How To Be Funny Around Girls Without ANY Effort – And Laugh Your Way To The Lay

Want to be funny around girls without any effort? Laughter frees your brain.

Serotonin is naturally released into the brain, making you feel happy and free, and that little voice of social conditioning is suppressed.

And you get into that zone where the “rules” dictating what is or what is not “socially appropriate” cease to exist and you can do anything.

And then you feel open and free to just go up to the girl. You’re relaxed. You’re happy. You’re smiling. You’re in the moment. You feel good. You say hello to the girl. She feels your good energy, and she reciprocates it, and the success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, paving the way for more good feelings and more success.

So laughter allows you to be congruent and take action.

And if you are *laughing your ass off*, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do. You just become “fearless”, but really it’s just that you don’t give a shit when you’re laughing and you’ll be funny around girls.

So you can kind of think of laughter as like a conduit gelatin that allows Recklessness and action to flow from you. It’s like you’re Popeye and you need the Spinach to be super strong and powerful. So laughing is like the Spinach for Popeye.

Of course, when we go to a bar or club, we tend to so the exact OPPOSITE of laughing and smiling. We’re not laughing at all. We’re not even smiling!

We are there, being very serious, inside our heads, wondering who we can talk to or who we can make like us or who is going to accept us. So we’re worried, we’re anxious, we’re not relaxed. Instead we are approval seeking. And laughing is about the very last thing on our minds.

Instead, we are looking for happiness to come from outside ourselves. We want to meet a pretty girl and that will allow us to feel happy. We want to get accepted into a group, and that will allow us to be happy. But we are not laughing or smiling ourselves of our own accord.

How To Create Funniness

Okay, so here is the key to making this work. To laugh, to be funny around girls, to get outside your head, so that you can act congruent with what your dick wants and take real action, real action being what is attractive to girls, your laughter has to be internally self-generated without depending on other people.

So do that, you want to be in creating funniness mode.

“Creating funniness” around girls.

Creating funniness so that you can be laughing about everything.

Everything becomes funny.

Viewing everything as a joke.

Going up to girls is funny. “Hey I’m going up to this girl. Hahahahaha.”

Getting blown out is funny. “Hey my name is Jesse and I suuuuuck… hahahahaha”.

Getting laid is funny. “Oh pussy… hahahahahah.”

All game theory is funny and not to be taken seriously around girls. “Uh shit I forget what I’m supposed to do… ah fuck it… hahahahahaha…”

Getting told to fuck off is funny.

Getting knocked out of state is funny. “Uh shit… I feel bad… hahahahahaha”

And pretty much every technique in game is a joke technique.

So everything that comes to your mind about techniques, or your state, or a girl, or what you want to do, is all made funny and you just laugh about it. Game is just 100% laughing, fun ,and a big joke not to be taken seriously at all.

Again — whatever you’re doing, and whatever the outcome, it’s ALL FUNNY around girls.

And if you’re not having fun in a particular moment, like you’re standing there by yourself and you feel awkward, which would be a crappy-feeling moment, the only question on your mind should be, “How can I make this fun?”

And if I’m not having fun, I’m going to look see how I can make it funny and have fun with what I’ve got.

So one way to do that is to dance, you can yell, you can clap, and you can start laughing at nothing, you can say something stupid to someone like the worst lamest pickup line you can think of just to laugh about it and self amuse yourself. Just try to create some silliness.

You can play with your pockets and laugh about it. Or you can go up to a girl and try to kiss her to laugh about it. Or just say hello and then laugh.

So it never feels like you’re actually doing pick-up because all you’re actually doing is having FUN by looking for ways to create funniness and laugh and smile.

And “pickup” then is like one big exercise in creating funniness and laughing about it.

Use A Wing To Be Funny Around Girls

And this mission can be good for taking out a friend with you, even if he knows nothing about the game or pickup and he’s totally shy and would normally be of no help to you with girls at all.

You’re just there with your buddy, and your job is to create as much funniness with your friend as possible.

So you can do the free association riffing exercise with him and laugh, you can sing songs together and laugh, you can invent the most lame ridiculous pickup lines on Earth and laugh about them, you can think about different techniques in the game and give them funny names and goof on the techniques, you can shout out funny weird random stuff, “Hey nice shirt man!” to the people who walk by.

You can trash talk people and laugh.

You can grab girls and twirl them and laugh.

Some More Tips On Being Funny Around Girls

And of course laughing and smiling and creating funniness will at first feel weird. Very weird. Very, very weird even. It won’t feel like you at first. You’ll feel like you’re pretending or you’re forcing it.

Well just force it. Just force it. It’s a new behavior, yes it will feel weird at first, but by going through the motions, you’ll actually start to feel happier and it will start to feel natural and like it’s you. Just force it, and it will come.

And remember you’re not creating funniness and smiling to impress girls. You’re not doing it as a pickup technique. You’re not doing it to get results. This is not a pickup technique to get girls. It won’t work to get girls.

It’s only purpose is to make you feel better, to make you feel relaxed, to let go of any outcome, to stop caring, to drop your missions, to drop your goals, to just have fun and be a fun guy, and to provide the atmosphere and conduit for taking some action that you may normally not have taken otherwise.

And when you do open girls, yes please open girls that are waaaay below your standards. You’re just opening them to self-amuse yourself and to build your creating funniness muscles.

The Formula For Being Funny Around Girls

When you go out to a bar or club, or to the street or mall or bookstore, you DROP ALL game. You forget everything you know. You just trust yourself to fly blind. I know scary maybe.

You’re just going out to create funniness in everything to start laughing your ass off about everything. That’s the only mission, that’s the only thing you need to remember to do.

And that laughter will put you into an “extreme detachment” state and provide the conduit for which Reckless action and congruency with your gut will follow eventually, even when you’re not thinking about it.

Just trust in your own faculties, be okay with all your flaws, let it all go, allow yourself to “fly blind” and you’re one “technique” is to create fun and to laugh and smile. That’s it.

So the formula is to be funny around girls is…

One. Create funniness in everything.

Two. You’re laughing about it. That internal voice of social conditioning is partly or completely neutralized.

Three. That allows action to flow out of you. And boom, shit happens.

And you have state transference. Girls will feel the good energy from you, and they mimic it, they give it back to you and they’re friendly.

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  1. OMG! That is simply amazing.

    As a guy whose main weakness in appearing tobe Mr. Serious rhat should retube my mind.

    I am going to do this!
    THANKS Jess

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