A Simple Attraction Trick By “Cutting Off Her Threads”

Here’s a simple trick I use on younger girls to build fast and hard attraction in conversation.

With younger girls, you’re NOT obliged to acknowledge and follow everything she says.

Because often girls start to talk about stupid things that actually *weaken* the conversation.

She may talk about ex-boyfriends…

Or ramble a long story about what she did on a vacation.

Or she starts to get negative about something.

So if the conversation goes off in a boring direction, here’s how to handle it…


Cut off the girl’s conversational thread and wrestle BACK control !

Just plow over her and get back onto subjects that YOU want to talk about.

Like if a girl says, “I have a boyfriend,” don’t even register it and just immediately start talking about something else and game her from there.

Always ask yourself, “Is what the girl saying making me happy?”

Ask yourself, “Is what she’s saying as bewildering as a half-naked Sean Connery with a gun?”

And, “Is the girl adding to the positivity of the conversational vibe?”

Because if she’s not, it’s up to YOU to lead and to CUT the conversation thread by bringing up something else.

That’s called verbal dominance.

That’s controlling the interaction.

That’s leading.

And THAT’S what women look for in a guy!

An EASY Way To Develop Verbal Dominance At Home!

Most guys are so eager to be liked by the girl that they let her ramble on about whatever nonsense, and just listen endlessly.

That screams, “NICE GUY!”  And Nice Guys LOSE.

Don’t be her wussy emotional tampon by listening to everything she has to say.  She has her other *girlfriends* for that!

So you need to practice LEADING conversations.  And it’s really easy to do.

To start, grab a male buddy on the phone.

You lead off by talking to your friend about a topic that you’re passionate about.  Say, mountain biking, big boobs, cooking, or whatever suits you.

Then your friend tries to change the topic to something that HE likes – say, hockey – by talking OVER you, cutting you off, and wrestling back control of the conversation.

And while your buddy talks about hockey, YOU want to look to switch it BACK to say, mountain biking.

See who can control the frame of the conversation!

So call up a friend and tell him you want to practice “frame controlling a conversational thread” and that you’ll be competing with each other to hold onto your own topics in a match of vocal wrestling.

With a little practice you’ll become a hot shot Top Gun at cutting off and leading conversations with passion!

And if you want even more drills and exercises to hone your game, you’ll want to grab my Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

It’s 15 hours that includes dozens of drills and exercises to hone your conversation mastery and for building bone-strong inner confidence.

And you can download all the materials immediately, so that you can get started right away.

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20 thoughts on “A Simple Attraction Trick By “Cutting Off Her Threads””

  1. Yeah man give me some of that love tricks ya have I need love man or just some funy with some nice hot girl this time.

  2. Anybody that is saying that this is a bad technique is thinking about it incorrectly. Obviously, you’re not going to be an ass to the woman. For example, if she is rambling on and on and you use this technique in a somewhat jokingly manner and say something along the lines of “I think you’ve had enough to drink tonight babe” with a little smirk on your face just to let her know that you aren’t being totally serious, this technique is priceless. Works for me all the time. This technique is not a “serious” technique, it’s a flirtatious technique that you use with a hint of humor to let the girl know in a light-hearted way that you’re bored with what she’s talking about. Thoughts Jesse?

  3. Easiest way to stop her talking is to take her hand, softly massage it while looking into her eyes. When she gets ‘wet’ she will stop talking and it’s time for action, men. This will happen rather quickly so be ready with the next step. Have fun!!!

  4. Hi Jesse!

    That’s awesome point! You know during my early experience I always nod and nod and nod about the girl what to say, ‘coz I think that’s the way that she will LIKE me. But now I just practiced what you have said and it works man!

    By the way, most girls, dating articles from the women’s point of view will tell us that interrupting while the girl is talking is UNETHICAL. Like this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEK5iW-jubw the scene is at around 1:00

    What about it?

    Thanks man!

  5. women love conversation and men who have interesting things to say.looks and brains is what turns women on and men who aren`t boring and work hard to make women love you and make women lust after you by working out and being goodlooking.

  6. What we as men forget that is the female nature, they love to talk! Thats the way they are. By talking they solved their problem. Never try to stop them to talk. Best thing to do is subtle to steer the conversation another direction.

  7. Insightful Ilias

    The article and articles were good but with one huge caveat.
    The first picture should be replaced. It looks like a rape scene and that the man is forcing himself on her rather than taking charge by leading and directing her by his social and seduction skills.
    Forcing yourself on a woman is never acceptable.

  8. Julius Assavante

    You are so right Mr. Charger. Every time I have I have been lulled into the good sammaritan mode of conversation by playing the good listener, I could slowly sometimes quickly feel my testosterone/manhood vaporizing walking away feeling humilated asking myself why did I make the same mistake of being a Mr. Nice guy knowing that the girl lost whatever amount of attraction she had for me. Even when unable to verbal dominate, but when I have made it clear from the get go Im not interested in their fuckin boyfriends ex or otherwise or the other drama shit they want to cry about it and walk away I feel better about myself with my manhood still intact and usually the women has more respect/sometimes more attraction for me next time we see each other. Im not going to be a Dr. Phil to anymore pschycic vampires.

  9. I think you are right on with this one. If I can tell that a girl is starting to talk about something that is stupid, gossipy, or negative, I listen for the first opportunity where I can change the subject because, as you point out, it will not help you and can only hurt you. What I do is listen for something that she says that will allow me to steer the conversation another direction, it usually only takes less than a minute, and she doesn’t even care because it’s smooth. (unless she mentions a boyfriend, like you say, usually ignoring it is the best tactic) e.g. Her: blah blah Rachel said that Caitlin stayed out all night with that jerk and didn’t even feed her dog, blah blah Me: Huh, that’s not cool, I wonder what kind of dog she has. Dogs are so great, you should really meet mine sometime she’s so sweet, etc. Maybe not the best example (off the top of my head) but you get the idea.

  10. The pics are HILARIOUS. And you must be psychic; a friend came over to my office this evening and THIS is EXACTLY what we were talking about: Women who just ramble a lot. So, I’m sharing the link with him.

  11. I agree. This whole article seems rather me vs. her and is that not what you have preaching against?

    And besides, if the woman has no physical attraction to the guy then the whole thing is pointless. She will never go along. Why would she? She is wasting her time and will move on. If she does have physical attraction, then maybe for she will try and justify it in her mind.

    Very confused by this one.

    1. If you’re on a 1-on-1 date, even if you’re deeply connecting, you can not let the girl torpedo the date by talking about ex-boyfriends, or going on about a long boring story, or allowing herself to talk herself into a bad mood. You’ve GOT to take a leadership role and change the conversation. And in a bar or club, especially with younger women, they get ATTRACTED when you change the conversation and talk about what YOU want to talk about.

      And if she has NO attraction to you AT ALL, many times if you just keep talking she’ll “warm up” to you if keep talking in an alpha manner and remain unreactive.

    1. You miss the point…

      Conversation is a give and take, ideally of 50 – 50.

      But MANY TIMES the girl will go off in a poor direction that will ruin the first date, or the first conversation in a bar or club.

      Often these are TESTS of hers to see if you’ll just stand there and listen to her drone about completely irrelevant topics that can destroy the mood or vibe.

      When you’ve talked to a lot of girls you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about… and it’s up to YOU to lead the conversation back to a normal vibe.

      Girls want a leader as well.

  12. This girl once told me she wanted to ask me advice about her boyfriend I told her she had to buy me ice cream first.

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