40 Tips To Develop Confidence And Overcome Hesitation With Pretty Girls

Stop talking yourself down like “She wouldn’t like me”- instead, talk positive- “I’m the sexiest guy she’s ever met”

Stop the self-defeating thoughts, “She’s out of my league” and think the exact opposite, positive thought, “I’m out of HER league”

Don’t think to yourself, “I’ve got to” or “I must”. Just have fun meeting people- nothing takes the pressure off like being playful

When you make a mistake with a women, don’t dwell on it- everyone makes mistakes. Identify the problem and avoid it for next time

That whiny voice inside your head that tells you to stop or freeze; change it to the voice of a sexy woman and your hesitation will vanish

When you find yourself hesitating to approach, take a deep breath and allow a wave of relaxation to go through your body

Eliminate nervousness & hesitation by watching yourself from above in your mind. Notice how you feel better, it’s that easy

When you fear approaching a woman, look at the situation as if flying above from a third-person perspective like watching a movie to relax

Expect your first opener to suck- it’s just a warm up. It’s a throwaway opener. The throwaway paves the way for that gung-ho state

The first approach is always the hardest because you’re the most nervous- it’s often lame. Successful approaching hangs on getting past the first one

The worst has already happened- you’re not with a beautiful woman. Doing nothing will only result in the worst possible outcome

Don’t feel it has to go great with that one particular woman- after all, there are 100 more ladies standing in line for you to meet

If you place your hopes in one woman, you’ll be a nervous wuss. If you place your hopes in the great sea of women, you’ll be a confident king

Ditch the scarcity mentality. Your life is one of abundance, with thousands of women to meet. If one doesn’t work out, there’s another and another!

Women want sex- they just want it with socially valuable men. Have social value and you’ll have nothing to be nervous about- women will chase YOU

Don’t think about whether a woman is interested or not- make her interested! Go ahead and talk to her, you have nothing to lose!

Turn your fear into excitement. Women love men who lead exciting lives and who do exciting things. Your fear can be your advantage

It’s better to attempt great things and blow it than succeed at meaningless things and just get by- conquer your fears and you will always win women

When you’re old you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the things you did do- meet women and live your life without regret

Your past problems with women do not determine the future. The past is over- it doesn’t exist. Today you can accomplish whatever you set out to

Real confidence is not just in being able to approach a beautiful woman- it’s in being able to walk AWAY from a beautiful women

He who hesitates… masturbates! And he who acts opens the rainbow’s treasure

Don’t fantasize what can go wrong when approaching a woman- deal with obstacles as they arrive

Pining after one woman puts all of your eggs in one basket- with so much at stake, naturally you’ll be nervous. Instead, meet 3 new women everyday

Fear of failure causes us not to approach- but not approaching is the real failure. Conquer your fear!

Most people are slave to their fears. Be a man and conquer yours. Beat your chest a little, relax, and playfully approach that woman

Like having stage fright, the first sentence is always the most difficult to say. Just say “hi” and you’ll feel better from there

With women, you miss every shot you don’t take. Even if you’re not sure how to take the shot, just shoot and you’ll make some baskets

If you’re nervous, imagine yourself on the Star Trek holodeck. Each approach is just one of many holo simulations for you to practice on

Transform your fear of women into playful anticipation- and you’ll enjoy the feeling. Soon, you’ll be looking forward to going out

Your fears are hallucinations of the worst scenario magnified. Imagine the best scenario and glorify it- what you project is the reality you will get

If you drink alcohol for “liquid courage” you’re success becomes dependent on a crutch. Master seduction on the strength of your own two feet

To score with girls, detach yourself from the outcome. Look to the long term process of learning, not the specific event of the moment

Act like every day is your last day on Earth. Screw the social norms. Screw your doubts. With massive action you will get laid

What if you were to see fear with women not as a distress signal, but rather as a signal for you to experience a rush of relaxation and pleasure

Visually rehearse to rewire your brain for relaxed confidence- imagine the pickup scene as a movie in your mind where the best possible outcomes occur

Using sheer willpower to banish your fear and hesitation won’t work- your willpower is no match against your years of bad habit. Practice new ones

Being confident means having relaxed confidence- so practice relaxing. Spend 15 minutes every day breathing deeply relaxed

Don’t look at approaching women as a task- look at it as a fun game. If you see meeting women as a chore, you’ll give up before you ever succeed

Men who take risks trigger attraction in women- be that man who takes risks and use that attraction trigger to your advantage

8 thoughts on “40 Tips To Develop Confidence And Overcome Hesitation With Pretty Girls”

  1. Absolutely correct Jessie even today in 2016. I have been studying dozens of strategies, especially the methods proposed by Robert Greene, and must say you are very correct in your advice. The thought of victory itself produces two victories.

  2. Just to add to all your fantastic comments Jesse -Please do not forget that
    the looks very often don`t mean much to a woman …if she cares a lot about the look ,than maybe it is better to look for someone else,honestly ….
    AND – if she likes you,and I`m sure you would notice that with ease ….I can bet she will be as shy as you are ,or even more ….and she might be scared deep inside even more than you are…if she likes you and really cares about you ….just some loud thinking….

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