5 Steps To Threesome Sex With 2 Cute Girls

Ever think about having a threesome with two girls?

Of course, we all have!

Well, here’s one way to make it happen.

You see, all women are bisexual to a degree.

Women by nature feel perfectly comfortable holding hands, cuddling, and kissing each other.

Most women have girl-on-girl fantasies, and in research studies women get excited when they see girls kissing on film.

So the best way to get into a F-M-F threesome with two girls is to bring out the bisexual urges of a girl you’re already sleeping with.

Of course, if you ask a woman directly to have a threesome, she may say “no”, because women don’t want to be labeled a “slut” or she may fear a threesome will jeopardize her relationship with you.

So first, you need make her comfortable with the idea of having a threesome with you and another woman.  Here’s how.

Step #1. Get Her Into “State”

First, get your girl highly aroused with some rough sex and dirty talk.

Fuck her hard and tell her what an open-minded sexual girl she is.

During sex, have her call you her “Master” or her “strong man” and lead her around the room to establish your sexual dominance.

In other words, get her into that Geisha-girl “mistress mentality” where she’s pretty much down for anything sexual you lead her into.

Step #2. Make Her Suck That Clitoris

Next, lay your girl into the missionary position with you on top, and lower your face down to meet hers.

Command her to suck with her mouth on your lower lip as if it were a woman’s clitoris.  Tell her,

“Okay now baby, my lip is a woman’s clitoris.  Suck that clitoris.  Lick it wet.  Suck that clitoris hard.  Make that clitoris orgasm baby.  Suck it.  Suck it.”

You’re not telling her to be with another girl just yet.  You’re simply telling her suck a clitoris, which is really your lip.

As she sucks on your lower lip, describe how that pussy is getting wet and going crazy.  Tell her,

“Oh yeah baby that vagina is so hot.  It’s getting so excited.  It loves your tongue.  Yeah, make that pussy orgasm baby.  Get it hot.  Suck it!”

She’ll go crazy sucking hard on your lower lip to make the “pussy” orgasm.

When the sex is over, tell her how hot it was that she was with a woman, sucking a clit like that.  Reward her with hugging and cuddling.

Repeat the clitoris fantasy three more times with her to reinforce that she likes to eat out women’s pussies.

Step #3. Establish Her Bi-Sexy Identity

Next, you want her to openly “come out” about her sexual desire for other women.

When you’re fucking her dominantly and passionately, have her repeat back to you the following statements,

“Hey baby, you’re a sexually adventurous girl, aren’t you.  Tell me you’re a sexually adventurous girl!”

Have her affirm it back to you.  Tell her,

“Yes, you have all sorts of sexual fantasies don’t you… I want to hear it.  Tell your strong man you have sexual fantasies!”

Have her say “Yes” and repeat it back.  Then tell her,

“You like other girls don’t you, you like to suck pussy!  You do.  Tell me how much you like to suck women’s pussy and make women orgasm.”

Remember she’s already sucked your “clitoris” lip many time before, so it will be easy for her to say “Yes!”  Then tell her while you pull her hair,

“I love bisexual girls.  Tell me what a bisexual girl you are… tell me you’re bisexual and you like other girls… tell your strong man the truth!  Tell me!”

Force her to respond with a big, “Yes!”

It’s important that she repeats it back with her OWN voice, because that really cements the belief for her… when SHE has said it HERSELF.

The Key To Making It Work

Don’t be permission or approval seeking.

If you obsess about getting a “bad reaction” from her, you’ll be too chicken-shit to actually follow through.

So just LEAD her with your sexual dominance.

Remember, women WANT you to discover their true sexual nature.  YOU, as the man, give her permission to try new things.

And on that 1% chance she reacts poorly, just ignore her reaction and talk dirty about another fantasy she’s more comfortable with.

Step #4. Take It Outside The Bedroom

Next, take her bi-sexuality outside the bedroom. In the kitchen, tell her with a smile and a wink,

“Hmm, I love that you’re bisexual… it just makes you extra sexy and spicy.”

Lift her up off her feet and twirl her to assert your physical dominance and make her laugh and giggle.

Keep playfully calling her your “bi-sexy girl”.

If she tells you, “No I’m not,” it’s just a congruence test.  Tell her, “Hmm, but your strong man finds you so sexy like that,” and keep at it.

Just as when you keep calling a girl “smart”, she’ll start to believe it, if you keep calling a girl “bi” enough times, she’ll come to embrace that identity too.

After all, women are bi-sexual naturally, so it aligns with her true nature to embrace it.

