10 Taboo Dirty Talk Tips For Sexually Possessing Submissive Girls

Tip #1. Tell Her How Excited You Are

Tell her how she’s making you feel.  Women get sexually excited when you’re sexually excited for them.

Basically, you’re describing to her the sexual feelings you’re experiencing behind the physical actions.  And to a woman, the sexual feelings are just as sexy as the physical actions themselves.  Tell her,

“Having you bent over with my dick inside you, you make me feel so good baby.”

“You make me so hot for you… I want to fuck you deep and hard.”

“It feels so good sliding my penis inside your pussy.”

Tip #2. Tell Her How “Bad” She Is

Girls love to be told what a bad, naughty, slut they are on the inside deep down underneath the “good girl” everyone normally sees in real life.  Tell her,

“You’re a bad, bad girl, aren’t you?”

“Deep down you want to be naughty, deep down you want to be bad.”

“I know what you’re really thinking.  Inside you have a dirty mind.  You’re always thinking dirty thoughts.”

“You wear those hot clothes, do your hair, do your nails to attract the men and make all the girls jealous of you… you’re so bad…”

“Everyone thinks you’re this sweet, innocent girl.  But I know the truth.  I know what you’re really like, that you have all of these dirty, naughty thoughts.”

Tip #3. Highlight Taboo Contrasts

Highlight contrasts that might normally be considered taboo in “proper society”.

If you’re an older man with a younger woman tell her, “I love that young pussy… it’s so wrong an old guy like me is fucking that young pussy… that makes you so hot.”

If you’re a black guy with a blonde tell her, “You just loving wrapping your mouth around my black dick don’t you.”

If you’re a young guy with an older woman tell her, “You love younger guys don’t you… having a young stallion fuck you long and hard.”

If you’re a bad boy with a religious woman tell her, “You’re such a little devil, a bad girl for having such naughty sex… you dirty girl.”

Tip #4. Tell Her “This is bad…”

The theme here is to tell her how “bad” it is what you’re doing as you proceed with the act anyway.  This is a big turn on for submissive women.  Tell her,

“We shouldn’t be doing this… this is so bad.”

“I want to pull your panties off and eat you out right here… no I shouldn’t do that, that would be so wrong.”

“Hmmm… your hair smells so nice… no stop that, I have work to do… don’t turn me on right now… then again, your skin feels so soft and sexy…”

Tip #5. Cold Read Her Inner Desires

With a cold read, you state how the woman is feeling on the inside.

For example, cold reading her inner desires might mean telling her how much she really wants sex and how much she really wants to be dirty.  Tell her,

“You know you want to suck your strong man’s cock.”

“It feels good, doesn’t it, you like that don’t you.”

“The more you feel, the better it is and the more you want it.”

“You enjoy to be told what to do by a man.”

“You love watching your dirty ass ride up and down on my hard dick.  That makes you so fucking hot.”

Of course, you can’t know exactly how a woman is feeling inside, unless you’re a mind reader.  Rather, you’re planting thoughts inside of her mind and passing them off as her own.

In effect, you can lead a woman into a thought or feeling just by telling her that’s the thought or feeling that she’s having.

Tip #6. Tell Her to Surrender Herself

Command her to surrender herself to you.

“Surrender yourself to me… surrender your mind, your body.  Your body is mine.”

“Your pussy is all mine.”

“Surrender yourself to your strong man, baby.  Just let go.”

Tip #7. Tell Her That She’s Yours

Deep down, a submissive girl who is emotionally attached to you wants to be “yours” and belong only to you.

Call her “your” naughty girl or “your” sex doll, rather than just calling her a naughty girl or a sex doll.  She’ll feel more dominated if you imply that you possess her.

Tell her as you rail her hard, “That pussy is mine, I own that pussy.”

“You belong to me.”

“Your pussy is only mine and I’m the only one who can fuck it.”

“The only reason you exist is to take MY dick deep inside of your pussy.”

Tip #8. She Has No Control

Most women love that they hey cannot control what’s happening to them.  Tell her,

“I’m fucking you now, and you cannot control what’s happening… you’re at my mercy… you’re just being fucked hard…”

“You like being fucked hard by a strong man?  What are you going to do about it?  You’re getting fucked right now by a strong man.”

Tip #9. Request Obedience

Women want to be led in the bedroom and you can explicitly request obedience from her.

Tell her, “You’ll do as I say.  I have the master cock, you’ll do what I tell you naughty girl.  You like that don’t you.”

“You just love doing everything I say, don’t you… that makes you so hot being obedient to my strong will.”

Tip #10. Who Is Your Master?

Have her call you “Daddy”, “Master”, or “King”.

Women love being under your control in the bedroom.  Tell her, “Who’s your master, your strong man, your daddy.”

Have her say, “Yes Master,” when you tell her to do things or move into new positions.

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147 thoughts on “10 Taboo Dirty Talk Tips For Sexually Possessing Submissive Girls”

  1. Frankly this is very tame stuff. Like a weak cup of coffee. Don’t just mentally dominate her. Physically dominate her as well.

    You should start spanking her ass after the first few kisses. Then make her beg to be spanked. Then make her beg to be spanked harder. The same with slapping and choking (pressing against only the sides of the neck, never the windpipe!!!).

    Hopefully you are strong and physically fit, and can launch her through the air onto the bed, and pin both of her wrists with one of yours. Women praise me when they struggle and cannot move at all. They tell me how much stronger I am than the other guys they have been with, and it turns them on.

