How To Train A Mistress Wife For Dirty Married Sex

So how do we keep a hot wife in the first place and keep them from straying?

How do we keep a wife adoring us and happy and keep them from fantasizing about other men and cheating behind our backs?

How do we keep a wife hot and sexy and desirable and hot to fuck?

How do we prevent relationship decay and the “three year itch”?

Here’s how you break the chain.

The key is not to place any woman into the Madonna frame. That’s the starting point from which everything else that goes wrong flows from. The Madonna frame starts out okay, but from there it’s all downhill.

Again, the key is not to place a woman into the Madonna frame.

Since all women regularly have dirty, taboo, forbidden sexual thoughts and fantasies, you can come to the understanding that the “Madonna” and “Buddy” frames in the bedroom need to be burned and fed to the rats – forcefully – in favor of a new one: The Mistress.

The Mistress frame is basically this – you treat a woman like you would a hot Mistress in an illicit affair of rough, dirty, undercover, taboo sex. No matter whether the woman be a one night stand, a fuck buddy, a girlfriend, or your wife.

In the Mistress frame, you make women feel like the sexiest woman in the world, not a “Buddy.” You make women feel like you derive no greater delight than having her be sexy and in sexually pleasuring her.

In the Mistress frame, you appreciate and encourage women’s sexiness and you’re comfortable in doing that because it’s all natural.

In the Mistress frame, you show women your masculine aggression. You throw women down on the bed and ravish them without regard for her pleasure. You talk dirty to women while you roughly take what’s yours and fuck them.

In the Mistress frame, you expand the upper limits and reaches of women’s sexuality. You understand that women need to experience new things, in new ways, including fantasies and new identities and new sexual adventures.

In the Mistress frame you fuck women like an animal on the bed, in the kitchen, on the table, in the shower, in parks, on the beach, you let women give you blow jobs in movie theaters. You give women permission be a “bad” girl.

After all, you’d be bad and nasty and thrilling and uninhibited with a hot, illicit Mistress. You’d dress her in very tight, very sexy underwear, with lots of straps and laces and high heels.

And you’d act out your fantasies with a Mistress.

If your fantasy is to bang women like cheap hookers in a sleazy hotel, then dress them up in a trashy outfits, drive them over to the Motel 6, and make it happen.

If you want women to dress up as a waitress and have rough sex in the parking lot behind the Denny’s (ala Tiger Woods and Florida waitress Mindy Lawton), you can make it happen.

If you want your wife Mistress to dress up in lacey lingerie and attend to your whims like a submissive Geisha girl, you’ve got yourself a Geisha girl whose only purpose is to please you.

If you want your wife Mistress to give want long, warm blow jobs that go deep and wet, it’s yours.

If you want your wife Mistress to have threesomes with you and other sexy, open-minded girls, you got it. And if you want her to go FIND those girls to have threesomes with, you’ve got that too.

If you want your wife Mistress to have female squirting orgasms, multiple orgasms, shatter-gasms you’ve got them.

If you want your wife Mistress to become a stripper and fuck you with all the attitude and energy of a stripper, then you’ve got yourself a stripper.

A wife Mistress doesn’t let herself or her looks go. She doesn’t sit on the couch gaining weight and eating bon-bons all day. Her primary thoughts are remaining attractive and feminine for her man.

A wife Mistress dresses in tight, sparkling dresses and high heels to please you and win your attention – not in baggy “man clothes”.

A wife Mistress speaks softly and submissively and sweetly – not bitchy or mouthy.

With a well trained Mistress, your wish is your command. You can construct any reality that you so choose for women. You don’t have to cheat on her to get off. No more sneaking around behind her back with porn or affairs. No more getting caught or feeling guilty.

A Mistress is in effect is the perfect sexual woman and will always remain so as long as you keep her in that frame.

Your Wife Wants to Be Your ‘Dirty Little Mistress Whore’

The key to successful relationships is to NOT put women into the Madonna frame at the beginning – that’s where relationships start to go wrong – but instead put women into the Mistress frame.

You see, sex for a Madonna or Buddy with her man is a routine. But sex for a Mistress with her lover is full of rough passion and hard sex and full of illicit fantasy. The sex is freer and uninhibited. Sex with a man then is not about fulfilling a duty, it’s about fulfilling his desire and passion.

A Mistress is free to be whoever she wants with you, because she knows that you’ll never judge her. Because in the bedroom she understands that you understand her true, innermost nature, the sexually uninhibited Mistress who can surrender herself to men and pleasure.

