Is It Okay To Desire And Date Far Younger Women?

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The question is, “Is it okay to sexually desire far, far younger women, even barely legal girls or girls that are 10, 20 or even 30 years younger than yourself?”

Very controversial and I really don’t see that topic addressed very much but this is the God-honest truth.  Any red-blooded, 85-year old man would make love to a teenage 18-year old girl in a heartbeat if given half the chance.

It’s true!

And yes, it’s perfectly normal to desire far, younger women!

Of course, there is that odd guy out there that’s like, “Oh, I would never sleep with an 18-year old girl!”  Well, that guy is either lying, out of the fear of being judged which is a very real fear in our society.  Or, simply because societal programming tells him that that’s how he’s supposed to react because from a purely biological standpoint, men are driven to mate with the most sexually-fertile women.

That’s how human race has ensured survival through the generations frankly.  Women are most sexually fertile when they hit puberty and continuing on to their early 20s.  As a man, you are just simply programmed over millions of years of selection to be attracted to young women with their newly-budding breasts and their widening hips.

Guys who chase young women just have more babies, passing on selective traits to their male children to also chase young women.  Period!

It doesn’t make you bad or creepy to desire far younger girls.  Men have always secretly desired younger women and they always will, regardless of what others think of it.

Look, many people out there are going to label an older man a pervert for even admitting he’s attracted to younger girls.  But that’s simply ridiculous!

Look, advertisers all the time rub hyper-sexualized young women in men’s faces nonstop to sell products.  Then, society tells us it is wrong and shameful to even admit our desire for younger women.  If 18-year old girls were attractive back when you were 18, why wouldn’t you be still attracted to them because you’re 40, 60 or even 80?

So ignore those who think that there’s something wrong with feeling attraction for younger women.  Don’t be ashamed and don’t be embarrassed by your natural desires as a man because look, here’s the big secret.  As an older gentleman, you can actually pick up women 15 or even 25 years younger than yourself.  That’s because most young women are actually looking for older men and for good reason.

Looking older, particularly if you’re still in good physical shape is an indication to women of both status and power.  Age indicates maturity.  It indicates decision-making ability.  It indicates that you have accomplishments under your belt.  You have economic stability and emotional maturity.

Understand the mind of a young woman for a moment.  Every young woman’s secret wish is to just be taken care of.  I don’t just mean economically, but to find a man that will: a.) unconditionally love her; b.) is faithful to her; c.) gives her attention and is dedicated to her and making the relationship work.  That’s really not something that most young guys are in a position to do.  Young guys are still sleeping around. They’re not faithful.  Young guys aren’t into self-development or figuring out how to make relationships work yet.

So the truth of the matter is most young women are very disappointed in their relationships with young men. That’s where you can just swoop in and save the girls because girls are looking for a sexy, older man to just swoop in and sweep then off their feet.

An even a bigger mind warp, I mean, get this – It’s the youngest girls, girls ages 18,19, 20, 21 who are the most attracted to older gentlemen.  In fact, a girl in her early 20s is often easier to hook up with than a woman in her early 30s.

That’s because a 21-year old girl is just out there to have fun.  She’s looking to have new experiences and dating a much older man is just another experience that she’s looking to have.  She’s in that experimental age.  She just wants to explore.

By the time a woman hits 31 and she’s still single, she’s feeling that biological clock ticking, ticking, and ticking.  She feels her beauty is fading and now, she’s looking more for a man who’s closer to her own age because guess what?  She’s more desperate to settle down, get married, and have the kids.

So often, a 31-year old woman is just more resistant to hooking with an older man than a 21-year old girl.  It’s perfectly true!

Besides, objectively speaking – I mean, listen – young women are generally better off with senior men.

As an older gentleman, you just got more to offer her.  Maybe you can’t have sex three times a day like you did when you were 21 but you offer stability; you offer wisdom; you offer comfort; meaningful companionship and better sex.  Far more so than a young guy who just hasn’t had time to develop himself yet.  Studies show that marriages are far less likely to end in divorce when the woman is like the 10 to 15 years younger than her man.

So, if you’re an older guy and you take care of yourself physically – your body, you’ve got some big advantages when it comes to netting far younger women and you’re most likely a better fit for a younger girl than a boy her own age.

So don’t feel shy, don’t feel shameful about desiring or seeking out a younger partner.  It’s perfectly natural.

It’s good for you and it’s good for the girls too.

43 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Desire And Date Far Younger Women?”

  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said in this, I am in this situation. It’s normal, and it’s healthy and yet you bring something that no one would ever offer, which is love and respect.