    Most girls, and especially Asians (raised in Asia), can be converted into sex slaves. The last 12+ girls I slept with in the past several months using the site OKC in Taiwan ALL called me Master in bed, and answered every question during sex “Yes, sir” or “No, sir”. The overwhelming popularity of 50 Shades of Grey in the West demonstrates a fundamental desire by many, if not most (but definitely not all–be careful), women to be dominated. In East Asia, it’s an even more common fantasy.

    I’m happy to provide the author of this article with advice so that he can up his B game to A game level. ?

  2. Animals mate to reproduce. Humans have sex throu marriage to build families. You guys have sex to spread diseases and produce criminals.

    1. Everything they just said girls want is true. I’m proof and so are tons of girls I know. Sorry your life is so boring.

      1. Amen Girl speak for the women! some of these replies are just rude! I’m just thinking “you aint every women so you don’t know what we think!” XD

  3. I meet a very young slim innocent girl recently and this dynamic started happening right away. First date was a huge facial in the eyes and mouth and we took it from there. Super sweet girl too — I have a feeling this is going to work out to be a great relationship. She’s super submissive but very good natured and fun too. I’m no Brad Pitt and I would say this girl was totally out of my league, but I guess not. She’s super into it.

  4. Tried for 17 years to get my husband to find his dominant side. It was a bottom top arrangement. Which is not what I wanted. You can’t make a man dominant if he isn’t already. So sad.
    Anyway, I am a strong woman and find it hard to attract a dominant man. What do I look for? I want more than anything to be submissive to a strong, loving Daddy. Advise is much appreciated.

  5. I’m a submissive girl & I agree with all of the advice in the article above. I really love the possessive thing, when a man tells me that I’m his and I belong only to him. I once had a boyfriend who kept saying “Take it, take it, take it” while he was fucking me and I loved that. Sometimes he would say, “You love to fuck.” That was really hot, too.
    A rough/gentle technique works too. I had a boyfriend who was a professional animal trainer, and he would demand obedience and speak in a very firm tone, but when I complied with his wishes, his voice got more gentle and he would say, “Good Girl” or “That’s my beautiful girl.” I was aware that he said things exact words to animals at work all day, and even though I knew I was supposed to be offended, I wasn’t. Being “trained” bonded me closer to him. I’ll love him forever. He would alternate between rough stuff like spanking and calling me his whore and gentle stuff like brushing my hair and feeding me berries & chocolates out of his hand and saying, “I’ll always take care of you.” The hard\soft approach had me…well…eating out of his hand. 🙂

  6. I’m so completely addicted and learning more and more EACH day reading your articles on sexual attraction and BEING a Dominant man. Thank you Jesse for putting this DIRECT NO BULLSH#T information out for men to read and learn from. Many of us did not have fathers to teach us THESE valuable traits of being a Dominant man with women. Your articles alone have so much info that buying your programs is more an optional thing, especially because there’s so much value pumped into your articles alone. Each article I read is getting me more excited because I have seen guys who naturally attract many girls DO THE STUFF THAT YOU TEACH!!!! You put what THEY do into simple direct words to understand. So ANY man willing to learn CAN AND WILL LEARN AND MASTER it all.

  7. His Submissive

    I’ve always been a submissive, but none of my previous lovers knew how to dominate me. However the man I’m with now really knows how to dominate. He ties me to his bed and makes me call him daddy. This man drives me crazy with lust. I was just going to say to all the men with submissive partners that if you tie them up one your bed and blindfold them every sensation is intensified and it drives most subs crazy and gives the doms full control, but make sure you have a safe word and thay your partner is ok with it,

  8. that is some descent advise iam gona combine ur advise w my own should be awsome my wife loves it all im a lucky

  9. say whatever u want knowing that shes submissive. submissive means she wants to be used and abused to sexual desires of men, aka a pure slut.
    Tell her shes a slut but she has to be better. tell her that she is to be used and abused to you sexual liking as thats al shes good for. keep telling her shes a slut and then ask her what r u? (slut) what do u want (cock, cocks…but difference). ask her again and again and again until shes screaming cocks cocks cocks

    only if she says cocks proceed with the following
    if she says cocks you tell her thats what ur good for to pleasure cocks i know thats what you want u whore. ask her again what she is (slut). what does my filthy dirty slut want? (cocks) shes wants it everywhere doesnt she? (she will say yes 100% if she said cocks). She wants it in every possible place doesnt she? (yes) shes a big slut she wants to satisfy all the cocks she sees? she wants big cocks doesnt she? how many cocks do you want (they usually say a lot)

    keep fucking her as you do this. position her on her stomach lied down completely (same as doggystyle just lying down. tell her to stick that whore ass out and she will to the maximum of her ability and this also gives you space from under to play with her clit. fuck her (i usually do this by putting my right hand down under to her pussy playing with her clit and the left one either strangling her, grabbing her tits and nipples or putting my fingers in her mouth and telling her to suck it like a good slut)

    the point is that she likes not having control, being abused, submissive girls fantasize about being raped by a man or many men at once. they like being used, humiliated, cummed on spat on called names and most of all they love cock they just want men to satisfy themselves with them

    one thing i learned with subs over the years is that they might be huge whores but the difference about them and the rest is that they are loyal honest whores

    also dont try this randomly just like that. u need to work her up and dont talk dirty until u feel her pussy wet and u start playing with it. the hard part (for beginners) is starting the fire but once the fire is on u can just feed it and it will stay on. once you get the hang of it you can turn her on like crazy just by fucking with her head. for example today i txted her saying that i want her to get three huge cucumbers on the way home and she replied how horny she was and how she cant wait to have her special meal and how we she was. its just planting the idea in her head and she just fills in the blanks according to her fantasies

    i give my whores a slut schedule that looks something like this
    Todays slut work
    1) swallow two loads of cum
    2) play with ur ass and pussy for 10 min in front of me without ever cutting my view
    3) bring home a toy of your choice
    4)clean the kitchen naked with nothing but an apron on

    usually i keep it at 2-3 things sometimes more 😉

    and you make punishment cards put them in a box and if she didnt do her slut chores u make her pull a punishment card out. The things about the punishment cards is that girls often are shy and dont wanna tell u their secret of wanting to be gangbanged or anything. so u fuck with her mind, tell her to write things that would hurt her and she wouldnt want and if she didnt tell u already she might write something like putting a dildo in my ass and pussy. 100% of the time they put things on the punishment cards that they want but they cant say and now that its in the punishment cards they can skip on a chore and end up having to pick a random punishment card.

