you’ll FEEL lethargic and slow.

But when you get up and MOVE and you run and do push-ups, and you yell and shout out loud, you’re going to start to feel PUMPED up and great inside.

When you move physically, your physical movements will carry your state and feelings along with it to that better place, where you feel happy and motivated.

Of course, you won’t feel like jumping around like a wild man to jumpstart your state at first, because of the negative inertia is working against you.

So you’ve got to realize that resistance is going to weigh on you at first, and you’ve got to force yourself to physically move to get past that initial moment of resistance.

Because once you press through that initial negative inertia, and you start to feel pumped up and happy, you’ll think to yourself, “Wow, I love THIS pumped-up state, and now THIS is where I want to stay!  I can’t believe I was feeling crappy before and just wanted to sit there, that would have sucked!!”

So you’ve got to make that conscious effort to snap yourself out of that unmotivated state by running, jumping, doing pushups, yelling loudly, and just move HARD and FAST for two or three minutes.

And then you’ll feel motivated to take massive action, because your emotions always follow your physical motions.

And when you’re in that pumped up, Starburst state, you’ll WANT to stay THERE inside it and NOT turn back.

So the next time you want to go out, but some unseen, de-motivating force holds you back, here’s what you do:

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Whenever you’re feeling down or “off” in your game, just listen to one of the 15 hours of lessons and you’ll instantly feel refreshed, renewed, and pumped.

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And then, even if you don’t feel like, get moving.  Just force yourself to stand up and do 20 pushups.  Run around the room a few times, do some jumping jacks, and yell out loud.

In short, that’s how you quickly flip your state to get it working FOR you instead of against you.

11 thoughts on “How to Supercharge Your Motivation For Meeting Girls!”

  1. U got real stuff to keep feedin this kids Jeff. Its really helpful ……when you stay home alone for so long your motivation to talk to people will definitely go away from you and even when you meet girl you will be nervous because staying in fixed place alone has its own impact on your confidence, so get your ass up and move on,meet people and then you will surly get yourself a chick.

  2. When I get back from the gym I just feel like resting, not macking on girls. Also, when I get into an excited state it just comes across as hyper and annoying. Laughter and music gets me into a positive state.

  3. How GOOD I feel, can be contagious. Most of the time, I am in a GOOD mood.
    Recently, I was with a woman that I have known for some time and we get along REAL good.
    Something was bothering her and she was in a BAD mood…guess what, her mood affected me.
    It, then, took me 10 -20 minutes to get-over the slumpy feeling.
    But, after meeting and being friendly with several other women, I got into a better MOOD…so did them.
    Us men have been taught to NOT let a womans’ bad feeling affect us, but, sometimes, it’s hard to NOT let this happen for me.

  4. Cool post man. Alot of guys need to hear this.

    For me, to get into that super pumped up state (or Starburst as you call it), I take a walk with some motivational stuff on my ipod. (Brian Tracy or ANYTHING will do… even techno lol)

    Just walk 10 minutes out, ten minutes back and BAM, I’m ready to go.

    Shower, shave, think positive thoughts, etc. Then I hit the streets and start macking it HARD. Lol

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