38 Tips For Meeting Cute Girls

1. Where To Find Cute Girls Tips

Visit your local bookstores- in the psychology, new age, and romance sections you’ll find educated, open-minded and friendly women

Beautiful women eat too! Your local health food and specialty food stores have a treasure trove of healthy, athletic (and usually single) ladies

Target and Walmart are meccas for attractive women looking for discount deals. Use the store locator on their websites to find one close to you

Join a gym to meet fit, single and young women. Ask them how they stay in such great shape- yes, it works every time!

Women drop their defenses in coffee shops- after all it’s a place to talk with a relaxed atmosphere. Sit down and open the girl next to you

Women outnumber men 3 to 1 in self-improvement and new-age seminars- the kind of women looking to explore with few inhibitions

Women wait at the subway and train- BORED. They’ll be happy to talk to you if you can relieve them of their drudgery existence

The beach is full of young, single women in bikinis- most of them on vacation with the romantic fantasy of meeting a stranger who will sweep them away

College campuses are packed with young women, open to meeting new people for experimentation and fun- so go for a stroll and hang out

Visit your local bookstores- in the psychology, new age, and romance sections you’ll find educated, open-minded and friendly women

2. Compliment Pickup Lines

Complimenting a woman’s smile- “You know, you have the most incredible smile, it lights up the whole room”- ALWAYS gets great results

“You have this magical energy about you”- women eat this line up like cherry chocolates. Then read her palm

Cliché opening lines can actually work- “You know, this may sound really cliché, but you have beautiful blue eyes”. Works every time

When complimenting a woman, be specific. Don’t say, “You’re beautiful,” when you can say, “Your clothes match- you have a real sense of style”

Compliment a woman sparingly. A lot of compliments hit like sponge balls; a well placed compliment when she’s earned it hits like a nuclear weapon

To open a woman walking by, comment on her posture- “You know, you carry yourself with an elegance and poise that I rarely see in women”

Complimenting a woman depends on the delivery, not the compliment itself. Don’t sound nervous or needy- your voice must ring steady with strength

Walk up, look right into her eyes and say with a relaxed, sincere, strong voice, “You are absolutely stunning.” Then lean back and chill

3. Opening With An Opinion Tips

What women LOVE most to do is give THEIR opinion- ask for it to get them gabbing and hooked into a conversation

At a clothing store ask the hot sales clerk, “I need a female opinion- which shirt would look better on me, this one or this one?”

To begin a conversation, compare 2 similar but different things, “Guys, I need a female opinion- who’s hotter- Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?”

Memorize two openers BEFORE you go out and use them as your trusty “old stand-bys” so that you’re always prepared to open a woman

A great opener for clubs and bars- “My friend and I were debating this and we need a female opinion. How long will J-Lo’s marriage last this time?”

A funny opener for clubs and bars- “Hey, what’s your opinion on this- is Michael Jackson’s skin bleached or is it a natural condition?”

A great opener for bookstores and coffee shops- “My friend went to this psychic who told him he was going to be rich. Do you believe in psychics?”

Start a conversation on relationships- “My friend has been dating a girl for 3 months & she’s been calling him 3 times a day. Isn’t that possessive?”

4. Handling Approach Anxiety Tips

“Rejection” isn’t a judgment of your worth. After all, the woman knows NOTHING about you. Your approach was bad, not you

Women ARE friendly beings- you’ll never be “rejected” if you come across as playful, fun, and relaxed. Your state will lead hers

Eye contact is a crutch- don’t wait for it before approaching a woman or you miss out on 97% of the opportunities out there

You’ll feel hesitation on the first approach of every day- but the second and third get easier- and the fourth and fifth are actually fun!

Don’t be fooled by a women’s cosmetic shell- her highlights, heels, makeup, and expensive clothes- the real woman is what wakes up in the morning

You can’t be rejected for who you are by a total stranger- after all, she knows nothing about you

If you’re nervous, say to a woman, “I have a psychic intuition about you”. Let her ask what it is & answer, “It says that you love chocolate” She’ll laugh

5. Opening Groups Tips

If a girl is with a bunch of guys ask them, “So what’s so special about this girl?” Befriend the guys and you’ll have the girl

Never ask if you may join in a conversation- don’t give a woman the power to say “yes” or “no”. Just join in like it was the natural thing to do

Don’t approach a woman directly from behind- it will startle her. Instead, approach a woman in her field of vision

With a group of girls approach and talk to ALL of them so that no one feels left out and they all like you- only then can you target the hottie

If you see a girl with a guy and don’t know their status simply ask them, “So how do you know each other?” If she’s single, go for it

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  2. You lost me when you said Walmart is a mecca for attractive women – certainly not the case in any Walmart I’ve been to.

  3. Good read! I’m a newcomer to this site and I love it! I’ve been reading something from here everyday but it’s been difficult to apply…I’m learning slowly but surely.

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