Why You’re Sucking In Bars and Clubs… And The *Instant* Fix

Most guys HATE bars and clubs because they’re loud, noisy environments and the girls are out in groups.

And most men experience nothing but snubs and blow-outs.

That’s why 90% of guys will ONLY do dame game.

But the fact is, more attractive women congregate in bars and clubs than anywhere else.

And when you understand the secret of bars and clubs, it’s like hitting a gold-mine of quick make-outs and sex with attractive, young women.

Clubs and bars have some of the hottest babes you’ll find

What You’re Doing Wrong!

Guys at social parties speak to women with a SOFT and almost apologetic sounding voice.

Their voice isn’t any louder than the music and the girl can barely hear him speaking above all the surrounding noise.


It’s sort of like a soft-spoken Pee Wee Herman trying to whisper his way into rapport with a gang of bad-ass bikers dudes… way too QUIET!

And when you’re soft-spoken, you simply can’t open the girl, grab her interest, or dominate the interaction.

The Seeking-Rapport Sink Hole of Doom

Most guys also speak with “trying for rapport” tonality.

He’s needy to be liked and accepted by the girl he’s saying hello to, and that comes through when he UPTURNS his tone in pitch at the ends of his sentences.

It almost sounds like he’s asking lots of whiny questions to the girl, like this:

Guy: Hey there???  Can I get your opinion on something???  Will you please like me and listen to me ???

Girl: Alright.

Guy: Umm… who lies more???  Men or women ???

Girl: What?!  I can’t hear you!

Guy: Umm… who lies more???  Men or women ???

Girl: Um… Men…

So not only is he soft-spoken, but because all his sentences end with a question-like pitch, he sounds overly friendly and overly nice.

It makes you sound like you’re apologizing for even talking, or as if you’re constantly seeking permission from the girl that it’s okay to continue speaking.

… Like you’re an amateur entertainer doing cheap magic trucks, needy for approval.  That’s not sexy.

Speaking softly and turning up your pitch makes you sound like a beggar.

And the girl’s natural response is to push you away!

So the set goes nowhere.  She can’t hear you very well, you sound needy, and she blows you out.

And for all those reasons I created the 15 CD  Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.  It’s the culmination of my 10 years experience meeting women in bars and clubs and generating instant, hard attraction so that the girls chase the MAN down.

No more blow-outs, back turns, fake phone numbers, or flaking. This program shows you how to use your voice and your eyes to tap into the woman’s deepest attraction triggers so that she’s compelling to respond and CHASE.  Click HERE to download the program right now.

So How Loud is Loud Enough?

Your voice has to be loud enough to cut over the music clearly and boom out a few levels above everyone else.

Your voice it needs to come in like a steamroller and knock the girls over!

Imagine your voice is like a Star Trek tractor beam.

It has to be loud enough to forcefully grab the attention of all the girls in the group, and ALSO put enough social pressure to stun the brains of the other guys.

And most guys *underestimate* how loud their voice actually needs to be.

An effective bar and club opener is loud enough to interrupt the girls, force their attention to you, and stun out the brains of the other guys.

You might think this would piss off women, but that’s exactly what makes them get WET for you.

It’s this “loud as all fuck” voice that makes you super attractive to women.  It’s like growing a huge pair of double-D breasts, and women can’t help but react with instant attraction.

Neutral and Breaking Rapport

You also need to speak with neutral rapport.

With neutral rapport, your voice tone and inflection stays *neutral* at the ends of sentences, meaning you don’t allow your sentences to rise in pitch – just as how you talk with your best buddies.

Breaking rapport tonality works wonders too.

With breaking rapport tonality, your voice slopes DOWNWARD at the ends of sentences.

It almost sounds like you’re a little pissed off, or as if you’re interrogating the girl, or as if you’re skeptical of her.

And when you speak with breaking rapport tonality, that will cause the girl to react in “trying-for-rapport” tonality.  Which is what you want the girl to do – try to get rapport with YOU!

Guy: “Hey!  Hey you there girl !!”

Girl: “Umm… yes??”

Guy: “Hey !  You are cute !!  Like an adorable little angel…”

Girl: “Oh really??  Thanks…?”

Guy: “Where are you from !?”

