Attract Cute Women Instantly With These 3 Visualization Excerises

Exercise: #1 Remotely Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate

Regardless of what will make you happiest, there’s still one other thing you need to figure out.

What kind of woman do you want?

Now, I’m not talking about blonde or brunette. Face it, that’s not important.

Ok, I apologize if this is important to you. And I’ll buy you some wigs.

Seriously, what’s really important? If looks, what is it you like? Legs? Breasts? Thin or BBW? Tall? Petite? Don’t be shy here – what floats your boat?

Of course, once you’ve gotten a good amount of success, the looks decrease in importance (because they’ll all look good). What kind of PERSONALITY are you looking for?

I hope I’m not challenging you too much. But after you’ve had enough ladies, you’ll want more than simple hots. You’ll want someone interesting (unless you’ve decided to simply pursue sex – in which case focus on the physical).

So now, take a look at what type of lady you enjoy. Is a shy conservative girl the type that gives you a warm feeling? The wild bad girl? Unpredictable and sharp?

This is more than a few pigeon holes. This is important.

Why? Because you have to know what you want if you’re going to find it.

So, take a few minutes. Hell, take a week. Figure out what REALLY floats your boat.

And once you’ve done that, I’ve got an exercise for you. Very new-age (well, Buddhist really), but very effective.

Want to hear how it goes? Alright.

1. Bring the qualities you look for in a woman to the front of your mind.

2. Focus on the feelings that archetype brings out in you. Close your eyes and imagine her right in front of you, emanating energy.

3. Now, focus on connecting yourself to this woman and her energy.

4. Connect: Imagine a cord of green sex energy connecting your chest and her breasts.

5. Connect: Imagine a cord of yellow sex energy connecting from your eyes to hers.

6. Connect: Imagine a cord of red sex energy connecting from your groin to hers.

7. Connect: Imagine a cord of orange sex energy connecting the top of your stomach (the nervous center) to hers.

8. Connect: Imagine a cord of blue sex energy connecting your throat to her tongue.

9. Connect: Imagine a cord of gold sex energy connecting your forehead to her lips.

10. Focus on all six connections. Feel the sense of well-being this engenders.

11. Double the intensity of your feeling, taking note of what happens when you do so.

12. This is the trickiest part: you want to switch places with her. Step into her body and feel what she feels, see what she sees, and allow her to do the same with you.

13. Listen to her thoughts. Make notes of the best qualities she sees in YOU.

14. Return to your body, traveling through the six connections you have established and maintaining them.

15. Send her a feeling of anticipation… so she eagerly awaits the day you will meet her.

16. Count to yourself from 1 to 5 saying “Now I will count from 1 to 5. And when I do, I will awaken, feeling much better than I ever have before. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Slowly open your eyes.

What in the hell was that?

What just happened? Visualization.

Alright, this relates to the baseball player imagining his homers. You need to SEE a goal to get to it. The more concrete the goal, the better your chances.

You alert yourself – on both conscious and subconscious levels – to recognize the lady you want (and you’d be surprised how many guys miss her because they’re too busy worrying about something else during the crucial moment).

What’s more, you relax yourself within the future situation – after all, you’ve already established a connection. The hard part is done. All that’s left now is letting the lady see it.

Finally, you make chance encounters with the right type of woman MORE likely just be exercising the encounter.

Where from? Who cares!

Argue about cause all you want. Some will say you’ve established a subterranean connection to the woman of your dreams, so you are automatically drawn to her and situations will lend themselves to that spiritual need (like a suction cup). Others will claim all you’ve done is further educated your unconscious so it better guides you to moments your conscious mind might never have recognized and pursued.

Me, I don’t much care how you decide to explain it. All I care about is IT WORKS.

Now this is a hard exercise – creating one solid connection with an imaginary (or otherworldly) vision is difficult. Creating six and holding them while exchanging vantage points a few times is exponentially moreso.

That’s fine. This is something you’ll have to practice every day, and with most people it’s a few months before they have a solid successful exercise.

Nonetheless, once that exercise comes and is repeated daily, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can choose to believe it spiritual or psychological or meaningless or any other thing that makes it comfortable. The code you ascribe to it is not important.

All that matters is you believe it works, and it will. That’s it. Simple concept, difficult practice.

Exercise #2: Duplicate The Moves Of Alpha Guys

What you first need to do is pick a guy whose skills you admire. Someone you know personally is best. Short that, someone you’ve seen at work is fine as well. Short that, picking a smooth character like James Bond or Indiana Jones can be just as powerful. If you can find someone who’s personality isn’t too far off from yours (quiet with quiet, charismatic with charismatic, etc) that’s best of all.

