Charlie Sheen’s Girls And Why A Few Men WIN While Others Fail

If you want many girls and women in your life, it has to become a top priority.

Sacrifices need to be made.

You need to have consistency, determination, and dogged persistence.

Because you’ll have moments of rebound where you second guess yourself and wonder if everything’s worth it.

Amongst all the glory, there will be times of emotional trauma and extreme anxiety.

At times you’ll feel lost.  At times you’ll feel confused.  And at times, you’ll feel hurt.

It can get pretty discouraging at times!

But most people “dabble” their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.

They live in reaction, they’re scattered, and their mind blows in the wind.  When they experience negative feelings, they’re QUICK to give up.

Google searches for “dating tips” versus “fleshlight”, a brand of male sex toys, over time from 2004 to 2009.

But negative feelings are part of the process.  That means you’re LEARNING.

And that’s why you need the TENACITY of a bull dog, to never give up!

The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun.

No, the strongest oak tree is the one that stands in the open where it’s compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun!

Take meditation for instance.

When you meditate for hours a day, the first day is hell.  Your mind races with thoughts and screams to “do something”.

Then, suddenly, your mind accepts what’s happening and becomes serene.  It eventually figures, “Okay, I guess I’m sitting here for a while.  I might as well relax and go with it.”

Or take Charlie Sheen.  That’s a guy who NEVER gives up, no matter what crap other people are throwing at him!

The trick is to see your negative emotions of anxiety or confusion for what they are – PASSING feelings and they will eventually begone.

Because when you refuse to give in and quit, the negative feelings WILL pass and you’ll feel renewed again.

So success in meeting women requires DEDICATION.  In other words, don’t be a “dabbler”.  Instead, be a man of action who commits and dedicates himself through the tougher times.

It has to come down to NO excuses – you just do it.

And dedicating a set of hours a week to meeting girls – you just do it.

To go out and not make any excuses not to show up – you just show up!

Even if you’re not properly dressed or not properly “in state”, just ACCEPT going out to meet women as a part of your life.

There’s no possibility of avoiding it, it’s simply part of your life’s habit.

And if you work on this aspect of your life consistently, in one year you’ll become a total animal with girls.

Just like Nic.

So make it happen with dedication and with consistency and make your life a masterpiece!

Now success, dedication, and consistency comes down to your INNER GAME.

It’s not a “technique” that you can simply “memorize”, but something that goes much DEEPER.

That’s why I created the Deep Inner Game program.  It’s 11 CDs of trance inductions designed to work on different aspects of your inner game from confidence, to playfulness, to sexuality and passion.

The program will smooth out your negative emotions to reduce and eliminate their sway on you, and keep you feeling inspired, dedicated, and consistent through the path to mastery and excellence.

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10 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen’s Girls And Why A Few Men WIN While Others Fail”

  1. Charlie sheen has been lucky and unlucky in love,but that hasn`t stopped his desire for beautifull women and making mistakes that he now regrets in life.I hope I learn from my mistakes and others like charlie sheen and become wiser and get many beautifull women.

  2. Get a couple of chicks you know to help you throw a house party or barbecue a couple of times a month, and have them invite all their girlfriends. Become that guy that throws all the hot get-togethers… Your phone will start to ring off the hook and you will soon be surrounded by women. Get creative and you’ll have harem potential in no time. You don’t need Charlie Sheen’s money or fame to be Da Man in your neck of the woods!
    But like Jesse said, you do have to make a commitment to becoming “that guy”.

    1. Exactly Mitch. The point isn’t to mimic Charlie Sheen. In many ways, he’s fucked up.

      The point is, whatever you want in life, you need dogged persistence and commitment to following through, even during the painful and uncomfortable moments. All success is won through a little bit of perseverance.

  3. Yeah Maxima life is a bitch to average guys…juss watch Charlie on TV but really cant act an ounce of that player…if i try i’ll probably want to hang man.

  4. Yeah Charlie does have a “I don’t care attitude” but he is also a celebrity, not a bad looking guy, has tons of money and for the average guy to even try to be like him and get even 10% of the results he has had with women is kind of a tough proposition. He goes to the right parties, knows people and yes he does take chances but so do I and tons of other guys and we are not dating anything close to say a Denise Richards or any other of Charlie’s conquests. Why? We are just average guys.

    So what can an average guy do who makes modest income?

    1. Charlie Sheen represents the bad boy, of which there aren’t enough to go around. Be a bad boy and girls will follow you like lost puppies. You don’t need to be rich and be celebrity for that… girls are girls and want dick. Period.

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