How To Get Manly Posture: Body Language Guide

How you stand is an important body language, nonverbal cue to women about your status, your dominance, your vitality, and your sexuality.

When you stand up straight, like a champion, with your head up, and your chest out, and your stomach in, that conveys a lot of things to women.

Standing tall, it says that you’re confident, you’re cocky, you’re open, you’re positive, you’re proud of yourself, you’re physically healthy. It tells women that you go for what you want, that you’re dominant, that you’re alpha, that you’re masculine.

Believe or not, your straight, manly posture is a big attraction trigger for most women. They see a guy walking confidently and straight, and their brains just turn off, they just have instant attraction, no matter what your other flaws.

Take a look at James Bond played by Daniel Craig. He stands tall, he stands straight. He’s a cocky bad ass. I mean what if James Bond stooped over or had bad posture? You know we’d think he was a poser, it would break the character.

But in this modern age, we live in a sitting culture. Most of work done is computer work, you sit at a desk in front of a computer, and as time, as the weeks and months and years go by, your muscles begin to weaken and your body naturally begins hunching down, slowly down, as gravity pulls down on you.

Even if you work standing up, say at a cash register, a lot of the time you need to be looking down and even standing up you begin to hunch over time.

When you’re driving, the upper back hunch tends to creep in because modern day car chairs are curved for comfort.

Most of our passive entertainment, television, games, internet requires lengthy sitting sessions and you begin to get that hunched back and stoop.

Consequently, the vast majority of guys are not really standing up straight at all.

How most guys are standing, their head is pulled forward, almost looking down a bit, which looking down itself conveys beta and submissiveness, and their shoulders are pulled forward.

In addition, their stomach is pulled unnaturally forward, creating an old man curvature to their bodies. You can actually lose 3 inches off your height. You might think of yourself as 5’10’’, but you’re walking around at 5’8’’ inches or at 5’7 inches.

And that’s natural, like I said in today’s modern culture there’s a lot of sitting. Sitting at your work, sitting on your way to work in the car, sitting for entertainment whether it be games or television or internet.

That’s one of the problems with that Indiana Jones movie Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford was getting up there in age, but there were a few scenes where he was caught on film in the movie, stooping like an old man. Not so much the wrinkles on his face, but his stooped walk, his old man posture is what really made him look old in some of the scenes.

Or take Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is not a tall guy, 5’6 inches about. But the guy stands tall. The guy stands like a real champ. You won’t find the guy slouching. He stands tall like a movie star celebrity. And he looks like a celebrity because of it.

A short guy who stands fucking tall with his chest out, standing up like he’s a super hero, like he’s fucking superman is just going to look more attractive to women on a gut, primal level than a guy who is maybe 6 feet tall but stooped at the neck with his chest inverted inward and looking down.

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Okay, so you’re hunched over, what does that tell women? Well, it tells women that you’re a commoner, you’re just another guy. You probably work bent over in a field, or you work in front of a computer. For entertainment you watch television. But whatever it is you do, you lead a pretty unexciting, dull lifestyle that is not really worth noticing to a hot girl.

But you’re proudly standing tall, that tells women man you’re a prince, a king, a conquerer. You take what you want, you go for what you want. You have something going for you. You don’t work in front a desk job, even if you do, that you don’t spend all day in front of the television.

You’re hunched over or stooped… that tells her you’ve bought into the social conditioning of society, that you’re a follower, a worker, a me-too kind of guy. It tells her that you don’t want to stand out, that you want to blend in and not be noticed.

But you stand up tall and straight and it tells women you’re a bit of an outlaw, you have a little captain in you, you’re a rebel, you’re your own man, you take shit from no one. You like standing out, you like being the center of attention, you’re the king of the cavemen.

You’re hunched over, what does that tell her about your inner state. That on a scale of 1 to 10 you’re probably feeling at any given moment, a 5. You’re probably not feeling super positive or excited inside. You’re just like, “uh, another day, can’t wait for the weekend.”

It tells her that you’re probably lacking in self-confidence, that you don’t care enough to take care of your body, that if she did talk to you, you’d be all needy for her, that you’d be all over her for her approval, that you’d call her twenty times a day and try to buy your way into her pants.

None of this may be true, but that’s what bad posture tells her. Remember, she doesn’t know anything about you, all she’s got to go on at first glance is how you’re carrying your body. She’s making an unconscious, instantaneous guess that how you carry your body more or less accurately reflects how you feel about yourself on the inside and you’ll act as a man or not.

But if you stand up straight and tall it tells her, “Hmm, there’s something about that guy… he must of won the lottery recently, or he’s cocky, or he feels good inside, real good. This guy has something going for him.”

And you know why she’ll think that? It’s because so few guys actually do stand up straight.

So if you’re the guy that stands fucking tall with your chest popping, even if you don’t have any muscles so to speak of, hey even if you have a gut on your stomach, if you stand tall, often right there alone you’ll be one of the primally sexiest guy in the club or bar or mall of wherever you are, especially if you combine that with a beaming smile.

Exercise #1: How to stand tall in 3 steps

Okay so here is how you get that cocky, standing, manly posture.

Step 1. The chest. You want to raise your chest up about an inch, like you’re being pulled straight up by a string. Imagine the puppet string is pulling you right up here on the chest.

It’s like Pinochhio. Loosen up your body. Put your finger here on your chest. And just pull it up. Don’t force it up in some unnatural way, just imagine pulling yourself up.

Step 2. Next you want to tighten up you abdominal muscles, pull your stomach in, while keeping a slight curve in your lower back.

So you’re pulling up on the chest and you just pull in your stomach, tighten up your abdominal muscles.

