How To Create ‘Attraction Chaos’ To Get The Hotter Chicks

Game is inherently chaotic.

Game is inherently messy.

You never know what kind of reactions you’re going to get from a girl!

Because we grew up in structured environments where we’re “mommied and daddied” from a young age onwards, we naturally dislike uncertainty and chaos.  It makes us feel uncomfortable.

Daddy and Mommy… at least, they meant well

So our instinct is to *control* uncertainty.

That’s why most guys won’t even get near game at all.  They’re scared.

They’re scared to travel and see new places.  They’re scared to ask the boss for the raise.  They’re scared to go out and meet girls.  They’re scared to experience life.

And game is the worst.  We dislike the chaos and uncertainty of pickup and try to control it.

But game moves.  Game is a dynamic.  Game is NOT a stagnant pool.

Like a river, game flows and is never the same for two consecutive moments.

And game, like life, is not a mechanical process.  It cannot be certain.

It is an unpredictable “mess”.

You can’t know what is going to happen the next moment.  You can never come to a moment when you can say, “Ah ha! Now I am certain!”

You can try to be in charge.  You can try to control everyone and everything.  You can get hurt, anxious, or sad when things don’t go your way.

Or you can recognize that your plans won’t work out.  Sets are lost, women have boyfriends, and blowouts happen.

This is what game REALLY looks like.  It’s dirty, dirty, dirty!

You can decide to give up over things you have no power over, OR you can choose to have a sense of humor about it!

Game is like that.  That’s what makes it’s FUN – that chaos and unpredictability.

But if you obsess over the “bad” things and try to control them, you really let them control YOU.  You’ll get stuck inside your head instead of being in the present moment and having fun.

The real secret to dress to impress!

So don’t cling to certainty or control.  It’s like trying to hold a river in your arms when the river is flowing fast.  It’s rushing toward some unknown goal, and you get frustrated.

THIS happens and you’re frustrated.  THAT happens and you’re frustrated.  And meeting girls is no longer fun and positive.

So just let go of your expectations and EMBRACE the uncertainty and chaos of pickup.  And when you let go of trying to control girls’ reactions, you’ll feel FREE and HAPPY.

Be The CREATOR of Chaos!

Shake that azz so I can smack it, baby!!

Most guys avoid the chaos of game.

They won’t go out to meet girls at all OR if they DO go out, they’re trying to control everything about the interaction to always get “good reactions”.

But instead of avoiding chaos, YOU want to be the one CREATING the chaos.

Be the active instigator, not the scared observer!

*Creating* chaos is what makes you the “bad boy” that’s sexually attractive to women.

You want MORE chaos, and you want to be the instigator of it.  Chaos is the lifeblood of your game and the driver of hard attraction.

Because when YOU create the chaos, you get other people reacting to YOU.

And if everyone “likes you”, you’re playing it too safe.

Because at least when a girl is PISSED at you, she’s emotionally REACTING to you.  And then you can turn those raw emotions into sexual attraction.

There’s no “pickup line” or a “routine” for this.

It’s an INNER GAME issue.

That’s why I created the 11 hour Deep Inner Game trance program, to INSTALL the eleven qualities of the naturally attractive man – flow, play, passion, confidence, and more.

Just click THIS link to download the program.

And pretty soon the natural chaos of game won’t scare you or phase you.  Instead, you’ll just “ride it” and even create it yourself – which is exactly what makes you the “bad boy” girls chase after.

15 thoughts on “How To Create ‘Attraction Chaos’ To Get The Hotter Chicks”

  1. Chaos is like a tornado. On its surface is a very powerful disturbance but once you go into its center you’ll discover calm. When once a Man discovers his inner calm nothing on the surface can shake him…….nothing!

  2. I love your information. Your information is truthful. U help us men understand why we struggle with women. How we been condition from childhood not to attract women. As grown men we need to change the way we think and how we been condition, if you wanna attract more women. A lot of men were condition from the time they were boys from parents, school teachers, pastors, uncles , aunts, and grandparents not to attract women. As a male adult you have to reprogram your self mentally get out controlled environment and start some crap, have some fun, and have a since of humor. Do take your self to overly serious. I am working on it myself. I would like to thank you Jesse Charger for information you presented. It give me and other men an opportunity take a good look at ourselves in the mirror to see what we need to improve on. Thank you.

  3. the inner game sounds like something that makes women crave you and makes you a sexual animal that they can`t resist.Women will pursue you and you will sexually escalate with women and get into their pants.You will be the man of her dreams in bed and her best lover.Especially if you can sexually communicate with women

  4. I like what Im hearing! I think this struck on one of my biggest issues with meeting women and Im excited to go put this article to work. Thanks for all the articles

  5. Whoa! one of the best Ive ever read.
    Everytime I get bad reaction I tend to get in my head and then unconciously expect rejection then my state drops pretty bad.If I cant get a girl to like me I think in my head my “game isnt good enough”.
    I like how you explained that to STOP it! cause my moods keep going up and down ,its about time I get control over my emotions rather than let the result of the experience dictate it.Thanks man-

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