How Far Can Good Looks REALLY Take You With Hot Girls?

Some guys claim that looks are NOT a factor in picking up women AT ALL.

But the real truth is a little trickier.

The downside of having good looks from birth is that it makes you LAZY.   You have some easy lays in high school, but never develop your personality or your game.  You’re never forced to STEP UP.

That’s why you see a lot of good looking and famous guys with mediocre-looking women, just as kids born rich typically become spoiled brats and make for lazy and petty adults.

But what if you were REALLY good looking AND you were enlightened enough to pro-actively meet hot women…

Can’t the male-model hunk just walk into a bar or club and have it EASY meeting cute girls… and have the girls game HIM?

Don’t looks help… a LOT?

The short answer is, Yes.

BUT there’s a catch.

What If You Were A Male Model Hunk

Our male-model hunk (let’s call him Fabio) will have an EASY time with average-looking girls and even cute girls – the 6’s, 7’s, and even 8’s.

Because if you’re a gorgeous male model, you can be a real catch to an average-looking girl.  She’ll want you on her arm to show you off to her friends as a status symbol.

A 6 or 7 may also want to fuck you simply for validation – proof to themselves that they’re desirable and attractive.

And yet other women will still push you AWAY because they’ll think a pretty boy like you would only be interested in an average-looking girl for one reason, and one reason only: quick “fuck her and dump her” sex.

This is all assuming that you’re VERY attractive, in the top 1% of attractiveness among all men.

And you really need to be in the top 1% if you wanted to rely on your looks alone to pull women.  “Decently handsome” (in the top 10%) won’t cut it.

If you’re just “decently handsome”, girls will throw you indicators of interest, but that’s about it.  It’s not enough to make them game you based on your looks alone.  You’ll still need game, and you’ll still need to do all the work yourself.

But even IF you are dashingly-handsome, that will still only work on pulling girls that are 6’s, 7’s and some 8’s.

Because “good looks” does NOT work on the real female hotties – the 9’s and 10’s.

Here’s why.

Good Looking Guys And Getting 9’s And 10’s

Because no matter how good looking you are, it doesn’t change a simple fact – there are very FEW real female 9’s and 10’s out there to be had.

You see, women are mostly lazy.  They don’t want to workout, they don’t want to exercise, they don’t want to eat right, and they don’t want to dress up to look fancy.

So the girls that DO all that is like spotting a damn unicorn.  There’s just not too many of them.

And there’s WAY more men that are rich with money and hitting the gym, than there are really beautiful women.

For every knock-out stunningly beautiful woman, there’s about 30 dudes driving expensive cars and working out and taking steroids to kiss the girl’s ass to make her like them.

Douche-Baggery Example #1

And for every physically fit, tight-bodied female hottie who hits the gym, there’s about 30 dudes hitting the gym to get ripped up and buff to try to impress her.

It’s because men are simply more PRO-ACTIVE about getting laid than women are.

And for every girl at the gym working out hard to sculpt a kick-ass body, you’ve got 30 guys at the gym doing the same thing.

Douche-Baggery Example #2

Women are just generally passive creatures and don’t try that hard to become a “9” or “10” in looks.

So for the few real female hotties out there, really good looking guys are a dime-a-dozen to them.

So even if you’re hitting up the gym hard, even if you are rich, or even if you’re naturally tall and dashingly handsome, the problem is that there’s twenty OTHER dudes ALSO relying on their looks and money to get the SAME GIRL!

Douche-Baggery Example #3

So just relying on good looks and using a “hello” opener, still wouldn’t land you a super duper “10” hottie.

She may take notice of you, but it wouldn’t generate that HARD attraction that would make her chase you down.  To her, you’re still just another guy trying to kiss her ass.

That’s where Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control comes in, and why “ugly” guys can do BETTER at landing top hotties than “pretty boys”…

How Gaming 9’s and 10’s Breaks All The “Normal” Rules

When you walk up to a “9” or a “10” and you go right up to her, get up close to her face, smile, put your arm around her shoulder, push her away from you, pull her back in, and you’re relaxed like you OWN HER…

… she HAS to pay attention to you.

Because NO other guy will physically LEAD her like that.

She’ll just ASSUME that you’re the mutha-fuckin’ SHIT, no matter what you “look like”.

So as rare as female “9’s” and “10’s” are, a guy that will LEAD her physically is still even RARER.

For every guy that will physically lead beautiful women, you’ve got your choice of TWENTY turbo hotties!

And that’s what creates MAD attraction, regardless of your looks, regardless of your income, regardless of how funny your are, and regardless of your conversational abilities!

Compare that to “pretty boys” and rich guys.  There’s literally TONS of guys trying to game women by drawing their self worth from their looks and money – but too scared and wussy to make bold moves.

