8 Nonverbal Body Language Cues That Create Instant-Attraction

These are eight nonverbal sexual cues you want to practice and develop as habit for bypassing a woman’s critical, judging mind and sexually stimulating her limbic.

Nonverbal Cue #1: Voice tonality

Follow the TREV system. The tempo, resonance and volume of your voice are some of the most important factors in creating sexual rapport with women. The words you say to a woman are not so important as HOW you say them and HOW you project yourself. The woman’s limbic brain is sexually stimulated based on the nonverbal you, not your words.

If you have a resonant, sultry, sexy voice, women will often become sexually intrigued as soon as you open your mouth. The sound of your voice alone can change her state from neutral to captive and intrigue. What you say CAN affect the outcome of creating sexual rapport; but it is much more important to learn to sound good.

Nonverbal Cue #2: Smiling

Smiling shows her that you’re a friendly, open person whose approachable. Smiling is infectious and it will make her smile and feel good and comfortable around you. Smiling alone will open people wide up to you in ways they normally would never have otherwise.

To improve your smile, practice smiling in the mirror. Walk across the room and as you do so, visualize a woman walking toward you and giving her a big open smile. Visit a bunch of drugstores and grocery stores and practice smiling to the sales clerk.

Nonverbal Cue #3: The soft playful walking smile

Since you can’t go around all the time with a big open smile on your face, use the soft playful walking smile to generally project a good mood and to use as a springboard to launch into a big open smile when the time comes.

At first at your work or school or a public place like the mall, practice in 30 minute sessions the playful walking smile where the corners of your lips are just slightly upturned… it should come just slightly through on your face. Then practice the playful walking smile for the entire day.

Nonverbal Cue #4: Body language

Good body language communicates strength, success, and comfort. It’s very attractive to women.

Move deliberately. Don’t make unnecessary or jerky movements. Don’t look around the room too much or have shifty eyes. Move in a measured and controlled fashion, slowly and deliberately with purpose.

Spend time in a public place and purposely slow yourself down, slow yourself down as if you were covered with sticky glue.

Also, keep an open posture which shows you’re an open, friendly person. Uncross your arms, keep your hands apart and keep an open stance with your legs. Notice throughout the day when you’re posture is closed off and correct it.

And, stand up straight. Press your heels, butt, shoulders and head firmly against a wall so that you stand straight a number of times throughout the day.

Nonverbal Cue #5: Touch

Touch sends direct signals to a woman’s pleasure center. Touch releases powerful sexual hormones into a woman’s body. For initial casual touching, touch a woman on the arm, knee, shoulder, or back when she laughs or when you make a point to emphasize something or to express agreement. Brief touches at first are best. Another way to initiate touch is with a handshake when you exchange names.

Nonverbal Cue #6: Scent

Women have a much better sense of smell than men do. So keep clean. Shower once in the morning and one after exercising. Keep your armpits, wear bacteria like to grow, shaved. Wear a deodorant or antiperspirant. Brush, floss, and use a mouthwash to keep that mouth smelling good. And to smell better than clean, take advantage cologne.

Nonverbal Cue #7: Physical Intrusion into intimate space

Most acquaintances keep a normal, social distance from each other, about 18 inches to 4 feet away. However, people have an invisible boundary around them that marks off their intimate space… cutting just slightly over that boundary can create sexual sparks. Get close enough to a woman to create a heightened sense of physical intimacy but not so close to make her object.

And the more rapport you build with her, the more you can continue into her intimate space. As an exercise to get a sense of where people’s boundaries are, have a friend stand in place as you walk closer and closer to them. Have them tell you when they start to feel uncomfortable or when you’re too close. This is where their intimate space begins.

Nonverbal Cue #8: Eye contact

Your eyes can do far more talking than your words. They can make a woman feel uneasy and excited and women use it as a huge measure of your self-confidence.

The first time making eye contact with a woman, don’t be the first one to look away. Make her look away. It’s a sign of confidence and dominance on your part.

When speaking to a woman, don’t dart your eyes around. Look directly into her eyes and linger there. Continue to hold her gaze through the silences. When you do look away, do so reluctantly.

And the more nonverbal sexual cues you can learn to work together and stack upon one another, the more reliably you’ll create sexual rapport with women… the more reliably you’ll be able to trigger heated sexual responses from them.

10 thoughts on “8 Nonverbal Body Language Cues That Create Instant-Attraction”

  1. A friend asked me how to get girls being that I tend to do well with them, but I couldn’t find a way to break it down and effectively explain it to him.
    Now I will just refer him to this guide.

    My thanks,


  2. Great Post. I think the most advanced things here are eye-contact and touch. For me, the first things I learnt were body language, smiling and voice tonality etc… These are things you can work at without even talking to girls so they come easier. Eye-Contact has so many nuances, it’s something you can always be working on. I believe physical intrusion will come with breaking the touch barrier so for advanced seducers, you should be working on dominant/authority touch and eye-gestures.

  3. Recently a guy friend started flirting. I let him lead the game, and I completely enjoyed it, for the most part. This was the first time that I met someone who knows how to approach women. He did all the right things, and he blew my mind.Full eye contact when talking to me, casual touching. He would sit with his legs wide open..
    One time we were alone for a few seconds, he approached me to shake my hand, and suddenly we were body to body face to face, he was looking directly into my eyes, I was looking at his. I blushed and looked away.

    But he did too much pushing, so after a while, I thought he thinks of me as an idiot.I guess he needed me to chase him, because I was in relationship then, and he wanted to be sure it’s a win situation. It’s too bad his pushing technique was so “aggressive” for my taste, that eventually turned me off.

    But the eye contact..no one ever looked at me that way.It just captures you, create that bubble between two people.And it’s so intense, so intimate, so sexual.

    After I realized that, my boyfriend rarely looks me in the eyes, rarely makes that full eye contact. I had to break it off. I understood then and there the power of eye contact

  4. Very true
    Met a girl at a party and looked at her from the minute I walked over and shook her hand until she looked away and then looked back to see if i was still looking. We ended up making out outside. It was fuckin hot
    Eye contact is the sexiest shit

  5. Eye contact is awesome! Whenever I’m in public vehicle, I always looking at the girl’s eyes directly until she quits looking at me. I feel sparks like I want to make her mine! 🙂 Works pretty well with girls.

    But some are nervous.

  6. Jesse sir im just unable to download your .pdf please tell me what should be done with it….?
    And one thing is more here’s a girl in my neighbour hood and she is damn sexy and beautiful i wanna get her on my bed but she ignores me even she looks at me very little …What should be done with it…Pls help me sir…

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