Why Good Guys Get Dumped By Their Hot Girlfriends And How To Prevent It From Happening To YOU!

Why do so many guys who finally land a beautiful woman only end up getting DUMPED by her a few months later?

It’s no good to have the pickup skills, only to lose that hard-won beauty a few weeks later.

The problem is, guys can become obsessed with trying to win a woman’s approval – even AFTER he’s slept with her.

And when you lack a backbone because you’re afraid of displeasing your girlfriend or wife, your woman eventually learns that she can take advantage of you.

Pretty soon, your woman starts demanding special treatment. She might become bitter, moody, materialistic, complaining, or emotionally cold. Her moods begin to vacillate. Maybe she stops exercising or she stops wearing sexy clothes like she used to.

Instead, she sits on the couch eating chocolate bon-bons and gets fat.

fat chick

She starts using sex as a weapon against you to get what she wants.

If you’re a wuss, she learns that not only can she get away with bad behavior, but in fact she is REWARDED for it.

Here’s how guys go wrong:

First, the woman acts badly. Let’s say she withholds sex. Then we reward the woman for her bad behavior, say, by giving into her demands and trying to snuggle up to her. We buy her flowers and gifts and try to win our way back to approval and sex.


But that’s how women become spoiled and selfish.

When you reward your woman’s bad behaviors, you’re teaching her that these bad behaviors will get GOOD responses in return. And when she’s rewarded for it with attention, then the bad behavior only gets worse!

Likewise, what happens when a little child throws a temper tantrum when he sees something he wants and the parents always give in? The little child becomes a spoiled brat.

Pretty soon the woman is controlling when you have sex, giving it and then withholding it, creating an emotional roller coaster ride of positive feelings and then negative withdrawal that gets you chasing her.

The Sexual Monopoly Bludgeon

The woman wields even more power if you’re in a committed relationship with her, like dating and marriage.


In an open market with many competing manufacturers, how much does a product such as a pair of shoes cost?

A new pair of shoes costs just above what it costs to make it, and the manufacturers compete with each other to give you the best shoes at the best price.

But what happens when only one show company controls the entire supply of shoes?

Holding a monopoly, the one shoe company has no incentive to improve their product. In fact, they have every incentive to raise the price of shoes sky high to maximize their profits at the expense of your pocket book because you have nowhere else to go to buy shoes.

Monogamy between a man and a woman creates another kind of monopoly – a sexual monopoly. And if you act like a needy Wuss, the woman has the power to control the supply and price of sex.

That’s how some women can wield monogamy like a bludgeon, battering their needy, Wussy boyfriend or husband into subservience, into doing everything possible to accommodate her whims in exchange for lame sex and attention.

How Guys Get Dumped


One day your woman begins to think to herself, “He is not a real man anymore. He’s a Wuss, a little boy.”

Suddenly she’s spending more time with her friends or more time alone. She becomes more distant. At some point she cheats or just leaves you.

If she’s married, she feels trapped with a loser and comes to despise you for someone she doesn’t respect.

If your woman treats you with disrespect and you let it go or even reward it, then it’s your own fault. You have no one else to blame for her spoiled, rotten behavior but yourself. She’s simply responding appropriately to the frame that you’ve set for her.

17 thoughts on “Why Good Guys Get Dumped By Their Hot Girlfriends And How To Prevent It From Happening To YOU!”

  1. yep, this article is about me. I was with a crazy selfish bitch who took advantage of me and, cheated and left. Feels good When you think you are doing the right things like buying her stuff, etc. Just to get shit on. Learned my lesson, thanks for this article man!

  2. This scenario is so sophisticated many people believe that this topic of dating is based on one’s performance just like any other art. For instance, if a man is capable of playing a piano and drums in elegant manner then hes able to get things going on the way he wanted be. Unless he didn’t started his act backward from the end to the beginning.

  3. what do i do to this girl who gives me extreme mixed reactions.
    Some times she is very good to me but other times she does not pick-up my calls or even answer my sms.
    I know she has a very strong attraction towards me.

    1. It’s likely that she may be confused or puzzled about her outlook on your relationship. She may be wondering weither your right for her, (and if she is shy) then she won’t be very up-front to why she withholds herself from you. My best guess is, become the hunted and not the hunter ;).

  4. hey jessie, how do you get women that talks all the time to shut up and listen for a change, with out hurting her feelings too much, this woman im banging at the moment, just talks constantly, about shit, she goes through every little detail, and throught every conversation she has had with other people, i’m sitting there thinking when is this going to end, shes been talking for about hour solid, so then i start trying to talk, to break up the bordem, and she answers but then goes back to what she was saying before, its like she has to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, and check her spelling and punktuation, and by the end of it i feel like ringing her neck, theres no room for me to move in on her, to instigate sex, its a mood killer, the first time we did it, i was waiting for her to stop talking, before i made my move, but she never did, and all i could think was shut up, i want to make a move on you, so i started getting frustrated, in the end, i just did it, its the only time she shut up, but as soon as we had finished, it was back to talking about shit again. dont get me wrong, i like listening to women talk, it shows that shes intrested and she wants me to know her, and also, i find out very quickly, if i want to start a relationship with her. but this woman is unbelieveable,

    1. Maybe she’s just not for you then. This sounds like an ingrained habit that will be hard to change. If you want to change it, you’ll have to play hard line with her to change a habit like that.

  5. Hey jesse, i have been reading ur stuff from long time….it sounds practical though,but surely it doesnt work on an indian girl….have u worked that on indian people, i mean how to pick up an indian girl??

  6. A few of the “10” – “sure ways” to lose a wife, girlfriend, lover

    1) Smell bad – poor hygiene, bad breath, B.O., etc…

    2) Be unproductive in work and responsibilities with family and household

    3) Have no life outside the relationship – no interests, hobbies, friends, etc…

    4) Use boyish ways when relating with her – tryrant, bossy, domineering, etc…

    5) Have no purpose in life besides her

    6) Think that she will always be there for you even if you fart, burp, say nasty, arrogant, rude things to her!

    7) Act like a dork, loser, clown

    8) Make frequent self-derogatory comments, make frequent complaints about work, people, her behavior, her family, her friends, etc…

    9) Dont make any decisions to do interesting and fun thingsin the relationship

    10) Not being able to communicate well physically & socially

    Need i go on? i can riff off of these things and add more. most guys i would venture to guess dont even think about these things.

  7. I also would like to know how to move on from a woman who many would consider a great catch but just doesn’t know when to stop taking up as much time as she can from me. I have heard it is due to her low self esteem. But, I would much rather move on to dating several women at a time– H.E.L.P. !!

  8. be honest… (example: if they have a fat ass, tell them they have a fat ass.) straight to the point.


  9. How bout some info on how to dump girls sensitively and gracefully, esp when they become obsessive and clingy?

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