They’re a dime-a-dozen to pretty girls and they only look “try hard”.

But when you physically LEAD a beautiful woman, it’s such a RARE thing to find in a man that the hot girls find themselves ALL OVER YOU.

That’s why it all comes down to GAME.  And NOT conversational-based game, but nonverbal and physical LEADING game!

That’s why I created the 15 hour Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, to show you exactly how I do it, step-by-step.  It’s the culmination of my 10 years experience in the field for pulling the REAL hotties, REGARDLESS of your looks.

Just click THIS link here to download it.

So yes, if you were dashingly-handsome you could be real LAZY and get laid with some 6’s, 7’s, and the occasional 8’s.  Just walk into a bar, strike up a conversation, and let the girl chase you.

But your looks are NOT a factor when it comes to the turbo hotties.

If you’re going for the “gold”, for the models and super babes, you need the edge that NO other guy is delivering to these women.

Physical and Nonverbal leading, with ease and confidence… it’s that simple.

74 thoughts on “How Far Can Good Looks REALLY Take You With Hot Girls?”

  1. Good looking guys need to game diffrently. They cant be cockey or arrogant. Pretty boys the same. Imagen a pretty boy going up to a girl and saying “you look like fun, what else do you have going for you?” In a seductive sexual vibe way to a 10. It can back fire or it can work like a charm. I have a hot 10 who initiated convo with me first. But i didnt know how to game her. She would stare at me secretly and when i caught her staring she darted her eyes in nervouseness. The thing is looks get you the interview and can help. She is smart and a gym buff. Guys would mistake her for a thot but she isnt. I dont know what attracted her to me. Is it my looks did i act a certain way? I dont know. But i really want to find out. Pretty boys need diffrent game. They should use what i beleive Jessie is teaching. Give a fun joyful vibe and actively chat your humour can be your own if she laughs its a score just not the cockey comedy shit. I say this but i have to yet do it myself. Im going to use jessies convoblisnosis advixe and talk to her. Jessie said when you get greenlighta from the chick to then go direct into screen and acceptance. I can go direct as she has given me the sign. But know this hot 10s unless they are thirsty they wont initated anything. Only in night clubs after a few drinks maybe. But day game noway. They will be normal and you as the man need to make the moves as jessie says. Pretty boys can go direct and sexual even on some 6 to 7s. I done this many times. But only on girls who knew me before hand not on complete strangers and only girls i knew who liked me. But on girls who dont know you in day game it wont work. She wont be in that mindset or mood. Not unless for some reason she is. Im gonna try my luck on this 10 and give my feed back on what worked and didnt.

    1. So here is what my result was. I found she liked me but again I messed up. I felt myself chasing instead of persisting. The thing is I gave her my number which was a bad move as she did not give me hers. Also I discoverd i get nervouse no matter how much i try to fight it. So she kinda lost intrest but at the same time i still have another chance. This time i am not going to even bother. I found when i try hard it back fires. But when i relax and just enjoy myself in the moment i do well. Another thing i have to realise is that i am worth it. I am of value as i know she will still talk to me and i can still advance. But in all honesty I would rather make her feel good with my companionship even as a friend. Im gonna treat her like everyone else and offer my friend ship. Yes i will friend zone myself. As i know if she truley desires me she will naturally try to seduce me. Thank you jessie your articles are pure gold and have helped me discover my flaws.

  2. I really hate when guys touch me before I’ve gotten comfortable with them. Hot guys have done that, and I always resented them a little for not respecting that I might be sensitive to that. I do agree however, that most guys nice guys never approach hot women.

    1. That can be due to miscalibration. If a guy senses you’re not comfortable, it’s better to step back. Most guys are poorly calibrated though!

  3. I Almost Completely Disagree With With Most Of The Things You Have Written Jesse. Not Being Stuck Up Here But Throughout My Life (20 years old now) I Have Had Average To Hot Young , And Old Women Compliment ME oN (Even MEN) My Physical Appearance. I Have Been Approached Countless Times By 6’s and 7’s sometimes But Rarely 8’S 9’S AND 10’S . Height 6ft, Tanned Complexion, Clear Acne Free Skin,Shoulders Are Wider Than My Waist , No Crooked teeth, Defined Jawline, Boyish Slight Feminine Look To My Face. Lean Muscular Physique ect. Nearly All Of Those Things Are Genetic except for the shoulder to wast ratio and muscular body Due to the gym. My Point Is mOST oF tHOSE thing are wITHOUT me Doing Anything. Now If I were to try hard and groom my self well (haircut regularly showers brush teeth ect) be confident talk to alot of girls And All The Rest I Would Most Definitely Do A Lot Better. When I’m Not Trying In The Looks Department without gym or grooming or anything just me i would say i was a 7 however put all the rest into it grooming ,confidence ,good bodylanguage,weight lifting ,good diet ,nice fancy jewelry and clothes i would say i would be a 8 .5 at the most.

