Does Day Game Actually Suck For Meeting Women?

So exactly WHERE is the best place for meeting cute girls..?

Is it daytime venues like bookstores, college campuses, and train stops…

Or is it in nighttime venues like bars and clubs?

Most guys are split on this, but this is what I’ve found…

In the daytime, you eliminate a lot of distractions that you get in clubs.

There’s no loud music you need to talk over.

A lone girl at the bookstore isn’t going to get dragged away by her friends to cockblock you.

And you don’t have to worry about keeping a girl’s friends entertained or occupied.

But daytime venues DO come with their own problems!

Girls you meet during the day usually already have a husband or boyfriend, whereas in clubs most girls are single and open.

Daytime girls are usually going somewhere and don’t want to drop their task to talk to you.  Whereas girls in clubs just stand there and are half-looking for new people to meet.

Daytime girls will give you a lot more “Nos!” before you’ll get a “Maybe” – and that’s even when you’re doing everything right!

And even when she likes you, you’ve typically got only a few moments to make “sparks fly” before she’s back on her way.

But most importantly, daytime game is time consuming.

Most women you see on the street are old or out of shape.

So it can take a lot of TIME to just FIND cute girls.

But in bars and clubs you can literally meet ten young, single girls within an hour very easily.

How To Look At Bars and Clubs

Look at the club as an amusement park for adults.

Owners spend thousands of dollars on lights, furniture and music to set a sexy mood.

The bartenders serve alcoholic drinks to help women loosen their sexual inhibitions, as well as make the women appear more attractive to intoxicated guys.

Women go to the club to laugh, talk, and have fun.  It’s where they can leave their worries and work behind.

And women dress up sexy because they secretly hope to meet a dominant, cool guy who’ll bend them over and fuck them.  So girls are half-expecting to be approached.

Even “reserved” girls let out their fun and naughty side at night, and you can get very physical, very fast.

But what’s best about clubs is that you have many single, young women packed into a small, confined space.  Dozens of girls are all there right within immediate grabbing distance.

So WHICH is better for meeting women?  Day or Night?

I’ve found that if you have 6 months of successful night game experience under your belt, your day game learning curve will be fantastic.

You’ll develop better day game in two months after hitting the clubs then men who work exclusively at day game will develop in a year.

And that’s simply because at night you can meet more girls so quickly and rack up so many more reference experiences.

So give bars and clubs a second look.

It’s true, the loud music and big sets can feel intimidating.

But that’s why I created Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control, so that you can reap the rewards of all the young hotties while bypassing the high pressure aspects of clubs at night.

It’s a unique method of bringing the low-pressure of daytime into nighttime situations… so that bars and clubs feel as relaxing as meetinig girls at the local bookstore!

All the details of HOW are explained in my 15 hour program and once you make bars and clubs easy, FAR more opportunities open up to you.

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18 thoughts on “Does Day Game Actually Suck For Meeting Women?”

  1. I think you should do trial and error testing both daygame and night game for your self or even incorporate both into your life, i know you mentioned that usually girls in the day arent as attractive or well dressed but actually here in sydney its the opposite and girls look stunning during the daytime, i currently do both day and night game.

  2. what’s up Jesse i’m a 18 years old Most of the girl i’v met are 14 years but they look older on their look why cant i find a girl at my age

  3. Night clubs are so easy, women are everywhere, and you can smell the sex in the air, in fact you can almost see it like a mist flowing around the place. Its effortless and girls will a lot of the time start conversations with you. During the day, its just so much harder for me to even make the approach let alone see good returns – BUT I want to be good at day game, I dont enjoy clubs like I used to (now that I am 30!) plus I work a lot of weekends so its harder for me to get out on good nights. Day game is more convenient, there is better quality women around, but I think its just tougher to get nailed down. Plus clubs are better for getting threesomes.