The reality is that both men and women want the same thing; a wilder, more passionate sex life. But they’re prevented from having one because of this unspoken and often unconscious assumption that the other person should not, cannot, or will not participate in it.

That’s why we men have to start treating wives like illicit Mistresses in the bedroom and involve them in our sexual desires and fantasies as men.

Because deep down inside, every woman, even though in public they want to appear to be as a Madonna, in the bedroom they want to a carefree Mistress full of fantasy and adventure without boundaries. In the bedroom they want you to lead them and blossom their sexuality to its full potential and bring them to that island of pleasure.

She may be a corporate exec in real life, wearing power suits and holding power meetings, but at night after work she wants to be tied in rope on her knees begging to suck a strong man’s cock and forced to secretly wear slutty red lingerie under her suits at work.

She way be a waitress during the day and a mom during the evening, but at night she wants to be slammed against the wall, have her hair pulled, and told what a filthy fantasizing bad girl ho she is.

A young girl might hit the school books at the University library during the day, but at night her glasses come off and she masturbates furiously to the romance novel she’s reading – really she wants to meet a strong man who won’t put up with her shit and drama and make dress up in Stiletto heels and sexy schoolgirl outfits and give her permission to experiment in a threesome with another girl.

Of course women will never TELL you that. Women have little conscious idea of Madonnas and Mistresses. But if you give them the adventure, they’ll LOVE you for it. It’s the greatest gift you can give a woman, to set her free. Beneath the “good girl” Madonna exterior, surrendering to a strong man in the bed who takes what he wants from her and makes her do the sexually dirty deeds she fantasizes about deep down in silent secrecy is her deepest wish.

Illicit Mistresses and Why You Need To Treat Your Wife Like One

A lot of mean fear the Mistress frame. They fear tapping into women’s deepest sexual fantasies or having them dress and act how they would really want a sexually free and uninhibited woman to act.

They’re afraid to discover that the wife is not as sweet and innocent as they thought she was, but wants to be talked nasty and dirty to.

They’re afraid, for instance, that she’ll blurt out in a moment of honesty that she fantasizes about other men. Or they might find out she sometimes fantasizes about being the center of attention at a group orgy.

Or they’re afraid that women will want to have nothing to do with them, so they don’t want to even try.

Listen, women are going to fantasize anyway – with or without you. The women in your life are going to have two or three other guys in her imagination fantasy land who know just how to please her. Women will fantasize for themselves and mentally “cheat” on you during sex whether you’re with them on it or not.

Men who pretend that their woman isn’t interested in fantasy are the ones most likely to be hurt down the road as real life unfolds before them. Women who are put into the Madonna and Buddy frames are the most likely to become sexually bored and have their sexual needs met somewhere else, by another lover behind your back.

Why The Mistress Frame Works

But when treated like a Mistress and there’s sexual polarity, women won’t cheat behind your back or feel lasting malaise or unhappiness in the relationship. Instead, they’ll hold onto their femininity, continue to feel sexy, be happy they’re being fucked good, and not look elsewhere to fulfill their sexual needs.

After all, you’re bringing out her sexual fantasies, allowing her to live them and experience her sexual potential in its fullness, giving her permission and guidance to blossom into the full, feminine woman she can be. Remember, she’s a woman and what separates a woman from a little girl is her sexuality.

Look, there’s only one way to keep women, particularly beautiful women, who have their choice with men, coming back to you again and again without fail, and without ever cheating behind your back – and as we already know, more than half of women admit to cheating. There’s only one way to keeping a beautiful woman from straying and make her intoxicated with a sexual addiction to you.

And that’s to be the most incredible lover she’s ever had. You have to become her source of pleasure that she couldn’t ever hope to find in any other man. You have to establish a monopoly over her pleasure that no other man can give her.

And you can’t do that if you treat her like a sexually sacred Madonna, there’s just no way. That’s the surest way to sabotage a sexual relationship.

Look at it this way. If you are the best lover she’s ever had – if you treat a woman of wife like a Mistress – then you have a monopoly on giving her intense sexual pleasure. Because she’s not going to get that from any other guy, I assure you.

Since the monopolist has no competitors, the monopolist can gouge customers and charge them a high price to maximize their profits. For example, what if Aquafina was the only company and source that you could get clean water from? You’d be forced, compelled, to buy water from Aquafina, even if they were asking for $10 per bottle.

By treating women like a Mistress, by holding a monopoly on a new level of sexual pleasure that she’s never experienced before with another man, she’ll have no one else to turn to for it, and you can charge whatever price you like!

In other words, the Mistress Frame gives you incredible leverage in the relationship. You can set the terms of the relationship and have confidence that she’ll always come back for more.