    good luck guys

    1. Only had to read the first few sentences to tell the rest was a waste of my time. Submissive does not equal slut.

  10. I love these posts about Ds, they’re very insightful. I am a married woman and have recently ‘opened up’ to this kind of play and kinky sex. I never knew what I was missing!

    I agree that deep down, every woman wants a strong man to dominate her. Nothing turns me on more than him telling me he owns me and i’m going to be his little whore tonight. 🙂

  11. , how do I control this cum slut who only wants me to disrespect spit on her choke her fuck her throat over and over fuck her in the ass and then cum in her mouth and on her face I’m not sure how to control her she’s the sluttiest girl I’ve ever seen or even heard of she absolutely loves to be treated like a piece of shit over and over and over and loves to take multiple cocks in the mouth at the same time and in her ass at the same time I’ve never experienced anything like it seriously I can’t tell her but I really like her I have to treat her like shit that’s the only thing she’ll respond to seriously can you help me

  12. I’m new to being a Dom.. It’s for an online relationship. My sub loves to be degraded.. Humiliated. I can’t think of what to say to him. Besides doubting if he can be a worthy enough sub, calling him slave, and worthless.

  13. This article is amazing. I’ve experienced this kind of thing only once in my life, unfortunately. I was just in the middle of a breakup, with my first boyfriend, and after 5 years of bad sex I never thought sex with other men would be any different. Then a friend from the UK showed me how sexy dirty taking can be. He said things like “You’ll do as I say, you want to be a good girl for me don’t you“, “you’re beautiful, I want you to suck my cock with your sexy mouth.“ “obey me, your gorgeous pussy is mine and I’ll have my way with you, you dirty little girl“ then he told me to caress myself and to imagine how he would eat me out until I screamed his name and begged him to fuck me. He always called me his “good-“ or “bad little girl“. I got so aroused when he told me to come for him, to come for him in his mouth. He would make me do things that I never did before and I completely let myself go with him. I Don’t know why but I always had this tendency of being submissive, only with English men though and since I live in Germany it’s hard to find someone from great Britain here. Also I was scared that it would be wrong to be dominated in bed. He showed me it’s ok to have these thoughts and to embrace them. It’s a huge turn on when guys don’t let you come at first and tease you until you whimper and beg him to make you come. This friend opened up a new world for me, I had such amazing and hard orgasms through his voice, I even cried because I finally could let go and felt cared for. I have yet to find a man who is that good with dirty talk.

  14. I love this article-so true! I love when my fiancee tells me that my pussy is all his and only his when he is fucking me, and tells me I like it–he will be like “you love when I fuck you hard don’t you, yeah you do” I love when he tells me he owns my pussy and no one else gets it but him..he will tell me to tell him it’s only his, I love that!

  15. after 10 years I have finally have been able to get my wife to orgasm, she has claimed she was never able to orgasm even by masturbating, and I have tried hard in the past and she was never receptive.

    Our Sex live has been up and down but this past 2 months I have opened the doors to her sexually and we started dirty talking, and getting rough. Hair pulling, spanking. hands tied up I want to dominate her and get her to do everything I tell her to do, I have a little forced sex fantasy and hope to get her to participate

    I am pushing the limits now and are having really great success. Shes now cumming almost every time we have sex. After reading some of your tips on commands and dirty talk. Last night I got her soaked and had her riding me like crazy. I was telling her to put her mouth around my hard cock and suck it like a good little girl. Telling her she was the best cock sucker ever, grabbed her hair and fucked her face.

    Asked her if she she liked it hard and rough. even got her to repeat it. I kept telling her, that her pussy was mine, she loved it, pulled her hair back and she came hard. Then my favorite was when I asked her if she was my little slut, and she said “Yes, I am , pound your little whores pussy. make your whore cum…” That sent me over the top.

    Considering she replaced the word slut, with whore, was her own thought not mine.

    I even had her sucking my dick while she was fucking a big dildo, had her pretending it was big black guy. Had her yelling out, fuck me with your big black cock, while blowing me

    I am so excited to take it to the next level and to make her my little slut in the bedroom. Its helped a lot

    Thanks a lot, will be looking into buying your program

    1. Just an update.6 months later things are going really well, calling her a slut, and a good little cock sucker. we are roleplaying, she played the role of an 18 year old little slut (we are 33) One night I pretend to be someone she just met, I changed up the pace and aggressiveness. since I was steve this time. even used a condom I gave it to her real hard and treated her dirty like a one night stand, gave it to her real good, pulled out and cum all over her face. she had her mouth open and tongue out.

      I want to take it up a notch, I want to consent non consent and fuck her hard while having her beg me to stop. not sure how to push this

  16. Junior league – stop worrying! I think he was trying the ‘lighter side’ of dirty talk in the sub/dom thing. The whole fun of dirty talk is saying thins which are forbidden and actually not true. I often (always) call my gf a ‘fat whore’ while I fuck her. I always say things such as “open up your fat legs, you slut and let me come in you” She loves it. She is neither fat nor a whore!!!

