3 Wicked Vocal Range Exercises To Speak To Cutie Girls Like A Gangster

I want to give you 3 really awesome exercises to improve your voice with women – namely, speaking more loudly.

One of the cool things about speaking like an alpha male, dominantly, speaking loudly, is that the very act of doing so will make you feel far more confident.

The principle behind this is that a emotion follows motion. Your feelings, your state, your emotions follow your physical motion. So if you’re feeling down and depressed and you start jumping wildly up-and-down, forcing yourself to smile, forcing yourself to laugh, you’ll start to feel better, even if you’re just forcing yourself to go through the physical motions of jumping, smiling, and laughing.

Or conversely, if you slump your shoulders down, and you put your hands over your face, you start to feel bad, even if you have no reason to feel bad.

Your emotions follow your physical motions.

And when you speak loudly, when you put your vocal cords into physical overdrive, when you project your voice, your going to start feeling far more confident and alpha and dominant automatically by the virtues of your physical motion of your vocal cords.

Like if you start yodeling loudly like an Indian, you’ll get a rush of powerful alpha energy throughout your entire body.

So even if you don’t feel like speaking loudly, even if it’s uncomfortable, even if you don’t yet feel very alpha or loud or dominant, just by forcing yourself to speak loudly, you’ll begin to feel like a new man, and you’ll begin to adjust quickly to the new social pressure.

What I’m saying is, force yourself to speak loudly and deliberately with farther range and pretty soon it will just start coming naturally, and you’ll naturally start to feel more confident and alpha. Your emotions will follow your physical motions. So fake it until you make it if you have to.

Here’s 3 exercises to get you speaking more loudly to girls…

Vocal Range Exercise #1: Tarzan Laughter Exercise

Now here’s your first exercise for developing a dominant Alpha, loud voice that you can do at home.

It’s called the laughing Tarzan exercise and its purpose is to first unstifle your voice.

Start by laughing out loud. Just laugh. Go ahead and laugh out loud. Really loud. Really laugh. Don’t worry about looking or sounding dignified.

Just laugh out loud and become comfortable not only with the way you sound but also become comfortable with the volume of your voice.

If you find that you gave a halfhearted or weak laugh, or didn’t laugh at all, it probably means that you’re shy about using your voice. You’re shy of being heard by others. And that’s something that you want to get over. So I want you to laugh loudly, out loud laugh so loud at your neighbors can hear you.

Buk don’t be afraid to be playful. I don’t care how silly this exercise may sound like, you need to get used to making noise and being loud.

Now pretend that you’re Tarzan of the jungle. Make of that Tarzan animal call. If you don’t know what Tarzan sounds like, just pretend that you are the king of the jungle and imagine what kind of animal call Tarzan would make to call the other animals in the jungle.

Remember, laughing out loud and calling like Tarzan is supposed to energize your entire body. Remember that motion follows physical motion. By being allowed and not caring about what others think, that will make you feel confident on the inside, that will make you feel like a bad ass on the inside. The more you speak loudly, the more energy will have, and the more people will stop and listen, and the more hard attraction you’ll generate with women.

So this exercise, the laughing and calling like Tarzan, is something you should repeat every day for a few weeks until you’re not shy about the sound of your voice and farther vocal range anymore.

Vocal Range Exercise #2: Vowels Exercise

Now let’s do a few exercises specifically to work on your volume, to project, to speak loudly, so that you can speak over loud music, so that you can lead a group, and so that you can be the center of attention, and come across naturally as the leader, which is what generates hard attraction women, regardless of what you’re saying.

For this first exercise you simply say the vowels, A, E., I., O., U.

Practice speaking,

A, E., I., O., U. A, E., I., O., U. A, E., I., O., U.

Feel the vibration go from your throw and move it down to your chest. And increasingly get louder with every repetition.

A, E., I., O., U. A, E., I., O., U. A, E., I., O., U.

Make sure that you bring the vibration from your throat, dowm to your chest, so that both your throat and chest are vibrating. If only your throat is vibrating it will sound and easily like this,

(NASAL) A, E., I., O., U.

And just keep repeating the letters louder and louder, until your unstifled, until you grow comfortable being loud.

I want you to come away from this exercise with the idea that you need to make a conscious effort to speak loudly, a few levels louder than everyone else, with volume. To speak as if what you have to say is important. To speak as if you need to be heard by others. To speak as if you cannot be ignored.

Vocal Range Exercise #3: The Store Clerk Exercise

For this exercise for the voice, you have to actually get out of the house.

This exercise takes advantage of the fact that we live in an economy where we’re completely dependent on total strangers for our basic needs and survival.

Every week you meet three or four if not dozens of total strangers in the process of buying your groceries or going to the drugstore. Our society provides a built-in structure for meeting strangers in a legitimate, safe setting for both you and them.

Your mission is to go to a store, like a nutritional supplement store or a clothing store, and start talking to the clerk about the products.

It doesn’t matter who the clerk is, can be young or old, man or woman, and start asking the store clerk about product.

So let’s say you go to a nutrition supplement store, you’ll say, “Hey I’m interested in learning more about supplements, can you help me out. Yeah, what is this protein powder, how does this work, what does it do for you?”

You’re speaking in a high volume, more loudly than anything you would normally speak, so that other people in the store can overhear you. And you’re speaking in neutral and breaking rapport volume, rather than seeking rapport.

Or go into a furniture store and ask as if you were going to decorate a house, “Hey what do you think is the nicest sofa in here.” Speak loudly so other people can over hear you – neutral and breaking rapport.

Go to a clothing store, and talk about the clothes with the sales clerk.

Or whenever you’re ordering say fast food, give your order with a booming voice, with other people standing around you, “Yeah I want the burger, the French fries the soda.” Just speaking LOUDLY so that you are noticed.

And for extra credit stand up straight like a champ.

I want you to go out, each day, for 30 minutes, and get into these quick conversations with sales clerks where you BOOM your voice.

Yes, it will feel hard at first. You want you to be speaking LOUDLY and in many other cases with other people around you. That’s the point though, you want others to be able to hear you, you want to catch other people’s attention, that’s what makes you attractive.

And just by doing the exercise you’ll feel more confident and you’ll quickly adjust to the social pressure – emotions will follow your motions, remember.

So just punch through initial resistance that you feel and you’ll quickly adjust to speaking with a louder range.

And what you want to achieve is to be speaking like this eventually ALL the time so that its just second nature to you, it’s just what you do.

Do this exercise, I know it takes time, but it’s important. It’s doing the exercise that will actually produce the transformation in you.

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  1. Hi . I’m 16 . I have a wired voice . A little bit girlish a little bit childish and a little bit boyish . What should I do ? Are These steps would help me ?

  2. Funny thing is,growing up,I always had a deeper voice even as a kid.Ppl used to joking call me old voice even when I was like 5 years old lol.Throughout my teens and 20’s(I just turned 30 last month),I always tried repressing the deeper vouce and try sound more lighter.Thinking about it,that is so counter-intuitive and regressive lol.Since coming into the PUA community years ago,I’ve since honed in on the natural-deep voice I was born with.I still feel a bit self-conscious speaking deeper and heavier though.My inner game is fucking me over here lol.As a one-on one pick-up coach,I should’ve already have this in the bag.

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