Watching Your Girlfriend Masturbate

Approximately 70% of women masturbate regularly.

Watching a woman masturbate or allowing her to watch you can really excite her.  By watching her or having her watch you, you can learn a lot and share an experience that’s incredibly intense.

It’s natural for a woman to have an almost childlike curiosity about the penis.  Writes one woman,

“I think women’s fascination with male genitalia starts off innocently enough.  I remember studying them with childish curiosity.  This thing boys have, I thought, is really pretty silly-looking.  Why do women make such a fuss over them? What’s the big deal?

Then puberty hits.  And you hear things.  And you learn things.  And this innocent, wrinkly little appendage takes on more mystery than the Bermuda Triangle and seems as dangerous as a ticking bomb.”

Writes one woman,

“I was really horny while out shopping the other week.  I knew it would be a couple of hours before I would get home and that the chances of getting some time alone before bed were slim.  I went into a well known clothes shop, picked up the first dress that I saw and headed for the changing room.  Safely in my own cubicle with the curtain pulled, I dropped my jeans, leaned up on the wall and watched in the mirror while I did myself.  Five minutes later I handed back the dress, still perfectly folded on its hanger, and left the shop a happier girl.”

Another writes,

“One of my major fantasies (but, so far, it hasn’t happened in real life) is to masturbate with another girl and very often I will fantasize while I’m masturbating that some girl I know is there with me, both of us masturbating and watching each other.  Another fantasy is that I’m lying on the floor, naked and masturbating, and a group of about six to eight people, both guys and chicks, are kneeling around me, all of them naked and masturbating, too.  We pace ourselves and all cum at the same time.”

Another writes,

“By the time I was ten, I was fucking myself with whatever I could: penlights, oversized pencils, tampons, my fingers.  When I was 12, I got this very large stuffed animal, larger than me, with this incredible tail, and you can guess what I did with that tail!  I think I fucked that stuffed animal at least once daily from the time I was 12 until I was 17, usually with the fantasy that I was some innocent girl thrown into a jail by some evil older women, usually nuns, who wanted to punish me.”

Another writes,

“I never had sex before I was married but I got a great deal of experience and pleasure out of wanking men off.  Even now I’m totally addicted to playing with my husband’s cock.  I like oral sex, mutual masturbation, getting dressed up and reading erotic books sometimes to get in the mood, or other times while my husband plays with me.  He usually gives me an orgasm before we even have intercourse.”

Another writes,

“There has to be a cock involved- or several men jerking off.  It is always male masturbation that does it for me, rather than imagining being fucked.  I think this is because I was totally fascinated with male genitals after seeing a man expose himself to me when I was quite young.  Far from being frightened, I was curious and stood staring in amazement until the guy had finished.”

Something normally taboo and forbidden, when you share it, will bring the two of you closer together.  Sometimes a woman’s masturbation fantasy can be rooted in wanting to become closer to her man in an intimately shared experience.  So it’s not an uncommon fantasy for women to dream of a man masturbating or engage in mutual masturbation with her man.

In addition, if she’ll masturbate in front of you, then you know that she masturbates.  And a woman who masturbates, who has a more active fantasy life, will take the fantasies she’s already lived out with you and play them over and over again in her mind, rehearsing them, reinforcing them.  She’ll more likely extend them and embellish them.

Also, when a woman learns to masturbate in front of you, it takes a lot of the guilt out of sex for her.  After all, if she doesn’t masturbate in front of you, on some level it’s a guilty behavior for her.  Fantasies for her on some level can feel like cheating.  So if she can masturbate in front of you, she’ll be more comfortable with fantasizing.

Masturbation also makes your job easier in getting her into the highly aroused Blissnotic state.  For example, let’s say you’re fucking her doggy style.  One good technique is to reach down with your hand and rub her clit with your fingers at the same time you pump her from behind.  The combination of being entered plus clitoral stimulation will get her wet and keep her wet.

However, it’s slightly awkward and uncomfortable to reach under there and hit the right spot which you can’t even see directly.  It’s a lot easier just to command her to masturbate herself while you fuck her.

Or if you’ve set an exotic dancer scenario for her and you want to go get some stiletto heels for her to wear from the closet, tell her to touch herself and masturbate herself until you get back with the stilettos.  That way she’ll stay in the aroused, Blissnotic state and not pop out.

So the next question becomes, how do you get a woman to be comfortable masturbating in front of you, how do you watch your girlfriend masturbate?

Well one of the most straightforward ways, is while you have her in a Blissnotic state and you’re whispering sexy talk into her ear, command her to touch herself.  A lot of women will do it if you’ve trained them to be responsive to your commands combined with them in being in the suggestible state of Blissnosis.

Another step is to masturbate in front of her on occasion while she’s in the rational, awakened state as you’re getting ready for sex.  It doesn’t mean that you cum, but simply stroke yourself in front of her.  This will show her that you view masturbation as natural and normal.

If she brings up the subject of masturbation, be firm with her in communicating that masturbation is a healthy, perfectly acceptable act and that if you touch yourself or if she touches herself, it’s a way to bring the two of you closer together.  Tell her that it’s good and openly encourage her to touch herself.

You can also use a more gradual step by step method that uses virtually no verbal communication at all.

First, stimulate her pussy with the head of your penis as if you were giving her cunnilingus but with the head of your penis instead of your tongue.

Then tell her to take your penis in her hand and use it to rub her own clit.  Because it’s your cock on her pussy, but not her finger, it’s okay.  Essentially she’s masturbating herself with a dildo now, though it’s your cock.  She’s using her own hand direction to hit her pussy with your cock in the way that she likes it most.