  4. Can anyone verify this guy’s claim that you need to start touching these random stranger women?

    It seems like physical harassment and could get you in trouble if you do it to the wrong person.

  5. While this article contains some truth,most of what’s been written is false. Hot women like 9s and 10s go for strictly money and power.

    1. It depends on her upbringing, mostly. The ones who never dated good looking men WILL want looks.

      The ones who shagged a lot of models and athletes will no longer care about looks but will try to secure a future with a rich guy.

  6. well I kinda disagree a little 🙂 I’m in the top 2 percent in looks and I can have any effing chick I want literally. I have had to pry chicks hands off me in nightclubs and I never opened or whatever you callit first LOL, have had them tell me their horny in the unisex bathroom and start making out with me, ive been (and witnessed other VGL bodybuilders) directly propositioned for sex on the spot, I get smiled at a lot when I’m out and about etc. the reason why I’m saying all this is that it’s very true that I am very lazy about pick up and completely inept, but I have had women chasing me since I was 15, in my 30’s now, I mean it’s just like being a chick that’s a 10- they get hit on all day, and the other thing is that having no body fat and nice gym (not too big) body has a very potent effect on women, and my attitude is I will gladly F#^% a 6 or 7 with a nice ass, and the other thing I want to mention is that very hot women are hardly faithful, so it’s totally idiotic to “have a girlfriend” or be married. I had an engaged woman hit on me, girls with their boyfriends smiling at me LOL
    I have NEVER seen a 10 with an ugly dude only with muscled/very goodlooking guys.

  7. Jesse, I utilized this exact method on a underwear model in Costa Rica, 23 yrs old and I am 51 (reasonably attractive and in excellent shape) I had her over for a training session last nite she commented she had never been dominated physically before nor ever had an orgasm with a man. She had 3 in one session one she actually tapped out it was so explosive. It so happens she is an incredible mature intelligent beautiful fertile sexually open girl who now cannot get enough of me. Guy’s get your game on sign up Jesse I have used many other systems which some were actually pretty good but this program takes it to a level where anyone can have the woman of their dreams with a bit of work and effort. In the last 3 years I have met dozens of women had sex with most of them and this has helped me dramatically improve my odds for success. I now approach a hot young woman expecting her to be mine and most of the time she is at the end of the night. I never in my wildest dreams that this could happen for a guy like me as my teen and young adult years were dismal at best constant fantasy and objectification. I no longer look at porn and masterbate instead I am busy dating hot girls and juggling between them.

    I actually feel like the latest girl I mentioned earlier is a keeper and I know this because I didn’t even want to look at another girl because she is all that and more…

    Get on it guys life is passing you by!


    1. Tomas : No 51 year old dude can land a 23 year old model and consistently do uber young hotties. Unless of course, you’re Brad Pitt or you’re a millionaire , which you’re obviously not, but hey you can always fantasize, and in your mind its reality .

      I don’t care how much botox and juice you do there, how intelligent your game/ vocabulary is, and how drunk a girl is …. This is BS. I’m not jealous of anyone , I just know anyone can post BS online . Keep dreaming though …..

