Is It Okay To Date Far Younger Women, Even ‘Barely Legal’ Girls?

The fact is, any red-blooded 85 year old man would make love to a teenage, 18 year-old girl if given half the chance and given her blessing.

And yes, it’s perfectly NORMAL to desire far younger women.

Any guy who says, “Oh I wouldn’t ever sleep with an 18 year old,” is either lying out of fear of being judged, or because societal reprogramming tells him to react that way.

Because from a biological standpoint, men are driven to mate with the most sexually fertile women.

And women are most sexually fertile when they hit puberty and continuing into their early 20s.

As a man, you’re programmed over millions of years of selection to be attracted to young women, with their budding breasts and widening hips.

Actual caveman evidence

And most men, regardless of their age, are exclusively attracted to younger women.

You’re not going to see Hugh Hefner dallying with 40 year olds, even though he’s over 80.

So it doesn’t make you “bad” or “creepy” to desire far younger women.  Men have always secretly desired very young women and they always will, regardless of what others think of it.

Yet many will label an older man “a pervert” for even admitting he’s attracted to younger girls.

That’s ridiculous.

Advertisers rub hyper-sexualized, young women into our faces non-stop to sell products, and then society tells us it’s wrong and shameful to admit our desire for them.

If 18 year-old girls were attractive back when you were 18, why wouldn’t you still be attracted to them because you’re 40?  Or 60?  …or 80!

So ignore those who think there’s something wrong with being sexually attracted to younger women.

It’s both natural and normal to sexually desire them, and you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by your natural desires as a man.

What Younger Girls REALLY Think About Older Men

In fact, as an older gentleman, you can actually pick up women 15 or even 25 years younger than yourself.

She’s on the hunt

In fact, most young women are LOOKING for older men.

Looking older, particularly if you’re still in physical shape, is an indication to women of status and power.

Age indicates maturity and decision making ability.  And women are attracted to an older man’s accomplishments, economic stability, and emotional maturity.

John O’Hurley, Age 54

Every young woman’s secret wish is to be taken care of.  I don’t mean just economically, but to find a guy that unconditionally loves her, is faithful to her, gives her attention, and is dedicated to her and making the relationship playful, fun, and make it work.

And that’s not something most young guys are really in a position to do.

How young women often picture younger men’s maturity

Young guys are still sleeping around, aren’t faithful, aren’t into self-development or figuring out how to make relationships work.  So most young women are very disappointed in their relationships with young men.

Young Women Or Older Women?

And usually it’s the youngest girls – ages 18 to 24 – who are the MOST attracted to older men.

In fact, a girl in her early 20’s is often easier to sleep with than a woman in her early 30’s.

That’s because a 19 year old girl is just out to have fun, she’s looking to have new experiences, and dating a much older man is an experience she’s looking to have.

She’s in that experimental age and she wants to explore.

But by the time a woman hits 30 and she’s still single, she’s feeling her biological clock ticking.  She feels her beauty is fading.  She’s looking more for a man who’s close to her own age because she’s more desperate to settle down and get married and have kids.

So often a 30 year old will be more resistant to hooking up with an older man than a 19 year old!

Older men are better for younger women

And objectively speaking, younger women are generally better off with senior men.

As an older gentlemen, you’ve got more to offer her.  Maybe you can’t have sex 3 times a day like you did when you were 21, but you offer stability, wisdom, comfort, meaningful companionship, and better sex… far more so than a young guy who isn’t developed.

In fact, studies show that marriages are far less likely to end in divorce when the woman is 10 to 15 years YOUNGER than the man.

So if you’re an older guy and you take care of yourself physically, you’ve got some BIG advantages when it comes to netting far younger women.  And you’re most likely a better fit for a younger girl than a boy her own age!

So don’t feel shy or shameful about desiring or seeking out younger women, it’s perfectly natural, good for you, and good for the girls too!

Is It Okay To Desire and Date Far Younger Women?

So exactly HOW to you meet and pickup younger women?

Well, if you’re an older gentlemen you’re probably running game “too nice”.

With just light conversation and banter you can generate a little attraction, but it’s not enough to jump into bed with a young hottie 20 years younger.

In fact most “game” you find on the net straight up WON’T WORK for getting sex for older guys looking to meet young girls.

Because you’re always putting on a “false face” of positivity, smiling, falsely agreeing, and subtle ass kissing that a younger girl will quickly ditch you for.

In the meantime, don’t be ashamed of your desires for younger women, use that as a source to drive you!  And never apologize for your desires as a man!

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  1. Jesse you’re a fucking idiot and don’t e
    Speak for all women – seriously go fuck your mother or sister or whatever dépraved fantasy you have

  2. It’s funny about this. Older men young women is so wrong. But yet older women are having sex with high school boys. But yet that’s ok. Then women of age say the young woman just wants money. I think if your a single man go have fun. Young women always want fun to live life. I read posts all the time from women oh my sex life is dead my husband didn’t think I’m sexy. So stop farting clean up shave yourself get to the gym dress sexy and be fun with your husband. And husbands do the same thing. Men like younger women for basic reasons great sex she looks good takes care of herself doesn’t hate on ex boyfriends. And they are fun to be with and around. If you look at a woman who is 40 see how she acts how she is then look at a 18-25 year old see how she acts around men. Men like women to be sexy and full of happy life. I won’t date a woman who is not sexy to me. It’s my choice and mine only. I take care of myself real good so in turn I want the same . But as I said before old women can sleep with high school boys but yet that’s ok. I say don’t break the laws of age I don’t care if a man is 100 and having an 18 year old woman love life live life and have a blast. You only live once.

  3. Great article on a “taboo” subject , my hat comes off to you for a timely & well argued article. This is a subject that will come under much more discussion as the population ages life expectancies increase, 60 being the new 40 and all that .
    I am a 64 yr old guy, living in Norway and regularly date young ( 18-28) beautiful women . Norway seems to be blessed with an over abundance of beautiful liberated , sensuous intelligent self aware young women, looking for adventure. I dont have to chase them, they seem drawn to me, often many tell me because younger guys just dont get how to satisfy them . Economics doesnt come into it….many a time the lady will actually offer if not insist on buying me a drink or even dinner…feminism has reached new levels here! I honestly often feel like an oak tree in a forest of saplings..maybe it the ” most interesting man in the world ” syndrome that is so attractive to them. Yes I am in good shape, have fairly OK natural game ( but know i could be even better if i worked more on it , i lead an active and interesting life and i genuinely love women, especially young beautiful vibrant women. And for that , I make no apology, i can only tip my hat to nature and evolution for that.
    Excercise your mind & body, create an interesting life, and women of all shapes sizes and ages will be naturally drawn to you as moths to a flame.
    The Irish poet James Stephens once said, Men come of age at 60, women at 15. Enjoy your coming of age, I am.

  4. I’m 21 year old Latin Girl. And for me girls of my age who date old man, is just for economic stability. In terms that they don’t want to build a future on their own. They don’t want to work and manged to survive like rest
    Which are very poor expectations about yourself. If feel like been with an older man is like selling my youth, these post make look older men like vampires than wants to suck younger blood. But If know it goes in both ways.
    I am might be only openly to be with an older man for sexual curiosity.But I would never bring him into my life.

  5. Hi I’m the person who wrote the previous comment. I just was reading over it and wanted to amend one bit. Just because two people have a big age difference doesn’t mean they have “issues,” but I’ve heard of certain people in these types of relationships that certainly seem to have them. Just wanted to clear up that I didn’t mean for it to be a blanket term.

  6. Hi I just wanted to weigh in on this subject as I am a teenage girl. This was an interesting read for me as it comes from a perspective that’s very different from my own and doesn’t reflect my experience as a young woman.

    First of all I’d like to say that the percentage of young girls ages 16 (which I think is one of the younger ages of consent) to 19 who are interested in older men (ie 10 or more years older than themselves) is VERY VERY small. I don’t really know what it is like when you get into your twenties because I’m not there yet.

    I brought a boy to a party a little while ago and some of my friends were commenting that I had an older man with me (although somewhat jokingly.) This boy was 19. When my friends talk about dating an older boy they mean early 20s.

    The fact of the matter is many many young girls are going to be grossed out at the idea of dating someone significantly older than them. Honestly most girls my age would put a limit at like 21 or 22. I should probably mention that I’m 17 almost 18 and that most of my friends have turned 18 already. The oldest person one of my peers has dated was 24, and that was considered universally weird.

    I’m sure there are young girls who want older men but they are RARE. To assume that older men are a even remotely common desire for teenagers ( and young women in their early 20s I assume) is wrong. Young girls also don’t like to be sexualized. If a older person was sexualizing me I’d feel very uncomfortable.

    Honestly I would fear that the girl involved in this sort of relationship may have some sort of daddy issue and that the man involved may have some sort of living in the past issue.

    I’d also like to say that older men should assume that a young girl/woman (let’s say 18-24 like this article does) are not at all attracted to them, cause the chances are they aren’t. Also you should try to refrain from ogling young girls/women as it is pretty creepy to most of us and unwanted.

    Anyways I just kind of wanted to dispel some of the myths this article perpetuates.


    An actual young woman.

  7. I want a younger girl to make love to and teach. I would like to carry her around the house with my cock buried inside her


    I’m the older women with a younger man! In my case he has the money since my ex husband of 28 year managed to hide it from the courts! Thank god I for some reason haven’t lost my looks and found someone hotter and with integrity! So you younger girls can go ahead and have our leftovers that are from the generation of men that will leave his children in poverty! Yuck! Also you can’t take a site seriously that looks more like a spring break add for how all these girls got there “first” std!