Once she’s comfortable with that, you can have her guide your hand to touch her in the way she likes best.  And once she’s comfortable with that, and when she’s close and hot and in a highly aroused Blissnotic state, put your hand on top of her hand.  Now she’s the one touching herself with your guidance.

Because you’re building up to her own masturbation in steps, she most likely won’t give you any resistance and will spontaneously begin to masturbate in front of you all on her own.

20 thoughts on “Watching Your Girlfriend Masturbate”

  1. My wife got me started of enjoying watching each other masturbate.She just loves it! She started it by getting me aroused by stroking me while wrapping her warm, wet mouth around my shaft & as my freshly shaved smooth erection was straining to erupt with it’s hot pearly white cream, then my wife slowly slid her hand over to mine & then placed my hand on my 23 cm’s of throbbing manhood & then she softly whispered in my ear, I want to watch you stroke that beautiful cock of yours for me, while I play with my smooth, wet kitty. How could I refuse such an offer? Ever since then we regularly will masturbate for one another and watch each other climax with pleasure & we’ll taste each other’s cream, she just loves it when I erupt my hot load all over her body!

  2. I masturbate a lot – and for most of my life I felt quite intense guilt. I know that other women masturbate but I felt like I had taken it too far.. I masturbate several times at night, heaps in the morning, and any chance I get at home when bored. Sometimes a sexy thought would not even enter my mind, it’s just a thing I do that feels good. My ex boyfriend hated it, and I tried to stop, but it just made it worse and I felt more shame. My current boyfriend caught me and was extremely turned on! He lets me masturbate in front of him all the time. Most of the time he joins in, but sometimes he just gives me a little stimulation… Like, whispering sexy things in my ear, light kissing, and a bit of a butt rub, or sometimes he just watches and smiles, he gets a boner but just lets it be, it allows me to masturbate frequently while still having sex with him as much as possible. I never thought I would find someone so understanding. I have zero guilt now.

  3. Yes, it’s great. SHE gets me to put her “intim” shower gel on (it’s blue, for goodness’ sake) and watches me wash my dick, so that I get an erection and keep on washing myself until I come for her. Because she wants to watch me making myself come. Whatever next? SHE pulls on the black rubber pants with the black rubber dick inside, that she’s only masturbated with without the pants before, and fucks herself dancing while watches me wanking. I cum in herer mouth and she spits on her tits and we suck and we suck. a nipple each. next time I wank and then she jerks me off into her cunt. This is how we suck and fuck before sucking and fucking each other’ mouths properly, for a long time, which is our real fucking. Want to watch us, like our best friends do?
    They like to masturbate together, too. We get really messy with our ejaculations and pussy lovejuice all over ourselves. Then we have a shower and wash each other till we come all over each other again. And we have to lie down, till we’re all ready to fuck each other again – can we fuck you all tomorrow?

  4. I do masturbate since i was a kid. I am 25 now and still a virgin because in my society we have strict rules about it. I have a lots of queries about masturbation.
    1. I cannot slip my finger or anything inside my vagina because it is closed with thick and strong skin. Can hymen be this thick? It really hurts if i want to push something inside.
    2. I reach orgasm by penetrating my clit. Is it normal to do it everyday? I feel horny most of the times.

    1. Hi!

      Some women have a too-thick hymen and you could ask your doctor about that. At the very least search the internet for info.

      “Penetrate my clit”… baby that’s not possible. Yeow! Do you mean you “manipulate” your clit? Rub it? Yes, it is normal to orgasm everyday if you are in the mood. Healthy! Never, ever feel guilty about it! Carry on!

  5. Wow, I liked that article of yours!
    My boyfriend and I sometimes watch each other masturbate, but it is mostly him watching me doing it.
    How can I make him feel more excited or comfortable about masturbating in front of me? Because sometimes I think that he can’t really relax or isn’t doing it as passionate as he would do it when he’s alone.

  6. my guy and i masturbate in front of each other. he did it for me to make me comfortable and i love to watch him play with himself and cum and i love to see his face when he is getting off. Its so sexy and it turns me on even more to see him enjoying himself to me pleasuring myself to him… pleasuring himself to me… its wonderful. Its normal and healthy and it teaches both partners how the other likes to be played with

  7. I am not a lesbian, but always enjoyed having sex with women more than men. I have developed circle of female friends who think the same way. We meet regularely for great sex. It’s amazing how inventive naked women can get with each other!!
    If I wrote a book it would be a best seller.

  8. I am a woman who likes to get off in the bathroom. I masturbate until I’m ready to cum. Then I straddle the cold bathroom tub and shoot my load. The cold tub against my pussy makes me cum like a champion! Sometimes I can have six or seven orgasms in a row!

  9. My girlfriend always has a butt plug seated up her ass.
    This keeps her very hot and quite orgasmic. She is like a time bomb ready to go off at a moments notice. This is really fun for us both. She likes to get her rocks off in the car and has awesome screaming orgasms of the first magnitude that rocks her world!

  10. My boyfriend and I have a rule never to masturbate alone. We must always wait for our partner to be there also. We love to watch each other fondle and masturbate. It’s sooo much more fun when everything is out in the open. When I am extremely hot I get naked on the bed so he can watch me tease and fondle myself. We like to watch up close, while we masturbate for each other. I am a big squirter and he shoots big loads! My girlfriend loves to join us, which boosts the excitement up about ten times!

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