Think of it this way: You’re giving her open permission to lovingly embrace her true nature.  And she’ll love you for that!

Step #5. Keep Hammering It Home

During hot and dominating sex (hair pulling, spanking, dirty talk, etc), whisper into her ear how hot it would be to watch her “go down on” another woman’s pussy.

Keep repeating the idea and have her repeat it back to you.  And now she’s ready.

Don’t bring up names of women you already know like past girlfriends, that will only make her jealous.  Instead make the fantasy about a generic third woman you have yet to meet.

Now there are a number of ways to meet that third girl for your F-M-F threesome.

I detail the different ways in my 10 hour Blissnosis Sexual Mastery program.

I show you how to find and meet a third girl, and how to train and orgasm both girls in your bed simultaneously, and how to get them both off with hard orgasms every time.

You can even eventually build your own cult circle of happy girlfriends with a little time.

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Have fun!

65 thoughts on “5 Steps To Threesome Sex With 2 Cute Girls”

  1. I am a guy and after reading it’s clear this is just a method of brainwashing. Don’t do this unless you like being a self centered manipulating jerk.

  2. Im a woman and I dont find girl on girl action arousing at all. The only threesome I would ever be involved with is with 2 men. It’s the hottest thing ever

  3. This article is nasty and incorrect af. I’m a woman and have never been attracted to another woman in my life. It’s quite nasty to me. Most women are not bisexual

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  5. You need to stop saying that all women are naturally bisexual because they are not. You got the concept of F-M-F threesome wrong. In an F-M-F three, the women are straight and don’t interact. Women interact in an F-F-M threesome.

  6. This article is stupid. All women are not bisexual. A lot of bisexual women call themselves straight. These techniques work on girls who already have bisexual tendencies. You can’t make no fully straight woman bisexual. You might think you are but a real straight woman isn’t going to have sex with a woman.

  7. I have a gf of almost a year, and we’ve had one threesome, and one experience with two other couples which was sex only with your partner, all in the same room, with one of the girls going down on my girl.

    My girl has repeatedly said she’s not bi, but does this for me. She will kiss, caresss, suck breasts, but will NOT go doen on a girl. She’ll let the girl go down on her but wont do it herself. I,can go down on the other girl, but then my girl wont let me kiss her after ths. Any suggestions?

  8. It’s really pretty annoying how much our culture is trying to push us into bisexual relations when we don’t feel it. It’s not a given.

  9. I’m a woman and I’m not bisexual. I might occasionally fantasize about it, like many things, but that doesn’t mean I have *any* interest in actually doing it. And if my boyfriend did this, I’d be annoyed at his manipulations. He would have to be ready for it to go two ways.

  10. Oh My god! It looks like my gf used this technique to wind me up. Now I’m fucked every week by men ;-( She’s only sitting and smoking, sometimes she join us on the bed. Got enough. I need to find another girl…

  11. Okay Jesse.. after a 4 1/2 year Relationship… My then Fiance and I broke up. I crawled under a rock and died for ab. Months, then I got your program to Reinvent myself..and I tested a few of my new talents out on my ex. 6 Months of squirting orgasms and Incredibly Kinky Sex later… I just spent the day Fucking my Ex through my Mattress…and at her Request… 4 out of the Five times…she Begged me to Fuck her in the Ass until I cum!! We’ve Created a Monster..and I’m about to try the Threesome technique and Fuck her Sister-in-Law in the Process. (It might seem like Sweet Revenge on a Meddling Bitch to Some) but a pair of smoking hot Bitches riding and Fucking and Sucking your Cock all night long is the Stuff that dreams are made of..and it was Simple..thanks to you! Keep up the Good Work! Others Need your Help! Best to You and Yours My Friend! Stay Classy Jesse!

  12. This really works – my occasional gf has just confessed she wants to have sex with a girl. She used to deny if. I did the above and then kept calling her bisexual and complimenting her. She resisted to start with and now she has accepted it. She told me her fantasies and I am still recovering 🙂 she craves being with a girl and was so turned on. So thank you Jesse ….she is a quiet one and truly stunning 🙂

  13. Well I am disgusted by the thought of vagina. I believe all women are ugly, and I could not have sex with an ugly person. So I could never ever have sex with another woman.

  14. I had a 3 way with sisters both hookers a couple of years ago and it was awesome and to this day I don’t know how I lasted so long. I’d go a short while with one, then I’d switch to the other. I think the pause when switching cooled me slightly so I could just keep going without climaxing. Any way I think I wore both of them out and myself before I finally came. It was a nite to remember.