If you’re dating, even if she knows that you’re seeing other women she’ll let it all slide because she won’t want to risk losing you as a lover. She’ll even start buying you gifts and presents to keep you around.

Even if you’re married, she’ll start being extra nice and accommodating to you because of what you give her. And women know that great sex is hard to find.

Here’s another reason why the Mistress frame works. When you share those fantasies she secretly enjoys with her, she shares a personal secret with you. And when you share a close, personal secret with someone, it brings you closer together. Just as when you open up to a friend about your personal past relationships, the sharing brings you closer to that friend. And when a woman shares her innermost secret desires with you, it brings her closer to you as well.

The sharing of sexual fantasies and sexual acts then can be one of the most intimate and powerful things lovers can do. Soul-to-soul sharing of personal private thoughts and fantasies builds trust and brings a man and a women together in a way that nothing else can.

You’ll find that discovering about women’s fantasies helps strengthen your relationships. Men and women at ease with one another’s fantasies have very rich sexual lives and a degree of openness that other couples would envy.

And when you open up her sexuality, she associates all of those good feelings to you. She’ll begin to think, “Wow, my man makes me feel more like a woman than anyone else ever has.” You want her to be making as many positive associations with you as possible.

But again, if you frame a wife or woman as a Madonna or a Buddy instead, it leaves a woman feeling inadequate as a sexual woman. She’s going to fantasize anyway without you and she’ll either feel terribly guilty about it, or she just won’t care and given the right opportunity and right circumstances, she’ll act on her desires with another man behind your back.

At the same time, you’ll feel the temptation to cheat on your Madonna or Buddy with the fantasy whores of porn and prostitutes who have femininity and sexual polarity. So it’s just a lose-lose situation to box a woman or wife into a Madonna or Buddy identity.

That’s why the woman as the Mistress needs to be the dominant frame in the bedroom. You need to teach women to become comfortable going there with you, and I’ll show you how. So even if she’s at times your “buddy”, you can still throw her down on the bed and fuck her like the little submissive bedroom whore she secretly longs to be.

23 thoughts on “How To Train A Mistress Wife For Dirty Married Sex”

  1. This is a really what women need,i do role play to my wife and she enjoys alot every role i give her for example I turn her from a wife to a whore who fucks around and get paid like a real whore .
    I tune her to a stripper who dances in a club and engages in pussy exhibition to the crowd cheering her.
    Sometimes I dirty talk to her calling her all sorts of filthy names,I call hey you’re a real bitch ,a lut who likes fucking a lot and a cunt with big clitoris.
    She seems to like all this names and she orgasms like a wild nymph in a porn movie.

  2. Hello, my name is Emir and I am from Russia. I dont know this guy and I did not/willnot buy his stuff because I already know how to do it. Everything said here is very true, after becoming a “gentle beast” (as she calls me) for my woman she became sexier, younger, happier. She will not ever cheat on me because I make her come 5-8 times during intercourse. She says that she never knew that being a slut for me coulb be this fulfilling. And that is a woman who was bossing her husband around before he passed out (yes she is a widow).
    Understand me right you may not ever learn to be like that with a woman if you were raised by your mother alone, you have to have a very strong musculane backbone of a character. I have been raised by my father only and in pretty rough conditions with fights and all that, which made my character. In short if you feel like you ae not many enough first learn to be a man (not seem like a man) and then learn about the whole “mistress” thing. So here you go, boys get your shit together for fuck sake, be MEN.

  3. This is a mistake. Treating a marriage or relationship as something dirty is really a foothold or hook to open the door to more evil.

  4. Jesse,

    You correct! I’ve have a wife and last year had an affair on the side, my “gf” knew she was extra and that I was fucking my wife all the time too. She became obsessed with me and my cock, the more obsessed she became the better I became as a confident lover. Then because I wasn’t begging wife for sex all the time, she started to become more cock needy too. The trick is that you really have to not give a shit about your women(s). You also need to really know to fuck with their bodies as well as their minds. I made them both call me “Master”. The texting, emailing thing works great! Start off slow don’t freak them out, but after a few weeks, every time they see you sent a message they will start to get wet;) The key is to remember that they want to be controlled. Always remember that!!