  9. Almost any gal 20 years younger than me is hot to me. Im pushing 60! I am extremely fit, no belly, still buff, but my face is full of wrinkles and age and I notice that young gals rarely register me visually . I have a hard time convincing myself an 18-24 yr old would look at me.

  10. Based on the biological standpoint theory (men being biologically driven to feel attracted and mate with younger, more fertile women), doesn’t the extension of that theory mean that when an older guy “scores” a younger girl and sleeps with her, he should get her pregnant and then move on ASAP? I mean, you said this is an evolutionary thing because men who sleep with young, fertile women have more babies. When you sleep with 20 years old, do you try to get them pregnant? And then move on and get the next girl, say 18, pregnant as well?

    1. yes, anon, you’re right. Biologically speaking, a man’s best and most efficient and effective genetic tactic is to impregnate as many women as possible and leave another man, beta male, to care for and raise the child. Not very PC, but then nor is nature…

  11. Its a fact tre girls go fo the older guy as a matter of financial security,and they can be very clever,at time in dealing with your cash when entrusted,they can wreck your credit /debit,and attain a healthy bank account,leaving you in shamble.the key factor here is not /or should not be age,but honesty .whether the relationship is short term,or longterm.

  12. Im 20 in September I turn 21 and this girl im talkimg to is turning 17 on may 12 shes really cute nice but. Im not sure if shes gonna be mature enough.. and because shes only gonna be 17 and 8? Gonna be 21 is that too much of a problem. Its only 3 years sorta but the thing is shes a minor. Idk what do do or to go with this

  13. I am 30 and dated a 18 year old girl a few months ago. It was amazing but didnt last cause we live in different countries. Nearly all friends my age said they were even a bit jealous but reacted in a postive way. The only persons who attacked me were some women my age. I think its just a unconsious fear of those women, because they know younger girls often are more attractive then them.

  14. Hey Jesse
    As being on the north side of 50, I have been chatting up a cute 17 year old. High fiving and such but that’s all. We’ve kidded about her being naughty when she turns 18. We’ll see where that goes, birthday is still 8-9 months away.

    I really doubt I’d be interested in deflowering her due to the likelihood of major emotional reaction, however if some high-school Harry has already been there, well then that’s a different story. But only after I check her drivers license.

    There’s another younger (than me) chick I’d like to bed & I’m working to that end. That’s why I want to fly under her radar to stroke her reptilian brain. She is MAJOR hot.

  15. Please help..I Know its normal for men and women to like attractive younger people. Women in their 40’s want a chance at the twilight guy Jacob. I don’t think being 18 legal age is not a magical number that makes it ok. It depends on more than that an older person should consider that the life of the younger person is changing more rapidly than there own and that settling them down isn’t going to be all they dreamed off.. Ok that being said my real question is this.. If a man was in his early 30’s was with a 15 year old who said she was 18 and later was arrested convicted and now has to register for life. He has not been with another minor claims he was at a messed up place in his life he found out her age but didn’t know what to do with her she came from a bad family he didn’t want to put her on the street etc.. they continued to have sex after he found out…now he is 53 has never committed another crime like that, but you see that he comments on women’s photos that are between 18 and 24 yrs old. hits the like button and in a private message tells one of them how he always wanted to get with that. is that normal oh and by the way the 18-24 year olds barley look that old more like high school girls 16-18 one was 17, they are tiny framed have that haunted vulnerable look in their eyes when their trying to pose sexy.. I see them as looking very needy and fragile. I know he has been with women of all sizes around his own age as well.Is that normal or is it still him having a perversion that he can’t admit too etc.. he talks a lot about hating this country and wanting to leave america because he can’t get work etc.. I have seen him talking to women in other countries on fb one is asian and young looking another isn’t but calls her babe. feel like he is planting seeds trying to keep options open and who knows what else.. he seems so loving kind towards me. But one time after he met my 2oyr old cousin he messaged her and said I miss you dont tell anyone or they might get jealous he only met her at my house once.. she isn’t tiny but she has a very bad history of abuse and has that vulnerability about her..Please help me should I get away from this person? am I crazy?

  16. I only read this because I am 66 and tomorrow I have a date with a 29 year old young lady who can’t wait share a hotel room with me.

  17. Hello,

    I am an 18 y/o girl who recently broke up with my 38 y/o bf. When we met we were instantly attracted to each other, to me he looked no older than 24! When we met I was 17 and he was 37, but when I told him my age he had absolutely no problem with it so we exchanged numbers and took it from there. Initially I thought it was kind of weird, I thought “what would this grown ads man want with a girl young enough to be his daughter” right. But when.I mentioned yo him my concern he reacted as if age is nothing but a number to him. Mind you he was a very very very handsome man, ricosuave type so I’m like I’m sure there are many woman his age that would love to be with him! Why me? I understand that I am very attractive especially yo be a young black woman, but I see past that. The catch is this man spent 20 years in jail.. two separate 10 year sentences but the longer we stayed together the deeper I fell in love. At first I tried to make it strictly about sex even tho after the first couple days.he officially declared me his “girlfriend”. I couldn’t stay away the sex was AMAZING being that I have such a drive many guys my age can’t keep or don’t even know how to properly caress me. He did! He started acting like he was so in loovee with me, he’d get jealous when I interacted with other men, and he did all in his power to take care of me. Far from the as whole type right?! I thought! He always used to tell me how in love with me he was and he even mentioned marraige. I was so flattered. The problems arose when he started accusing me with being with someone else. I understand where he was coming from tho I hardly ever answer my phone but it was innocent! Idk why I do that! He also became.very clingy as if he never wanted me out of his sight! He always.wanted me to come over like everyday, he’d spend the night with me then want me come over.right after! (He also had a very high sex drive.) I live with my mother and had it been a bf she approved of she would of had no problem with me spending.such great amount of.time with my bf however I was afraid to tell her becuase.of our age difference. She’s the type that doesn’t play.around so when I leave the house I have to give her details on EXACTLY where I’m going and I. Got tired of lying. I don’t like to lie! So often times when he invited me over ” I wasn’t able to” . Again he blamed it on another man but despite.that we still seen each other at least twice a week! He didn’t like that and became very possessive I started to think something was wrong with him mentally so I broke up with him. The relationship was no longer beneficial to me and good sex isn’t hard to find. About a week later he’s begging me to.come back. I’ve never had a man beg me that before it honestly felt good so I got back with him but that day he wanted me to come he could take me dinner but again “I couldn’t”. But there was always.the next day! He wasn’t havin it. After that things went down hill. He barely responded to my texts when before he never missed one. He wasn’t really answering his phone which was VERY unusual but to get to the point it was becuase he started seeing another woman. I already had suspected, he showed small signs even when we were good but became he was so good to me I ignored the signs. I think she was a baller and I can tell she’s a lot older than me just by the maturity of her voice. The money that he was gonna take me out with I think he got from her!!! I’m positive I’d go into more detail as to how I know but then I’d just be off on a tangent. So anyway a.couple days after he begs me to come back he completely stops answering his phone.I know immediately he’s with.another woman so I keep.calling and he tries to lie and say that he’s cleaning (as I did before but I was actually cleaning!!) but he didn’t.know that she secretly answered his phone one of the times that I called and I heard her voice in the background so when he finally answered.he discovered that he was caught and I never heard from him again. I had to continually reach out to him. He never officially broke up with me. He just ignored all my phone calls and texts said some really mean.things in those texts like how he ain’t shit and that he’s a coward for not facing me but in between those texts I was still crying out for him! He made me fall in love! I thought he really loved me!! Either he’s an actor/lier or he was really in love but he was too caught up in thought that I was cheating. SMH. Maybe he was trying to “get back at me” for God knows what but certainly acted as if he had a vendetta. Finally a couple weeks later I feel comfortable enough to have a civil convo.with him and he’s finally.answering.My calls however he started treating me like a BITCH! And that’s the last thing I need! Especially from a man old be my father!!! He repeatedly hung up in my face when i try to discuss the situation but he kept saying “it’s in the past I don’t talk to her no more” of course I don’t beleive.him! I tell him that I miss him and says “we can still fuck!” Like an asshole! I’m like “why would I let you fck me when you just fucked me over?” He starts askin me to come over and I tell him no.. he hangs up. I call back and he says he has.nothing to say to me! I know I have to be strong and leave him alone but I can’t help.the fact that I’m heartbroken! I’m devastated! Why would he wait for me to fall so deep in love then leave so cold heartedly??!!! He went from hot to cold. She went from being a side piece to “wifey” but he’ll probably do the same thing to her that he did to me.. this all happened over a course of 3 months!!! Smh I thought he was the one. I got to point where I looked past his age towards the end of our relationship. That was my main concern earlier. What do you guys think??! Was he just using me for sexx and lying about being in love with me??!! He used to kiss my toes and everything WTF???!!! Please help, I’m still grieving…..

    1. The guy is bad news, stay away from him and cut off all contact. If he tries to call you, don’t answer. And don’t get broken-hearted about this and there’s no reason to flip out. You’re very young, you’re going to have many more boyfriend experiences ahead of you – simply take what you’ve LEARNED from this experience, and use it to make yourself a better, happier person. Every experience can be a learning experience – use this one to make yourself happier and wiser and move on.

  18. I’m a 20 year old woman who loves sex. I only date older men. I love them. I think they are so sexy and the sex is so much better. Currently I want to fuck a 40 year old man but I think he thinks I am too young for him. He’s hot and in great shape, and so am I. I’d love to have him as my next partner. Hopefully he makes my fantasy come true. 😉

    1. I know a very hot 22 year old girl that got married to a 51 year old dude earlier this year. HER dad is 47. This is the groom’s first marriage. She was a virgin (Surprising). Their first child is due in April 2015.