  8. jesse, this is what most pickup coaches feed their students. actually, they go a step further and say “looks dont matter”. the unfortunate truth (for some) is that to the 9s and 10s, looks really do matter, more so than to the 7s and 8s. the fact is though, that in today’s society, where finding a true gentleman who looks good and has money in his pocket is even rarer than spotting a unicorn, women have become experts in “settling”. so when you see a hottie with a fat, short dumbass, you see her “settling” for his great personality, his money, his lifestyle, all of those, etc. and most will readily choose that over a broke, dumb, boring, beauty of a male masterpiece. thats where the short, fat, ugly guys are in luck. also, as you have correctly mentioned, beauty breeds complacency. both in men, but especially in women. i mean honestly, when was the last time you met a truly intelligent and interesting 10 with an amazing personality? never? i believe you. once or twice? maybe, but probably her looks and your little head were making your big head imagine things. no. 10s that i know (i mean, those that you see one per night of if you are lucky in a larger populated area) are usually dumb, boring, useless, socially inept, lying and extremely bitchy, with pretty much most aspect of her character structure being completely void or fake, with the emotional stability and maturity of a 7 year old, sobby daddy’s girl. sound about right to you? you bet. now imagine how much fun it is dating one of those? yep you guessed right. very fun! she’ll keep your body busy with that body of hers and your mind busier with constant brain***ks and lies. you will understand the meaning of “hell” because you will have a chance to experience it. although there are exceptions, this is generally the rule. there are better ones and worse ones, but it all goes the same direction. 9s can be a bit of a wild card. depends to which degree her looks went to her head and how early on in her development this happened. so yes, these girls make the guys from jersey shore look like decent-looking versions of albert einstein. most of your students probably did not have the chance to interact, let alone have sex with, not to mention relationships with these type of women. they are rare. and they are idiots. so now ask yourself this, a man who is a 10 – meaning he doesnt only look hot but has brains is a success and has charisma and power (yes, for us we have to be all that to be a 10, for a girl all she has to do is look like a 10. wonder why they are all stupid then…. surprise!!!)… will he put up with this s**t? yep, you guessed right. no he wont. this is a man who has confidence in himself and knows what he wants and doesnt want out of life. he wont waste his precious time with boring, empty, manipulative w****s that think they can pull this off because they had a couple surgeries and eat a salad leaf a day? if so, not for long. about long enough to cum. no he will leave that hell to go home to their ugly, fat, idiots and the w****s will happily accept that challenge in return for money, lifestyle, safety and security and if not for all those reasons, often just the ability to fully manipulate a man is satisfying enough to keep a turd like that around and suck his little ding-dong once in a blue moon (if the friend zone is a no-go). a male 10 would rather save his time to achieve his goals and fulfil his dreams and thus go for the cute 8 who is honest, kind, genuinely intelligent and actually has developed some sort of real character. that is why you see us good-looking guys with these types of girls. because unlike most, we’ve been there… and we have buyer’s remorse.


    I like this advice of jessy charger very much because it’s all a harsh true facts of life…!

  10. Jesse’s right on this. I’m 1.66m, but have one advantage; I’m quite good-looking. But because I had no game, and was too terrified to touch girls; I didn’t get SHIT. Discovered Jesse in 2003..and he’s right. He’s absolutely right. I’m after one girl at the moment; a perfect-10..guys don’t approach her, month after month; ’cause she’s so damn intimidating [huge eyes, and a fiery intellect await you, should you get past her beauty…], she’s also a nice-girl, so goes for nice-boys. To get with a girl like this, you don’t even NEED great game..just better than 80% of other guys out there who don’t know this stuff. A 50% pass, should be enough, EVERY other guy in her life: is intimidated by her, don’t-approach, don’t lead…and act all nervous. They just; ‘hover’, and lose-power every minute they do so. You need; the body-language, and conversational skills [at need genuine connections, then your skills won’t matter so much]…but even that; is a little like looks, or height….women will give you ioi’s, but THAT’S IT. Being able to LEAD a girl physically, at salsa..I see this every week, in every class I’m in. If I wasn’t chasing this one girl, let’s just say: how would I even choose?? I have every-single hot girl flirting with me now. Even the girl who wasn’t interested before; simply ’cause the rest are. It’s because you can play with their hands and bodies, see..lots of incidental touch that doesn’t need to be there, plus the right vibe and eye-contact. Just to reiterate..Jesse’s right. This stuff WORKS. But it also would lose it’s power in the open.
    If arrogant swaggering douchebags, full of entitlement-but lazy game, don’t know or care about this stuff; that’s a perfect situation right there..they are NO competition, not for the rarest catches of them all. These women also have refined built-in douchebag detectors, which get more and more evolved as a woman gets past, say; 24yrs. A part of the genuine ‘alpha’ mindset; is always making those around them feel valued and comfortable..hence I lightly flirt and joke with EVERYONE at salsa..thus quickly getting social-proof/status. Guys who feel entitled-because of what they were born with, or get angry..are beta.

  11. you just have to be 6 foot tall and over and look like superman you will get hot women all over you.

    I think to get hot chicks:
    – Height is a gigantic factor.
    – Having a masculine face structure and body is a gigantic factor
    – Having good hair or looking good bald is a gigantic factor.

    As for shorter guys, you will have difficulty..the shorter the worse off, Average guys will have difficulty, tall fat guys not so much difficulty. tall super skinny guys maybe a little difficulty.

    1. taking action and executing trumps all of that.

      if you’re a good looking guy and tall, but you just stand there, you’re sunk in the water. if you don’t think you deserve the girls and don’t believe that you’re enough, it will come across as nervousness and lower value and the girls will feel your beta self-image. it’s a huge turn off.

      Good looks will only help you once you’re inner game is tight.

    2. Hey jay you do make a point…. It really helps because like Jesse said it shows dominate traits. But what people fail to realize is that alot times women might identify it by opening there mouth. And you just sit there like a hungry dog waiting for a response from her.