Step 3. If your shoulders are pulled forward, which might not be the case for everyone watching this, you’ll want to pull your shoulders back and let them drop in a relaxed way. Don’t make the mistake of pulling them back so far that it’s artificial though. Just naturally pull your shoulders back. Again not everyone watching this will need to do this.

So chest up an inch, pull in your stomach, and if necessary, pull back your shoulders if they’re sloping forward unnaturally.

One thing I like to do sometimes, you can also stand with your back up against the wall for a few seconds to make sure that you’re aligned straight up and down.

Standing tall will all feel unnatural at first because your body has become accustomed to a bent posture. But with some time your body will readjust to and it will come to feel more natural.

More than that, when you stand tall you and stand like a champ, you’ll begin to feel like a champ.

There’s an important principle you need to know and that’s that emotions follow motion.

If you stand slouched over, shoulders down, head down, you’re going to feel like you’re down. And when you talk to girls, you’re voice will sound flat and lacking emotion. And girls are going to reflect back how you’re feeling. It your posture is down, then your voice will tend to be down, and then girls will tend to react to you in a down kind of way. The emotions of the interaction will follow the physical motion of your body.

But if you stand upright and better yet with a smile on your face, you’ll feel like a cocky champ. If you’re standing upright and smiling you literally cannot feel unhappy and depressed or down.

And even if you are feeling down or depressed, just by smiling and standing straight, you’ll begin to feel a lot better. The emotions you feel will follow the physically motion of your body.

So stand like a champ, and you’ll feel like a champ. And girls will treat you like a champ, they’ll perk up around you and want a part of that rare, special, unique champ energy that you have for themselves.

Exercise #2: Straighten yourself

For this exercise, three times in the morning while you’re getting ready for school or getting ready for work, catch yourself and straighten up your posture.

What you’ll want to do is go up against the wall and just straighten yourself up. Lift up your chest right with that imaginary string and inch, tighten up your abdominals, and if necessary pull back your shoulders a little if they’re unnaturally rounded forward.

Just when you’re getting ready, eating, getting dressed, straighten up. And then throughout the day, try to catch yourself each hour and just go up against a wall and quickly straighten yourself out.

If you go to the gym, that’s a great place to do this exercise, simply between exercises go to the locker room and straighten yourself up.

A thing you can do, is set an daily alarms on your cell phone so that every morning at 8:30am the alarm will go off and you straighten yourself out. And have three times a day at least where the alarm will go off and you will straighten yourself out when it does.

But it’s not enough to just stand up straight in that moment. You want to create a “super hero manly posture ritual” that will go along with it.

So you catch yourself, you go up to the wall and correct your posture, and then you think to yourself, “Yeah I am the man. I am the cocky mother fucking man.” Chest out, proud, your body on display, you know where you’re going, and I’ll knock you over if you get in my way kind of walking.

Or think to yourself, “Superman time!” and imagine yourself as a superhero, and step into the superhero identity. Literally just imagine your superman self right there, and just step into him. Chest out, stomach in, no one catches superman slouching. Start walking like you can throw a runaway train out your window.

So that’s your assignment. Catch yourself three times a day at least, quickly correct your posture, and then do your “superhero posture ritual” inside your head where you have an alter-ego identity that you can step into and a cool catch phrase, “I am the man!”. And that’s it, real simple.

Key is to keep it up for a few weeks, a few months, throughout the year even. Most likely you’ll have counter gravity influencing forces like that chair and that desk, so it’s a lifestyle exercise that you want to keep up over time.

Exercise #3: The Lumbar Roll

A lot of posture degeneration is due to all the time we spend sitting. And when you sit, its pretty easy and pretty natural to just give your supporting muscles a rest, let them go, and allow your head and neck to fall forward.

So when you sit, you’ll want to sit tall, with your butt and hips up against the back of your chair, and you want to curve your back inward.

Now, to be fair, we’re not really designed as human beings to sit for hours and hours at a time with proper standing posture. Now no matter how diligent you are you’ll eventually forget to sit up straight after a short while.

I’ve found that one quick and simple solution is that when you do sit, use a lumbar roll.

A lumbar roll is simply a small cushion that you place on the back of the chair, at the small of your back to support the lowest curve in your back and prevent you from slumping.

So find a firm pillow, if could even be a small ball or stuff animal and place behind your back whenever you sit. Put your butt and hips up against the back of the chair, and use the small pillow as lumbar roll at the small of your back.

Even better, get on, do a search for “lumbar roll” and order one, they’re pretty cheap.

Overtime the lumbar roll will help to correct your posture and prevent it from getting worse.

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  1. i do the standing excercise as often as possible,so do i still need to do the sitting one,which i consider to be extremely uncomfortable,and the other excercises.thanks a lot you are doing a fantastic job and i deeply respect you.

  2. thanks for the tip man but when i tried this my back pains. Is that a problem or does it happen the first time

    1. hmm… maybe your muscles are all tense holding yourself in place. you should generally be relaxed, just suck in your stomach a little and lift your chest. Back pains are a bit unusual

  3. Jesse – an unrelated topic but one I have trouble with – dirty talk when getting head.

    I have a few themes along the lines of

    1) You like being a good/bad girl/tramp on your knees don’t you

    2) You like having my hard cock in your mouth knowing you have my complete attention.

    3) Let me kiss that hot little mouth of yours

    4) Various commands like suck it, show me you like sucking your man’s cock

    5) Good little girl Etc

    I use everything I can think of and they work but I was wondering what are some of the guys lines here – when a guy goes all ninja on a girl who is giving him head it keeps them from letting go.

    Jesse thanks for upping the post volume – the quality of them is good. I was unprepared for amount of the new material here. I will check far more often.

    Does Blissnosis cover getting head.

    1. Blissnosis does cover getting head and dirty talk Tim. I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly though. The lines that you presented are pretty good. Any kind of talking dirty will pretty much do well.

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