3 Fun Adventure Projections To Triple Whammy Cute Girls!

Adventure Projection is a fun way to make a girl laugh, touch her, AND make her chase YOU all in one knockout!

While you’re talking to the girl simply tell her, “Hey, you’re going to be my new girlfriend,” and take her hand.

Tell her,

“You’re the sweetest, nicest girlfriend.  You take care of me, you’re so much fun to be with.  And our kids… our kids will be geniuses…”

Then tell her about your future adventures together.  Talk about future fights, future breakups, having kids.

Or, describe to her a “romantic date”.  Tell the girl,

“I want to take you on a romantic date… we’d go to Taco Bell… because Tacos are sexy… the way that cheese melts on your tongue… and the beans are so… filling… and I’d put a quesadilla in your mouth… while you fed me your nacho chips.




It would be so romantic… Taco Bell is the sexiest place on Earth babe… and we would have the best table right up front by the menu…”

Another adventure projection is “True Love”.

Just start going off about how you love her, how she’s your true love, how it’s fate, how it’s destiny, and that you simply MUST marry her.

Walk her around the club telling everyone that you just got married together.

And you can PUSH her away by falsely disqualifying yourself.

Tell her,

“You need to know though that I’m a bad, bad man… This would never work out….”

“You shouldn’t fall for me… I would be bad for you… a good girl like you probably wouldn’t like to have so fun with a bad boy like me!”

Or you can push her away as being TOO tempting for you.  Tell her,

“I love you… let’s get married… wait, you’re so tempting though… you’re dangerous for me… what are you doing to me… get away from me, you’re too much of a temptation!!”

And pull away from the girl.  Then say,

“Wait, wait… I can’t you resist though… you’re like fire…”

And pull her back in.

Together… not together… together… not together.

What the push and pull does is make you unpredictable.  And it screws with the girl’s sense of  validation which is pushed back and forth.  “I love you… wait, maybe not!  She’s won you… wait, maybe not!”

And that forces the girl to CHASE you to win your approval.  And the more work a girl puts into something, the more she’ll value it.  So when you push her away, she’ll work hard to bring her best self to the table.

So in these Adventure Projections disqualify yourself and make the girl work for you.

And what you say doesn’t even have to make any sense.  In fact, the less sense the better because it keeps the girl guessing and reacting.

Just give her the emotional ups and downs because that’s what girl loves the most!

So adventure project PLUS push and pull creates conversation, expresses your intent, allows you to touch the girl, makes her chase you, and creates massive amounts of sexual attraction!

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11 thoughts on “3 Fun Adventure Projections To Triple Whammy Cute Girls!”

  1. I have been mind fucking my chick with your stuff..she comes 10 plus times now and is addicted to me.i bohght blissnosis, it is badass.

  2. 🙄 Mr Charger-You sure seem to know how to “reel” a girl in! I’m gonna try your suggestions as I think they will work! Thanks!

    1. No this will make a woman like you. Emotional rollercoasters are the way to go but just make sure that you spend more time showing kindness that pushing her away or that may confuse her enough to through in the towel and find another man who shows her more sweetness ( a good example is 40% push 60% pull)

      This is not to make a woman fullfill your fantasies. Some of the nicest and hottest girls are not into sex…this is to get the girl you are attracted to…it’s up to you after that to ascertain if you are sexually compatible. In my experience it’s the daddy’s girl/tomboy who is the best in bed!

  3. Jesse,
    Adventurous,outgoing,engaging,bold,positive and creative is the way to be.Also unreactive to the responses you get, generating your happiness from within is the way to be too.What about places that are more neutral(like a grocery store) than bars or clubs?It seems like a true test because you would have a limited amount of time to create hard sparks so that when you get her number its a good one.Since girls respond to adventure,play,fantasy,etc it would extra awesome to have a career in this area, like a comic book artist.That way your mind is constantly thinking in a creative,fun,sexy way.You still need to use the right triggers for attraction of course but a man’s work is an indicator of his character and principles.What’s your take?

  4. Whoa Jesse!! You one upped yourself…again! This is, by far, the best article I’ve read by you todate. Awesome content and proven advice.

    Just one question…how would you start a conversation like this in a non-bar setting, like let’s say, at a mall..?


  5. Hey there Jess,
    This is pure pick up genius as always! Forget platitudes and canned pick up lines. Using these routines in a club or elsewhere gives you instant connection and conversation even if you’re timid! You can play all these roles back to back on the same chick and keep her grinning all night long! And the best part is, it’s virtually risk free because the girl can’t tell if you’re serious or just goofing off… so she plays along out of curiosity; or she doesn’t and you play it off like you were only kidding. Either way, big opportunity to do lots of touching, which is essential. Genius!

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