      Btw, she is 5’2″ 105 lbs tanned, medium complexion. He is bald, 5’10” and weighs around 300 lbs and pasty white. He has a stable US Gov job in Maryland and she graduated in May.

      True story.

  19. I can’t wrap my head about something. I may be in trouble, I don’t know… I am a guy, 59.

    Preface… Was married twice, first wifey was the same age as me, the second one 11 years younger (I was 41). We separated some 7 years ago. I have two daughters (27 and 17, from each wife respectively). The only creep factor that worries me is theirs, but they live a half continent away (east and south).

    So, almost two years ago, I met this 23, drop gorgeous lady–if she lived in Botticelli times he would paint her in the Birth of Venus instead. She was here on work visa, from my former country. Despite speaking a decent English, I nailed her accent right away. We got talking in our native tongues and she switched fluently to mine. She was here for three months at the time, but beside work, she did not have much opportunity for some fun time. Except some local young dude she met and it ended up badly. She did not want to talk about it, so I did not push it. We spent some time together on friends terms, but not long after we met we ended up shagging. At first I thought it was because I offered a comfort in a country foreign to her, but she insisted that she is attracted to me and the comfort aspect played only a small initial role. She commented a few times that as sex goes, I played her like a stradivari violin, and that before she met me she was convinced that sex is overrated. We spent really wonderful time together and I was torn when the visa expiry approached. I wanted her to stay on one hand, but on the other there was a bit of a guilt aspect and I convinced her that going home and finding some nice guy and marrying him and having hundreds of children is what’s best for her. We both sort of assumed from the beginning that our relationship is temporary.

    After she left, I missed her, though we are still in touch via emails. I had a serious withdrawal issue and did not date anyone since.


    A few days ago, I happened to get on one of these hook up sites, out of curiosity. I really did not expect anything. I just posted a very brief profile and plastered my pic. I may look a bit like an ancient Viking, maybe, blonde, beard. An older ancient Viking, a bit on the wild side. But I am otherwise quite average, and not tall, I entered my true measures, because I did not want to (falsely) impress anyone. I put in the the profile that golddiggers and sugar-daddy arrangement seekers need not apply, prominently.

    I was a bit surprised when there was a sudden swarm of wenches between 39 and 60, and some of them even decent looking for their age, if one is to trust they don’t try to deceive much. So after a while, I decided that must be normal, though seeing guys with a Peevee Herman look fawning over them hinted that I may be a relief. Guys really have no clue how their fawning is really a put off.

    What blown my sock off, though, was a swarm of young girls between 19 and 25 plus occasional 30-somethings. I don’t get it. They want to MEET in person, I mean the 19/25 girls, so keen. And not just some average girls, all of them between 7.5–9 on 10 scale. Some sent me privately pics, different wear and slightly risque in some cases. So I know it is really them, how they look like.

    I suddenly felt trapped an confused. Did my short term relationship with Andrea somehow rub off on me and they perceive it somehow? What is going on? I believe there is such a thing as social proof (women want a guy that is successful with other women, it is largely unconscious behavioral pattern), but how that can pass through online?

    I messaged to all of them (19 to 60 years old… swarm of over 50 ladies in 2 days … is that normal?) that I am going on a trip for a few weeks and that I’ll get back to them when I return. I could simply not respond at all, but I am not a jerk.

    I simply need time out to sort this out. Two of the 22 somethings and one 31 who is my match as the interests go already got my promise to meet them, though I managed to slip in the trip timeout, too.

    What I am going to do? I don’t want to disappoint any of them 3 by flaking on them. I tried to find any angle to these very young ones, but based on their messages I can’t find anything suspicions, it seems like a genuine interest. All I could come up with if one entertains something a bit nefarious is some sort of guild of 20-somethings that bets who shags a 50+ man first. I brushed off another 2 gently, and they sounded quite disappointed and a bit clingy, trying to get my commitment to meet, yet. I did not communicate with other 8 of them much, just notifying them about the trip.

    I am sure some guys would say something in the mold “if I was blessed with your problems”, but I am not a PUA type. Sure, there were women signaling interest during my marriages, but I never acted on it. I’ve never been in the swarm type of situations like this.

    Any thoughts/ideas?

    1. Ok, maybe I was a bit overwhelmed and anxiety kicked in.

      They keep coming, though, especially the 20-somethings. There are two types, it seems. One with the standard fare of misspellings and grammar errors I see everyday from native English speakers and another group, a bit more of it, beside sometimes odd syntax and messed up tenses. I think those may be Ukrainian/Russian young ladies. They are also the prettiest and with a hint of Slavic heritage in their facial features. Nothing’s wrong with being from Russia/Ukraine, but there may be a bit of covert calculated motivation behind the overt interest.

      1. Idk im a bit old fashioned I don’t chase men never have really. I have to say that Im sure there could be some genuine interest but young peoples lives change faster than older peoples do. so they are unstable and unpredictable and the ones that are foreign well 99% are really looking for a ticket to America or at least to keep options open, or stay here etc.. Trust me I know something about that I am an american but I have spent time around many foreign people and this is a very common issue.

  20. ok, i need HELP here… i mean ASAP. and i beg you jesse, or anyone who read this, to try to help me with advice! i was so happy when ive found this page, and i read lot of things i agree with. ok. now the story – (i know we dont particulary talk about online dating here, but this is how it happened) – im 45 years old guy from europe. more than 2 years ago I met that 18 yr old girl from USA, in some virtual world, but did not paying attention. only gave her my fb. she has found me on fb. started sending me messages. i was answering. but. i COULD NOT COMPREHEND that our rship is even possible, not cause of distance, but cause of years. But she didnt wanna giveup. i gave her my skype, we started to talk on cam .. for whole nights.. days..etc.. i needed time but i accepted possibility of relationship. especialy cuz shes gorgeous, and since the day one she gave me all the love of the world. in time i fell in love with her. she said that her parents will never let her to be with me, so she wanted to make passport, and fly to me. to live with me and marrie me. without their knowledge. but i was not so ok with that since she was still 19… and me 44. i was delaying it. oh god. now she is 20. her parents tried all. took away her laptop, ipod, etc, and finaly stole her passport from her, and hide it somwhere, just to stop her to be with me. they just made her hurt herself, and i am absolutely worried about her now. all she want is to come to me, to be with me for good. no matter we never was together. we were on cam for 2 years, it count for something.. so now she is 20 im 45, and only thing we can do, is to talk trough viber on iphones for as much time as we can every day. she dont want to give up. me either.Her perents selling her story that im a killer, pervert, maniac… and im brainwashing her. they havent clue, that she has found me, and she was trying for long since i accepted anything. im not pervert, and i never talked to minor girl in life. she was first younger woman, i ever talked with. if i go to USA, they promissed me their lawyers and police etc, will take me down. she is 20, and crying every day, cause her passport is hidden somwhere now. we both decided that noone will ever brake us. BUT WE HAVENT CLUE WHAT TO DO NOW???. All she wants is to travel to me, and to live with me forever. I am divorced, live alone, have important role in local politics, have my own appartment, and nothing special, but enough for us both. can you try to give me any advice about this mess. we both suffering, and we both will never give up – what should we do?

    1. ops… and one more important thing – the main and only reason why they dont want to let her be with me – is the fact that im 25 years older!

    2. She is an adult, so her parents can’t sue you or do anything to you. Those are empty threats. If she is living at their place however, they can force her to stay inside, and that could be problematic for meeting her.

      Keep in mind if you fly over there, she is in love with the online you. She may get nervous about meeting the real you and get cold feet. She’ll get nervous of what you may think of her, and flake out. It does happen with young women. So don’t be surprised if it happens.

      If you do go over, make sure that you’re the buyer- don’t be nervous for her approval of you, that’s a bad bad frame. And make sure to touch her right away… hug her right away, take her hand and lead her, tickle her… make sure it is playfully physical from the first moment.

      1. thank you jesse, enjoyed reading lot of materials on your page last 2 days.. im happy ive found and actualy when u say “empty threats” it sounds like it, till now i wasnt sure what to think about those attempts to brake us.. one day, i hope soon, when we finally be together i will write u how story develops… 🙂

    3. She is considered an adult in the U.S.A if she is 20 years old. All she needs to do is report her passport lost and go get a new passport. She does not need her parents permission.

      Don’t marry her or let her move in with you until you spend some time and get to know her for real. A webcam does not give you enough information to take that big of a step. Slow down and meet her.

      Don’t tell her parents anything until you meet her and get to know her i person. She may not eve like you either LOL. Slow down and make it real instead of just a story playing in your head. Real love happens after two people meet in real life, not just from talking over long distances.

      Remember, one step at a time!

    4. Been there... done that

      Sooo… moooove the f#@k on.

      Would you want to get her pregnant only to find out that she wants to raise the kid near her family… AND be married? Can you even begin to comprehend how f#@king bad that would be for you, for her, for them, but most of all, for the kid?

      Move on.

  21. I’m 43 and had a brief but wonderful relationship with a 21 year old who is smoking hot. I wasn’t at the time. I really wasn’t looking for a romantic partner at the time, but it just sort of happened. I think this relationship was life altering as it has motivated me to start taking care of myself physically and mentally. I stopped drinking, have lost 30 pounds so far and am getting into the best shape of my life. After we ended, I got to thinking about how it could have even happened. It got me interested in learning more about relationships and human behavior in general which I find very interesting and I know will make me a a better partner in the future. Also, I’ve basically gone from being a depressive man who wished he was younger and thought he was just hanging around this planet taking up space until he dies to a new man, comfortable with his age and believing that his best days, and best gal, are still ahead of him. If you can find a young woman who is a good person I highly recommend going for it.