    You can say things during sex that you could never say in the cold light of day. I reckon your bf saying that you are his ‘fuck buddy’ is a real compliment, if you stop for a moment to analyse how men think. What he is saying is that are very sexy, in addition to having feeling of love for you. He is trying to say that he is attracted to you in a primal sense – he doesnt just want to fuck you because he loves you, he wants to fuck you because you are the sexiest woman in the world.

    You have to understand the mechanics of male sexuality. If he just loves you and doesnt desire you, he wont get an erection. The love becomes platonic. So when a man calls you his slut, his whore etc he is trying to reconnect with the primal feelings that he has for you.

    I honestly think that everything is fine with you two – I recommend that you explore the lighter side of submissivness – tell him that you like to ‘belong’ to him. You will both love it and feel closely bonded together!

    good luck

  17. JuniorLeague,
    Has he ever said anything else inappropriate such as calling you his “whore” or asking you if you like to be “ate out”? If so, I would summate that he’s 100% comfortable with you. Sounds like his guard is completely down and that’s a welcomed, albeit foreign, experience for him. Don’t over think it. Love him as much as he loves you and I personally guarantee he’ll show you more than you are a mere “fuck buddy” to him. Cheers!

  18. Junior league

    My boyfriend and I have spoken to each other since the first moment we became lovers in the physical sense.
    It came to us both so naturally
    It was second nature, meant to be, mind reading.

    —Tonight something happened….—

    He referred to me as “his fuck buddy”
    This threw up red flags for me 🙁

    In no way, shape, form, or fashion has he EVER done or said a single thing to make me believe anything other than:
    ***he loves me very deeply and wants not only to love me forever but also marry and have children in the years to come.***
    Even though I SHOULD feel 100 % secure considering~~~~~
    we HAVE become very serious~~~~~~ we have discussions of moving in together soon and we just returned from our first couples vacation (we went to the beach for my milestone birthday)

    It just bugged the crap outta me!! I expressed my feelings he said it was dirty talk as usual but in my mind I recall our conversations where the term “fuck buddy” was used to be kinda derogatory in a sense. After he said it a verbal correction was made on his part almost immediately. I was left wondering… Did he slip up and speak true words??? Did he sense my negative reaction and try to ease any concerns I was having?
    At the end of the night; I am questioning his intentions and he has expressed fear of losing our natural acceptance for each-other and desire for dirty talk.
    I don’t want him to feel he must censor and over think something so deep and naughty but, at the same time when something is bugging you it can’t always be so easily controlled or filed away.

    Advice? Past experiences? Opinions?

    1. My advice is: actions over words. He’s comfortable with you and that’s good. Might not be your thing though but that’s a different story 😉

      1. The truth usually lies with what a person does more so than what a person says. If you must over-analyze, then err on the side of his deeds rather than his words.

    2. Just tell him you like to be called all sorts of things in bed, but not “fuck buddy” because it implies you’re not exclusive with him. Just let him know, and stop running it around in your head !

  19. As a 23 year old fully submissive girl love the post. I have only been and only can belong to dominant men. Awesome to read this because there are some guys out there who are trying to explore there dominance and this would help them. Ive always been submissive and been owned by two men in my life time wouldnt have it any other way

  20. I’m a submissive girl, not just sexually but also in my lifestyle.. i prefer to subscribe to traditional ideals ..like cooking, cleaning and taking care of my husband who i call daddy.. For me..every man i have ever been with in my life, i have called master or daddy.

    I think for me its in my nature to be submissive because its the only way i can feel loved or protected. I like being treated like a doll, dressing only the way my husband wants me to dress and being used for his pleasure. i would basically do anything to please him.

    Sexually i get very turned on when he tells me how tiny my pussy is or how tight i am..when he tells me he owns me and that my only concern in life should be to worship him. I love some things mentioned in this article about contrasts and so on because i am a dark skinned girl who is solely attracted to white men. I like when my husband says things like “how does daddy’s big white cock feel in your little brown pussy?”. We also roleplay along these lines sometimes..things that may be potentially offensive so i should not say.

    Contrast is a huge turn on for me..Also most of my life, i dated older men and sexually i enjoyed when they told me how young i am or called me names like daddy’s little girl or babygirl. It is for this reason i like taller men as well, i love feeling tiny next to them. I am only 5 ft 3 so i prefer men 6ft and above…i like looking up at a man. Also i find white men to be bigger and much more dominant than the men in my society. I’m south asian, chocolate skinned girl. It also helps that they enjoy the fact that i am short but voluptuous and of course dark skinned because most asian men are obsessed with pale.

    Anyways sorry if i have said too much but i just thought i’d share 🙂

  21. Great site, exploring the sub within me and lovin it, wish I’d have been brave enough to explore years ago 😉

  22. I had only been with submissive men until a year ago. I finally met a dominant one. He was very respectful outside the bedroom, and timed his moves very slowly & carefully. It took 2 years, but then I finally gave him the opportunity to drive me home after some drinks.

    He whispered to me “just relax”, then picked me up and pinned me against the wall saying “is this what you’ve been fantasizing about?”. Afterwards he had to go to a meeting, tied me up, and told me “I’ll be back to spank you later”.

    To this day, my knees still go weak just hearing his voice.

