Hot Babe at Pool… How To GET Her!

So Jesse, how DO you make women FEEL hard attraction WITHOUT saying a single WORD to them?

To get girls wet between the legs, sometimes you just have to FEEL THE FURY.

Imagine that you’re lounging at the swimming pool, when you see a spectacular looking babe at the poolside.

It’s the way her skin glistens with water droplets, her awesome body, her smile, and how she’s happy and laughing.

Your emotions are going crazy.  You feel on edge that you absolutely have to talk to this girl.  *Something* has to be done.

Your heart is beating faster and you will NOT take this lying down!

You stand up and pace back and forth… what are you going to do??

Okay, so you’re going to DO this, you’re going to talk to this girl.  It’s going to happen, it’s your destiny.  You’re going to tell her that she’s beautiful… not because it will work, but because it will feel so GOOD to express your desires.

Okay, this is the moment… it is happening.  You start walking in her direction.  But wait, she’s not there!

What the hell??  You look around.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.  She’s left the pool.  She’s walking toward the women’s bath house.  She’s at the door.  Fuck!  It’s too late.  All you can see is her perfectly formed legs and backside as she opens that door, and disappears through it.

Now you’re kicking yourself.  “Oh shit, I can’t believe I lost that!  That was the most dream perfect woman.  What a fucking babe.  She was a true and blue 10!”

Now you’re twisted up with all this unreleased energy and you’re just going to explode!

Feel The FURY Of The Man Beast!

That’s the FURY!  That’s the beast!  That’s the heart beating, the blood pumping, and the testosterone surging.

Now combine the horny fury with *Entitlement*.

You KNOW that whatever girl you want, you can grab her, pull her in, make direct eye contact, and make HER feel what YOU feel.

Make her feel that manly testosterone.

Make her feel that she’s in the presence of a fucking BEAST.

And that whatever club you go to, you know you can pull girls out of there, each and every time, and it’s a non-stop train plow of hot chicks… you’re horny for ALL of them!

The Grocery Store Babe

You’ve got to buy some breakfast cereal, so you hit up the grocery store.

You’re standing tall and proud like a beast.  You see a tan cute MILF wearing her gym clothes there in the cereal aisle.

She glances at you, and feels your energy.  She’s not even that hot, but you just want to overpower her.  You want to EXPRESS your energy and allow her to feel the fucking FURY of the beast inside you.

You don’t even care about what she’ll think.  You’re as far away from “intellectual” as can be, it’s just pure visceral energy to EXPRESS yourself and make her feel your heat.

So you go up to her and bark, “Hey there, I have to tell you are the most adorable angel on the planet.  I just had to tell you that because I couldn’t let you get away without saying something.  My name is Fred,” and you extend your hand.

Your full intention is to throw her down and force her legs open, and slam her pussy for two hours straight until she can’t walk.

…that you’re going to fuck this MILF tonight, it is ON, and there’s nothing else you want from her.

And you WANT her to feel that energy coming from you, your revel in it!

It’s pure abundance.  ANY chick “is mine”.  I can go into any club and make it fucking happen.  This shit is going down TONIGHT.  It is going down NOW.  I can walk into the grocery store and I see the right girl and that shit is going DOWN, period.

And Then A Funny Thing Happens…

And a funny thing happens when you feel the FURY.

It’s like the 1 to 10 scale vanishes.  You don’t even care about their looks.  You’re just burning to express yourself to make women feel your fury.

Like you need a RELEASE and you don’t care which chick will give you the release.  It’s pure abundance, in the moment, and it’s like electricity coming from your fingertips.

At the same time, you’re cool, relaxed, and breaking rapport. “Hey, what’s up girl!!!  You are an adorable angel!!!  Feel my FURY bi-acth!!!”

That machine gun “horny” state + feeling entitled will blast you into taking action, and it gets results because women feel that “I don’t give a FUCK” attitude, and feel that unapologetic sexual energy.

And that’s attractive.  Women feel the animalistic, raw nature of it.  And they respond powerfully, because you’re tapping into their animal mammalian brain that goes back BEFORE language and reason!

That’s the whole idea behind my program Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.

NVSMC teaches you to bring out and express your inner FURY.

Your inner Cave Man.

So that you can tap into your inner animal each day and make women FEEL your sexual presence and no-nonsense “cut the shit” alpha attitude.

Because that’s what a woman WANTS… a man with such powerful presence who’s not afraid to EXPRESS it and go for what he wants!

That’s the stuff romance novels and why women read them voraciously.

The program is 15 hours that I spent 10 YEARS developing and will literally DISMANTLE everything you “think” you know about game and meeting women!

Just click THIS link here to download it right now.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s make it happen!

18 thoughts on “Hot Babe at Pool… How To GET Her!”

  1. Jesse! You are the man. I agreed to all of the things that you had published. I applied them. And then! Bam! Having two girls at the same time are great. Gotta be on the oysters diets! Lots of plumbing services need to be taken care of. LOL. Just do it!

  2. Confidential: there’s one lady here in my town. I tried some seduction trick it worked. We even agreed to travel together in my Country CONGO but after. I supposed to go make all the arrangements and let her know but the day I went there she was in meeting with others people when she noticed me in the front of her door she insisted that I cud get in n she want me to tell her what I for there for whilst she supposed to recall what we agreed few days ago. As it was no professional I made another reason of being there instead report to her about all the arrangements I did. She didn’t phone to find out. – I need ur advise what. Can u advise to do next? Great stuff Thanks

  3. a muscular, physically strong ,in shape body and a lot of money plus non verbal sexual mind control sounds like a winning recipe to get hot women.

  4. One might feel the fury, but thats about all one most likely will feel.

    A hot smoking babe like this will go for the guy she wants to feel and its usually one of the muscular guys you have in those photos. Every time.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. A dominant yet smooth male is what attracts. A muscle bound idiot never gets laid unless he gets lucky

  5. Haha, that’s awesome how you describe it. I refer to it as being in the zone and I know for me I can bring the FURY on cue. That confidence that builds up inside of you envisioning how you are going to tap the mammalion mind of women in a club, or wherever, creates the fury that dominates anyone there. nice

    1. all this stuff is meaningless in india, so i have come to experience from my 5 years of quest with 0 results. Nothing works in India. The greatest gurus fail here trying to “express their beast fury” lol

  6. I use to feel “totally on” when I first start boxing. I noticed whenever I sparred or got my ass kicked, I would feel so alive afterwards. It seemed as if ‘surviving a fight’ would transfer into whatever I did that day or night. It became a habit to where I only would spar on the nights I was going out because I knew I would more than likely get laid that night.

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