  12. I disagree that body and money/job are passive game. You have to work for a fit body and unless you were born with a trust fund, job/money shows ambition and its something you’ve worked for as well. I know I’m generalizing but there’s some truth to it. Looks is passive game to me. Being a hottie and sitting around while girls approach you is passive, but if it works and both end up together I’m sure no one complains.

    As a girl I’ll say, status is to women what beauty is to men. Status comes in many forms…looks, power, cars, job, repution, etc. So yes, looks can get you with women but when in a relationship you have to work like anyone else and show personality and other traits if you want to sustain it.

    And girl’s put in a LOT of effort in improving their looks!!! Straightening, curling, coloring our hair, waxing, make up, tanning, all the clothes we own. I for one work out regularly and eat healthy. I wear heels and love dressing it up mainly to reward myself for the hard work of working out 🙂
    So a girl like me would prefer a guy who worked out and was fit. When it comes to the physical side of things….I would just feel like I was with someone who was putting in the same effort. I’m not repulsed by those gym-guys (I know some girls are) because it takes a lot of discipline and motivation acutally to get to the gym and work.

  13. i only have scored a 10 once in my life but it was worth it. all my life people have said how good looking I am but im only 5 foot 7. i know i have to work on my game alot more. its living consciously everyday and getting balance. today i had a spare hour and i thought you what im always thinking about work and business. this is ridicuclous i need to think about having some fun. The sun was shinning so i approached 6 hotties within 1 hr. The more i did the confidence i felt, i didnt care if they rejected me or not. i just did it for building confidence exercise and practice going with the flow in the moment stuff. Im 39 now and i know what you mean about being lazy thats why i have to be conscious about it and decide to talk to the girl. I love yr mp3’s and it motivated me to get out there again. cheers

  14. Women are lazy and won’t do what it takes to be 10s. LOL. That’s because we know that being a 10 is something you’re BORN with. You can’t work out in a gym and become one. There are plenty of girls out there jogging, hitting the gym and what they’re doing is exercising their feminine curves away so they’re left with a boyish body and an average face.

    Also, men HAVE to be more proactive about getting laid and women don’t. I’m a six point five, but if I wanted some, I could go out to any bar today and get it if I want. I don’t care about scoring a super handsome guy. I can’t. In reality it’s the hotter girls who get the hotter guys. I RARELY if ever have seen a hot guy with an average girl. Hot guys and girls NEVER have to “settle” they can pull anyone they want.

    Homely guys and guys with average good looks have to have an INCREDIBLE amount of game to get a really pretty girl (7, 8, or 9). You’re right about that. Handsome guys just need basic social skills and a little confidence and they can pull the super hottie. Money and status help any guy. They’re lucky that way.

    Truth: people seek out and hook up with those who meet their own level of attractiveness. Average guys without money and status have no chance of getting super hot girls. Women who are not super hot themselves will not get super hot guys, even with money an status.

    1. Yo, it’s possible for a girl to work her way to a 10 – it’s just that it’s grueling. Powerlifting, high protein and fat diet (low carbs), and tons of phytoestrogens build the hips, ass, thighs, and chest – sculpting a body fit for goddesses. There’s a decent site for this – I don’t have it off the top of my head, but if you’re a 6.5, you can be a 10 with just a little bit of work every week.

  15. Dan ,as I said before,I`m a woman and can tell you from my own experience:look doesn`t count at all to me.What counts is the brain rather than other :money,status,power,etc…..This average looking Joe very often has much more to offer than his muscles.He reads books ….or knows so much that his woman never gets bored…and the fact that Joe is shy -just a plus~because there are too many overconfident guys over there thinking they own the world….shy people tend to hide behind this shyness so much “goodness“ like imagination,fantasy,creativity….This shy Joe probably spent lots of time thinking ,reading,exploring when he was a child because he was too shy to go out with friends or chase the girls when he was a teenager… He made his world hiding his passions -and they are there for his hottie 10 or 1 =to discover….that`s what I think:0)

  16. I think if you are an average looking Joe who is shy, you are s o l Average looking is on the ugly side now a days that’s how shallow women are.

  17. Yes, PASSIVE GAME (looks, clothes, body, sportscar, money, job title) doesn’t really work on its own.

    ACTIVE GAME is what gets the results.

    Aggressive active game backed up by powerful passive game is what gets spectacular results.

    Some guy here said that women are drawn to power. That’s true. But power is active not passive. Powerful people are influencers, who move and shake (= game) their environment.

  18. I forgive her and don`t hate that woman or any woman for not liking me.I am incredibily attracted to that 6ft.tall east indian goddess born under the sign of leo the lion named sherry.I wish I was tall and handsome like people magazines`s sexiest man alive 1986 mark harmon and I was rich and charming and I could seduce and get that 6ft.tall east indian goddess.