  23. Hi there!
    I just found this thread on google. I have only just, for the first time in my life, fully discovered and admitted I’m a submissive woman ( I’m 50!) I met a guy on – line and had sex on a first date- that is something I have never done before! All because it became very clear, very quickly that he was an experienced Dom and ‘brought out’ the slut un me!! I still see him – just for sex frankly, but I’m hoping it might develope into a more regular, ‘relationship’ he does all of the above and more or less said on our first date ” if you go into the rest room, take off your panties, give them to me, accross this table, you will be surrendering yourself completely to me and I will own you for the whole night” how hot is that?!?! Needless to say, I did just that- the sex was amazing and I’ve never looked back! No more vanilla for me!! Who knew?!?!

  24. Shut up slut and suck my balls for your stupid thoughts I will cock slap you until you learn to good, you little wining bitch.

  25. I am a submissive femàle who basically would love most of the above. 8, also have began to slowly let these desires out. I have had a dominant partner who loved my submissiveness, but seemed to stop at a point where it may cross the line into disrespect. I want to be treated like a slut, desired, owned but I don’t want my partner to feel like I really am a no good whore who’s done this all over town? Haven’t)So ladies & guys, how do I tell/show this to my sex partner? How do I attract a dominant Guy? If the guys appears uncomfortable ?

  26. How can I get my husband to think this way about me? He will talk like that to me when are having sex, if I tell him it turns me on. He never has any of his own ideas or passions. He loves it while we are doing it, but its like he completely forgets I like this every time.

    1. Your husband sounds submissive. Can’t make a submissive person dominant. What ends up happening is you are becoming a bottom from the top. You’re telling him what to do, and he’ll do it for you.

      If he’s dominant, then he’s not really in to it. If he’s submissive, then the best you can do is tell him you like it to happen every time. But that’ll get boring since he won’t know how to make it interesting.


  27. I happen to be a woman. I love it calling my guy daddy, but I love it when he calls me a good little girl (or tells me to do something like a good little girl) i.e. “spread your legs for me like a good little girl”. His approval and compliments are a turn on. I guess I have daddy issues, but I love it.

  28. @Gina4whiteguy

    What ever floats your boat. Just for clarification: I am neither dominant, nor submissive, nor a switch; I am myself. Sometimes I want to X, other times I want to do Y, and other times I want to lean back and do nothing.

    24/7 “BDSM” is bs. tl;dr… it’s all reversed… D = s and s = D

  29. Gina4whiteguy


    Have you always felt this way (dominant) or has it just come out since you’ve been dating a black woman?

    I’m just curious because I’ve just started having these thoughts within the past couple of years.

    Just wondering how this type of thinking comes about/evolves…

    1. @Gina4whiteguy

      “just started” and “within the past couple of years” is kind of funny.

      I’ve always felt this way, since I was a kid.

      I think it’s less about coming about and evolving, and more about disinhibiting myself, and not preventing myself from doing what I want to do.

      People don’t change over time, they merely become more or less inhibited in showing themselves.

      What triggered it for you?

      1. @2x

        Your question caused me to think back over my dating life, and honestly, I have to admit that I’ve always been sexually submissive even when dreaming about marriage as an older teenager. After conducting many Internet searches, I found this site that actually helped me to put a name to my thought/feelings. However, when I say sexually submissive I just mean that the husband is in control in the bedroom – I’ve never been or ever will be into BDSM; it’s just not my thing…

        I guess, in saying “I’ve just started having these thoughts within the past couple of years,” I really mean that I’ve become more desirous of being submissive to a white man as I consider getting married again. I’ve only been married once (to a white guy) but I could never express those feelings/be myself because he wasn’t trustworthy.

        Unlike you, I do believe that people can change for better or worse, but I do agree that over time people allow their inhibitions to show more.

    1. I am a white male that was dating a black female for a while and she loved race play to where I would feel more awkward about what she liked me to call her then I did lol it was fun tho gotta keep it in the bedroom and I’m busy so I’m dominate with females and very submissive to guys and I love when my black male partner tells me that I am going to pay for slavery then just destroys me

  30. I love #’s 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

    I hate words like daddy, little pussy, and naughty girl during sex, it just sounds too pedo to me, that’s also why I hate the poem; I couldn’t finish reading it because it turned my stomach…

    #4 is just kind of lame…sorry

    Fatima, it’s not hypocritical to want a woman to submit to you and yet you still treat her as your equal when you’re not in bed. Mike is absolutely right on this point, for as much as I wanted to be submissive to my ex-husband (a white guy), because he didn’t respect me outside of the bedroom I could never trust him with my submission! Yet, you are right when you say “Take control like you know what you’re doing let the moment take place…insecurity sucks, therefore, you gotta not give a DAMN in order for the girl to be like WOW!”

    “Strong will” and “strong man” seem just a little too contrived but the sentiment is wow! Maybe just leaving off the word “strong” would work since he has let her know up front, who’s in control. JMHO But I do think using powerful and cock together is a “powerful” combination. lol
    #2 Love the first sentence and the last paragraph only

    #3 and #5-10 are so damn hot just as a woman hearing those things but especially as a black woman who likes a white guy. Yeah, I’d submit to him in a heartbeat because I couldn’t help myself! But…

    #10 Master is tricky. I mean, how does a white guy dating or married to a black woman even initiate such dialog – Unless that’s all part of the submission process? (see Fatima’s point above)

    What happens if the lady responds positively to him but accidentally (by default) changes master to “massah” and he uses the term “wench” with her, with all of their historical connotations? What do you do? I would really like an opinion on this one please.

    1. white guy who dates black women

      Some black women love race play , it’s just fantasy and does not mean the white guy doesn’t respect you. It’s just hot.

      1. At first, I was really shocked that you said out loud, “some black women love race play” as this would’ve been a real revelation to me a few months ago. Honestly, for all of these years, I always thought that was a “white guy issue.”

