How To FORCE Girls To Give You Eye Contact!

Here’s a quick and easy way to force uninterested and bitchy girls to give you “Indicators Of Interest” (IOI’s) whether they want to or not!

Listen, countless times you’ll approach a hottie girl and she doesn’t seem interested in talking back, let alone eye-fuck you or lick her lips!

Here’s how to FORCE the hotties to give you all the IOI’s you want, even when she’s being negative and bitchy to you.. AND make her LIKE you at the same time!

The trick is NOT to wait for her to give you Indicators of Interest first.

INSTEAD, you want to *misinterpret* and misconstrue everything SHE does as giving YOU Indicators of Interest.

So if the girl says anything smart, sassy, or negative to you, just misinterpret it as an IOI.  For example, if she tells you, “I only date cute guys,” you can just misinterpret it as an IOI and respond, “Hey, that’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Or pretend like you didn’t hear her and tell her, “Yeah I am single.”

Or tell her, “Christ, you’re too cute, what am I going do with you…?”

The response doesn’t even have to make sense in relation to what she said, almost as if you totally misheard her.

This is the “assume attraction” frame.

The assume attraction frame is, “I’m the man version of a Victoria Secret’s Model.  If I just keep on talking to her and she’s still standing there, then she wants me to bend her over and fuck her.”

So instead of waiting for good reactions and ejecting when you don’t get them, you do NOT wait for signs that it’s okay to continue.

Instead, you STAY in the set and misconstrue everything the girl does as an IOI.

Just assume everything is an IOI, even if she gives you the middle finger!  Be delusional about this.

Take what she says and interpret it as if she’s hitting on you.

Be in the mind frame that everything can be interpreted sexually.   Twist it around.

Ah, Twister.  So much better played nekked.

So if she tells you a story about her pet dog, tell her, “Is this your form of foreplay?”

If the girl says, “Where are you from?”  you can misinterpret it and tell her, “Yeah I am single. :-)”

And if she says, “No I asked where are you from!”  you can say, “Christ, you’re too cute, what am I gonna do with you…?

If the girl says, “Where are your friends?”, you just misinterpret it as an IOI and say, “Okay that’s it, it’s decided…I’m keeping you.”

And you give her a hug!

So misinterpreting everything the girl says and does as sexual interest in you.

Don’t wait for her to give you IOIs, but beat her to the punch and PUT them in her own MOUTH!

And by doing that, she’ll quickly come to the conclusion that she IS madly attracted to you.

This technique even works on a first date at the coffee shop where the girl is still on the fence about you.  It’s a playful way to make her “fall in love”.

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39 thoughts on “How To FORCE Girls To Give You Eye Contact!”

  1. I totally get this. I’m extremely shy on the hunt but naturally like as recommended here when talking conversationally with women in my office, friend’s girlfriends and women at their jobs, etc. I am a witty and smart-assed joker. I see the reaction I get from them, which on top of who I am and how I carry myself, is always hot. The problem is I’m doing this to women I’m not attracted to and hunting after. I never thought about using it as a weapon. I cannot wait to try this. I can put aside my fear of beautiful girls (BTW I’m married to one) and use my natural crazy-talk on them not really even thinking much less worrying about what I’m going to say or how it is going to be received. At the very least I’ll have a good time having some type of exchange and basically, f**king with them.

  2. Röÿäl Vëër

    hahaha..!!! wow..its really awesome .. its works .. thankful to u sir.. really – really awesome .. :* :* :* 🙂

  3. the article isn’t superbly written, as you could confuse some folks into thinking being a delusional retard is the way to go when you want a good woman. that being said, anyone who gives the writer hate clearly didn’t read the article, he’s not going to concede to any points anyone makes because like the article says, everything anyone ever says in response to your actions is an indicator of interest, you telling him his advice is dumb is the equivilant of hitting on him. that being said, i can see this advice working within reason. personally anyone who shows interests in people who are delusionally cocky is missing brain cells, however being playful and silly is the name of the game, help the ladies feel safe enough to bring their barriers down since you’re all chill about your own lunacy.

  4. 😐 Hey jesse ,I only wanted to purchase the non verbal cd’s. all the best in every future endeavor you undertake or overtake.Thanx a Million.

  5. I fucking love Jesse’s articles. Always hits the spot ALL the time! I have great respect for this man and he probably is the BEST there is on the dating scene. Thanks for the article!