  19. beautifull women are attracted to men`s looks,intelligence and personality.If you are a goodlooking guy that knows how to talk to women and say smart and interesting things they like they will be attracted and addicted to you.A woman`s libido depends on two things a man`s muscularity and his dick size.Not all women are going to like you.You have to like and start relationships with women who like you and stay away from women who hate you and are the wrong women for you.One mean bitch told me and she is a knockout born under the sign of aries the ram and she is 5’8′ tall that “there are men more handsomer than you”.That hurt my feelings and crushed my self esteem.My aunt told me that is a mean thing to say.Now I am very carefull with the ladies and don`t give my heart to any woman and don`t love women that don`t love me back.Then there is another lady who is 6ft.tall born under the sign of leo the lion and is a goddess who likes me and my sign is virgo the virgin and I am 6 inches shorter than her only 5’6″.I made the 6ft.tall goddess like me buy saying the right things to her to trigger love and attraction from her and because she is a nice lady that likes me and we are both compatible.

    1. not only did her comment hurt my feelings and crushed my self esteem,but it has given me a negative perception of women.Now I don`t feel sorry for women who get abused by cruel men,because that woman could be the devil who hates me or will disrespect me because she don`t like me.

      1. That’s it? All she said that there are better looking men and you break so easily? Man, I’ve been called gross, ugly and even I have more strength than you. Women call each other ugly all the time, so as men we should be able to handle the criticism.

  20. what should i do about this hot girl thats allways with her friends but when i try to talk to her i freeze up like this 😯

  21. Women think differently to men Kent. Most man are turned on by hot sexy looking women (the outer picture). Where as, women are turned on by the feeling and the visual stories within their mind (The inner picture).

    If you creating an image of you in the woman’s mind that she finds arousing mentally and/or physically, you have a much higher chance of success than a guy with the most ripest body and the cutest face. That’s just the facts. Go to yahoo answer and ask the question… “What makes the man in the women’s minds… The body or the person inside?”

    One more thing Kent… You want facts. I’m not the best looking guy out there, but you put me in a room where i can talk to women 8’s – 10’s and 7 times out of 10 I can pick them up. I use NLP patterns and other seduction techniquies, but mostly I’m just beeing myself. Over the last year I dated well over 20 really smoking hot women (well, most of them were hot). Jesse right mate

  22. You guys are pretty funny.

    I am 59 years old, 5-10, bald, 30 pounds too much

    If you can handle the truth, keep reading

    My live-in girlfriend is a bi-sexual babe ex-swimsuit model

    The last threesome that we had was with a 23 year old Latina stripper from the hottest club in San Francisco

    My other regular girlfriend is an ex Miss Vermont (27 years old)

    Last summer I had a few very hot dates with a Brazilian model that I met at Lake Tahoe

    I could go on, but it is all about CONFIDENCE, Personality, and the guts not to wimp-out, just be up front that you want her email because the two of you are going to get togther and have a great time.

    You might first ask “can I ask you a personal question?” (they ALL say yes) then ask “are you friendly?” or “are you fun and spontaneous?”

    they all say “yes” and then just tell them that you’re going to give them a chance and tell them to write down their email

    If they don’t give it to you, then you probably look creepy to them and you have other personal issues to work out

  23. Or could it be that if she is a true 9 or a 10 leading her physically will work, but if she is anything less than that, trying to lead her physically too soon may not work well??

  24. Well aren’t we talking about walking a fine line here? On the one hand you may very well pull that hottie, but on the other what are the odds that she freaks out because you toched her and calls the badass bouncer. U might just get beaten up or thrown out of the club or both??

  25. Great Post.

    I’ve found that the best looking girls can actually be some of the easiest to pull because, most guys just don’t have the balls to step to them boldly. If you can step up like a man, you definitely do not need great looks or dough.

    These guys complaining about what you say make me laugh. Everybody has got an excuse for why they can’t succeed. What can I say Jesse, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!

  26. Jesse, most of what you say is true. Leading physically to show that you’re an alpha male IS the most powerful asset you can show to pull the hotties BUT that doesn’t change the fact that good looks, money, conversational ability, reputation, fame, etc will certainly help if you have these assets in addition to the status you’ll display via physical leadership. This is why most “Dating Gurus” do reccommend getting in shape, dressing well, taking dance lessons, paying attention to posture, taking steps to attain a good career, etc. Yes, women don’t get as attracted to good looks as guys, but it’s still a significant factor to them. If it’s not backed up with some alpha personality &/or at least a decent career, they’ll dump the pretty hunk after doing him rather than face the teasing that they’ll face from their friends of having a “boy-toy” at herbeck & call.