The Move Duplicator

1. Relax, take a deep breath, and close your eyes.

2. Relaxation for a few minutes.

3. Think of your example. Someone who gets women like he’s born to it.

4. Put your example in his own movie. Watch him moving throughout his day. Notice how he carries himself, what he thinks, how he moves, what he says.

5. Now imagine that you rise out of your body and enter into the body of this person. Run the movie again, and notice how you carry yourself, what you think, how you move, what you say.

6. After you are satisfied that you can BECOME your example, relax and count from one to five, saying “Now I will count from one to five, saying “Now I will count from one to five, and when I open my eyes I will feel much better than I ever have before… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5.” Open your eyes and write down your experiences from within your created realities.

This is also great because if you ever find yourself stuck with a situation, and you don’t know how you should act to make it turn out right, you can just insert your preferred stud and see how HE’D handle it. Then, graft and adapt his moves to yours.

I want to stress, this is NOT about losing yourself and becoming someone else. This is about figuring out the SKILLS of this other guy, and making them work for YOU and YOUR personality. There are thousands of ways up a mountain, and you’ve gotta figure out which one is right for YOU.

But watching how someone else does it can only help. Think of it like learning all about carabiners and ropes and knots before you go climbing. Sure, you’re going to pick your own route – but watching someone else do it right can only help.

Your homework? Practice this. Take it to the streets and practice with real people what you’ve practiced with imaginary ones. If things don’t go as you imagined, don’t get discouraged – you’re just getting a better feel for the way people really are and the way they really act.

Don’t see your mistakes as failures, but as learning experiences. Keeping the positive attitude is the only way you’re going to improve, and figuring out how to turn your obstacles into lessons is the way to do that.

Enjoy this stuff. After a bit of time, you’ll feel different about EVERYTHING.

Exercise #3: Reprogramming Your Past Mistakes With Women

Here’s a quick exercise to help reprogram past mistakes you’ve made with women.

1. Relax, and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and slow your thoughts.

2. Do the Relaxation Exercise to deepen your receptive non-critical state.

3. Think of a mistake you’ve made in the past with women, one you don’t want to repeat.

4. Conjure a specific instance when that mistake hurt your chances with a woman.

5. Now, rewind the tape in your mind to 10 seconds before you committed the gaffe. Freeze it.

6. As an impartial wise observer, whisper in your past self’s ear the advice you need to hear to make the situation turn out right.

7. Press pause again and let the movie play. Notice how differently things play out as your new self uses your advice.

8. Now rewind again and play it forward one more time – only THIS time, insert your current self into the movie. Change from the observer to the participant.

9. Create a vivid world. See, hear, smell everything as it is within the movie. Create the new reality with one crucial difference – it’s occupied by your new self. Make this imaginary world as real as you possibly can.

10. Now imagine a future situation where this situation replays itself. Picture yourself acting in the new way, and observe the positive results that come about.

11. Count to yourself from one to five, saying “Now I will count from one to five, and when I open my eyes I will feel much better than I ever have before… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5.” Open your eyes and write down your experiences from within your created realities.

How is this helping?

This is powerful stuff. This is EXACTLY what batters do after they strike out – and it’s why GREAT hitters will knock a pitch out of the park if you show it to them twice. You are literally RESHAPING REALITY. You are recreating it in a way that is beneficial to you.

Very powerful.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. We all do this all the time – the only difference is, most of the time we dwell on a negative experience and replay it over and over, cementing it as our way of being in similar circumstances.

Or we think of the negative experience and replay it in a positive way… but never project it into the future. That step is KEY for preparation.

This doesn’t just have to be about particular THINGS you did wrong, it can be about situations you find UNCOMFORTABLE as well.

Say you don’t like clubs. Most guys don’t, because most guys have a had a number of negative experiences in them (even if the worst that ever happened was you saw some shmuck leave with a lady and you went home with your hand).

Using the same exercise, instead of focusing on something you said or did, focus on your ATTITUDE when you enter the club.

Then, rewind to walking in the door, or just before that girl gave you the cold shoulder, or whatever you choose as the marker for when the NEGATIVE started affecting your behavior.

When you go back, CALM YOURSELF DOWN and whisper all the GOOD things that will happen to you instead of worrying about the BAD. Use your relaxation trigger.

Then, when you REALLY are there and the nervousness starts to bubble, the trigger will be that much more POWERFUL.

Practice this a lot. I’d recommend every day, cycling through different experiences and environments where you had those negative vibes ruining you. Keep doing it until you can CONTROL those negative thoughts, and TRANSFORM them into relaxed confident ones. Only when you’re relaxed are you truly going to be able to be PLAYFUL.

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