Tokyo, Japan – City Review For Picking Up Japanese Women

In 1999, I visited Tokyo Japan for two weeks.  This was before I really got into pickup and was pretty clueless about meeting girls.  However, I can give you a general sense of Japan and how it fares for picking up and meeting women.

First, I don’t find Japanese women to be particularly attractive amongst Asians.  They tend to be pale skinned with bad teeth.  However, you can always find cuter Japanese women and the being in Japan, the numbers are on your side.


Typical looking young women from Japan

First, what’s cool about Japan is the slightly nerdy culture.  They’re into comic books and video games, and if that’s your style that’s great because even most of the girls are into this stuff.  So if you’re looking for a “nerd girl” who is cute, Japan might have what you’re looking for.

In addition, the Japanese women are sexually liberal (often having more than one boyfriend or lover at once) and you’ll stick out so much as a Caucasian that you’ll literally get stared down sometimes.

I was there for two weeks, and on two occasions I had a woman come up to me and directly ask me if I’d be her boyfriend.  One of the girls was like 16 years old (I think) and I told her no out of fear of being arrested lol.


A more idealized Japanese look

The clubbing district in Tokyo, Shinjuku, is HUGE.  It’s like a city unto itself.  With tons of young people filling the streets.  It’s a bit like the strip in Las Vegas with tall buildings and lights, but about ten times bigger (from what I remember).

There’s another clubbing district called Roppongi.  This is where all the foreigners go and all the girls looking to hook up with foreigners.  It’s smaller than Shinjuku by far, but still decent.

I had no game at the time and couldn’t speak ANY Japanese, so I was pretty clueless.  However, I talked with another guy about 30 years of age who spoke a little Japanese and he said that he had slept with a different girl each night the past week.  Girls pretty much went up to him.  I didn’t doubt him based on my limited experience there.


The Shinjuku district in Tokyo

There are women pretty much everywhere.  People don’t drive in Tokyo, they take the trains which are fast, efficient, and go everywhere.  The streets are packed with people.  So you just run into young women literally every second.

What’s nice about Japanese women is that they tend to be submissive and kinky.  Especially if you’re a Caucasian, you can get away with a lot of shit.

Japan itself too is a really beautiful country with great parks, temples, and mountains to visit.  And cool trains.

The city of Tokyo and Kyoto are clean and there’s virtually no crime.

You can probably also get a job there teaching English or something…

If you love Asian girls, it’s a great place to go.  If you’re ambivalent about Asian girls, it’s a terrible place to go because 99.9% of the girls all look the same.

If you like meaty girls with breasts and butt, don’t go to Japan.  All the Japanese women are skinny.

And the guys are total Wusses in general – so if you do approaches you’ll stand out even more and it will be like shooting fish in a barrel… assuming you speak some Japanese.

That’s the thing though, definitely learn Japanese before you go!

15 thoughts on “Tokyo, Japan – City Review For Picking Up Japanese Women”

  1. I’ve been in Japan on at least 10 different occasions and it’s by far the worse place in Asia to find women. They are pretty but unless you are tall, rich, handsome and wear a business suit you are not going to have much luck. Stay with the Philippines and Thailand.

  2. Where to stay that is not very expensive? I don’t care how far away from the club district as I can take a taxi or train. Thanks a lot

  3. There are tons of seriously hot women in Japan, but most foreign guys here only ever meet the uglier ones like in the pictures you posted.

    If you’re ever in Japan again, contact me and my crew over at We’ll show you the Japanese girls that most foreign guys in Japan never meet.


  4. Jesse: I was thinking the reason why you and that guy you met were having women approach the both of you is because you’re NOT Asian men. I think these women are sexually deprived, seriously.

  5. Hey, Jesse!

    Japan seems like a loveerly place to go … ! I believe u when u say it helps to know the language. I speak a couple words of French, or German, or even Chinese to a girl … and they light up like a christmas tree! (chuckles)
    In all honesty, knowing the language IS a great way to get to know the, shall we say, “ins and outs” of a culture, and all it has to offer. I think u know what I mean … !

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