  6. Lady Contributor

    Jesse is right, this is really only appropriate for the bar/club otherwise you might get the cops called on you. That said, my personal preference are awkward guys with no game… Those are the only type I’d ever go home with, and I get mucho attention. Most of my girlfriends go for the old-fashioned type like “Mr. Charming” who stands up when a woman leaves the table, opens doors, can even ballroom dance. This is the guy who steps in to rescue women when men are doing things like in this article. I still think Jesse is a genius… It just seems to wax and wane a little. Maybe with a little more guidance from us ladies…

  7. Hey JESSE I want you to personally answer this for me with your expertise. You can answer here or mail me the answer.
    It`s like this, there`s this girl I kept Randomly meeting when I was
    Coming home from lectures During last June and July. She was a total
    stranger and I never spoke with her because there was no real reason for me to talk actually, I did notice her though bcos she`s kind of pretty , tall , fair attractive girl 😉
    We used to Randomly meet most of the time because she get`s into the Bus that leaves the main stand at 1.30 in the afternoon and after lectures i go in the same bus too. One day she was seated infront of me and she had fallen asleep[ I think she was returning from work or studies not sure which] and I noticed that she had dropped some of her money after paying the Conductor. Since we get down at the same Bus stand I followed her Up and Returned her money. She thanked me and smiled I said your welcome and went away. I actually thought this girl is a good person to become friends with Bcos she`s a very reserved type quiet girl. So, next time I met her I spoke with her and got to know her a bit. Where she stayed n all that. Just a friendly conversation.
    End of July My lectures were over. So i din get to see her much after that. But 1 day in August [ a monday] 1 of my friends said he`ll drop down by my hometown to return some of my Movie DVDs he was having. My friend didn`t actually get down from the Bus he actually gave it to me while the others were getting down from the bus.
    This girl also had come in the same bus that day So since it was after a while I went over to her and said “Hi hw r u doing?

    She replied to me ” Hey Why are you following me? Please stop it OK? [ In a pretty Arrogant Manner]

    I replied “I din follow u but just came over to you and said Hi”

    She seemed to be in a pretty pissed mood so i din go to talk to her.
    I met her 1 week later while i was returning home and I felt that she was doing everything to avoid me and seemed still angry with me.

    This was in August , Now it`s November. So I thought after 3months she Would have COOLED OFF right?


    The point here is this Jesse I want to know Why she behaved like that after being cool at 1st???

    Plus I wasn`t actually following her. It was JUST A FRIENDLY thing and it was unfair for her to be So rude to me.

    So, since time has gone by now Do you have Suggestions to get her to friends with me again? Honestly, for her arrogance and rudeness
    I nw really feel i should go for a casual affair with her and then later just forget her.

    So Jesse Any methods To do a RE-approach? I really wanna teach her a sweet lesson 😉

    I`ve gone through some of your products BUT DID NOT COME ACROSS A METHOD FOR THIS KIND OF GAME.

    So, Can you Come Up with a Really STRATEGIC GAME PLAN here for me to SEAL THE DEAL??
    Thank you very much

  8. women don’t know how and when it hits them! . . . Good one Jesse! . . . I do this all the time and the women tell me that I’m so forward and arrogant, in a fun way! . . . what more could you ask for?

  9. Hey, its a fun thing to do called Selective Hearing. It’s extremely fun and most guys say it works. It’s for self amusement, and it CAN turn a girl on though. Jesse, please drop this IOI garbage pua slang is so over with thats the only thing that turned me off to this. Ioi day game club game.

    As for the selective hearing, it can be done anywhere. Anytime not just clubs lol
    Here are a few examples

    “Did you just ask me to make out with you”
    “You want me, yea, you want me”
    “Look if you want to make out with me just say so”
    “Hey, I could hear you thinking about me from all the way over here, can you just turn it down a bit?”

    “You wanna do what with me!?” Its just a fun thing to do that may or may not plant the seed in her head. I’ve only done this once and it was with a girl I already fucked. I txted, “If you want to hook up with me, you’re going to have to get a motel” let her respond, then I said “I know, I was upset too but thats the way it goes”

  10. What Jesse says works! But anything a little cocky and confident will work – the problem with most guys is they don’t believe it so they don’t try it. Why the heck wouldn’t you just try it? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Aproach aproach aproach. By the way, i like the come backs you mention Jesse, i never thought of that. Can’t wait to try it.

  11. I like what you are saying on the whole and this may work for the odd girl but in reality unless a girl is physically attracted to you from the beginning ie you are on par with her give or take a couple of points this stuff wont work not matter how persistent you are.

    When she is telling you to get lost she means it and is not actually testing you to see if you will stick around. What I am saying is that a 5 out 10 bloke, not matter how good he is at “game”

  12. This is stupid and offensive to women. You’re basically endorsing a rapist’s mindset. If a girl isn’t interested in you, leave her the fuck alone and find someone who is.