  4. If you live in a big city and know where the fashion district or business district or where the salons and such are, you can find more hot girls during the day.( NYC, Philly, Houston, LA ect.) My opinion. BUT. I think night game is better for developing the skill set.

  5. Bars & Clubs suck! Women have their guards up knowing there will be hundreds of guys swarming around them with lame openers. Then, if you do get her attention you have to scream over the loud music and if she is even half way interested you have to deal with the fat cock blocker friend from pulling her away or…the annoying AMOGers. Day game, she will not have her guards up and not expect guys to approach her plus there are no cock blockers or amogs to deal with. By the way…both married AND single women both shop so it will be up to her if she wants to hook up with you. Not many guys will get a “Same-Night-Lay” unless you have top notch game. Those numbers are very small, statistically.

    1. Day game, on the surface, feels easier as there’s less distractions. You can put in less “work” and meet the girl. But in reality, when you learn to open shamelessly and physically escalate quickly, bars and clubs are tons more fun and you can move much farther in less time.

  6. Its not so much whether one sucks more than the other per say, its the terrain.

    If you are a guy that is not conventionally good looking and do not have a real boisterous personality, then clubs and bars can be brutal.

    Lets fact it the best looking chicks in bars and clubs want cool good looking guys. If you are not a conventional “cool good looking guy” then your out of luck…so day game might be a better way for the women are not as bitchy and full of entitlement that they have in clubs and bars….

    Just my take and experience

    1. If you’re bad looking AND you’re too serious and logical and nervous and all nerves… just doing day game may feel “more comfortable” but in my experience it still doesn’t translate into lays just because the girls are “nicer” on the opener!

      1. Hi Jesse

        I’ve done a lot of daygame in London, despite not living there (to girls advantage) and I’m with you mate, it’s mainly a waste of time. You might get some decent nice girls feeling flattered and maybe a few dates but most have bf’s or just can’t handle a man walking up to them outside of a pub/bar. Plus daygame can cost more money than night for transport.

  7. Julius Asavante

    Hi Jesse, Nice article but you never mentioned the dimension of the work enviroment which for most people is part of their daygame. I find that at my job most of the women are unattractive or the few that are hot are already taken and/or too busy to give me the time. Afraid of turning up the pressure because I dont want to get fired and escorted out by security. I would agree that a night strategy is going to get most guys more opprotunities, but what happens if you are a loner such as myself? It is an awkward feeling when just about everyone in the joint is with someone talking and having a good time, while those alone put up a vibe of looking desperate walking around the place. (Almost like a sexual predator) The insecurity and anxiety can set in quick. Unless your John Travolta not too much success. Another problem with the night scene is keeping the drunk ugly girls at bay. That can be a real distraction ecspecially if they try to pounce on you early sensing that your their equivalent. There is more available in one spot at night, where you dont have to make the rounds through the day and they generally do look better as they are sexed up. I guess it comes down to which enviroment you feel more comfortable in and how strong your game is in each zone.

  8. I couldn’t agree more Jesse. Actually, out of the hundreds of girls I’ve picked up in my life, 95% of them were at nightclubs and bars. The other 5% through the Internet or introduced by a friend. I just can’t approach girls on the streets.

    Clubs are the place to be to get easy sex with hot girls which is why I’m becoming a DJ 🙂

  9. Hi Jesse,
    I have always been a fan of daygame. In Clubs there is loud music, many guys, who are more attractive than me and the hotties are never alone. So I find it difficult to learn there woman. Of course I talk to some of them, but its only smalltalk and then they leave.
    Talking to women during the day seems for me easier. I pick up the lonely girls and talk to them. But I have not been very successful this far.
    Your article is brilliant and logical. I think I should invest more time in the nightgame to get better results. Thanks!!!

    1. YES! 🙂 you should. Day game girls will often be a little friendlier on the initial opener (especially if you’re style is timid and nervous), but it still doesn’t translate into much of anything to the bedroom.

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