        However, the more I investigate, the more I’ve come to believe that many interracial couples are dealing with this race play thing and I’m not certain how bad or even dangerous it might on the relationship or the psyche…

  31. Ok, here’s my problem. I’ve been with a lovely woman for almost 5 years now. Our sex life has always been spontaneous because of our children. We have 7 total in our blended family.

    At the beginning, she would drag me off to the bathroom for a quick romp, wear sexy outfits to bed after lighting candles etc. Now she rarely ever wants to have sex. When you even mention the thought, she gets disgusted by it. She has never turned me down, but let me know very straight that she wasnt going to participate and it was all “just for you.” She’s even started smoking lately and I tease her about it. She made an agreement that before she smokes, I get a 7 minute blowjob. 😯 It’s nice to know that anytime I’m ready, she’ll at least give it up. That gets old though.

    I’ve got her to cum and enjoy it a few times even though she was hesitant at first, but those are few and far between. Once a month or so when she’s in the mood, she’ll cuddle up on my shoulder and ask why I’m ignoring her. By her, she means her pussy. That’s my clue to start being frisky. Any other time it’s “hurry the fuck up”. She gets mad when i drag it out past 10 minutes. She gets mad if I want foreplay, if I initiate foreplay on her, if I look at her, if I dont look at her…..

    What am I missing here? What do i not see or is this just her game? We’ve talked about this and she just says it’s not her thing. As for household chores etc, she really doesnt do much except pay bills and shop. I do most of the cooking, kids do cleaning. I do laundry etc just trying to work them brownie points up for another boring lay.

    Any suggestions?

    1. That pussy is done especially with 7 kids, find yourself a slut/woman around your neighborhood and fuck the shit out of her. IF she ever catches you then tell her it’s your fault for not fucking me.

    2. I have been this guys girl for 5 years. I got the same way with him. I would get so irritated if he would try to have sex with me. I started being mean to him even . He started getting to the point where he was just being overly nice and would do anything for me. I liked that part. But was overall annoyed by him. Then one day I am doing my makeup and had an attitude with him. He came in grabbed me by my hair and said in my ear “did you forget who’s the man and who’s the woman here?” I shook my head no he said “huh?” I said ” no I didn’t forget”. He told me to get on my knees. I did. Then he made me look at him and say sorry for talking back to him and I won’t do it again. He made me say sorry with his dick in my mouth and said he couldn’t hear me. I tried to say it clearly so he could hear me but every time I tried he put his dick in my mouth again. He would put it as far as he could and hold it there then give me a second to breath. Then he came on my face and told me to lick his balls and dick clean. When I was done he told me to go wash my face and don’t forget again that I am his. He made me tell him I understand all this while I was still on my knees and look at him when I said it. Then I washed my face and never denied him again. I’m waiting for him to get off work right now because he always likes dinner ready and head while he eats his dinner. So I am about to touch up my makeup. He ALWAYS respects me in front of others. No one would live to see the next day if they disrespected me in front of him. But I can’t help it now. I have to do whatever he wants! He always makes me tell him that while I’m on my knees in front of him while he’s sitting on the couch. And I have to look at him while I say it.

      1. You didn’t mention whether you actually enjoy this or not… Let’s not forget it is nice to be treated like a Queen too.

  32. Livin’ in a fantasy-land, wishin’ she could trust a man.
    With sex’s first impression, from a little girl land.

    What happens next,
    She’s not yet at her best;
    But little girls learn and grow.
    She’ll show what she knows.

    When naughty girls get all the attention,
    Spanked with love and affection.
    Taught to be a naughty-girl fuck.
    Now doesn’t that give you all the luck?

  33. Not that it matters, but a couple of girl friends said to me that I’m a scorpio in the “true” meaning of scorpio sign, that I act, talk and look like one. I wonder if this is from being a scorpio or not… I don’t tend to believe in astrology and I only remember this life in this mind and this body.

  34. Wow… It’s nice to see that i’m not a freak or something… I mean, I’ve always known that I’m not, especially after some experiences, but when I have a girlfriend, if i’m with her, If I chose her, it’s because I wanna be with her emotionally and physically – I want to turn her inside out in the most intense way I can imagine. I want to know her innocence as much as her wickedness. I stay quiet and receptive many times and apparently “turned off” while I’m letting myself being excited by her way of thinking, her hands, her lips, her eyes, her voice, her ways, while i let myself being hurt by doubt, the doubt she has about me, about us, and the feeling that I want her so bad but i’m afraid that she’ll go away the moment i give in. If she manages to stay around, “suffering” as much as I do, I unexpectedly show it in a slow way, so slow that she’s not actually sure that I want what she wants too. Then she knows. Then, when she’s about to breakdown, just like I am… BOOOMMMMM! there’s no turning back….. and I don’t wanna think how It will end, because I’m yours if you can stay mine.

  35. My girl loves to be sexually dominated, and this type of dirty talk really works. We even use it when sexting. Ive gotten her so hot that she has masturbated at her desk at work with her door open!

    In bed, she does love to be told what to do. How to suck me, or how i will fuck her next.

    Ive found that the more intelligent and powerful a woman is, the more she responds to sexual dominance and this type of dirty talk.

    1. “Ive found that the more intelligent and powerful a woman is, the more she responds to sexual dominance and this type of dirty talk.”

      This. 100% true. Because they want to let go of being intelligent and powerful and have a break in a safe place…the bedroom.