Girl: “Um… California…?”

So in bars and clubs you want to go 100% neutral and breaking rapport and absolutely NO trying-for-rapport AT ALL.

Why this formula creates crazy attraction and WORKS!

Here’s why this deceptively simple sounding technique works so darn effectively.

Women respond best to the most to the most dominant man in the room.

That’s the guy who is talking over others, interrupting and cutting off others to assert himself, and makes himself the center of attention by his volume and projection.  Everyone else is thus reacting to HIM.  And he’s leading the group.

Imagine if you were leading a woman’s fitness class.  You’ve got to be (a) loud, (b) breaking rapport and giving commands, and (c) cutting off others when they get out of line.

That’s why it’s not the best looking guy who is most attractive.   Nor is it the best dressed guy either.

It isn’t the funniest guy or the interesting guy with all the stories.

Women respond to the man with the most booming + breaking rapport voice, who wrestles control of conversation threads and leads them.

Case in point: The Corporate Boss

In a business meeting, it’s usually the alpha leader who leads the meeting and speaks in the loudest voice.

While his followers and underlings speak softly and in seeking-rapport-tonality, looking for his approval and acceptance.

And if a corporate boss wants to lead, he’s got to speak up and assert his voice strongly or no one will take him seriously as an authority.

Likewise, when you’re in a social party, you need to become the alpha leader who interrupts, directs, and leads the girls with your projecting voice.  That’s what get the girls wet like crazy!

How ONE Small Change Makes All The Difference!

For a man, a loud, breaking rapport voice is literally like growing gigantic, luscious breasts, and women just go nuts for it.

And by making this ONE small tweak in your persona, you instantly become *massively* more attractive to women.

Let’s say you’re sitting in a coffee shop when a cute woman walks in.  She’s cute, but otherwise you don’t look twice.

But then, suddenly, she lifts up her sweater over her head and takes it off.

And now she’s suddenly revealed her swelling, voluptuous breasts underneath!

As she walks with her coffee, her breasts jiggle up and down.  And all the men and women in the coffee shop turn their heads to look – either in desire or jealousy!

Funny isn’t it how by changing that ONE curvature on her body, the coffee girl went from looking “average” to being “super fucking hot.”

That just by making that ONE small change in her silhouette, she went from no one noticing her at all, to ALL the men in the room DROOLING in excitement.

And your voice is YOUR weapon of mass attraction.

By speaking loudly and with proper tonality, it’s like growing a huge pair of double-DD tits that simply can’t be ignored.

You suddenly go from being “another lame guy at the bar” to generating hard attraction on a primal level with every woman in a 10 foot radius of you!

Are You Speaking Too Fast?

In addition, most guys speak too FAST to women in bars and clubs and social parties.

Imagine you spot a celebrity like Angelina Jolie in the street.

You run up to her gushing quickly, “Oh Angelina, can I have your autograph, I watch all your movies, you’re amazing, I can’t believe I’m meeting you, blah, blah, blah, blah!”

You tend to speak quickly when you’re needy for the celebrity’s attention and you want her to acknowledge you and accept your presence.

Guys in bars and clubs do the same thing; they start talking really FAST (a sign of nervousness and neediness), speeding up their tempo because they’re needy for approval from the girl.

It’s a sure giveaway to the girl that you’re low value and a big turn-off.

So you want to sloooooooow your speech down to a normal tempo.

Remember Lion-O from that old cartoon, Thundercats?

If you revisit an episode of Thundercats on YouTube, you’ll see the Lion-O speaks SLOW AS FUCK.  Annoying slow!

I never noticed his slow-as-a-snail speaking tempo as a kid, but watching it again recently, it’s almost laughably slow.

But he DOES sound fucking ALPHA.

You don’t need to speak as slowly and deliberately as Lion-O, but you DO want to speak at a normal pace, and not to speed up in front of hot girl.

For speaking normally will make you sound cool, relaxed, and masculine.  And that’s what makes women get wet, because so few other guys actually “keep their cool” like that.

Pulling it all together to make magic…

So if you’ve had poor success in bars and clubs, most likely you’ve been

(a) not speaking nearly loudly enough

(b) speaking with seeking-rapport tonality

(c) and speaking too fast.