  2. 49ersfan4life88

    since womens dating/sexual market value, or just mating market value declines as they get older meanwhile that is not so much the case for men, I like to think of it as life, reality, giving women karma for their lack of initiative towards guys, men they are attracted to or were attracted to, always expecting guys to approach them and talk to them first, initiate/escalate things with them, lead them, etc. Since unfortuneately a lot of guys grow up introverted, socially-awkward, socially-inept, which sadly results in many guys entering their 20’s and some even their 30’s as still a virgin. It means a lot of guys are prone to being late bloomers in dating and relationships, sex, meanwhile I feel women are far less prone than men are to being late bloomers in the dating game/sex game

  3. Right on Jesse, guy’s it’s simple evolution women desire the provider and alpha of the group and we on the other want the most fertile which includes women in their prime 18-24 duhhhDont make it so hard listen to this guy he is speaking truths that have been tried and true throughout the ages

  4. What you’re saying is true but don’t forget this: you may be older and date a 20-year old girl but don’t get emotionally involved with her. 95% of the time, like you said, “she’s just there to explore”, and sooner than you think she’ll move on to something else.

    Date them, but don’t chase after them. Not until a girl is 25-26 years old is her personality fully established. So don’t get serious with her. I mean it! Speaking from experience…

    Don’t fall in love!!

  5. Check out all the stories on my web page of 50 year old guys with much younger girls- it will surprise you !

  6. Actually most older guys don’t have any chance to get a younger girl; the older guys who get them tend to have well developed social skills; the exact opposite of what you’re suggesting.

  7. tine gabrovec

    😀 we own young women becouse we can fuck em good you can be sugardady buy her shit and shell fuck you once or twice 😀 but shell go out in disco 😀 and fuck around 😉

  8. Narelle Kickett

    I think some men dont mature and grow mentally. They dont kno how to relate to women of their own age because of their own emotional immaturity which prevents progress in their inter-personal relationships. Young girls are an option for the older socially inept.

  9. Enjoyed your video. I’ve been doing it for years. Young girls are very attracted to me even though I’m old as their father. It’s always been this way! I was blessed with youthful looks and actions! Men should never under estimate their abilities!

  10. Part 2: I have my doubts whether most younger women would permanently hook up with an older guy (except for a few dates, perhaps) – particularly in the West. These females want their cake and to eat it too (that is, a young “mature” man – although it’s a pipe dream). So they’ll typically marry their young man and often divorce them later, at which point they’re, unfortunately, in the “older women” category (marry at 27 / divorce at 35 [google: ages/rates]).

  11. Just to comment on the video as a woman’s point of view on this whole issue. before i continue i will just give some background of myself so you see my point of view 18 going on 19, very petite, in shape ballet dancer and feminine features. I don’t want to brag but hell I’ll I say it bluntly, im extremely attractive and have no problem what so ever getting any guy, im constantly hit on 24’7 and have my own fan base of stalkers/admirers. I am young but I am also extremly picky, I can get any guy pretty much speaking so considering that every guy is constantly hitting on me I don’t feel like I need to settle for a average looking dude or needy obnoxious dude. I don’t need to date little immature freashmen college boys or boys living with their mama or boys trying to sexually explore the new flavor of the month. I have dated way older since I was young 16. Im talking some men in their early twenties and mid thirties Some older dudes are just creepy dudes, like your hoping they wont tie and duck tape me up on a date and put me in a basement that type of creepy. And some are just attractive because they are Real men. They know how to swoon you, say the right things, take control and offer you stability at an age in life where your hormones are raging, and nothing is stable. Maybe its something sexy about the way they can take care of you and just take control. what girl doesn’t want a guy to take control and know what he is doing. No girl wants to be with an in expirenced guy who ask does this feel good? she wants the guy to know how to make her squirm and know what makes her go crazy. Older guys also have an advantage over young guys in the sense that they have been their done that and know what to say and how to act. A lot of times these young girls are often mentally taken advantage of. Lets face it being in the late teens early twenties your not that bright or with it your still young naive and with a sense of innocence. at least i know i am. often times im left wondering how did he convince me of that. When girls are with younger guys they can outsmart them with older guys its hard as hell to outsmart them.
    I like to let the guy think he is in charge while im really running it all. but with older guys it often times because a constant struggle to stay on top mentally and outsmart them.

  12. Well spoken man! I’m 38 now and i’ve been saying this shit for years but some people want to label it as creepy or perverted when it is completely normal.

  13. Great video, Jesse. This is simply how we are designed as humans, there’s no reason to be upset or judge people about it! Preach on.

  14. Many thanks. I shall love videos pls. I love making love with younger women i am equally aware that, this category of younger women are likely to be promiscus thus its protected sex all the way .

  15. I don’t recall if I had received your emails before,but please keep them coming.You speak very clearly,many other videos I received don’t, and you obviously know
    what you are talking about. I don’t get impressed easily but I’m very please with the quality of the information. And yes it’s ok to desire a younger female.Thank you.

  16. This video is a breath of fresh air! I agree with all of what you said Jesse. I have dated a younger girl and it was the best experience, it was a very loving relationship too, it did not last unfortunately but did not have anything to do with the age gap. Thanks again for a fab video!

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      Warm regards

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