52 Confidence Boosting Beliefs For Dating And Laying Young Cuties

You are not your past. The past is over. Today you can be the new person you want to be, the man who is attractive to beautiful women

Women are not a task. Approaching women should always be fun. Enjoy creating sexual rapport with women everywhere. Learn to love it

Expertise comes with experience. Sitting at home will not result in success. Practice approaches and you will be an expert in no time

Do not place particular importance on success with any one woman. Instead, focus on the process of meeting hundreds of women

Have no fear of loss. You can meet other women easily so show them you have the ability to walk away. It’s an attractive trait

Beautiful women don’t have their heads up their buts. Stop with the ‘Us vs. Them’ attitude. They need love & acceptance just as you do

Women are taught to look sexy but hide their sexual desires. When women feel safe around you, don’t be surprised if they show their naughty wild side

Don’t use a work mentality when approaching women. Have a childlike playfulness to make women play along with you. They’ll love you for it

Feel confident as a man to leave room for her to feel confident as a woman. She will trust you & act on her sexual drives. You will reap the rewards

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be laid back and strong. Women love to follow you into that comfortableness and will be open to your advances

Be a fun loving guy, see life as an adventure. Most women have a boring life but pretend they haven’t. In reality they want to share in your excitement

Believe you are attractive as a man and great to be around with. Women will pick up on this subtle confidence and be drawn to you like a magnet

Don’t be nervous talking to women- Big Brother isn’t watching you. Other people don’t care what you do- they are too busy with themselves.

Women love sex but don’t want to be seen as “sluts”. By connecting on a sexual level without being explicit, women will let their inner “slut” out

The thoughts that hold you back are just that- thoughts. Smash your negative programming which keeps you from having success with women

You are the catch & the prize. Never give yourself away for less then what you desire and you will get more then you expect

Believe you are the best thing for a woman and that you are going to make her feel great- and she will

Stop believing one woman will make you happy. It’s YOU who makes you happy. Don’t let another human being have that power over you

Believe you are, or have the potential to be, attractive. If not, nothing else will work. Believe in yourself

Don’t place hopes in an event- rather, learn from the process. In each situation you will learn something new which moves you toward success

Women want a man who acts like a man, not like a big spender

You don’t need to look like a GQ stud to get women. Looks can get you in the front door, but they can’t carry you into the bedroom

Be a sexual being- ooze a sexual vibe and women will ooze their own sexuality back at you

The cat doesn’t worry about what the mouse is thinking. Clear your mind of doubt and hesitation & you will never loose an opportunity to meet women

Move with a relaxed confidence- it affects all your actions and is the bedrock foundation of which all techniques and tactics are built on

Be positive and upbeat when you talk to a woman. Women are drawn to optimists and run from pessimists. Your optimism is your charisma

Women like men of action. Pay attention to what’s going on in front of you, not what’s in your head. Stop analyzing and act

Stop judging women’s friendliness solely based on their looks. Everything that shines isn’t gold and sometimes rocks contain diamonds

You deserve to have beautiful women in your life. Set goals and create an action plan so you get what you deserve

You end up in the direction you’re driving. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want and you’ll manifest your dream

Don’t seduce women to prove yourself worth to your friends. You are wasting time. Know what you want from a woman and you will find her

Never lose sight of your goal of having beautiful women. You will have setbacks, but nothing can stop you permanently, only yourself

Don’t let chasing women take over your life. Balance your female pursuits with health and wealth

Don’t worry how others perceive you. When you have beautiful women in your life you will have the last laugh

Never put a woman on a pedestal if she doesn’t deserve it- when you act like you’re the prize, she will put YOU on a pedestal

Women want sex, but they want sex from the kind of man that makes them feel sexy. Women WANT to meet that kind of man. Be him

The past does not equal the future. Just because you had poor results with women before, doesn’t mean you will have poor results with women tomorrow

Do not make meeting woman a task. Enjoy talking to women for the sake of talking with women

Smile and laugh at least ten times a day- for no reason. Women will smile and laugh with you, even when they don’t know why

You’re a hypnotist, women follow your lead- if you’re relaxed, they will be relaxed- if you’re cool they will be cool

In the end, women go with men who take action, not the rich nor the handsome. Assume everything is a “sign” and just go for it

Try new things, experiment. Don’t be conservative. Today is Groundhog’s day- you have a thousand more tries if this one doesn’t work

Act like every day is your last day on Earth- step outside of your “normal” you- and you will get laid like a rock star

Have relaxed confidence with women, not bold confidence. Anyone can be bold in the face of pressure- it’s a rare man that can be relaxed

Tell that nagging little voice inside your head that gives you doubts and reasons to hesitate to shut up and go home

Are you looking for a girlfriend- for one night stands- to have threesomes- first, know what it is you want and it will come to you in abundance

Do not pine over one woman- that is the mentality of scarcity. Have an abundance mentality- every day you can meet ten new women

Keep a dating journal to gauge and look back on your progress. Great ideas are kept when you give yourself permission to write them down

Women don’t sleep with “friends”. Don’t be her girlfriend with a penis. Be a man

Change your frame- while you admire beautiful women, it’s the beautiful women who are after YOU

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