  22. Bradley G. Barnett

    I completely agree with your video. I agree though,that IF an older man is looking for pretty younger women;he most of the time should be in great physical condition. It helps to be good looking too;BUT I think the key is physical ‘shape’.

    Experience,success,having money are all desirable to have in your quiver. Many ‘things’ that should NOT be important are i.e.. driving a nice car,dressing well etc.

  23. I am 70 and desire/want sex with a young female from legal 16 up to say 30, but I am socially regarded as an old pervert. Sure but I can give great passion, foreplay, body touching and massage, breast stroking and nipple sucking, oral pleasure, fingering the clit for proper stimulus, and have a reasonable size appendage which gets up and goes well. I have all the experience as to how to please a female. So why am I a social outcast and looked upon as a pervert ????


  25. DaddysPrincess

    I was feeling kinda alone because theyre arent many older men younger couples here whwre we live or websites to talk on then I came upon this article and loved reading the comments. I’m now 24 years old married to the love of my life who is 44. Married 12/12/12! We got a 20 year age difference and it doesn’t bother us one bit. He got over it a long time ago when I was 20. If I were to give older men advice It would be to be yourself, not fake. We started off as friends when I was 18 because we worked in the same building ( different companies) I never really got along with guys my age simply because I wanted to settle down. I’ve never been the party type and sex was ok. Now we have a home, 3 dogs and amazing sex. Older men seem to know what they want. They’ve been there and done that and learned from their mistakes and hopefully sowed their wild oaks.

    1. DaddysPrincess

      Oops and almost forgot. He does have a daughter who is lovely and one year older than me but we get along fine.

  26. Hello to all, my name is ken i am a 57 year old white man engaged to a 27 year old black girl, my last 3 girlfriends were 24, 23, 28 with Sharnice being my longest relationship of 2 years, i am 6’5 250lbs strong and in relativity good health, sexually active, stable income but not rich by any means, not overly handsome, i just love and worship women. My Fiance and i are planning a family . I am in love with her and totally believe in her sincerity, i also much more lean and and attracted to black women for many reasons, i believe that if a man puts the womans desires first, provide, protect, be a knight to her, give his life for her and our children that that is so fulfilling, please any feedback is encouraged and again putting her ahead of everything dispite my mistakes. We live in a much different world, thank GOD.

    1. Good for you, man.. Hope it goes well for you..

      (. I’m married to a 27 year old black girl, am 47 , white guyand live in a racist ( asian) country… Screw what other people think, I say..)

      Small minds constantly consider it their right to commentate on other people’s lives..proving incontrovertibly they do not have a right..

  27. I’m very attracted to one girl that is not even out of high school yet. In Texas 17 yrs old is legal age, and she seams to be attracted to me and I’m 38 yrs old and I find her very hot and sexy. Just not sure what she wants yet, I want nothing more than to have her as my girlfriend then marry her. her mother seams to notice that I like her daughter and both are Latina so I know that most Hispanic mothers like to marry off their girls as young as 17 or 18 to an older man that would take care of them in every way. So I’m trying to figure out away to get her attention more. if anyone has suggestions please let me know.

    1. Read my story please! It is very similar to yours! I’m 18 and man was 38 and just as attracted to me as you are to the girl that you speak about!

  28. I have been in a relationship for almost 9 years with the same man. He was 59 when we started messing around and I was 18. It was just supposed to be sex but turned out different. He has now fathered both my children – 1 boy 3 months old and 1 girl who is 14 months old. I love him and he loves us

  29. Men who date much younger women are looked down on in society.

    If you want to date a much younger women, the pay off is being treated like a sleazbag by society.

    A CEO of the Aviation company I work for recently married a russian 20 something. He is in his 50’s and was made a laughing stock. People no longer view him with authority or respect. (this is a male dominated work environment)

    I like older men, but dating MUCH older seems to effect your reputation negatively.

    1. That’s more an indictment of the society than the person, I think.. Generally, women are much more susceptible to social pressure , I think. this case, I bet those guys are more jealous than anything..

      This same scenario could apply to any bigotry.. People should have courage to make thier own choices, I think..

  30. I am 31 years old and I am dating a 18 year old girl and we are absolutely happy! I really think it is based on maturity level. Some people look at it as “oh your robbing the cradle”, but what they don’t seem to realize is life is about happiness. I was married to a lady for 12 years only for her to leave me for a older man… MUCH OLDER she was 33, and he is in his late 50’s. She said she just wasn’t happy and I go to thinking maybe she is on to something if your not happy in your current situation change it. Age is just what it is a number of how long you have been here on earth, and should not define your happiness.

  31. If you poll a few girls that are age range 0f 19-28 that have had a few sexual partners , they almost ALL say they want to find an OLDER guy in their 40’s who has money. The goal of most of these girls is to NOT have to work anymore. The girls that are career oriented or own their own business, Have their own money, do not have this goal of meeting an older man.

    1. Unfortunately, I think you are right Joel. (Much) older men may like to kid themselves that very young women are attracted to them, but the reality is that they would prefer a man nearer their own age if he was able to offer them the same amount of ‘security’ (a euphemism for ‘money’ as far as I can see). I think a good age difference is 7 – 10 years – much above that an the relationship starts to look a little more like a kind of prostitution. Nothing wrong with that BTW as long as both parties are honest with themselves and each other about what is going on.

  32. Possibly in a minority, but I think your “What younger women think” section is off the mark. As far as I know, neither I nor my girlfriends have dated guys more than five older than ourselves (I’m in college)… TBH I think the idea of dating a dude who’s almost old enough to be my dad is kinda gross! I mean, George Cluny & Robert Downey Jr. are seriously hot, but I think I’d feel weird dating them. RDJ has a son who’s almost my age… We’re in such different stages in our lives.

    Right now I’m dating a guy who’s almost 27–it’s nice because he’s mature, experienced with relationships and has a good job, but he’s still young. There are exceptions, but I think most college-aged girls would prefer “older men” in their mid 20s-early 30s. A lot of girls my age love living it up and partying till 4am, which most older guys aren’t into.

    I do know one 21-year-old girl who prefers to date guys in their 30s, though, so they’re out there.

  33. Well I’me 49 and about to go to the Philippines to meet my 31 yr old gf that I have been chatting with for the last 18 months. I wil be there for 8 days I will propose to her of course and she is so looking forward to it, I meet her family and we will be spending most of out time playing ‘Doctors and Nurses….:-)….lifes good…

    1. Good luck on your Philippine romance John. I once had a Philippine wife and her dependent family so be careful as Americans are considered rich and a ticket out of poverty.

      1. Totally support David’s words of caution !

        Many men here take on Phillipina girls without understanding the Island Culture and Ethic.. if one member of the family ‘does well’ then they are TOTALLY expected to send money back to the islands to support the family (and ‘family’ can be a very very wide net there)

        And of course ‘doing well’ means living a better life in another country so it’s the (usually unsuspecting) amrican / european partner who’s sending that money.

        It’s all OKAY if the commitment is completely understood from the outset, and if the relationship with the woman is ‘all good all the time’

        But, from observation, if there’s any trouble ‘at home’ then the issue of sending money overseas to relatives very soon becomes a burden and a huge wedge of resentment between the couple!

  34. hi, im 18 in a relationship with a 45 year old man. we’ve known eatchother for a long time before that.the’s amazingly sweet,compassionate and WOW we have the best sex ever. honestly i never cared what anyone thought about us. and it was weird for me at first because i never fell for anyone who was older and it was weird for him cause he never fell for a younger women. we have been together for 10 1/2 months but it feels like ive been with him forever i’m gonna be 19 this friday. i’m lucky to have friends and family that are being supportive of this. i dont think ill ever go for guys my age. now a days all they care about is “swag”, being complete jerks, or just being with a girl to fck ive been hurt so many times by these d-bags that i went for him

    1. Read my story please my situation is a lot like yours! AMAZING SEX HE GAVE ME FEELINGS I NEVER FELT BEFORE! I’m 18. He’s 38

  35. I am 45 myself and I have tried dating younger women (say 25 to 35) for the last 5 years and have not been on one date nor even one number. I dress well, keep myself in good shape, good humored, social but when women find out I am 45 (I look late 30’s), they shy away. I ask them why and they tell me that they feel weird being with an older guy and its creepy. I have friends in my age group that go thru the same thing. So I have no idea where all these response are coming from or even if they are true. I have not seen it and from experiences younger women want very little to do with an older guy unless he is maybe a Hugh Hefner (that is an extreme case) or they guy is of a very high social level.

    I feel like I am on a different planet reading all this…I have never seen this at all….

    1. Kurt – I wonder if you are American? The reason I ask is that this ‘creepy’ allegation you refer to is a symptom of an immature and puritanical society. This kind of thinking is not found in most of the rest of the world, although is beginning to seep into other societies, to their great detriment. It saddens me that media shove images in our faces of perfect young woman all the time (usually to sell product), and then tell us that we are perverts for desiring those same women. It’s a kind of very unhealthy ambivalence that is based on lies and the deception of both ourselves and others.

  36. i am a 46 year old male and i have never even been on a date or anything like that, nothing. about a week ago i posted a comment on another website about how i don’t want women who are over 40 years old. i said that i only like women who are in their 20’s and 30’s. my simple comment received more than 25 replies (all negative) in the first day that i posted the comment. i was accused of many things including being a dirty old man predator and a criminal of some type. i explained again that i was only talking about adults in my comment and my comment was already very clear. their answer to this was that people in their 20’s and 30’s, people from 21 years old up to 39 years old (are in their opinion) still not really adults and are not grown up. they gave some crazy reasons to why they think this. i could not get anybody on that website to admit that they are an adult when they are in their 20’s and 30’s.