  36. I am currently single with
    (1) a male follower who worships the ground that I walk on and would do anything that I ask
    (2) a male follower that wants to be my “Master” and says one of these days I will give in….
    Since I am a very capable, independent, assertive person catering to my every beckon call drives me insane while I laugh at someone being my master because I control every aspect of my life. Is there a middle or should I just start saying “Yes Sir” 😆

  37. all the pory good, im very intrested in what everyone has said. i am a sub to a point, i give the man what he thinks he wants but also i challange him, and he just gets more turned on. if he say come here so i can spank u i will look at him, smileing telling him if he wants it to come get it. and so on some men may not like this but iv had no complants so far xoxoxo

  38. Submissive girls love to feel owned. Anything that say we’re yours and yours alone can have us on our knees.
    Here’s my new poem.

    Wrapped in unconditional love:

    Livin’ in a fantasy-land, wishin’ she could trust a man.
    With sex’s first impression, from a little girl land.

    What happens next,
    She’s not yet at her best;
    But little girls learn and grow.
    She’ll show what she knows.

    When naughty girls get all the attention,
    Spanked with love and affection.
    Taught to be a naughty-girl fuck.
    Now doesn’t that give you all the luck?

    When naughty-girl lessons turn her on,
    Things she’s too young to know.
    Naughty girls get all the attention,
    Spanked with love and affection;
    That’s all she’s needs to know.

    Can she tell you all her pain?
    Trust you in her fantasy-land?
    Will you step up and be her man?
    Love her as best you can?

    She’s a big girl now, still stuck in first impressions.
    So spank her with love and affection.
    She’s still willing to learn and grow.
    Naughty girls get unconditional love.
    That’s all she needs to know.

    Love her with a stricter hand…
    Then fuck her all you can.
    For unconditional love a naughty girl will learn and grow.
    Never too old, to be told she’s yours to own.

  39. I’ve read this 4 times now since finding if 4 days ago……..just for my own personal pleasure. Spot on for me. I wish I could find someone to talk to me like this.

    1. hi jane
      i would like to speak to u and know about u
      but i live in egypt so what is ur idea we can manage speech on net to know each other
      i had before an slave

    2. Jane add your location I’m pretty sure you will find some volunteers to dominate that pussy of yours. If you really want to be dominated come to O.C. California and I will show you some good domination. Trust me the steps 1-10 are just the beginning on some of the stuff I have for you.

  40. These are all one directional;a girl who wants to have a dirty fuck. It wont go with every girl but what will is painting a naughty story as you do stuff. “we’re in the park and I notice your big tits” then you grab her tits. Or any story, works with any girl anytime

    very effective.

  41. these tricks would work on me i guess i need a master right now.. anyone up for it please reply soon!! i live in the south west of sydney if ur anywhere near..

  42. Thanks to everyone for their input, experiences and thoughts. I came across this post while just looking for some ideas on how to have my wife really take on the role of the sub. She is already submissive to me by nature but I am looking to “step my game up” so to speak and really get her worked up. I have blindfolded, handcuffed, and spanked her and all of those moments were great. I think these tips will help out and I believe we will enjoy them. Thank you all again

  43. I’m one of those “GOOD” catholic girls …. yes I do love sex but I can tell you from experience which ones of these above work and don’t work with me …..
    What does work #1, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9.
    What doesn’t and why #2, #3, #4, #10 – I dont like to be called bad, or slut, or anything negative …. but tell me I’m an ANGEL and I’m beautiful doing whatever we’re doing …. and you get a whole new GEAR and I’ll fuck you forever ! Don’t even try #2 – #4, or #10 … because I turn right off. #10 … my only master is myself and God ! You start trying to tell me this and I’m out the door !! gone from your life !!

    1. I mean I agree as a man outside of sex we don’t like nasty and dirty women, maybe a little but if he thought of you as a TRUE whore he would get a boner kill immediately

  44. Jesse I wish more guys read this. Spot on! My guy uses all of these techniques on me and it’s fantastic. Agree you need to read her reactions… #5 is a great tip.. my lover has got me doing things I thought I’d never do.. and I love them all.
    I also love that a man would take the time and effort to get to know my inner desires and bring out the slut in me, ironically it shows respect and great sexual understanding that he actually wants to spend time molding me to his wants and releasing me. Great post!

  45. really cool post!

    I haven’t tried the Tell Her “This is bad…” and
    Tell Her to Surrender Herself

    What worked great for me lately was “I’m gonna do with you whatever I wanna do with you” and so on

    The important thing is picking up on things she says with lots of emotion and go from there… I find there are some words they really react to much better (personal for every girl) than othhers like a girl I was with really reacted to “delicious” cock, the world delicious seemed to resonate with her instead of “hard” cock

    I think key is presence and observing her reaction

  46. It is all very true, I know from both personal experience and from simply being a woman. You have very good points that touch on a very simple reality that women prefer men that know what they are doing and are confident.
    Keep up the good work.


  47. long stemmed roses are the way to her heart,but you first have to start with her head.All this dirty talk and passionate ,sexy verbal sexual intercourse drives women wild and makes them your love slave, personal whore and sex goddess.

    1. Haha, yeah been given just the roses, or whatever token of I adore you. Been engaged 4 times, and broke it every time, because a guys just adoring me is boring. Give me great throw down sex, and I’m more likely to keep you around longer. So yes I agree, but just remember out of the bedroom I am equally powerful, and very capable of stealing your role, so be careful if you find a girl like me 😀

      1. Oh Clair, you would be so much fun to dom. I would train you so well that you’d live only to serve.

  48. “If you’re a black guy with a blonde tell her, “You just loving wrapping your mouth around my black dick don’t you.”

    isn’t that just precious. your a natural cuckold.

