Use ‘The Hands of Fire’ Cherishing Ritual To Make Her Wet!

Cherishing rituals are almost like Valentine’s Day gifts, because when a woman feels close and bonded to you, she feels more fully completed, fulfilled, and happy about the relationship.

With the Hands of Fire ritual, you’re building a powerful connection to a woman through a series of touches.

Exteroceptors are the skin’s sensory nerves that sense touch.  Women have millions of exterceptors all over their skin and most are concentrated around her lips, hands, and her erogenous zones.

By stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones, you’re not only telling her subconsciously that you’re an incredible, experienced lover, but you awaken her sexual drive and lust.


Here’s how it works.  Tell her, “Did you know that you have special ‘hot spots’ all over your body?  I’m going to show you where they are and how to awaken them.”

As you do the Hands of Fire ritual, imagine that hot, white light and fire is burning out from your fingertips, warming whatever they touch.

Touch her slowly, softly, and gently.  Linger.  Enjoy each moment for the sake of the moment.  Focus on enjoying the process, not on the completion.


The Wrists

Tell her that her first hot spot is her wrists.  Lightly caress them for they’re full of exteroceptors.

Insides of Her Elbows

The INSIDES of her elbows, where you feel the soft connective tissue, are extremely sensitive to touch and a prime erogenous zone.  This is the next area to lightly caress.  Tell her exactly what you are touching and why.

The Lower Back

Reach around to her lower back.  Again, with each of the caressing touches, tell her what you’re touching and how it’s another hot spot.

Back of the Neck

Gently stroke the back of her neck.  The back of her neck carries a lot of muscle tension that touching releases.

The Jawbone

The front of the neck and the ridge of the jawbone is an extremely sensitive part of the woman.  Lightly trace along her jawbone and the front of her neck with your fingers.


The Eyes

Caress the area around her eyes.  As you touch them, keep your eyes open and gaze steadily into hers, even if she drops her eyelids.  Keep eye contact to maintain a sense of connection with her.

Nose and Lips

Lightly caress her nose with your fingertip.  Gradually extend the caresses down to her lips, and then back up to her nose.

The Cheeks

Begin from beneath the eye and lightly stroke down her cheek.


The Ankle Hollow

Caress the hollows on both sides of her left or right foot, located between her Achilles tendon and the anklebone.

The Hands of Fire cherishing ritual touches the woman in ways that most men never bother to explore.  No man will ever have taken the time to touch her like that before in her life.

If she wants to man-eat you alive by now, begin a passionate lovemaking session.

Otherwise, don’t push or initiate anything more and let her sit there and burn with the new, amazing sexual feelings.

You don’t need to have the entire Hands of Fire ritual perfectly memorized.  Add a few hot spots or improvise as you go.  It doesn’t really matter WHAT parts you’re touching as long as you’re touching.  You may also want to keep a small note card by your side listing all the erogenous zones so that you don’t forget them.

And as always, your woman must know that you believe that every part of a woman’s body is sensual.  Every part of a woman’s body is responsive.  Everything is natural and normal.

Make that your Valentine’s Gift to her!

14 thoughts on “Use ‘The Hands of Fire’ Cherishing Ritual To Make Her Wet!”

  1. Oh this works alright :)))
    I deliberately start with clothes or most of the clothes on. It gives something to pull her close to me and also something to tease her with trying to take it off:) I learned to use EVERYTHING she has on her to my advantage! Plus I like a little mystery. Mystery always sparks conversation like “what you got hiding behind here babe?” knowing damn well it’s a firm ass behind her clothes:) Now I get to explore:)))

  2. OMG!!! She changed from nothing to “don’t you move away” after a few strokes of these spots! She was clearely pleased just with the wrist touching which were easily moved to here cheeks and lips. Extra bonus, the boner as it was super sweet for me too, she liked it too, love the women! Unbeliveable no one touched her like this before, so natural and casual moves. Many thanks Jesse

  3. Jesse this is Gold. You’re teaching very wonderful things. Things she’ll remember for ever and put you in a class above the other guys.

  4. jesse it would be helpfull if you tought how to be a “natural born leader” take risks, try stuff, maybe you should give helpfull tips or straight out what to say to get a group from one spot to another, how to be the center of attention because from my experiance spitting game is like 20%, and the rest the 80% is all about socializing ur not ALWAYS gonna be spitting game you do it for a couple of minutes or when the time is right and then its back to socializing and u should concentrate a little more about socializing and just basic things thats what we lack not how to touch a girls eyes and jawbone im just not feeling this u have to keep it Real man… hope you take this in concideration

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