30 Tips To GetPussy On Dates

A girl who says “I have a boyfriend” is sometimes testing to see if you’ll crumble at the sign of competition. Ignore it and keep going

Most guys are nervous on the phone for the first few minutes- this makes her nervous too and feel like it’s all “wrong”- be confident when you call

Dance floor seduction: touch her waist, slooowly move your hands up her hips, along her sides, up her arms- and back down again

When you’re ready to kiss, command, “Would you like to kiss me now” and pull her in. With anything but a “no!” kiss her

Never lose the kiss again: if you go in for a kiss and she turns her head, give her small kisses on her neck back up to her lips

Don’t just get a number- get a date and a time to call- so you never get the dreaded message machine monster from ruining your day

You don’t have to settle for a number- have her join you for an instant date right then and there

When the conversation stalls say “You know, I’ve noticed something interesting about you.” It will drive her crazy with curiosity

When a girl from the internet contacts you, don’t reply back immediately- it looks needy. Wait a day or two or three before answering

You know you’re pussy-whipped when you become falsely agreeable- stand up for yourself and what you believe in

Don’t pay for a girl if she doesn’t deserve it- but don’t split a $3 bill 50/50 either- it makes you look like a penny pincher

Never do something that you know is the wrong thing to do or change your mind just to please a woman. Don’t be a pushover to her whims

Meeting women to getpussy is like exercising muscles. You’re unlikely to lift 200 pounds the first time you try- or get strong if you go only once a week

Over the phone, your voice is your only tool- your voice is the one man show. Speak from the chest with resonance and sexiness

If girls sit at a table use a false time constraint- say, “I just have a minute, but I need a female opinion…” and sit down. They’ll let you stay

If you meet a bisexual girl, don’t get jealous of her female lovers- have her set up a threesome for you. That’s what she wants too

Have a staring match to see who blinks first. Make funny faces when she doesn’t expect it- this buys you some time to think of what to say next

Not every number is a success- some women are flattered when asked for their number and others feel too guilty to say “no”. Don’t sweat it

Even if you get her number, it doesn’t mean that two days later when you DO call, she’ll be in the same headspace- the moment’s fire is gone

Instead of getting a woman’s number, propose an “instant date” right on the spot. After all, why meet up later when you can go on a date RIGHT NOW?

When you score an instant date you’re no longer just “some guy she met at a bar” but rather you become “a guy she’s been on a date with”

Couch the date as something you were going to do ANYWAY- you ALREADY have a cool and exciting life and you’re just inviting her along for the ride

For online matches to getpussy, always ask for her picture- “a few extra pounds” sometimes means a 300 pound happy hippo!

To get a girl from her friends say, “Hey, I have the coolest thing I’ve just got to show you this…but I can’t show her here”

When you get her number, call her right there in front of her and have a conversation on the phone- it’s silly and fun

Don’t wait 4 or 5 days to call a woman back- she may lose the feelings of the moment. Call her quick and strike while the iron is hot

If a woman is rude to you brush it off like you didn’t hear it and keep gaming her. It may have been just a test of your manliness

If a girl gives you drama on a date, ignore it and playfully tease her about it- women want a guy who sees through their foolish games

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