    1. Women feel terribly threatened that they’ve lost their attractive capabilities as they get older; when an older guy says he likes younger women, they freak out and attempt to use social shame to keep men in line with their desires. It’s their problem, not yours. Don’t worry what the group-think is, it’s usually bullshit.

    2. during my debate with the people on that website they said some things that sound crazy to me…they tried to say that people in their 20’s and 30’s are not yet adults and they don’t consider those ages to be grown up yet. i am thinking hell i felt pretty damn old by the time i was 20’s and i felt really old by the time that i was over 30. i considered myself to be an old man when i was 30. i don’t know what this world has become when people can’t even admit to being an adult until they are over 40 or 50 years old.

    3. Hi Anon – sympathies…it may not be much consolation, but the people giving you all this negativity are just plain stupid and narrow-minded, so you have not missed much!

  37. society has really corrupted.. now we have a society of evil don juan’s running loose everywhere.. i will be scared for my daughter if i ever have one.. lol

  38. I don’t see anything wrong with two consenting adults, but I do think it’s bad that young/old guys are having this attitude as PUA’s to run through as many young and beautiful girls as possible. They don’t care about the girls really and it’s a game, their life is a game. I met guys like this.. they may have had sex with thousand woman, but have 0 children. You ruin the lives of all these women aged 18 to 25 that were innocent.. you ruin it for the guys that wanted love in their life, and now in europe and usa there is population crisis because of these kinds of assholes that are being born..


  39. 😀 Im 70 fit as still never felt healthier n Im living in the Philippines
    n married to a 33 years old , She totally adore me as I do her and I
    have so much of all guys could desire in one woman one man relationships and yes everything works wonderful n often .. As well I am surrounded by young angels that I could have in no time at all but perfectly happy with my one beautiful wife love of my life as she is with myself . Being married to her and us both loving each other as we do is priceless for mind body and soul .. And if any disagree they’ll be older women and older women are always seeking younger guys if the womans married or not if they are honest ..

    1. Philippines is not the norm for the world. I will tell you why. I have traveled to the far east several times and know many of the various cultures. Philippine women are like what women here in the states were say in the 40’s and 50’s. For women to socially and economically make it, they needed to marry and hopefully marry a guy with some coin. Its survival for them. So I am glad for you but it is not the norm.

  40. sachin ghadage-patil

    overall i have read ur article …70% i agree with u …But i can’t have believe on that …in which way girls want older man for sex

  41. One of the main appeals of dating younger girls for me at least ,is the thrill of the chase. Especially in a country that tries to mold you into what it’s feminist and gay influenced wants you to be .
    Nobody is going to tell me who to pursue and be attracted to. If she’s over 18 and she digs me then it shouldn’t be anybody elses business what two ADULTS do on their time.
    And since it is so tabboo the capture is so much sweeter . Nothing like seducing a sweet young and LEGAL aged cutie.
    The older woman younger man thing is thrilling for the man because he’s getting laid and being given gifts for his time,but I don’t see how fulfilling it can be for the woman since it ain’t too difficult to duck a boy . Where’s the challenge in that cougars? Hm?
    I know that deep down you feel empty and angry that your best child bearing years are behind you so you come up with this bs about you being happy it’s this way.
    That and coupled with the media calling men pedos for even dating men a few years younger than them,and prasing women who date younger than them have enabled even more pathetic cougars to come out of the woods with so called pride of their. “Chosen”lifestyle .

    1. Smoking Hot and 34

      Good Points Rip???? So now you agree that I must be lying about my satisfaction with younger men because I am a woman and I must be feeling “empty and angry that [my] best child rearing ages are behind [me]?” Wow! Why would I bother to write in if I was only going to write lies??? It’s not like I know any of you or have my name attached to this post, so where is the incentive to lie???

      From my perspective Rip and Jesse, you both are idiots, and I am sorry that I wasted my time trying to educate you. You seem content with your outdated notions of traditional roles for men and women. I don’t know many happy married people, and I don’t think it is natural to stay with one person for your entire life. I could choose to have children now if I would like, and I have several offers on the table. For example, one of my exes has been trying to convince me to marry him and have his children for years. He is an incredible guy who is more successful than I am and loves me very much, but I am not looking for that.

      I am a philosophical person and I look for meaning in this life. I think that possibly part of what I am to learn here is how to let go of this life. I do not want to set up roots, and I am not desperate to leave my mark on the world. I simply want to go from ashes to ashes and dust to dust, but appreciate and enjoy every minute of the ride. I don’t have to have children or get married just because I am a woman. I prefer to spend my money on me and just want to travel more and continue exploring this life and the other people in it.

      I had an amazing time with a consenting 18 year old man, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I did not give him any gifts to entice him, on the contrary he bought our hotel room. I am not in it for the chase as Rip is, I enjoy the connection and the experience. Just because it wouldn’t be fulfilling to RIP doesn’t mean it isn’t fulfilling to me. I find it a little disturbing that Rip likes to convince the young ladies, as it sounds as if he is preying on very young girls who are not quite sure what they want. My advice is to stick with women who are mature enough to actually consent.

      My recent 18 year old and I found immense amounts of sexual pleasure in each other’s bodies, and also comfort in each other’s arms. We are in touch, and we are supportive of each other in this life. We will remain friends. We don’t live in the same town so I won’t see him regularly, but I have already been back to see him once. Why would you judge that when we are both very happy with it and consenting adults?

      The fact that you think it is okay for a man, but not okay for a woman makes you sexist assholes. Rip champions his sleeping with 18 year old girls while calling me a pathetic cougar? I have less hope for the progress of society reading bullshit like this.

      Again, please get your heads out of your asses with that 50s era bullshit that women’s only purpose in life is to make babies. I am not a baby factory!! I am a person just like you, and I choose not to have children. Please learn to respect that, rather than treating me as a lying, failed baby machine.

      1. Gee lady chill out…! I doubt anyone here has any problem with how you live your life..

        I do wonder why all the agro, though… If you are happy with your life, why be angry or come looking to argue.. I see no reason for it..

      2. Heh, smoking – like it! An existentialist iconoclast! Life is absurd, so get drunk, get laid, have fun. Read the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, if you haven’t. I have to say that I don’t completely agree with you in the sense that i prefer a traditional relationship really, but I suspect that if I could have my way, and could afford it(!), I would almost certainly have a large number of wives and lots of children. In a tolerant and humane society, we should make room for all life-style choices and celebrate the diversity of them. It seems to me to be completely logical for an older woman (who perhaps is financially independent?) to want to fuck younger men – after all, this kind of woman already has all the other things men traditionally offer, so why not get the hotter bods you are going to find with younger men?

        Party on!

  42. Smoking Hot and 34

    I am 34, and I am in incredible shape. I wear the same size I did in high school, and I am probably even more fit than I was at 18. I modeled before I started my career. I get hit on every day, and I enjoy a healthy sex life.

    I do not argue that older men like to sleep with younger women, I do to!

    But I do disagree with the statement that all women are looking for someone to take care of them (even if you mean more than just financially). That is an outdated notion from the 50s. I make my own money and I don’t need a man for that or anything other than sex. I don’t want children and I don’t want to get married. I want to enjoy this life as much as possible with the appropriate person for the time.

    I have tried dating men in their 40s, and 50s, but I find most of them have emotional issues that led them to remain single. However, that is not the reason that I like younger men.

    I like younger men because I have an outrageous appetite for sex. The men in their 40s certainly can’t keep up. Few in their 30s can keep up. I can understand if you are tired one day, but I don’t understand saying no. I mean, you should at least be up for a mean blow job!

    Biology shows that women hit their sexual peak around 30, while men hit it around 18, so it makes sense for my horny ass to be fucking young men!! They want to fuck as much as I do!! That is amazing!!

    And that’s not the only great part. They aren’t programmed with this 50s era bullshit that men need to provide for women. So many older guys that I date are threatened by the fact that I am highly educated and make my own money. They feel inadequate and don’t feel like a MAN. Younger guys are cool with it. They are impressed that I have done so much in my life.

    The young guys are down to just enjoy life and have fun. It is a bonus that I have some cash.

    My most recent sexual experience was with an 18 year old!!! I had never gone below 24 since I turned 34, but it was rad!! We actually have a really strong personal as well as sexual connection. This weekend with him was one of the best of my lives. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the benefits of an 18 yr old just because I am a woman.

    I am curious to know if all the people who encourage the older men here to date younger women also encourage me to continue on my path. If you think men have a stigma, it is double for women.

    1. I’m a 39 year old male dating a 19 year old sexy babe for the last year. Going to say I have no problem with women dating younger and suspect the reasons could be simular.

      Up until now I have spent a long time considering if this was wrong or taking advantage, socially we are conditioned / told it is.

      I’m going with If it makes both of you happy for whatever reasons you both have. Do it, everyone should be happy with their partner.

      1. Please read my story! I’m 18 and my man was 38, we were so happy together and the Sex was FANTASTIC! He claimed to be so in love with me, what happened! ?

  43. Szlatoper Bala is my name & Nigerian by nationality. Pls i am in search of a white damsel between the ages of 18 & 25, loving & caring. I promise to reciprocate her good nature on the bed. I am a star performer when it gets to the BEDMATICS. I can confidently showcase myself & defend my CV when it matters. Thank you.

  44. I think its ok as long as you both are happy. Im 29 and recently started seeing a man that is 28 years older than me. Age does not matter to us and should not matter either way if love is there. I havent been happy in a long time and am blessed to have him.

  45. I am an 18 year old girl and I have always been attracted to older men. In fact right now there is a man who is 36 years older than me (54) who is interested in me and I am hesitant to pursue it because of what people will think. I am glad that you adress this attraction as something natural and not obscene.