  15. I dated a stripper for 2 years, we had a falling out and broke up. After a year apart I had to confess to myself that I missed her. I apologized to her and we got back together. We had plans to go to a nice hotel for a night and she asked me if her best friend could come along. When we to got to the hotel room we all took off our clothes and played with each other. She told me that she wanted her friend to watch us have sex. We had sex while her friend watched, and then she told me that she wanted to watch me have sex with her friend. She directed us while I had sex with her friend. She then got back into bed with us and the rest of the night was great. They were both wonderful and there wasn’t any jealousy. I really enjoyed my time with them.

  16. I tried this before and had a fantastic one year relation FMF .
    I felt like a Sultan cause we used to do everything threesome ,yes, going out for dinner ,movies,dancing ,vacation ……etc.
    After one year I got bored and fights out of jealousy started and at last I had to let go of both girls.
    I still do threesome but with professional prostitutes, that’s more comfortable and doesn’t jeopardize my relation with the girl who loves me so take care fantasis are risky 😈

  17. Ill have to try this one! One girl I know who loves fantasies but always hated the thought of a threesome because it made her so jealous…but then she came up with the idea…how would it be if i had a twin?? And that allowed her to get into the fantasy with no bad feelings. hmmm so maybe if I try your method I can get her to go a little farther 😉

  18. I agree with jesse a lot of women have bi-sexual fantasies because women are so beautifull and sensual and I would love to have two beautifull women as lovers.Women are so beautifull in my eyes and heart and men love beautifull lesbians and bi-sexual women.Only problem is what if your girlfriend or wife is very heterosexual and is only attracted to men and the thought of having sex with another woman disgusts her or turns her off?

  19. My boyfriend and I were just reading this! OMG is great! I got turned on just thinking about him talking dirty to me and telling me what a dirty bi-sexual slut I am! For sure this will get anyone into a 3sum!

    1. What do you think of the things you do it the other way around that I am so hot wanting to get the chance of getting a guy who is wanting me to go down on his big dick so hard to find out if the saying is true that a guy gives better head and making his girlfriend hot watching the guy get all the way to cum shooting in my mouth and I am so hard for him I start to cum

  20. “False. That’s all.”

    1. I’m pretty sure he meant it as more of an inspirational pretext than a factual statement
    2. Many studies have proven than most people fall on a spectrum of bisexuality. Although we can’t test every person on Earth, it would seem as though almost no one is 100% heterosexual.

  21. Well, I like to have threesome sex, but none of my girl freinds like it. I have tried in many ways, I like to try it out, I use to read all your mails and learn things. nice and keep writing.

  22. Hy King JC,

    awesome post. Can you read my thoughts? Thats what I am working on and have been secretly waiting for. You are for men what Michael Schumacher is for the Formula 1. I cant be thankful enough.

    Best regards,

  23. Altough you correctly write in the main text that “most women” and “often”, the first line states that every woman is bisexual.

    False. That’s all.

    1. There could be some truth in ALL women are bi. Some may be stuck in being straight. Ahh, the mysteries of female sexuality.

      1. Women are more likely to have a fluid sexuality. But on the Kinsey scale, the majority wouldn’t rate as a 3-4, more like a .5-1.5. Besides which, this article isn’t looking for actual bi girls, because that would be creating competition for the “dominant male.” What they’re looking for is a girl who’s willing to act bisexual because she finds it hot to please her man by doing so.

    1. Well im in a 4 year monogomos relationship with my girlfriend who is bi sexusl and extreemley hot , our sex is insane and full on out there diverse , fullfilling and fun. My chick has chosen me instead of a girl because of love and im very greatfull of that.

      Its my birthday next month and she has asked me to marry her , i have agreed and she has rewarded me with a hot bisexual girl next week for my birthday ;-)) and the even more awesome thing about this is that its her birthday the week after snd I have offered her a bi sexual girl to spend the night/weekend with us ;-))) now were having a competition to see who can get the hottest looking girl to sleep with us ;-))) .

      All of this has come about through onsistant reminder of bisexual dirty talk and my curious interest and a commitment to my girl so that she feels secure that she wont loose the man she loves , in fact i said to her that by being able to have the occasional bisexual hottie to fuck i will be 100% loyal and the most comfortable and confident bloke in the world.

      So just communicate and let her know you think that seeing her being licked out would make you hot and having your cock in her mouth while shes getting licked out is just awesome znd you think shes so fucking hot snd give her love snd cuddles and a major fucking every time you talk about it snd she will offer 🙂 and will want you forever .

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