  5. Most mature women can service with extra pleasure two or sometimes four or more. By treating her as a mistress wife one is filling her in-born need without jealousy. To be proud, politely, she can interbreed deliberately as opposed to adoption in a threesome

  6. JC … your material and framework are fantastic … after years of relationship trial and error with my wf, I have created a number of elements of the wf-mistress paradigm, but discovering your website has put it all together and made it very clear… she is an awesome 10 by any measure, gets tons of attention from men and is very prim and proper during the day, but is naturally submissive in the bedroom, loves it up the ass, and wants to be dominated. Just by using a few of your tips and observations the results have been amazing. Just by slightly increasing the forcefulness in our sex life has allowed her to further unleash her inner slut and the positive results in the rest of our relationship are fantastic … you are a genius!

  7. Man this article is spot on. I love all your articles on how to ‘train’ women. I’ve used tons of your techniques, especially the ones about dominating your girlfriend and introducing rough sex and anal. It’s taken quite awhile and lots of training but I have the perfect mistress girlfriend now.

    She works in a high stress job and used to come home stressed out and sex was more about her and only when she had time. Now she regularly leaves work early and I come home to a girlfriend in sexy lingerie wanting to serve me dinner. She goes to her knees whenever I say I want a blow job and she knows sex is going to rough and she’ll be taking anal when I want her to.

    Your ‘training’ tips have helped me teach her submission and lets me chanel my male aggression and dominate her. We’re both happier now.

  8. I love this’s straight forward..I recommend this article to all whining men out there,,… he he he

  9. I have been doing these things for a while with my long term gf. She is shy and submissive. Just read this article then sent her a very naughty text to see what would happen. Wow … worked like a charm, she wanted to know even more detail. Plus, had no complaints about giving her permission to be slutty and a little tart. She loved the way we were playing in our texting. Great article!

  10. You are so spot on. I found this article looking for ways to spice up my marriage and this is everything I’ve been dreaming my husband would do to me. We married young and have been married for quite a while and seem to have not grown sexually. Any suggestions on how to introduce “The Mistress” to him?

  11. You are beyond clueless without the faintest idea of what you talk about. If you acquired your knowledge from a true foundation, you would understand the real reasons behind these dynamics and not have blindly marched into the ego pitfalls that have been laid for you and your minions. Instead you teach a bunch of hollow tricks that will only last on women as hollow and unfulfilled as you. You won’t ever know what is possible as long as you nurture souls that repel those who are striving for the potential we were all meant to realize.

    Please grow up and stop being just a different variety of weak men. It takes years of real courage to a more difficult path of learning what it takes to give wholesome respect AND get the same in return, but you can do it.

    1. Maybe you are looking for a provider male who will raise your children and play the traditional father figure. There are all types of people that make the world go-round, and that’s cool too. So please go to Oprah Winfrey’s website to explore your particular interests, not mine.

      1. Hey Jesse, I thought you gave a really good response here. There are all different types of people and you’re right, your method isn’t for everyone. To each their own. However…I have to say your tips have changed my life.

        My boyfriend didn’t tell me about your site when he first discovered it. Once he felt he’d ‘trained’ me enough he showed me your site. It’s amazing, so many things on here my boyfriend uses regularily.

        My boyfriend tells everyone about your site. I’m so different from how I was when I first got together with my boyfriend and so is he. He’s a real bedoom bull now, regularly insisting on things like anal, deep throat blow jobs, very rough fucking, etc…things I never knew women needed to do for their man often.

        I would have never thought of myself as submissive until my boyfriend ‘trained’ me…now I can’t describe the pleasure I get from knowing his every sexual need is met. Submitting to anal, getting on my knees for him and taking him into my throat, dressing in sexy clothes and serving him dinner…it all makes me feel proud that I do a good job of meeting his needs.

        In your article you write “you show women your masculine aggression. You throw women down on the bed and ravish them without regard for her pleasure. You talk dirty to women while you roughly take what’s yours and fuck them.” This is exactly what makes a woman understand her own needs…her need to be with a bedroom bull that takes control.

        You’re teaching men how to introduce women to their real needs. Keep up the good work.

        PS – I’d love to see posts for women…any tips you have on how a woman can make sure her man knows she respects his place as the dominant bedroom bull.

    1. Hi Jesse,
      Thanks for this! I loved your post.

      I have been married li’l over a year and dates my wife for almost two year before marriage. We have a healthy see life but he idea of turning my sweet wife into a mistress wife is exactly what’s he direction I want to go in.

      My wife is extremely shy and prefers I take the leads. I have always been a li’l dominant sexually but not particularly into Dom/ sub/ slave fetish but what you described above as he mistress wife is exactly what gets me excited.

      I plan to introduce my wife to this forum as well as I just started her gentle training from yesterday. Are here any useful posts that can help my wife better understand her role as new may be new to her and not much information out there.

      Thanks again and look forward to your response.

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