Tips To Make Your Woman Striptease, Dance, And Stay Fit For You

It should be in wife or girlfriend’s repertoire to give her strong man an erotic lap dance or striptease.

Every man wants a woman that can put on a good show for him.  After all, for guys good sex is VISUAL sex.

Just as exciting as having a woman undressed in front of us is a woman who knows how to undress and move her body.  Taking if off with a tease… we want what we can’t have, we want to see what’s secret.

Imagine when your woman learns to do a Supermodel Strut, the Walking Orgasm, Body Rolling, The Snap Down, The Diva Dive, The Thigh Pumper, The Crawl, The Hip Swirl, The Justice Spread, The Pump and Slide, a Lap Crawl, or a Slow Peel.

It’s best that a woman takes exotic dancing classes to learn.  Live classes are the easiest way for her to learn the moves and make friends with other women and have fun.

You can find classes on the following websites:

In addition, do a Google search for “striptease classes” or “lap dancing classes” or “exotic dancing classes” followed by your city’s name.

I also recommend the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Exotic and Pole Dancing Illustrated by Wendy Reardon.  It includes dancing tips, photographs, and an instructional DVD in the back of the book.

Social Swing and Salsa Dancing

In addition, taking social dance classes like ballroom, swing, or salsa is a great activity to share with a woman.

In social dance, you typically switch off with different partners in turns and it’s a great, structured way to meet new people.  It’s also a nice excuse for your woman to dress up a little and show off that new body of hers, her new style, and her new moves.

She’ll feel attractive and social dance will help drive through her new changes taking place.

She’ll also grow to love you more deeply.  Women are highly attracted to a man that can take her out to dance and afterward fuck her hard until she can’t walk.  A couple that dances together, stays together.

Social dance group classes are relatively inexpensive.  If you enjoy them, sign up for private classes if you can afford it.  They may be pricey, but you’ll learn the steps faster that way.

Don’t get frustrated if your progress is quite slow at first.  It can take MONTHS to feel light on your feet.  If you have no dance experience, you literally have to rewire your brain to coordinate your feet and body and motions in new ways.

My suggestion is, even if you suck (and boy will you at first SUCK), is to have massive amounts of FUN.  Smile and enjoy the process.  Have a sense of humor about your two left feet.  The point isn’t to become the next great Tango star, it’s to have fun and bond and connect with your woman and to meet new people and to enjoy the sexually charged energy.

So learn the basic social dance steps so that they can go out to any nightclub and light up the dance floor and have some fun.

Have Your Woman Stay In Excellent Physical Shape

A woman’s muscle mass determines her metabolism; the more lean muscle mass she has, the faster she burns calories and the leaner and more athletic she’ll look.

Up until around the age of 26, a woman’s body naturally and automatically grows new muscle mass.

Even if she does very little exercise, her body can remain thin and lean.

Jamie Koeppe

After around age 26 however, a woman’s metabolism changes.  Her body no longer naturally maintains its prior level of new muscle tissue.  Rather, she starts losing muscle tissue over time.

Left to its own, her body will lose another pound of lean muscle mass every few years.

With the loss of muscle tissue, her metabolism slows down.  At first she’ll start to add a little flab here and there on her arms and stomach.  With enough time however she’ll become obese.

Resistance Training

On the other hand, when a woman does resistance training (lifts heavy weights) and regular cardio exercise, she’ll not only maintain her muscle tissue and youthful look, but she’ll gain new muscle mass and become even more attractive and toned looking than a younger woman.

That’s right, with resistance training, a woman can continue to look spectacular through her 50s, better in fact than when she was young.

I once approached an older woman in a grocery store.  Her body was spectacular, a perfect 10, lean and strong, and I had to compliment her on it.

It turned out she was over 50 years old!  She was a Pilates teacher.  And she was FAR hotter than 99% college age girls I had met.  The only way you could tell that she was an older woman were the fine lines on her face and white hair giving away her age.  Her body however screamed youth.

It’s important that a woman does resistance weight training, supervised by a certified personal trainer, and regular cardio exercise that pushes her heart beat.  Again, she needs a trainer to give her an appropriate cardio program; most people on cardio machines in the gym are not pushing themselves close enough to their maximum heart rate and completely waste their time getting no results.

With regular training, she’ll add ten years to her lifespan, look sexier, fit into her clothes better, and just feel better – and retain her feminine sexual polarity.

The Fast Decline

A woman who lifts heavy weights at a gym is preferable to a woman who is just naturally lean.  Within a few years, a naturally lean woman’s metabolism will slow down.  Even between the age of 21 and 25 a woman’s body will significantly decline.  A young woman’s body won’t last long if she’s not on an exercise regimen.

Once I dated a young woman who was 21 years old.  Her body was great– youthful, lean, and tight, despite the fact that she did no exercise whatsoever.  Her youth and naturally fast metabolism kept her body in shape all on its own.

About four years later I met up with her again and we dated shortly again.  Now she was 25 years old.  With her clothes on she looked very much the same.  But when her clothes came off, the difference of those 4 years of not exercising became apparent.

Her body was still nice, but there was a noticeable loss of muscle tone all around and the beginnings of a little sag there and a little sag here.  She still wasn’t exercising, her body’s metabolism was slowing down, and it showed.  Over the next four years the process would only greatly accelerate.

No matter what a woman’s age, she needs to be lifting heavy weights and doing cardio exercise, supervised by a professional trainer, immediately for both her health and her confidence.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about what lifting heavy weights will do to a woman.  Resistance training won’t turn her big and steroid looking.  In reality, even as a man lifting weights you won’t look huge unless you’re pounding back 4,000 calories a day to the point of vomiting.

When a woman lifts heavy weights, she simply burns off calories, builds up muscle and metabolism, and sculpts her body until it becomes totally smoking.

There’s really just no comparison between a woman who’s into fitness and a woman who isn’t.  As a man then, having a primary girlfriend or wife go to the gym and having a certified trainer show her what to do should be absolutely mandatory.

The place to start is the gym or fitness center.  If she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she can hurt herself so getting a personal trainer is mandatory.  The trainer can show her the proper form to use machines and weights (So important!! Or else she is wasting her time!), and the level of intensity she needs to cardio at (it’s more intensive than she might think, and if she doesn’t hit a minimum level, again she is wasting her time).

The personal training profession isn’t regulated however.  Some trainers may not have much experience or know what they’re doing.  Be sure to ask the gym manager which of their personal trainers is the best certified and comes the most recommended.

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