    It’s really not hard to talk to women, guys. Just be friendly and treat us like actual human beings instead of a piece of meat. Saying ‘hi, can I buy you a drink?’ will work fine for a girl that likes you. If she doesn’t like you, you can’t make her like you. Find another girl.

    Remember, NO means NO.

    1. This is for bars and clubs… not the office. It’s done playfully. Relax.

      “Saying ‘hi, can I buy you a drink?’ will work fine”
      Yep… that’s some great advice there. 🙄

  13. Hi all nice girls who would like to know me closer. I am from the Czech Republic and I would love to experience the American girls. I know the mentality, relationships and emotions of these girls away. If you stand on the same thing, come in please. Martin 😉

  14. I had a question??

    If you get IOIs across a bar, from gorgeous women and she is sitting there with her friends…. How do you approach this, if you are alone….?

    This is a little off subject, but damn this has happened to me dozens of times. I believe I ve missed out on a few opportunities where I have seen 10s look at me, (and judging by body language, she was feelin it)

    I guess this comes full circle, and comes all down to CONFIDENCE. A woman has to know you are confident enough and have enough backbone, that when she is riding you, are not going to break like a twig. A dimepiece gets hit on hundreds of times a week, so maybe I just answered my own question, but I am open to suggestions.

    1. It’s actually WORSE if the girl gives you IOIs first, because then you feel “performance pressure”. You think, “Damn, she likes me, now it’s all on my shoulders to IMPRESS her.” So you freeze up, let the opportunity past. And later on, when your head is clearer, you’re kicking yourself in the pants.

      That’s why I advocate approaching the girl with *no* IOIs to go on, and use this technique to create them instead. That way you’re going in with more Freedom From Outcome, you’re less nervous and more relaxed, you have nothing to lose.

  15. Girls will sometimes ignore you as a congruence test; if your state immediately tumbles or if you walk away with your tail between your legs at the first sign of resistance, she’s just weeded you out. Ignoring you or saying something snarky is an easy way for a girl to see if you’re the real deal or another wuss.

    As soon as you ignore her test and turn it around on her… by staying in set, by assuming attraction, and by misinterpreting what she’s saying… you suddenly rise in attractiveness on a MASSIVE level to the girl.

    Try it guys!!

  16. Jesse,
    Its nice to read your trick of IOI, But hard to believe that this trick will lead to a french kiss or a doggie shot. This look like an eve teasing…..the maximum result will be a wink from her..i bet.

  17. Well, all ii want to say is that in my country, all you said can not work for a girl. Especially, in a situation where most girls around are too full of themselves. Now, ii realy want to know what attitude to do with this. Please guys! tell what attitude is right because am having the challenge to get a girl into my own world.

  18. I like what, Jesse, but what Matt & Jass say also makes sense. Can you please reply to their comments? I would love to hear what you have to say about ‘old-fashioned girls’ and ‘not-so-stupid’ girls!
    I agree with Krzyh — ultimately, it’s your attitude that counts…

  19. Guys you really don’t get it. It’s real power is in your attidude and sense of humor. If it is bad nothing can help you, but otherwise you can get great results with his ideas.

  20. Jesse, why is it you have a things for stupid women? I guess they are the only ones that would fall for this.

    1. well it’s not a trick to ‘dupe’ them. It’s assuming attraction at all times, remaining positive no matter what, and persisting instead of bailing. All traits of a confident guy who is successful and feels entitled to have her, and girls eat it up like candy.

    2. I don’t think you *get* the idea of the post at a gut level and I sense a little bit of life pessimism too…

      In the context of flirting you cannot take literally what a girl says. You’re probably used to taking literally what your guy friends say, but you cannot talk this way to a girl when you’re FLIRTING

      I learned this lesson in a funny way… a girl said me (after assuming she would go home with me) “I’M NOT GOING HOME WITH YOU!”.

      i don’t remember what I said but something like “sure…” in a sceptical tone

      Later that night she came to me “So… when are you going home…” in an impatient tone
      And I did take her home…

      We later talked about it and with a smile she said soething along the lines of “girls always say the opposite of what they mean… you should know that”

  21. So you mean, I need to be a crazy man that always misinterpret what she said. I don’t think it would be useful for all girls. not all girls want to have sex at first meeting or most of girls are old fashion type and only wanted to have have fuck to the man whom they love.

    1. Graeme Delaney

      Sounds like a limiting belief is holding you back there Matt. If they’re dolled up in the bar/club, they wanna get bent over and…. :mrgreen: haha!

  22. Jesse, I’ve enjoyed reading your notes but please take me off your mailing list I’m 59 and moving into another demographic other than these young babes. I didn’t see a spot to remove my name. If only I had some of these ideas when a young man. But have enjoyed the read. Dave

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