    Another thing that you’re dead wrong about & I couldn’t believe ou actually said was that women are too lazy to try & increase their attractiveness. Jesse, are you f’in kidding me?! Girls are TOTALLY OBSESSED with being as slim & hot as they possibly can be! They know that the hot girls have the world at their feet cause guys value that so much, & they’ll do anything to attain that! Why do you think girls spend half an hour every day putting on their makeup & pay thousands of $ on fake tits?! Guys are paying more attention to being buff than they used to, but overall they’re still more concerned with getting a good career cause everybody knows that apart from an alpha personality, girls will usually go for a successful guy over a hot waiter.

    Whew! OK, I’m done!

    1. Hey thanks for the comments Shad. And I understand this is a slightly controversial subject.


      I *never* said that “reputation, fame, and conversation ability” has no effect…

      I *ONLY* said that a man’s “good looks” alone has less effect in getting him laid, the hotter the woman is.

      And yes, you’re right, if you don’t have alpha traits, a really hot girl will dump you fast, no matter what else you’ve got going for you.

      Also, I *never* said that “women are too lazy to increase their attractiveness.” Most women DO work on their looks, at least a little.

      What I *did* say is that *most* women are too lazy to become “10s”… which means working out, eating a strict diet, getting implants, dolling up, wearing high heels, manicures, getting tanned, being the whole packing, etc, etc.

      I mean, just look around you… there’s very few truly dolled up chicks in general. Most American women are fat and don’t wear makeup. The visual evidence speaks for itself.

      1. What the fuck would you know? Are you some kind of expert? These days women are so fucking picky and they expect the guy to do everything and even then thats not enough. Understanding what women want is like trying to get 100% in 4 unit Physics at school. They say they want one thing and they mean something else. They never make the first move cos they’re all entitled princesses. Why would I want to spend heaps of my hard earned money and try so bluddy hard …for what? I’d much prefer to go to hookers. Least then you’re guaranteed sex…and theres no “Oh you’re a nice guy but” Fuck women and all their bullshit. Fuck them all. They’re not worth the time, effort or money.

      2. I totally agree with you Pete. Women aren’t worth it. You don’t even need them. They’re only good for their bodies. Everything about them from periods to fucking pregnancies to their bitching and whining, the way you have to have a nice car, a good job, your own house not to mention a great body and listen to them-fuck they even sound like a lot of work. They only serve one purpose for me-for me to objectify them…cos that’s what they deserve. And dont get me started on marriage and kids. If you want to ruin your life-then by all means. But I’m smarter than them..all of them…so they cant ruin me. I live my life MY way…not by some fucking bitch. You can’t bring me down anymore bitches.

  27. Hello guys
    what Jesse has been teaching is 101% true.I have followed this dating series for four years in my campus live.I am a perfect example.I used to rely
    on good looks(clothes,hair styles,money..) but that did not work.The inner confidence that Jesse has taught me has changed my life.Currently i have a shaggy hair,not much money(am a student) but the non -verbal sexual mind control is working.I no longer go for what the society thinks is right but for what i want.The game is all about confidence.It’s either you have it or not.
    I can now stand on a street and admire the 10’s(tell them they are hot without blinking an eye) without caring what people think and say.Its not money or look that will help you do this but the inner confidence(too expensive to buy).Get the right trainer and take you time.Don’t forget your voice/tone.

  28. Kent, I read your most reply but removed it as this isn’t a forum. You can contact me directly either on the forum or email me, you’ll find links for both at the bottom of the page if you want to continue to discuss

  29. Jesse,

    I appreciate your rebuttals on this but I have to say I have never experienced hot women even when I was or have had status. Hell I have friends that play in bands (like I have) that are fairly successful and have “game” if you will and we have all struck out. It was always the pretty boys that were our roadies or side guys that got the girls.

    No I am sorry women about as visual as men (maybe a little less but not much) and they go for looks first. The leadership thing has merits but that is overblown as well. Heck, look at all the hot women that stay with guys that have no leadership skills or initative in life. No leadership with those guys.

    Sorry this is just all plain wrong. Just like the muscular guys in your photos, women crave that. They do. I have never seen a muscular guy with an unattractive woman. Never. It just does not happen.

    I just cant believe this article.

    1. Alright Kent, fair enough; you already know the answer for yourself then, and I’m a bit puzzled why you’re posting here.

      Since it’s ONLY about looks, then getting girls will be easy as pie.

      (a) Hit up the gym hardcore with a trainer that will kick your ass, (b) eat a lot of clean foods and calories to bulk up, (c) buy some really nice clothes to wear and an expensive watch and (d) wear platform shoes to get you some extra height.

      Again, if it’s all about looks then it’s a VERY straightforward formula to success. Just go through the motions of what it takes to look like a pretty boy. It can be done with a little dedication and consistency.

