3 Drills To Get Laid By Smiling

Even if I’m not feeling great, I’ll even force myself to sexual cue with a smile. With any interaction with another person, you want to approach with a smile and leave with a smile.

Of course, it takes some practice to be able to pull off a big smile on the fly. Many of us just aren’t use to smiling at all and are quite self-conscious about our smiles. It’s harder than it might sound if you’re not use to it.

That’s why I’ve developed a set of exercises you need to perform everyday for at least thirty to sixty days to develop the smiling habit so that it comes across clean and natural. I guarantee that by mastering this one simple nonverbal sexual cuing skill, by mastering this fundamental attraction cue that women are biologically programmed to respond to, you’ll be able to create sexual rapport with women much more quickly and consistently than ever before.

Your Smile Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

But before I go into the exercises, remember, your smile doesn’t have to be perfect. If your teeth are slightly discolored or a little crooked it quite frankly doesn’t matter. The point isn’t that you have the whitest smile or the straightest teeth.

What’s important is that the smile conveys to her you’re a relaxed, friendly, and warm person. What’s important is that smiling itself is a sexual cue. What’s important is the ACT of smiling.

That being said, if you do lack confidence about your smile, even after doing the following exercises, modern science has come up with all sorts of corrective measures you can take. Like drugstore teeth whitening systems or the one hour dentist procedures. How white or straight you want to make your smile is in YOUR hands. That’s your responsibility.

What I’m going to do is now give you the exercises you need to get into the habit of smiling on a daily basis, all the time.

#1. Smile in Mirror Exercise

To do this first exercise, get in front of a mirror and give yourself a big, wide, open smile. You don’t need a reason to do it. Fake your smile if you have to. Fake your enthusiasm.

Again, give a good solid smile for a minute into the mirror and hold it. You’ll find that after a minute or so, for no apparent reason at all, you’ll begin to feel better and happier. You’ll find that instead of smiling because you’re happy, you’re happy because you’re smiling. It may sound strange, but scientific studies demonstrate that this happens. The more you smile, the better you feel.

Now relax your face to get the smile out. Then smile again to the mirror. Then relax. Then smile.

The purpose of this exercise is to get use to smiling and comfortable seeing your own smile. Your smile may feel terribly fake at first but if you just keep forcing it out, practicing it, sooner or later it becomes real and natural. What you want to do is continue this exercise everyday in the morning for at least thirty days. Write down in your journal “Did the smile in mirror exercise.” If you notice a difference in they way you felt afterward or if the smiling changed your mood or state, write that down too.

#2. Visualization Smile Exercise

Now it’s one thing to smile to yourself in the mirror, but it’s another thing altogether to smile to an attractive woman walking down the street toward you.

Visualization rehearsal is a powerful tool for practice. This second exercise will allow you to practice smiling at women without having to leave your house. And you can do it any time.

Make sure you’ve got a good twenty feet of space in front of you and walk across the room. Carry yourself in a relaxed stride, not in any hurry. And as you walk, visualize or vividly imagine, an attractive woman walking toward you as if outdoors on the sidewalk or indoors at a mall. As she gets near to you, make eye contact with her and give her a big, open smile. Even if it feels fake, force it out. See if you can maintain eye contact and smile to her without looking away.

You should do this exercise for 10 minutes following the previous exercise every day for at least 30 days. And be sure to write down “Did visualization rehearsal smile exercise” in your journal. If you noticed a difference in how you felt, write that down too.

#3. Store Smile Exercise

For the third exercise you have to actually get out of the house. And no excuses, I want you to get out and do this. It’s the only way to get good at smiling in public.

This exercise will really show you the difference between approaching someone with a stern expression like you may normally do, and approaching someone with a smile and the 500% better response you’ll get.

This exercise takes advantage of the fact that we live in an economy where we’re completely dependent on total strangers for our basic needs and survival. Every week you meet three or four if not dozens of total strangers in the process of buying your groceries, in the process of going to the drugstore, in the process of paying tolls along the highway and in a myriad of other situations. Our society provides a built in structure for meeting strangers in a legitimate, safe setting for both you and them.

Now to start you’ll need $2.00 or the equivalent of whatever currency you use. Go to a drugstore, grab a 25 cents pack of gum, and get in line to pay, but with a line that has a lady sales clerk. Now, you don’t want to wait in line to pay the whole time with a big open smile on your face, it may look goofy. As it’s your turn to pay, first make direct eye contact with the sales clerk, and then break open a big smile for her.

Now it can feel awkward to go from being expressionless to a big smile like that. That’s why, while you wait in line, you want to have a slight smile going on, a playful smirk, so that transitioning to a wide, open smile isn’t such a big leap. To do the playful smirk, smile slightly with the corners of your mouth, like you have a playful attitude.

As I said before, as it’s your turn to pay, make eye contact with the woman sales clerk and give her a big smile. Pause for a good long beat. Then say “hi.” Don’t try to say “hi” before the smile or as you smile, you want to be sure to smile first and hold it without interruption for a full beat – after all, you’re practicing smiling. And not interrupting the smile for a full beat makes it stronger. And while you smile, hold it, say hello, hold eye contact with her, and don’t break eye contact.

Here’s an example from my own journal. I wrote, “I walked down the store aisles once just to get use to where I was and get my bearings. Most importantly it allowed me to form a playful smirk, which I let come through on my lips. I came by a mirror and smiled into it to warm up. Grabbing a protein bar off the shelf I walked over to the check out counter to pay. The check out lady looked to be about 28, not terribly attractive, but I thought to myself how I’m going to make her day. I broke into a slightly larger smile as I approached her.

She said, “hi” rather bored like… probably the 100th time she’d said hi that day. I went from my playful smirk to breaking into a big open smile and held it for two beats… one beat… two beats. “Hi”, I said back. She gave me a huge smile and lightened up completely. She was as different as night and day.

And, when YOU do this exercise, be sure to write down how it went in your journal and the kinds of reactions you get. Remember, $2.00 is enough to buy eight packs of gum, or practice this exercises eight times in a row.

So I want you to, above all else, remember the following rule. The rule for the nonverbal sexual cue of smiling is, practice smiling until it becomes a natural habit you do ALL the time.

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