  46. This is bullshit. It’s bullshit to say all girls want old guys, and that every young girl is just looking to have sex with a guy who knows how to touch her. Most of us don’t want to be used for our youthful bodies just to be some guy’s new toy. What happens to a 20 year old girl who marries a 70 something year old man? Well screw the divorce rate, the woman may well be widowed by the time she’s 40 (not to be mean, i know that’s an awful thing to say!), and her family probably won’t have a dad who’s in condition to support or care for them!
    Honestly, if people are happy I don’t care they can do what they want. But being a 17 year old girl I wish i didn’t have to feel so uncomfortable and self-concious walking down the street because men three times my age think its okay to honk and stare. And bullshit articles like this encourage that!
    Furthermore, too frequently I hear about things like child porn, and the sex trade. And rape. So naturally, I can’t help feeling defensive about things like this. I might get told off for this comment but I really just don’t think many males understand the horrible feeling of violation we often experience. That much isn’t their fault, it’s hard to understand a feeling when it really doesn’t apply to you. It’s just not fair that we don’t get to feel as safe because we get objectified so much, and it seems when I read things like this that literally ‘all men’ are ready and waiting to take advantage of us. If I’ve insulted anyone, I’m sorry. I know there are exceptions to what I say both for the males and females. And I get that we can’t really help how we feel, we can just try to understand eachother and act wisely.
    Anyways, I know that’s maybe deeper than what is originally discussed here, but I just wanted to say, (being 17 and knowing a lot of these younger girls my age), the last thing most girls want is to be used in a relationship. We want excitement, yes, but also real love that lasts and meaning in our lives.

    1. so you think a 17 year old boy is going to bring you “a relationship that lasts” and “love” and “meaning in your life” ? Every guy will be different. Bad apples and good apples in every age group. But as guys get older, they usually have more to offer.

  47. they should be embarassed. Girls get some therapy for your daddy issues and creep old dudes come to grip with the fact that you are OLD

  48. Enrique Avalos

    Sex is very good with ladies my own age but sex is so electrifying. that they are like viagraI love it 4to6orgasms the body and mind fall in some sort of connection it’s. as if the system? systematically picks up on a frequency and allows for more energy and more desire wether you want to or not just go. with it move and groove I am 53years of age I get my share its not how you look its how you can make a woman feel young or old


  49. To the airball who suggests telling a woman that her ass looks like it tastes like vanilla ice cream, I simply have the following question: should this man approach a “sexy bitch” of color, meaning black or Asian or Latina, what flavor of ice cream does her hypothetical ass taste like in this case? By the way, do you drink your beer directly out of the bottle? 6 at a time? Live in—–I don’t know, Kentucky, Alabama? When people compliment you on being able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, might it be they have actually seen you “cleaning” your trailer? Just curious.

  50. I was a 16 year old who fell in love with a 48year old 4years ago! I am now 20 and he is 50 we’ve been together for 4years going to 5! I’ve never been in love with a man as much as I love him. Even till today it feels like I met him yesterday. he is in great shape and does not look 50. When I met him I thought he was in his 20s he looks so much younger than his age. I get so jealous when other females look at him. He is A very handsome south American chap! My sex life is absolutely superb..
    I’ve never been attracted to young men and don’t think I ever will. I find them very immature and annoYing not all but majority. My family are happy me being with him. My family knows I’m with him and let me move out to live with him.

  51. You can’t assume that all men want to bed little children. I personally would not want anyone by daughter’s age. I am sure many men do, but I have a successful and happy family and I feel a sense of accomplishment and content far greater than what fun random sex could provide. I wish you didn’t assume that all of us men just want sex from young girls. Perhaps people who fail in all other aspects of their lives turn to sex solely – but I love my wife and children and I think people like you (preaching this lifestyle) are a detriment to society. It is more important to be a good responsible father above all else. Even more important than all of that being a good man or husband things. You 60 year old men talking about underage girls and 17 year olds are sickening. I hope your 12 year old children dont have sex with 60 year old men like yourselves.

  52. This just goes to show, that it’s about the maturity level of the people involved and not necessarily the age.
    I’ve never been a believer that age should matter, and 50 years ago 13 was considered an adult and my great grandma had 18 kids (not counting the ones she lost) from a guy who was 30 something years her senior.

  53. I’m eighteen years old, and I’m attracted to a 25 year old guy, But I feel as though the older guy’s wouldnt want to be with a younger girl because she does have a fresh persective about life, and she still has yet to experience things for herself that the guy probably already has experienced. He already has been trying to get his life together while I still have yet to start mine. I don’t want him to think less of my mentality because it’s “fresh”. And I definitely don’t want him to only be attracted to me, because I’m good looking. I’m self concious, because, you would think he would want someone around his age that’s on the same page vs. someone who still has time to start their life.

  54. I am 46 and my girlfriend is 32. I absolutely adore her! Guys her age don’t know how to treat women. Young girls, like the article states, love attention, devotion, stability, support, and genuine love. Most guys her age are still into partying – vs myself. I met her, wanted her, pursued her, and got her. And I treat her very lovingly, not to mention passionately. I’ve never been happier. Her mom is a year older than me, and loves me. They treat my 17 year old son like gold. Her grandparents are younger than my own parents, yet its nice to once again, enjoy having grandparents. I have never been happier!

  55. Hi .
    I am a fuller figured 25year old woman and recently had the best sex EVER… With a 52year old man! I could tell that he had not had any in a looooong time. I told him initialy that I wanted to keep things ‘no-strings-attached’, but the more I thought about it afterwards, the more fascinated I became with the whole idea of sleeping with an older man. I must tell you that I state that I am full figured, but I take pride in who I am and I look after myself very well. I am a successfull profesional independant woman and this one night stand was a first for me! BUT I WANT MORE! Is this wrong? Where do I go from here? Please give advice!


  56. Im a sexy 33 year old girl married to a 45 year old man. We met when i was 22 and he was 34. Older men r better in all aspects. They know who they are in life. Better at everything. And of course the sex is amazing. OLDER MEN LISTEN UP…. WANT YOUNGER WOMEN? HERE IS A LITTLE SECRET….. JUST BE AN HONEST GENTLEMAN. WALK UP TO A SEXY BITCH AND TELL HER… HER ASS LOOKS LIKE IT TASTES LIKE FRENCH VANELLA ICE CREAM. 😀

  57. um, actually you’ve been programmed TO be attracted to much younger women. stupid hater is spot on. there is a reason may-december relationships aren’t very common. unfortunately for you men who think sex with a younger woman is the holy grail, but humans are not equal to animals and have much more complex brains. you’re only stimulating a small part of your brain with this type of relationship, and usually those young girls become old news after a few months, and its out to look for a hotter, younger piece.

    just like with cars, jobs, homes…things in general. join the rat race, but you’re still a rat.

    and in that case, how young is too young? 12? 13? they’re WAY inexperienced with WAY tight bodies.

    and if women our own ages are jaded by men, its because of our own meandering mistakes and lack of experience. you boys must be really afraid to be held accountable for anything or have any expectations placed upon you at all. maybe women should date young boys because they are inexperienced and appreciate the encounter more than the majority of brainwashed, washed up old man/boys trying to redeem their lost/wasted youth.

    1. You make it sound like you’re concerned for the men that they’ll only stimulate a “small” part of their brain by banging a far younger girl.

      What do you care?

      But don’t worry… 99% of older guys can’t dream of hooking up with younger girls (they have no clue how) so you’ve still got your pick of older guys. It’s not like there’s a shortage of horny old guys, so relax.

  58. I am a 50 year old man. Between marriages when I was 43 I dated a women 28. I found her stupid, untrustworthy and and finally was embarrassed to be seen with her. The sex was awesome and we had a lot of fun when we stayed in and hung out. I am now married to a women 4 years old than me and find it an intellectual challenge every day, unlike the old girl friend that made me mentally drained because I had to beat her over the head to teach her etiquette.

  59. Eric sounds to me like you have been turned down by many younger gals and that your a little pissed off about it. Well get over it   First of all it’s all  about choices one makes. If a younger female choose a older guy than that’s what it is  and there are many of the same age couples  for both young and old.  But once in awhile as with anything in life we want a change  and try a new direction in life. If things work out between an older guy and a younger girl than more power to them if not than that’s ok as we’ll but it’s their choice   And further more why say F**k yourselves  grow up will ya   “Cuz in order to be the Man you  have to beat the Man”

  60. I just started my own business and its doing pretty well im 23 by the way with a girl thats 23 we built our lives together and we will start a family together..You young women that give up on men your own age sicken me to just be quite honest you go for the badboy losers all the time and always miss the guys doing something with their lives..then you go get the OLDER MEN who already have the nest made for you to go sleep in..U didnt build a life with that 30-80 yr old man you just stepped into their lives with nothing to offer but your youth and beautiful bodies and no matter what the older men say thats all you have to offer and what they want @ first..your YOUTH and bodies..Well im glad that women like this are only a small percentage of the human race..
    Find a good man your that is responsible, hardworking, smart, trustworthy, fit and healthy, levelheaded..he’s probly at some art musuem or something..but find that man and build a life with him..
    And if u do find a guy your age talk to the fool tell him what u like how to unlock your sexuality women expect men to know everything which is sad..let the guy know u want to grow up @ some point in the young be responsible have fun..Funny..I bet if i ask you women this i know what the answer would be..
    If that 35-80yr old sugardaddy you love so much didnt have any sugar(MONEY!) would you have even wanted to be with him..And the answer is NO!
    Im 23 and young and i can be mature at times and immature like anyone else who laughs at comedy skits or family guy.. But I choose to be immature right now..So all you women can GO F**K yourselves for cutting out young men your age from your dating pool..

  61. I am 23 and my fiancée is 46, we are very truly happy with eachother and age has nothing to do with it. What matters is ur happy!!