      And report back here about all the really hot girls that are chasing you down. I like to hear field reports no matter how it was accomplished, good looks or otherwise, because it inspires other guys to improve themselves too.

      Good luck.

    2. HI !
      Well I know maybe it`s a bit late for my comment here but I am a woman and believe that looks don`t count much.Specially to me.I can see all those guys with big muscles and think “how desperate they must be ?!“.It does not mean they are disqualified )…but these never get my attention.You know what it means in reality?Less time with this muscle guy as he must stay in the gym to keep his “good looks“,it means they might be slightly “off balance“ or thinking too much about their looks or a bit shallow…So this is my point of view.And don`t need to ask me if I am 10 or 1` on your scale of “looks“ because it`s not important .Many women ,1s and 10s will be looking for a feeling ,for a smart guy who can stimulate them with his BRAIN -not with his muscles…unless a woman is shallow too and she wants a guy to impress others rather than to be happy with…because love and happiness is like swimming in deeper waters ….not for those who just hunt for sex ,for money or status etc etc….
      And I don`t think it`s all about status either – I think it`s more about
      soulful connection,this “click“ or energy between two (pheromones?)…but still I`m talking about feelings and likes not about business love,or friends with benefits,or aiming highest score on your “10s hotties` bangs“ list….two different things.

    3. No. I’ve seen beautiful women “revenge date ” by going out with unattractive men simply because they want to make other men jealous. That is right, these same women who would have screamed at the thought of dating unattractive men when they were teenagers, are now getting to bed with them. I KID YOU NOT.

  30. Thanks Jesse enjoyed it. I worry too much about my looks which only holds me back in a terrible way, and I’m a relatively good looking guy. And you’re right, I get some looks from girls but that’s about it. I need to step up!

  31. I believe what Kent said.Even in Nigeria,Africa,women pick for power.Now,prove all that Kent said is wrong.Prove it.

    1. Hey Alexander, like you said women go for power because it’s an indication of status. Power is LEADING people. Taking the woman and LEADING her confidently. OR leading other men and women in front of her.

      Nothing you guys are saying contradicts my post, if you read the post VERY CAREFULLY.

  32. I also forgot that hot women like to parade their hot guys around friends. I have seen this in my social circle often. They date some tall good looking dude and bring them to parties, around friends – its like a sport to them. Absolutely. They like the attention it gives them.

    Being a hot woman today is sheer power. They can pick any guy they want (for the most part – if the guy is not married but even then…), choose when and how to be with them and its their world.

    Game is not what does it. Trust me. A short, balding guy with game vs. a taller, full haired, well built athletic dude is going to lose bad. Very bad.

    Its about products. Women love to shop and they shop for their men. Best pair of shoes at the best price.

    No product or amount of game is going to change that.

    Prove me wrong.

    1. Kent, a short bald guy mistaken for being a celebrity will CLEAN UP over the good looking guy.

      That’s because STATUS trumps money and looks.

      And it’s PERCEIVED status that wins.

      When you’re in a bar or club and come off as a celebrity through your actions and you LEAD people and you LEAD women and the way you speak and act, you WILL clean the floor with the pretty boys.

  33. I just do not believe this at all. 9’s and 10’s go for wealth, status or looks because THEY CAN. Thats very important. These women know they can get that and they do. Its evolutionary. This is completely wrong. Not from my experiences and I am about as well traveled as you are Jesse.

    What do you base this article on? Do you have facts to back all this up?

    AND Women today are aggressive. I was out tonight at a bar with my studly 6’2 good looking friend and three women approached him. He got two numbers. Pretty good looking ladies – solid 8’s.

    Hot women want hot men and they will date hot men or men of status or wealth. I wish I could believe you article but in my 40 years on this planet and with all my travels this article just does not make any sense.

    Please give us the back up for this article.

    1. Kent, when it comes to really hot women, like you just said, they go for STATUS.

      Not for looks, and not for money.

      Status can be many things, like social proof of having other girls with you, or bold alpha action and acting like the king. At that level of very hot girls, it has little to do with looks.

  34. Hey Jesse I have to ask you this: so I’m a pretty good lookin guy and I’ve heard this all of my life but there’s one problem I have like buck teeth and I’m really hate it like Im always thinkin if she’s lookin at them so do you have any advice for me?

  35. You’re right on the mark Jesse. It’s all about status, not looks. Good looks can be an indicator of status but nothing more and it’s not enough for the really hot girls.

    I’ve got a friend who’s good looking but he’s too scared to open girls so he just hooks up with the random 6’s and 7’s.

    I’ve got another buddy who’s very social, but very average in looks, and he’s with much more attractive girls. Why? Because he leads them, physically and verbally.

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