When Talking Dirty To A Girl, Make Her Affirm “Yes!… Yes!…”

An affirmation is when a woman says, “Yes” to your command.

For example, when you say to a woman, “You like having my dick in your mouth, don’t you?” you can get an agreement from her like a nod of the head or a “Yes”.  This is an affirmation and her response makes the experience more real for her.

When she’s highly aroused and you’re rubbing your cock at the opening of her vagina, tell her, “Baby, tell me how much you want my cock inside of you.”

She’ll affirm, “I want it inside of me”

Tell her,

“You want my tongue inside your pussy hole?  Tell me.”

She’ll affirm, “Yes.”

“You like it when I fuck that cunt of yours don’t you.  Tell me.”

She’ll affirm, “Yes.”

“You want me to fuck that cunt, right?”


“Who is that pussy made for?  Tell me!”

She’ll affirm, “You…”

“How hard do you want me to fuck it?  How hard do you want me to fuck it?”

She’ll affirm, “Hard… fuck it hard!”

For an even more powerful effect, especially when she doesn’t say “Yes” with enough conviction, have her give you a double affirmation or even a triple affirmation.

As you have her bend over with her ass and pussy up in the air, say to her,

“You’re a very horny little girl for your strong man aren’t you?  Tell me how horny you are.  Tell me you’re a horny little girl.”

She’ll say “…Yes…”

That’s the first affirmation.

Tell her,

“You didn’t say that with very much conviction.  I want you to tell me that you’re a very horny little girl for your strong man like you mean it.  Tell it to me.”

She’ll say, “…Yes, I’m a very horny little girl…”

That’s the second affirmation.

Tell her again,

“Tell me like you mean it.  Tell me how horny you are.  Tell me how much you want my cock inside you, you horny little girl.  I want to hear you say it.”

She’ll say, “I’m so horny I want your cock inside of me!  Please…”

And that’s the third affirmation.

Whenever a girl affirms something herself, it makes it for real and true for her, because now she has said YES to it.

16 thoughts on “When Talking Dirty To A Girl, Make Her Affirm “Yes!… Yes!…””

  1. Im just saying, I used this just. Ow in a conversation but with my own twist, and had the girl dripping next to her own bf in bed taking nudez. So. A plus to this

  2. The last few months my wife has been asking me to call her a slut and a whore when we have sex. She will scream out that she’s a nasty slut and needs to be treated like one. This is hot but is she trying to take things further?

  3. Your Seduction Science and Blissnosis programs worked GREAT: my gf bjed me and bjed me sometimes HAPPILY for almost 2 years. You emailed advice and this girlfriend of my dreams turned into my wife 10 years back. Now, Since i think she got turned off by (I erroneously would NOT stop looking; she’d asked me to close my eyes while she bjed me because she was not aggressive enough.) Your program would have told me to “care for her” by closing my eyes as she requested (gently leading her later).So, that mistake was on me. SECONDLY, because I did not shower first (she once said you’ve GOT to shower before I do this.) And so, Once, I think my smelling (butt ?) was the final straw. I mean she USED to say “I’m starting to like it”(doing a bj on me)
    . So obviously, the two negative things above from me greatly changed her enjoyment to disgust.)
    What can i do to eventually revert her back–even if it takes 6 months of focus. I’ve been in an otherwise good marriage for 10 years (6 ior 7 years w/o and oral love).I know I need to get a better apartment for her that she badly wants ,too. Thanks Jessie Charger– the guru of success in relationships !

  4. Anonymous is right :mrgreen:

    I did this with my gf for a few weeks every time I fucked her. Got her in the habit of saying yes to everything I did, making her beg for it. Once I felt like it was natural for her I moved onto rougher sex, again making her agree and begging for it. Before long she would give in to rough sex with no hestitation. Once I introduced anal she hesitated but I kept reminding her she begged for it and soon it was a regular for us too.

    Needless to say I now have a nice little sexually submissive girlfriend who knows my sexual needs always come first. Making your gf affirm and beg for your cock is a great training method. :mrgreen:

    1. Now you got me thinking. Is this MY Matt? This whole manipulation technique happened to me. So I go on BEGGING for sex, but my Matt almost NEVER satisfies me! No matter what we do, he still doesn’t satisfy me. Yes, now we have evolved into “Matt’s needs always come first”. And now, even though Matt thinks he has accomplished something wonderful, he’s left with a sex-starved girlfriend. Proud of yourself, Matt? So, Matt’s needs ALWAYS come first, and Matt ALWAYS cums first too! Being submissive comes natural to lots of women, but being selfish comes natural to too many men! So, I hope you’re real proud of yourself for turning your girlfriend into a sex-starved, unsatisfied horny beauty! Someone else is bound to notice her!

  5. This sounds more like a lesson in making a nubile girl consent to sexual slavery than a lesson in fellatio.

  6. Once again:a solid fucking post bro’.Where was your blog all this time lol?

    Affirmations are key when it comes to sex-play.Funny thing though,I used to believe that affirmations had to be “yes”,meaning the actual word yes.But affirmations are basically agreeances to what you ask.This post clarifies that for me.

  7. That was GOOD, Jesse. When she says YES to something sexual, it makes it even more REAL to her. It’s her sexual imagination!

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