  62. Hey there. I’m a 20 year old woman. Whose in a relationship with a man in his 40s. I just want to say that THIS ROCKS!!!! Damn! He is so wonderful. We absolutely love each other and he’s talking about marriage which is awesome. An older man knows how to kiss and touch a woman and’s much more mature than any of my guyfriends. We can talk about anything and we understand each other . So I absolutely adore the fact that age doesn’t matter when you love someone. As Dean Martin said memories are made of this…

    1. And guys and gals if you really feel like you have something or if you love each other then fight together for what you have. It’s worth it!!!

  63. great now i am hairy and a freak i been called freak pervert stalker i get sick of feeling this way to the point if hell was not real i would kill myself i hate this crap i want to be me and forget this junk . i tried all those sites its foolishness those sites bah . 😥

  64. I love it…my name is anthony i am 38 i am attracted to younger females very hard to explain i want a youner female who likes older not a i am 6ft tall italian very creative..hit me up i am from Ny

  65. I’m a 19 years old girl and in a relationship with a 21 year old who loves me entirely. He’s near my age but just the right amount older to appreciate a more mature alternative than the 19 year old guys my age. He’s also not too old so I don’t get that creepy factor. We’re in the perfect relationship (been dating almost 5 years now) and now that I’m close to turning 20 I keep worrying about aging. Now without sounding too cocky I have to raise the fact that right now and since I was about 15 years old I’ve been stunningly beautiful. People call me drop-dead gorgeous. I feel its necessary to raise this because it makes growing old sound so much more devastating, us beautiful girls have a much harder time losing our youth than average/uglier girls. Maybe I should be dating and get married to someone in their 50s.. The more I see posts like these the more I worry that as soon as my boyfriend and I are in our 30s/40s the more self conscious I will be. I love him so much and I don’t ever want to feel like he’d rather replace me with a younger version of myself. It kills me to think about it. I try to enjoy my youth now while I still have it but seeing all the older men that flirt and try to pick me up just breaks my heart. The idea that once I’m passed a certain age I’ve lost all my value. I often either think about breaking up the beautiful relationship we have right now for a man much older, who will always (hopefully) appreciate me because of the age gap, or kill myself at 27 (I’m serious about this one, I don’t think I could ever bare being “past my prime” and replaceable). I try to find comfort in the fact that when I’m a mother I will have value where youth and beauty doesn’t matter. But we all know this is horseshit. A lot of men don’t care about this kind of value. It doesn’t matter how great of a mother she is, at the end of the day most men still want a 19 year old girl in bed with them. I’m so unbelievably worried. I don’t know what to do.

    1. I think you are getting overly worried.. Make your choices, and live with them.. The idea of knocking yourself off is pretty strange.. Looks are not everything, try becoming a better you, and stop focussing on yourself, so much..

    2. Don’t worry dear, if he’s worth anything and you love each other it won’t matter if you age. If he minds then dump the loser.

  66. The Younger Woman

    I’m on the female side of this equation and I have to agree 100%. I’m 27 and in a physical relationship with a sexy 53 yr-old man. He is absolutely the best sex I’ve ever had and I don’t think I can ever go back to the guys my age again.

  67. I’m an 18 year old lady and I’m miserably in love with a 50 year old man. I was first attracted to him when I was 15. Loving him and being loved by him is the best thing life can offer. I have no way of describing the depth of love we have but I long for his touch the minute we part each time.

  68. My long-standing marriage to a woman several years older than me broke up when I unexpectedly met and fell in love with a woman of 10 years younger than me. But that relationship lasted only 9 months. She left me, and for a few months I was heartbroken. Then, just when I was not looking I met a woman of of 35 (21 years younger than me) and we had a brief, but mutually very enjoyable affair.

    After that I was meeting and dating women aged mostly in their 40’s, but finding no magic, no spark, no chemistry when, at a musical event, I bumped into a much younger girl, that I had known since she was 14 (she was then 17, and is now 18) at a musical event.

    We started to se each other regularly, and one day we somehow started kissing and cuddling and ended up in bed. We are still together. She tells me that she was completely fed up of boys her own age or a little older. Our relationship is fantastic. I adore her, and she adores me. The age difference does not matter to us at all. We share many interests, we do everything together, and the sex is wonderful. [She had never had an orgasm during intercourse until she slept with me, and was wondering what all the fuss was about sex. The young boys just did not know how to give a woman pleasure. Now she loves it].

    Moreover, whatever the opening line of the article says, I can still manage 3 or more times a day when asked to. And so can any other 56 year old man if he looks after himself. It is easy. Don’t smoke, drink in moderation,get some healthy exercise and as much sleep as you need. Then stay in practice!! The only fall off in performance is that when I was 19 I was ready to go again in 10 minutes. Nowadays it takes more like 40 minutes before I am “recharged”.

    There is one problem. It is nothing to do with the relationship between the two of us. It is the happiest, healthiest, most honest relationship I have ever had. but I am older (by some margin) than both her parents. They cannot come to terms with the fact that their little girl is living with someone so much older, and would rather see her attached to someone nearer her own age.

    Will there be problems in the future? I worry that when I am 75 (if I make it that far) she will still be only 37. But even that has advantages. I’ll die long before she does. She’ll inherit a house, a pension, some money, and some goodies, and she’ll still be young enough to re-marry and enjoy the rest of her life.

    1. Who knows if there will be… I’d say stand tall, and remember it’s her choice, managing the parents if possible might be worthwhile, but who knows, right…? If I wanted to be cynical, I’d say make some babies, then they ll be stuck with you… Lol. I guess I am cynical, lol

  69. I am 34 now but met my girl when i was 31 and she was 18…. best sex I ever had and i love her.. I know she isn’t done playing though. ❓ so why is it i keep taking her back and she keeps running back lol…. She has me all messed up :mrgreen:

  70. Hey all, I noticed this is all about men/vs younger women – but I actually came upon this site looking for something that involved older men looking for young women.

  71. well.. i turned 58 this summer, last girlfriend was 38, wanted to get married and have kids…. not my direction right now [was 25 years ago]… current friend [with benefits] is 28… and definitely appreciative… more for emotional stability rather than the minor financial benefits….

  72. I am 53, but I feel and look about 10 years youinger. I retired a few years ago, and want to meet a gal say in her late 20’s who is sexy, but also wants to be seriouys about having a family.

    So I am hoping for a second chance on life, and more importantly, to find that special gal, to share the joys life has to offer together with her, and of course in return to be able to provide some nice security with her from day one.

    Any ideas?

  73. Of course it’s better to date an older man, but men are often socially penalized for admitting any feelings or attraction for a much younger girl. My case for instance, I have been talking to a BEAUTIFUL 63 year old man; I’m 28, but he told me that I am to “young” for him. Please! I know he is super responsible and respected but he is hindered by society’s restraints.

  74. I do believe this is correct, as I am 52 years old, divorced, have lady’s 54, 36, 29 and 23 years old! I do have experiance, a measure of confidence and am in good health. Smiles everyone.

  75. Really glad Jesse has this out there, as he’s 100% spot on and telling the truth. Using your maturity and confidence, it’s easy to pick up and date college/early 20’s age women. And the picture of the ‘younger guy’ is pretty accurate as to how most younger women view guys in their age group.

    I’m 39, and don’t find women in my age group that attractive, and I’m sure that’s going to be even more apparent as I get older, and it’s only highlighted why I prefer dating and sleeping with younger women.

  76. “In fact, studies show that marriages are far less likely to end in divorce when the woman is 10 to 15 years YOUNGER than the man.”

    Uhm… there are only two ways a marriage can end. One is divorce, the other is death. So if we switch that statement around we get. “Studies show that marriages are far MORE likely to end in DEATH when the woman is 10 to 15 years younger than the man.” Is the reason at all surprising? We know women generally live longer than men to begin with. The geezers are kicking the bucket.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t plenty of younger women looking for older guys out there, I’m just saying this statistic doesn’t support that hypothesis.

    1. Erhm actually, I think it likely does.. Considering the average marriage ( 50percent..! ) is dead in Australia in 5 years, I doubt it’s an issue of dying.. Those age spreads wouldn’t be killing off too many.. Doubtless, the guy is gonna die sooner, but I can’t see it equating to your scenario ..

  77. I definitely agree with this… but it sucks for me. A few months ago I met this girl just 1 year younger than me (I’m 25) I found out that all her previous boyfriends were almost double her age all in their 40’s. Things were going pretty well between us (from my point of view) then she just seemed to fade into the shadows and of course a few weeks later facebook she is in a relationship… with an older guy.

    I went a 2 week bender doing women in their 30’s to try and work out the attraction to older people. Actually women in their 30’s are pretty easy for younger guys I had fuck buddy who was 37. The taboo of sleeping with an older woman was quite a turn on… but straight after sex I just wanted her out of the bed. The phase has ended it cos I’m dating a 25 year old model now.

    Is there anyway for a young guy to compensate for not being more ‘mature’? I feel that I am more mature and developed than most men double my age but in some societies I get the feeling from these women it’s more desirable to have an older man… I think the main reason they are attracted is because they view older men as more mature, stable and a safer prospect for them. Where as they just see me as a ‘playboy’…. Any advice you could give on how to compensate for that so I can continue to enjoy women my own age would be much appreciated Jesse!


  78. Okay..all dandy to know that younger chicks appreciate older men. But where do us older gents go to search for these young specimens of female perfection?

    It’s not easy to get them online as they prefer younger blokes. It is a dilemma. Perhaps you an solve it Jesse…

    1. Online is NOT generally the place to pickup girls 20 years younger than yourself. If you meet the girl in person and she can see you’re cool and stay in shape, your age is a PLUS. But if you’re just an online profile that she can’t hear, touch, smell, and have you physically lead her, then the only thing that jumps out is this abstract number, your age, and it works against you. Girls online usually shoot for a guy 2 to 5 years older than themselves. So online has more limitations if you’re after younger girls.