But when you amp up your projection like steamroller, use neutral and breaking rapport, and slow down, I guarantee you’ll open with a solid 100 % success rate in a bar or club.

And you’ll start pulling FLY girls from clubs and bars.

20 thoughts on “Why You’re Sucking In Bars and Clubs… And The *Instant* Fix”

  1. I get what you’re saying. Think of a voice like Cronk from the animated Emperor’s New Groove. Low & confident, just lose the stupid. I had a sergeant in the army with a voice so low & projecting that I continue to envy him. I’m sure the low frequencies from his voice go straight to a woman’s crotch & make her knees almost give way. No one is saying to be a loud @hole & be rude. Just loud enough & confident enough to take control of & lead a conversation.

  2. Great article as all of the rest. I am an older guy and found that the training provided helps tremendously. I am looking forward to continuing my education through your tutoring. The palmistry section will be my next point of study. My problem is that my pass word no longer works. I wrote it down and then when it would not get me in I asked that it be sent to me it was the same as I was using. I still could not get in. What should I do?

  3. Great article as all of the rest. I am an older guy and found that the training provided helps tremendously. I am looking forward to continuing my education through your tutoring. The palmistry section will be my next point of study. My problem is that my pass word no longer works. I wrote it down and then when it would not get me in I asked that it be sent to me. I still could not get in. What should I do?

  4. Women and men notice this guy in the club. We HATE this guy and talk about him behind his back. He prevents the men that we are interested in from talking to us.

    All is takes to turn this alpha male into a laughing stock is one woman’s snide whispered remark.

    Confidence is all that is required. Don’t introduce yourself like it’s a question, but don’t demand answers like a drill Sgt. You are not the “corporate boss” — we didn’t apply for a position.

    The domineering boss is the @-hole that everyone hates. The blustery drill sgt is a movie trope.

  5. “You tend to speak quickly when you’re needy for the celebrity’s attention and you want her to acknowledge you and accept your presence….It’s a sure giveaway to the girl that you’re low value and a big turn-off.”

    Couldn’t the same be said about speaking loud though?

  6. Just checked out your video on your introduction page. With the vowel exercise. But As I remember, you could do exactly the same with “Ave Maria”. Does is make any difference?

    As always awesome content Jesse.

    Greets from Amsterdam.

  7. “It’s like growing a huge pair of double-D breasts, and women can’t help but react with instant attraction.”

    That made me laugh out loud. I’ve got to admit, I’ve met a few people with that kind of voice, and it definitely has that effect.

    As a male, it does “stun” me. It interrupts my train of thought and makes me listen to them. I suspect that there is some deep evolutionary stuff that’s going on here.

    Back in the day I’m sure we evolved to listen to the pack leader. Women would be attracted to him, and men would be compelled to listen. And the deep, booming voice you speak of is one of the best signifiers of a pack leader, or alpha male.

    Good stuff. 🙂

    1. Women quick ways to sort out the sexual and social value of males in the group. One is social proof… if you walk into a group with 2 girls on your arm, that’s a quick way for women to size you up. The other is your voice. Even if you’re short, scrawny, and dressed poorly, if you’re barking orders at the other males and leading the women with your voice, it trumps “looks” as the women will see you as the alpha leader, the man with the most resources at his disposal to take care of her children and pass on her genes. Voice is king. 😆

  8. Julius Asavante

    You make some good points Jesse, I’ve noticed throughout life guys with deep confident voices bordering anger seems to cause females to be very submissive towards them. Alot of them are boring assholes who have to stand out, but say what you want they always seem to get the girl.

  9. Like Rik I noticed, how volume can be bad to. An aquaintance of mine speaks in a very loud voice. He only annoys people with it an does not get laid.

    I suppose that is because he speaks very nasal too.

    1. Alex, remember this is for working bars and club. You need to be loud to lead and be heard, and it conveys attractiveness. In a normal speaking daytime environments, you just need to be slightly louder than everyone else.

  10. Sounds like you are correct in your advice . I trust you and feel you really are trying to help people like me . This is not meant to be a criticism , but I’ve seen guys with projecting voices that come across as strident , pompous asses , showing their mean – spirited insecurity as well , although your pointers are true and valuable .

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