Get Your Date’s Clothes Off With The Naughty Photography Routine

When you’re with a girl, whip out your digital camera! What you’re about to do is some playful role-playing whereas you play the photographer and she plays the model.

First, tell the girl you want to get your picture with you and her together. Put your arm around her, hold the camera out in front of you with your arm extended and take a picture of the two of you. Show her the photo you just shot on the LCD screen – a close up of both of your faces.

Tease her that it’s a funny-looking photo of her.

Tell her that you want to get a sexier photo of her this time. This time, take a snapshot of just her. Most likely she’ll also want to redeem herself from the previous photo, which you playfully made fun of.

Look at that second, “sexier” photo on the LCD screen in a disapproving way and tell her to pose something more sexy.

At this point, she’ll try to win your approval by posing a little bit sexier. Tell her like a photographer, “Marvelous! Marvelous! Stunning!” while you snap off a few shots.

Back off and look at her with the pondering eye of an artist. You want to convey through your body language that you’re thinking of how to pose and position her… put your fist to your chin for a moment like a deep thinker.

Go up to her and USE YOUR HANDS to place her into position. Hold your thumbs and forefingers up to make a square box with your fingers, like an artist framing a picture. Tell her to “Stand like this” and to “Put her legs like that.”

MOVE her into position now, TOUCH her. Move all of her limbs and hips into place. Remember, you are the artist and you are turning her into a work of art.

When you have her in a position you like, say “Ah-hah! Perfect!” Then snap off some more shots with her in the pose that YOU directed. Tell her, “Oh yes, YES… you’re so sexy… yes, like that… perfect! Wow that’s sexy!”

Say all this in a playful way in the “character” of a colorful photographer. That way it’s not technically the “real you” telling her she’s sexy, but the role you’re playing that’s telling her she’s sexy.

By getting your hands on her, TOUCHING HER, moving her into various positions, by taking the LEAD and COMMANDING HER and by MAKING HER BEAUITFUL, she’ll become hot for you, if not downright wet right there and then.

Ever been to a gym and watch a gym instructor put his hands all over the girl unnecessarily as he shows her how to use the exercise machines – and how her body is put into a sexually-charged overdrive as he does it? What you’ll be doing with this routine is quite the same – except with a little artistic flair.

If you’re with a group of girls, you can do this photo routine to any one of them while the others watch. Just watch how it makes ALL of the other girls jealous and you become Mr. Popular on the spot.

If you’re out in public with the girl you want to seduce, that may be as far as you can bring the routine. However, if you’re alone with her in say, a bedroom, the routine doesn’t have to end there.

Keep telling her how sexy she is as you pose her. Pass your hands over her breasts as you move her. Don’t grab her breasts as that will trigger an automatic defense response from her. Simply brush over them with your palms in passing. Move her legs into position by pressing on the inside of her thighs, another hot spot.

Notice how her breathing and response systems react. You can usually tell at this point if she’s getting at least a bit sexually turned on. If she’s getting hot, simply say to her, “Would you like to kiss me now.” Don’t ask it, just say it. If she doesn’t respond or says anything but “No”, then kiss her.

If she’s still into the casual, playful role-playing mode then continue to be playful. It’s up to you to read her physiological signs and act accordingly.

Keep in mind, this routine progresses as a series of ESCALATING steps. You start out innocently enough – as just taking a goofy photo of her – and progress to posing, to posing with your direction, to touching, to petting and kissing, and finally to sex, assuming you have her in a private location.

If at any point she resists, simply back off a little – it means you’re going too fast for her. Back off, and then continue the same path of touch escalation as before.

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  1. Just kiss her when yout finished with the photo’s and then take her to a bed and pic her up and lay her down at the bed and make out and take of the bra and swing it and take your fingers and and go down her boobs and make out..

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