How To Beat Shittests AND Amplify The Attraction Every Time!

Staying in set and beating congruence tests, otherwise known as “shittests”, is the bread and butter of generating HARD attraction with women.

The most common congruence test or shittest is the girl just standing there and not reacting to you. You’re talking and talking and she’s just not reacting back positively. She just seems somewhat not interested. Or she’s nodding, but looking in a different direction, or she doesn’t enthusiastically respond to you.

Or possibly she’ll say something to you like, “Are you gay?” or, “I have a boyfriend” or, whatever.

And what most guys do when they get tested, is they just bail out of the set right away. So they go from set to set to set very quickly never lasting that long, and because they’re bailing out in front of these congruence tests, they never generate that hard attraction really needed to get the girl.

Because congruence tests are where it’s at. Just the fact that you’re in a set, chatting up girls, will lead the girls to test you and test your intentions. And congruence tests are in every nook of the interaction. And sometimes it can feel like it’s raining down missiles of tests. But that’s exactly what you WANT to have happen.

The Ultimate Demonstration Of Higher Value

In the game we talk about DHVs or “demonstration of higher value”. Most guys think of DHVs as doing a magic trick, telling a funny joke. But the very best DHV, the only DHV that you need is staying in set no matter what and beating congruence tests.

Again, passing congruence tests is absolutely the *best* way to generate mad, hard attraction with girls.

And beating congruence tests is simple; it’s just being UNREACTIVE to the blowouts, ignoring blowouts, and plowing through. That’s what makes you super attractive, that’s what gets you the really hot chicks, the 9s and 10s.

Because beating congruence tests shows the girl how cool you are. It shows her that you’re confident, that you trust in your actions, that you self-accept yourself, that you’re non-reactive, that you remain cool and relaxed, and that your frame is the most powerful one. It shows the girl that you go for what you want without backing down and you’re not fucking around.

And the hotter the girl, the better it works. Because hot girls are so used to guys just folding and bailing out and bowing out on the slightest congruence test, that when you stay in set and pass the test, it’s all the more shocking and powerful on the woman.

Look, the best guys in pickup, the guys who get the really HOT girls, are great at what they do, not because of a bunch of lines and techniques. It’s because they don’t worry about what others think and so they just ignore blowouts and plow through and persist to the very bitter end.

And if you do the right things and you have the right frame, the girl CAN’T NOT become attracted, similar to the way that any warm blooded guy couldn’t not be attracted to a supermodel in a bikini climbing out of a swimming pool.

And staying in set and beating congruence tests is the ONLY demonstration of higher value that really matters. It’s NOT because you have a lot of friends, or because you’re funny, or you have a cool life story, or that you’re interesting, or you have money.

Why Staying In Set Works

Now here’s why staying in set and passing congruence tests work. Here’s why it’s the ultimate demonstration of higher value that you can possibly do.

First, from a social proof perspective, if you can just approach a lot of people and stay unreactive, people think that you know everyone and are a popular dude, even if you’ve never even been to the place before.

But mainly, you’re sucking the girl into your positive state by remaining positive and by remaining unreactive to any negativity thrown at you, which includes being ignored. You suck the girl literally into your reality by remaining unreactive until she just gives in and starts reacting to you.

And she’ll now see you as the bringer of these fun emotions and hence clearly the guy to be around.

Because persistence will always beat resistance. Girls WANT to make something happen but they want YOU to take every responsibility for it. They WANT a guy to sweep them off their feet, but they want a STRONG man to do it, one who’s not intimidated by their congruence tests.

And as soon the girl realizes that you don’t care if you make mistakes, she’ll see that you SELF ACCEPT and TRUST IN YOUR ACTIONS because you hold yourself in higher value than anyone else.

She’ll be attracted to your REALNESS and the risk you are taking to show yourself without backing down and without throwing up any shields.

She’ll be attracted to you for being a MAN who takes the LEAD, and doesn’t fold at the first congruence or shittests.

Women like persistence. They want guys who goes for what he wants. They want guys who will persist in the face of resistance and will take on whatever it is to get that girl. Even if this means plowing through a set on nothing at all, or grabbing the girl as she’s about to walk away. She wants to see if you’ll wuss down or man up.

And if you pass those congruence tests, remain unreactive and remain talkative and positive and get physical, if you don’t wait for IOIs but instead misinterpret everything as an IOI, and if you just stay in set not matter what, then eventually you cause the GIRL to start reacting to YOU.

And when you go into this total dominance in the pickup, when you go 100% masculine, she’ll go 100% feminine.

The Hook Pont

So what happens is the girl warms up to you suddenly she flips. That’s what’s called the “Hook Point”.

You know you’ve reached the hook point once the girl just starts standing there, listening to you. Once she’s listening to you and she isn’t going anywhere, that’s the hook point. That’s the only real indicator of interest, IOI you need is when the girl keeps quiet and listens to what you have to say.

Now you know she’s attracted and you can isolate her and pull her away from her friends and smell and kiss her neck her or get her number.

And if you can get a girl to say “No” 6 times, you’ll get the “Yes.” It’s like “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, YES”. That’s what hard attraction is all about, that’s it’s source, it’s genesis.

You Want To *Create* More Tests!!

And since beating a test is the best DHV, you need to get tested. You need to CREATE shittests in order to beat shitstests in order to become more attractive to the girl. You need more shit create tests to beat shittests to become cooler to the girl.