  49. I found that lots of foreplay will drive her crazy and NEVER with a new date fuck her until she begs me, out loud.

    Often they something like : I wanna feel you inside of me’ and I just laugh and say ‘Sure you do, but not till I’m ready and you’re begging me!’ and I’d just go on nibbling her clit or (whatever I feel like)

    She might say something like ‘You’re crazy, I’ve never begged a man to fuck me’

    Just ease back long enough to smile and say ‘YET!’

    Sex is a head game eh … run their heads and you can have everything!

    1. If you are the “Kit” whom I think you are (I call you “Mr. Caveat Emptor”), then your card has been marked darling! Love from Miss Underestimated x

    2. (C’est moi un autre fois) BTW… I should have told you to kiss my arse for all the blatant cheek you have subjected me to in recent months, particularly as you have relied upon group social conventions and my innate good manners not to call you on it! I fear that your response would have been to fall deeply and devotedly in love with me (turning a Tom Cat into a Kit-ty Cat) and I’d end up having a hell of a job getting rid of you!! Look up INTJ on Google…. That’s you that is. I acknowledge that you have impeccable taste Sir. Play nice in the autumn (temper your Italianate game with some real care and compassion) and we’ll see what occurs! Miss U (aka possibly Ms Icelandic Gambit!)
      Ps. You may be a player but I’m an excellent coach x

    3. Miss U’s maniacal laugh echoes that of her learned friend’s from a few weeks previously (yes, I did hear that and everything else besides….). Ooh Kit, the look on your face is an absolute picture!! x

  50. This has nothing to do with respect…cut the hypocrisy. We are all here to find out what we can learn, and more than often it involves attracting women. The truth is that evert woman wants to be submitted…yes! A man has to go in for the kill like a hungry tiger preying on sheeps. Sex is the most natural instinct one can have as a human being after all we are civilized animals.

    Now…the most arousing part about talking is being able to say what we feel instead of thinking of how we feel. Silent bedroom sex is a NO, NO! Take control like you know what your doing let the moment take place…insecurity sucks, therefore, you gotta not give a DAMN in order for the girl to be like WOW!

  51. Jesse-They were ALL very good pointers to say to a woman…I use almost all of them. :>)

    Like, Ato, most men don’t think that it is OK to talk dirty to a woman, even, the woman they are going to marry. Men must treat women with respect outside of the bedroom, but, in the bedroom, this is when the woman can become a slut.

  52. Agree Jessee, she will follow you around everywhere with the fear of loosing you to another woman. I have felt that with my own wife.

  53. You have to respect her outside of the bedroom. If you don’t respect her outside the bedroom she will not let go and will not allow herself to become the slut she wants to be, it will also mean that you just use her as a sex object. To sum it up, if you don’t respect her outside the bedroom, you can’t talk dirty to her. If you don’t talk dirty to her in the bedroom, the sex will quickly become boring, and as a result she will cheat on you with a more exciting guy.

    1. Of course…just be gentle with the words i.e. Yah, that feels so good! I love your tight little pussy around my cock! Damn, have I told you how warm and nice you feel inside! If your girl has stretch marks, relaxed vagina (loose), or small breats try to lick, kiss, caress and touch those parts. Uplift her/his insecurities by knowing what they wanna hear and thats by learning to LISTEN!! If you talk dirty from time to time it will keep your marriage alive! Dont come home fuck her and go to sleep, wake up fuck her and go to work! Seduce her like the first day!

    2. Hell yes – own her – that is what marriage is. Tell her she’s yours. It’s your pussy. She’s your private nasty girl forever. All the stuff above. Just don’t launch into it out of the blue. She wants to be fucked too – I guarantee it. Make sure she’s good and horny and declare ownership. Next time ramp it up a little. I like to get them to say they want me to dominate them. “Dominate me” – that it’s sexy as hell coming out of a girls mouth while she is on her knees sucking your cock. It sets the stage for what is happening next!

    3. Im getting married in may. I love for my man to tell me my pussy belongs to him. For hin to slap or spank me. I love being dominated, hes starting to open up A LOT more with it and when we are in the bedroom I am his and I do as he says whatever he says.

    4. I happen to be a girl. Just recently found myself in a bit of a role reversal than the typical (I like it, but new territory:), hence found my way here. I can say even if you are going to marry the lady she won’t feel disrespected. After maybe over coffee just touch base saying this really turned me on, and I love you that you are my sexy naughty girl, but let me know if I cross a line, OK? That gives her permission to speak up, but not in the throws of it all ruining the dominance. I find the worse lovers I have ever had are lousy, because they refuse to try new things, or speak up. I am pretty willing to to whatever, even twice just in case done badly before always willing to try at least a second to confirm my decision. Many people are no like this, so I get it, but if she if she isn’t sending you dirty messages on where she wants it, than definitely she’ll submit to you:) Good luck best of wishes cheers .

    1. I work them up to the point where they ask to be dominated – it opens everything up. When I tell them to say dominate me and they say “Dominate me” and I’ve got a hand full of their hair I pull their head down where they can’t look me in the eye and tell them what I’m going to do – spank them – slap them – bite them – plunder them – take everything I want because in this room it’s mine. Tell them they are going to love it. If you’ve worked them up right they love the talk and you’ve already got them to agree to what’s happening next. It it’s not a first time thing with most girls unless they are freaks our you are way better than me. I’ve gotten bible college girls to go for it after working them up to it. It’s way powerful the”nicer”the girl is!

      1. Just reading that comment got me so hot! You sir , definitely know what you’re doing.

      1. yeah daddy is a turn off but master is hot as hell, i just used these tips last night and we both came over 8times. i never knew how kinky my girl was

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