      1. Jesse is probably right on here if we are talking about hooking up, locally.. If instead you are looking for wife material, then, older guys can pick and choose in some places overseas..

        Local and personal mentality can vary widely.. Most ageist is likely Korea and Japan … Then west… Least ageist ( for men that is.. Ha ha) is likely Thailand and Africa.. I know a cool pretty 20 year old in Kenya who married a 65 year old.. ( over complaints of her friends and family..) If you are a white guy, it’s also a major advantage in Africa, like in Thailand, too.. More gentle and sincere according to them..

        Personally. I am nearly 50 and married a very sweet pretty Kenyan girl.. ( 27).

        IF I was hunting down the youngest ( not that I wouldn’t.. Lol ) I could easily find a girl of 18 or 20 … For those up for it, Uganda seems a place where that d be very easy to do, even online.. Presumably they’d be chasing you in the streets if you showed up there…

        Ps if you like black girls, you d be shocked how beautiful and sweet the girls that are interested can be.. ( as always, buyer beware rings a bell, of course..)

        Pps. I think western women have a vested interest in peddling that ” chasing younger women is bad ” crap.. Notice they find nothing bad about thier own mercenary standards…just saying..

  79. Jess Jess Jess!!! You’ve done it again… and this time it’s almost as if you wrote this one for me. lol!!!

    Not sure if it was sheer coincidence (I come from a nightclub professional background), but my past 3 “meaningful” relationships have been with hotties 18, 24 and 29 years *younger* than myself. Granted, with the first one, I was still in my 30’s myself, so it didn’t feel like such a stretch, but I hooked up with the third one at age 49, which made me more self-conscious about this age issue. But I can attest to the fact that younger women can really go for older guys in a big way!

    Ladies in my age bracket or older (I’m an equal opportunity serial offender if they’re hot), have lost their sense of spontaneous romance. They must analyze all the implications, as opposed to young women who are still discovering things in life and have a fresh perspective, so to speak. I’m generalizing of course, but in a broad sense, it’s true.

    Don’t get me wrong, the bigger the age gap, the more even younger women will ponder about what the hell they’re getting themselves into. However, you’re absolutely right: An older guy in good physical condition and a bit of game can be an absolute magnet for younger women.

    The 3 g-friends I mentioned are not even included in the chicks I banged by using older guy’s maturity, stability and knowledge of how to treat a woman. Sometimes, when I didn’t intend to get involved, I would just keep the age issue “vague” and focus on showing them a great time as a passing fling. Many 20-somethings are down for that as well, although it’s good to make sure they don’t start getting too attached.

    Anyways, I just wanted to vouch for the fact that older guy/younger chicks definitely works for all involved. Guys, keep yourselves in great shape and looking “maturely distinguished”, and pick up a little bit of game. You’ll amaze yourselves. I was self-conscious about having a much younger g-friend for some time, until I started to see that most younger girls have no problem with it at all, as long as you’re a “cool older guy”. Now I’m worried that “age appropriate” relationships are something I’ll never want to go back to!

    Jesse you’re absolutely dead-on on this topic. Thank you for your work over the years and may I suggest you do more on this kind of features because I guarantee you there is a huge market of eager older guys out there with their ears wide open.

  80. AWsome.When I was 48 I had a 25 year old girl friend.She told me that I took her to the highest.And you know what she meant.She wanted me all the time.Now I am 55 and have a 36 year old princess.She will never let me go but I keep my cool.Age is only a bunch of numbers .It mean nothing as long as she is in the age of accountability.The youngest I had was 21 when I was 46.And even now I am 55 girls 23 ,25,28,always attracted to me.It something about me.Its a good feeling.My 36 year old princess now was a virgin and she want to make a family but I havent event think about the subject yet.

  81. When I saw the pic of that guy drinking a bottle of beer….Jesse made a point about younger men.
    I am hearing and reading too much about how women are disgusted with men when they talk to other women. (They will RARELY bring-up this subject to a man).

    Being, older, will improve your chances with your experiences and knowledge. But, it doesn’t guarantee she will NOT find you as being a WIMP with NO knowledge of how to be sexual/sensuous with her.

  82. Right on time and absolutely correct. As a 41 yo guy there are few women my own age who attract me. They DON’T like hearing that! Hey Jesse, the Canadiens are starting to roll in down here in Daytona beach for early spring break. And tips for beach approaches/ pickups? Thanks, Mike.

    1. Its not just whats on the outside, you use these young girls. Most of you older guy s leave family to be with someone prettier.

      Yes these relationships might seem to last, if guy dont look out she is likely to be taken by a mature woman

    1. Well that’s unfair and that girl your bonking 4 times a week is a lucky bitch! I’m married to a 43 year old and he just doesn’t fuck me enough, that’s why I’m on these sites. The guys my age fuck like rabbits and have no idea about erogenous zones. Foreplay, for me, is kissing my neck and shoulders, not trying to stick your head in my hole. Sorry I know this sound disgusting but I’m a bit sexually frustrated right now.

      I’m fucken hot too…if only I could be unfaithful, life would be good for me while I’m still hot.

      1. You should confront your husband and tell him how to meet your sexual needs. There’s to many good men out there to be stuck with one that has no interest in you.

      1. Well, what if my 2 wives left me (no hard feelings, going separately amicably, without becoming an alimony slave is not an easy feat in these times) and I’d like to get myself a female companion 35 years younger (24 y/o). Would that be okay with you?

        I don’t really ask you for a permission. I was just a slightly vitriolic rhetorical question.

    1. Hi I was confused ran the whole experiences of emotions about relationship with a younger woman. It took me ages to reconcile the public perception I might be some sort of a sick puppy. I am 53 years old and about to marry a 20 year old woman. Go figure? But we are happy maybe at 54-55 I father children to her. Kind Regards 

      1. 😉 Jesse is dead right here.
        I’m 56 and my marriage ended 8 years ago. For several years I didn;t date at all, and then when I did, I was looking at woman ‘my own age’ and close. But damn, if it;s true that men mature later it also true that women become elderly so much sooner! They were just so much NOT fun at all!

        So, now I don’t even bother them! The youngest woman I dated was 22 years my junior … she was in her early 30’s and had two children, all went well for a good while BUT when I introduced her to my ‘own age friends’ the women (esp) were so damned bitchy ! The guys were a tad rude (staring in disbelief) eventually it came unstuck as she started talking ‘bio clock’ and wanting a child together to ‘cement our relationship’ Well, at 52 I really didnt want to bring into the world a child who;d be dependent until I’m seventy … and that child suffer (no doubt) as a result of such an ancient father !

        So, now, six years on I’ve found the ‘perfect woman’ for me … she’s 39 y/o ( 17 years younger) She sees ME as a gift from heaven as I don’t want more kids and as it happens she’s not able to. You know, its not just women who have that biological clock thing going on … most men are also looking for kids … they want to see their own ‘line’ continued, they want the joy that kids bring, and they hope that their children will care for them in later years!

        I’ll be honest, I don;t read Jesse’s mails for the Seduction, I read them for the very human insights he has, and the insights his readers share!

        Once you can see into yourself and others …

        Cheers Jesse !


    2. well i dont know im 54 yr old single, and this girl is married with 4 kidds however he husbands out of town working most of the time so i guess she,s lonly shes, 30 yrs old and come over and just wants sex, my age a 30 yr old, how can i say no,,,she,s fuckin hot to, but i told here i feel bad for her husband that hes, not there for her, and i do not want to cause a a problim ,, she agreed and still come,s back for more, lol i dont know love the ride , but i dont feel good about it , however on the otherside,, she,s getting what she needs i guess , and makes me happy to lol,, what can i say ,

      1. Kindof sleazy in my opinion. And she aint much better. She cheats but expects him to remain faithful. She’s an advertisement for men to avoid marriage.

    3. I’m 62 and a beautiful sexy 39 yr old will be spending the weekend with me. She has a good job, not looking for money but the maturity and sexuality an experienced guy can provide.

    4. Uh…”interesting” and the portion about males being hard-wired to seek the younger (healthier) female is 100% correct. BUT….1) the piece proposes a highly generalized premise and 2) The motivation of a woman 15 to 25 years younger than the male is almost ALWAYS the $$$$. I’m 61 and can easily score with women (not just “bar girls”) who are 20, when I’m in Thailand. Why? Because women in that culture are generally displeased with men their own age (lazy, drunken, irresponsible, parasitic etc. etc.). American and European men are seen as having $$$$ to spend. Money talks EVERYWHERE.

      1. Well, Ted, chasing whores tends to produce money chasers.. In Thailand, young guys do have a bad rep, as you said.. More generally, an older guy is seen as more reliable and sincere there, it’s not just money, I think.. In my experience, western women are far more mercenary than these countries that get a bad rap.. Notice how vicious they can be about your ” evil” motives if you are with a younger or Asian woman..

    5. I’m 65 can’t always get it up but have a 39 year old girl with three kids wanting me to fuck her as much as possible! I finger fuck her when I don’t get hard enough have lots of oral during the daytime in a car park it really makes her horny and she cums loads!!

      1. Buy some Viagra and you will be astonished……difficulty getting it up is often due to inelastic arteries, Viagra causes vasodilation. Have even more fun !

    6. Since my wife died I have dated women my own age. I would love to meet young girls between 18 and 25 years old. I am 72years old and i play sqash, I am fit,and healthy, and adore all aspects of sex between a man and a woman. I just want to live the life I have left, and ENJOY it.

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