That means, acting Recklessly to try to create a social disaster, to step on people’s toes to get tested. Because you WANT to step on toes, to get tested, to beat tests, to create hard attraction.

So CREATING tests. You create tests by being talkative and fucking physical.

If the girls ignore you, you should get their attention and keep saying shit no matter how bad it gets. You’re NOT waiting for good reactions from the girls, and you’re NOT looking for any IOIs, indicators of interest from the girls.

Sometimes you’ve got to do 90% of the talking at first. And you just keep talking and talking. And at the same time you get physical with the girl, like inspecting her jewelry or putting your arm around her shoulder.

No thought-based gaming. Talk nonsensical gibberish, speak your passions about what you really like, sprinkle a little in cold reading, role playing if you like. Keep changing topics to lead the conversation, to keep the girls guessing, and keep them reacting.

Also, shamelessly start touch escalation, without permission. Make bold moves, no what-if scenarios… relentless physical contact even if she pretends she isn’t into it. Put your arm around her shoulder. Hug her. Spin her. Also, *Push* her away from you as well. Pull her back into you and push her away.

Talking and getting physical will cause the girls to test you, setting you up to pass the congruence tests, which will lead to hard attraction.

So remember that resistance from girls, shittests, congruence tests, are your best friend. Because NO ONE else, no other guy, is playing game like this. And girls are not expecting it. It’s simply the fastest, most powerful way to slam on hard attraction that NO other guy is taking advantage of.

And that female resistance gives you opportunities to develop your persistence you’re your masculinity. It’s not the easy girls, it’s not your wings, it’s not your teachers who give you such great opportunities. Whereas other guys just give up on the first sign of resistance, you transform every congruence test into your greatest opportunity for hard attraction.

Short Recap

So let’s summarize, and this is what you really need to remember.

You WANT to CREATE congruence or shittests, not avoid them, so that you can BEAT congruence tests, which is exactly what will create hard attraction, it’s the ultimate demonstration of higher value.

And to create shittests, stay in set. Stay in set. Stay in set. Be talkative, do 90% of the talking if you need to, and get physical. Persist. Be relentless.

And to beat the shittests, remain positive no matter what, and remain unreactive to any negativity. And don’t wait for indicators of interes, IOIs or approval from the girl to proceed, just misconstrue and misinterpret everything she says and everything she does, no matter how bad, as IOIs.

And get that blowout stream of “No, no, no, no, no, no, no,” until you reach the hook point of “YES!”. And you’ll know you’ve hooked the girl once she’s quiet and just listening to you or she’s talking back.

That’s it. Reckless game and hard attraction right there.

17 thoughts on “How To Beat Shittests AND Amplify The Attraction Every Time!”

  1. Hey Jess. This is the first time I ever red your post. I apply all stuff you suggest yet I think I blew it up in one. At a party she was playing “hard to get” while I talked to her girlfriends. Not a big deal, nothing serious. I noticed in one moment she, while listening to what I speak though not looking at me, got overwhelmed with emotions and started breathing deeply and stirring nervously. It was unintentional obviously. A started kino with her, touched firmly her shoulder “occasionally” though she cooled it off; looked like at least. And then came out of nowhere another group of girls, not much attractive though,(by the way, she is high 8) and then I blew it up completely. I started talking to them and even went to another room with them. We did but talking for some time but after I returned back, she and her girl friends were gone. Left the party. I met her in the street few days later. She was furious on me and though she sad “hi” back she passed by rapidly. I haven’t seen her for almost two months since then. She sent me an non-direct message on Facebook before long. What should I do? Am I an idiot? Help me friend

  2. Jesse…that is THE single best article on seduction, I think I’ve ever read! Thanks!! It’s soo hard to be non-reactive, thinking you’ve cocked it up..and then you don’t hear from her for a week. But when you put it like that…
    the importance of being non-reactive and non-needy/insecure in material I’ve purchased..but not as succinctly and forcibly-put as that. P.s; I bought your Seduction Science back in 2003, and have just read through your second edition..great stuff; but you need to update it to include the above article! You’re still right at the top of the field, and are THE reason I’ve been with the girls I have over the past 10 years. P.S; any tips on turning a friend into a girlfriend?

  3. Guys believe me when i say this works wonders. Ive been doing this my entire life, women dont expect a guy to be so asertive and in there face they cant handle it. BUT guys you need to believe in yourself and be as cocky irrigant over the edge as you can, if you do so you and your the women or group will have so much fun gl guys.

  4. does this apply to texting too as i had a situation where i had a girl stop (whos incredibly into me )answering my texts i dont see her for a month then she tells me to phone her,iphone her twice…. no answer. i did not persist , that was five months ago. should i re engage or am i done

  5. Great article Jesse!

    Does this apply to day game as well for girls you might meet in shops, on the street, etc.?

    It almost sounds like this approach might be a bit too aggressive to use outside of bars and clubs.


  6. Hey yo I’m a little confused OK persistence and ignore when girls try to play hard to get or ignore you but if I keep talking to her and messing with her isn’t that annoying? Lol please send a message replying to this comment to my email please and thank you I really need it.

    1. Don’t play hard to get. That’s what women do to see if you’ll man up, push through the facade, and chase her to beat her congruence tests. Keep talking with her and messing her.

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