Jesse’s Giant List of Tips For Hot Body Language, Voice, Eye Contact, And A Sexy Smile – For Men

The woman’s limbic brain is responsible for lust, desire, and mating- light it and she’ll feel attraction no matter her reasons not to date you. Here’s my ultimate list of nonverbal attraction game tips to get cute girls.

Jesse’s Manly Voice Tips

Resonance, speed, and tone of voice are the most important nonverbal cues for creating sexual attraction with women

With resonant, sultry, and sexy voice, women will become sexually excited as soon as you open your mouth

Your voice betrays you- with it do you convey fear or power, submission or dominance, nervousness or relaxation

If you sound timid, soft, or squeaky women will judge you weak, insecure no matter how clever your tongue is

With a sexy voice, you’re a walking talking hypnotist- everything you say is a trance and women will fall for its spell

You cannot hide your voice, you cannot escape it. Your voice IS your identity. How you speak creates your very being

To hold and engage a woman, speak at a “listen to what I’m saying” volume. Grab hold of the words and direct them outward with intention

If you talk quickly and pause only enough to take a short breath, you come across as insecure and unsure- slow down!

If you speak fast, women will miss what you say and the importance will be lost- but pausing after a word gives time for the idea to sink in

When nervous, you don’t breathe properly and speak too quickly- which makes you sound high-pitched and nasal- slow down and relax!

Breathing shallow prevents you from having vocal resonance- get into the habit of breathing fully and deeply

Jesse’s Smile Tips

A smile shows that you’re an open, friendly, relaxed person. It’s an attitude that says without words, “I’m in a good mood. I’m approachable”

Ever notice how much more friendly and inviting a woman is whose smiling? Likewise, your smile makes you the man

Smiling is infectious- women naturally smile when they see yours, making THEM feel open, friendly, and relaxed

Women enjoy the ACT of your smile rather than its physical perfection- the ACT of smiling shows women that you’re friendly and confident

When you shut your mouth with a stern expression you communicate to women, “Stay away from me.” Smile, smile, smile!

Money and a fancy car may excite the societal programmed woman- but your smile excites her soul

Get into the habit of smiling- all the time. When meeting a woman, any women, approach with a smile and leave with a smile

Give the sales lady a wide, open smile. Pause a beat and hold- until she smiles back. When her eyes glow, ask her name

Jesse’s Body Language Tips

Strength, success, and sexiness are the signs of good posture- tension and weakness the signs of poor

Don’t fidget on the date- move in a measured and controlled fashion, slowly and deliberately and with purpose

No playing with your hands, no pacing. No shifty eyes, no looking around the room. No crossing and uncrossing your arms and no tapping your leg

If your body is tense, relax it. If your arms crossed, uncross them. If your feet pace, ground them. Mental confidence follows physical relaxation

In unfamiliar situations like a date fight your instinct to speed up- slow down the reality around you and relax

Open your body– uncross your arms, keep your hands apart, open the stance of your legs like a peacock spreading its bright feathers

When you sit down spread your arms out and lean back like you’re the owner of the club with not a care in the world- that’s PIMP sexy

When talking to a woman, don’t lean in to hear her- it’s needy. Motion the woman to lean into you

Jesse’s Getting Physical Tips

A simple touch, even a casual touch on the arm, sends a clear message of electric fireworks to the lust center of a woman’s brain

You can easily talk to a woman for an hour and not have as intense an effect if you put your hand on her shoulder or stroke the back of her neck

A woman’s body is covered with thousands of sensory receptors that trigger off like a thousand hot torches all at once at the slightest touch

Casual touches shows a woman that you’re not afraid to touch because, likely, women like to be touched by you

Don’t underestimate how one or two well-placed touches on the shoulder or back can make a woman think of you as a sexual crush

Physically cut just slightly into a woman’s private, intimate space 18 to 12 inches away to trigger a palpable sexual tension

Come close enough to a woman for her to be uneasy in a way that she can’t quite put her finger on what it is, but not close enough for her to object

As long as she doesn’t back away and the more rapport you have, the more you can move in further into a woman’s intimate space to turn up the heat

Jesse’s Smelling Sexy Tips

Women smell a little body odor from 3 feet away whereas a man smells none- “pretty flowers want a man with a morning shower”

Women’s sense of smell is x100 more powerful than a man’s- safer to be a little paranoid of your scent then a little lax

Women’s smell glands pass directly to her limbic brain which feels either attraction and lust, or revulsion and disgust- smell nice!

Researches have found that odor influences people’s opinions and that it’s one of the quickest ways to change a woman’s emotions

Women have a visceral, primal response to scent on a deep level. Nothing attracts a woman like a man with cologne

Jesse’s Eye Contact Tips

Your eyes can do far more talking than your words. Your eyes can make a woman feel uneasy and excited

Any wuss can make eye contact from far away; only a romantic hero can make eye contact up close and hold the sexual tension

Eye contact by definition is mutual- when she’s actively avoiding you and not reciprocating eye contact back you’re staring

Don’t dart your eyes or look away- linger longer on her eyes than you would normally, almost as if your eyes stick to hers like soft glue

Continue eye contact with a woman during silences in the conversation. Strong long-lasting eye contact that stays overtime electrifies

When you do look away, look away reluctantly. Drag your eyes away slowly, as though they’re stuck with soft glue

6 thoughts on “Jesse’s Giant List of Tips For Hot Body Language, Voice, Eye Contact, And A Sexy Smile – For Men”

  1. I have heard if you look firstly at her left eye it bypasses the logical side of her brain and goes straight to the emotional side and therefore has a bigger impact as the emotional side of the brain is on the right ,dont know if this is true or not but if the girl is naturally left handed should the process be reversed ie look at her right eye to bypass the logical side of the brain

    1. I think it’s when we look at the girl’s right eye(which would be towards left for us) and let me tell you,it works. There’s a slight difference when you look at her two eyes, each at a time.Her right eye feels your intentions.It’s good as fuck

  2. Lol another solid post on body language.

    Ok,quick question Jess,Eye Contact is my pet-peeve,so let’s say the girl you’re chatting up is talking at this point in the chat,should the guy be looking into her eyes,or is that only or mainly done when he’s chatting to her?Should EC be when you’re talking and listening?

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