The Shocking True Story of Celebrity-Seducing Miranda

“Hey Jesse, is it REALLY possible to seduce women JUST with the quality of your voice ALONE?”

The answer is, YES.

Just take the TRUE story of Miranda…

A mystery woman named “Miranda” kept ongoing phone conversations with DOZENS of famous celebrities over 15 years.

Sting, Bob Dylan, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Ted Kennedy, and Richard Gere all fell under the spell of her flirty, sexy, breathy voice.

Billy Joel was so smitten by this woman “Miranda”, that he had never met, that he sent her a diamond-studded Rolex.

Of course, the woman who claimed on the phone to be a model named Miranda, turned out to really be a dumpy, overweight social worker from Louisiana!

Yet she was able to seduce ALL these celebrity stars just with the SOUND of her voice alone.

Miranda Got To YOU Too!

And most likely YOU have had instances in your life where you’ve heard a woman speak with such a lovely, attractive voice that she immediately pulled on your heart strings.

And most likely you didn’t find her attractive at first, and yet she stroked your desires just from the way she spoke.

Just play the audio below, and notice how the female voice alone can be very seductive sounding. (Turn on your speakers to listen, but keep in mind the voice is EROTIC)


The Sexy Foreign Teacher That GOT Me

One day I spoke on the phone with a woman about being my Spanish language tutor.

I had never met her in person, and yet she had a cute, feminine of voice.  It was youthful, playful and flirtatious.

The next week, we met together in person and I was SHOCKED.

That’s what you were thinking I was going to say, wasn’t it??

She wasn’t someone I would normally be attracted to AT ALL.  I immediately dumped her into the “let’s just be friends” category.

But then she spoke again and out came that cute, playful voice that exuded warmth, fun, and sexiness.

I was compelled to feel a “heart-pulling” attraction – a strangely different kind, and deeper attraction than one based on a woman’s “good looks”.

A different kind of attraction that felt more like… well, this.

Whereas based on her looks, I wrote her off, but based on the sexual cue of voice I had NO CHOICE but to feel my brain scrambled.

And I was quite taken with her!

Don’t Underestimate Your Voice

Of course, what makes YOUR voice “get-her-wet instantly attractive” to girls is very DIFFERENT than what makes a woman’s voice seductive.

Mimicking what makes a woman sound sexy can make you the gay-man of the club.

For a man, it’s all about volume, tempo, breaking rapport, leading with the voice, and sub-text of dominance and positivity.

There’s about 5 “key traits” that, when they all come together, make women stop in their tracks just to listen to your voice, even if your actual WORDS are just total nonsense and vomit!

And that’s exactly why I’m NOT a big fan of memorizing comedy bits, patterns, lines, or routines.

“All those routines putting me inside my head… nooooooooo!!!”

Because while that stuff can be *entertaining* to women, it’s NOT what actually gets women WET for you.  (And if you’ve ever used conversation-based pickup methods before, you already know they don’t actually work in racking up actual LAYS)

So most of us take our voices for granted, even though it’s the most important factor in creating fast, instant, HARD attraction with women.  The woman’s limbic brain is sexually stimulated based on the nonverbal you, not your words… in the same way a frumpy old woman posing as “Miranda” was able to seduce *dozens* of famous male celebrities.

That’s why I created the 15 hour Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.  I lay out all the traits of speaking for immediate attraction, AND how to never run out of “what to say next”, so that you can STOP memorizing and thinking about that shit!

Because if you have to think about “what to say”, let’s be honest – you’re FUCKED!  That’s the last thing you need to be worrying about.

But with a sexy voice that melts women at the knees, like “Miranda” was able to do with the most wanted men on Earth, it’s almost like you’re a walking talking hypnotist.

That’s because when you have a sexy voice, EVERYTHING you say is hypnotic, even when you talk about boring shit like small talk.

And YES, small talk WITH a great voice WILL get you chicks – even the “9s and 10s”, as all women’s brains react the same underneath their superficial looks.

Just click THIS link to download the program.

And then it doesn’t even matter WHAT you say – only HOW you say it.  Just like celebrity-seducing Miranda!

4 thoughts on “The Shocking True Story of Celebrity-Seducing Miranda”

  1. One day I answer the phone, this chick had called the wrong number. I called her back to make conversation without ever seen her before. After awhile we dated, she told me the first thing that made the biggest impression on her was my thick melodious voice…

  2. Julius Assavante

    Yes Jesse, a seductive soothing voice is a very powerful weapon for a woman. I too was mesmerized by a couple of ladies who possesed voices so loving and playful that I could just listen to them talk for hours on end without interuption. I dont know all the reasons why but their voices more than compensated for their lack of physical imperfections. One of them I would get hard just thinking about every time. On the flip slide, I have met some fine looking bitches 9’s and up who have these very self centered, yappy, narcisstic, voices which reveal a very ugly person on the inside. So much so that I am instantly convinced that this is definately not and never will be my soul mate and some how makes it alot easier to see them as not so beautiful or desirable physically as well. If I find an attractive lady who is a 7 with the voice of an angel who is fun loving and intelligent, then she will be the girl of my dreams. Kim Novak and some of the older lady stars had that rare combination. Julius the Ass

  3. Brandon -

    Hey Jesse, nice post.

    Obviously the female voice is seductive because
    it makes you imagine the “perfect” body which
    would accompany it.

    As men, we’re visual so that’s why it turns us on to hear her
    voice, since it’s the image that is talking to us.

    Question: is that audio included in one of your products?



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